Author Services and Promotion Sites

I hope that you will find this list of author services and promotions sites of use to you.. I have recently removed and updated. Obviously it is up to you to research thoroughly any service that you use and I always recommend that you get at least two quotes if it is a paid for service.

Some of these services are free, especially if they are Author Promotion. I will add more as the year progresses but they will be selected from the services or sites that I have experience of myself.

David Cronin and Moyhill Publishing – Book Design – printing and Ebooks – Book Trailers and websites.

David relaxing with Elizabeth and Dennis

After over 30 years as a senior executive across the cable, telecommunications and cable television industries, David Cronin founded the Indie Publishing company Moyhill in 2004. Already involved with computers since the mid-1970s he quickly made the transition to book designer and publisher and the first book that Moyhill published in 2004, The Red Tailed Hawk, in Spanish won best digital print book in the UK that year.


Since then Moyhill has set up authors as their own publishers and has formatted several award winning novels and non-fiction titles. It is essentially a one-man operation and this enables a one-to-one relationship with authors throughout the entire process.






Tales From the Garden - Cover

Whichever publishing options you choose, we will sort out all the details. We will assign the ISBN number and make sure that your book is properly barcoded (so that it can be sold in bookshops). We will register your book with Nielsen BookData, (the main reference database used by booksellers, this holds the information about all books in print), and can make your book available for sale via the internet.

If you want to produce your book as an e-book we can do that for you also. Many authors today want to avoid the additional cost of physical printing and circulate the book only in electronic format. We can produce a version of the book optimised for downloading. This also applies to reformatting for print or Ebooks that have been previously published.

Add on services include customised book covers, websites including personal bookstores where you can sell your books at a discount without losing commission Personal bookshop  and book trailers.

We also offer a full range of editing and proofreading services and for more information and testimonials read more at and at the Website:

Book covers and Book Promotions.


Book Promotions by The Story Reading Ape.

If you are an Indie Author and have not heard of The Story Reading Ape then you really need to do something about that now.

Author Promotion.

It is considered a great honour to be a member of his  Hall of Fame along with hundreds of others who have discovered that appearing on Chris (as he is known to his family and friends), The Story Reading Ape’s blog, is one of the smartest promotional moves you can make. The ape does find the human writers natural reticence to be strange however, and wishes that they would be more forthcoming with their submissions. Trust me this is something you want to do…NOW.

Hands up those of you who do not like talking about yourselves!!

Chris also designs book covers and Book Trailers but these are on temporary hold and I will let you know when they will be available again.


What Tim Knows

Wendy Janes –

Wendy is a freelance proofreader and has some wonderful testimonials about her work including this one:

Wendy was an excellent proofreader. She was highly professional and was extremely thorough, which is essential in a proofreader. Her dedication to detail flagged up a number of errors in consistency which had been missed during previous reviews that both I and my beta readers had undertaken. As a result my published book is more polished. – Sam Audley, author of The Dawnlands Catch

Wendy Janes lives in London with her husband and youngest son. A number of her short stories have appeared in anthologies, and she is the author of the novel, What Jennifer Knows. Her writing is inspired by family, friends, and everyday events that only need a little twist to become entertaining fiction.

Here is a description of the service that Wendy offers to authors.

If you are an author on the verge of self-publishing your novel or if you are about to send your manuscript to a publisher or agent, I can provide the independent professional eye that will ensure your book is the best it can be. Proofreading rates

Being a writer myself (see Published works), I know what it feels like to have your words edited and proofread. I always make corrections and suggestions with care and sensitivity to your voice and your genre. This is your book, not mine.

What I will be looking out for:

  • spelling mistakes
  • punctuation errors
  • problems with grammar
  • inconsistencies (in capitalisation and names)
  • formatting issues (quote marks the wrong way round, incorrect use of hyphens and dashes)

Although more usually associated with editing, I will also point out any plot holes or factual errors I notice.

I am based in the UK, and have had many years of experience proofreading both US and UK English.


Translation from English to Spanish

Most of you reading this post will be one of the 340 million native English speakers in the world. However, there are over 400 million native Spanish speakers, 370 million Hindi speakers, 340 million Mandarin Chinese speakers, and 75 million native French speakers.

There is a lot of posts and chat on social media about the fact that many books get lost in the thousands that are published each day. Here are some numbers to also consider. With ebooks the number of titles in English that are published each year is now estimated to be over 1million. The number of accredited numbers in 2013 for the UK and US was around 500,000. In comparison the number of books in Spanish was only 75,000. Now obviously with Ebooks to take into account that number will have increased but even if it has doubled that means that only 15% of books being published are in Spanish.

Would your book be a good candidate to be translated into Spanish so that you have access to a potential readership of 400 million around the world? You do have to take into account the literacy rates in some countries and also the availability of reading devices. It is certainly something worth considering especially or an Ebook as your cost will be significantly less than in print. Great way to test the market.

Translation Services.

It can be an advantage to find a native speaker to translate your book into another language. If the book is going to be read by a Spanish speaker then you need to have flow and cultural influences within the translation. Otherwise there is a danger that it will sound too formal and stilted.

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Olga Núñez Miret Author/Translator Autora/Traductora

Olga is not only a very talented author in English and Spanish, but she also reviews books and translates them professionally. Olga’s blog is bi-lingual and has a large Spanish following. A great recommendation if you are going to ask her to translate your book for you.


Here are some of the books that Olga had translated for other authors.


Book Promotions.

There are a number of sites that offer author and book promotion. Some are by invitation only and others you simple submit your book in line with the submission guidelines.

Part of this process is for you to participate in the promotion of any post. Across your social media networks, by email to your contacts and on your own blog. By sharing the post you will be reaching a much wider audience of potential readers and by reciprocating; over a period of time you will build a very supportive community.

Susan ToyReading Recommendations


Susan Toy has been been a bookseller, an award-winning publishing sales representative, a literacy teacher, and a promoter of fellow authors and their books through my company, Alberta Books Canada. She is also an author and publisher, under her imprints, IslandCatEditions and IslandShorts. She has supported and promoted authors through Alberta Books Canada.

I have personally been featured on Reading Recommendations three times in the last year and it has always been a very positive experience. You also have access to amazing authors and their books that are also recommended reads. Here is a note from Susan about the service which is now so well subscribed she is not taking unsolicited submissions… However there are ways to get yourself on the guest list!

A word from Susan on the process.

‘This blog is intended to promote authors and their published work – both traditionally and self-published, in print and eBooks.

In exchange for this FREE listing, I request all authors reciprocate by promoting Reading Recommendations, their fellow authors listed on the site, and me and my work, as much as possible.

Currently this site is closed to unsolicited submissions.

For information on how to get noticed by me so I will invite you to send a submission, please read this blog post, No author is an island …


Book illustrator

A new illustrator to the blog but who comes highly recommended by guest writer Paul Andruss and I think you will agree that her work is stunning. Perfect for children’s books, fantasy and fairy tales and of course book covers.


Polish born Donata Zawadzka is one half of an accomplished husband and wife artistic team, now living in Gravesend. I have known Dona for 6 years.

After seeing her work on the internet and falling in love with it, I cheekily asked if she would mind doing some illustrations for Thomas the Rhymer. She agreed, but only if she liked the book. Fortunately for me she did!


Although she has many styles I fell in love with her delicate black and white line drawings reminiscent of the classic Victorian illustrators such as Charles Snicket, Walter Crane and of course the great Arthur Rackham. The Birch Maiden is a prime example.

I am sure that you will love her work so please go and view her outstanding art on her site. If you are looking for an illustrator you will find that Dona is a dream to work with and your books will be beautifully enhanced with her artwork.

You will find more examples on Paul Andruss’s blog –


Connect to Donata Zawadzka

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