Author Services/Reviews – Some Useful Contacts

I know that it  can be hard to find the right person to work with on your book and so I am putting together a list of contacts who offer author services. I have worked with some and can recommend. Others come recommended by other authors.

If you offer author services and would like to be included then please email me on Also if you offer FREE author promotions such as reviews or author interviews.


Wendy Janes is a freelance proofreader and has some wonderful testimonials about her work:

Here is a brief description of the service that Wendy offers to authors:

If you are an author on the verge of self-publishing your novel or if you are about to send your manuscript to a publisher or agent, I can provide the independent professional eye that will ensure your book is the best it can be. Proofreading rates

Being a writer myself (see Published works), I know what it feels like to have your words edited and proofread. I always make corrections and suggestions with care and sensitivity to your voice and your genre. This is your book, not mine.

What I will be looking out for:

  • spelling mistakes
  • punctuation errors
  • problems with grammar
  • inconsistencies (in capitalisation and names)
  • formatting issues (quote marks the wrong way round, incorrect use of hyphens and dashes)

Although more usually associated with editing, I will also point out any plot holes or factual errors I notice. I am based in the UK, and have had many years of experience proofreading both US and UK English.

Connect to Wendy via her website:

Translation from English to Spanish

Most of you reading this post will be one of the 340 million native English speakers in the world. However, there are over 400 million native Spanish speakers, 370 million Hindi speakers, 340 million Mandarin Chinese speakers, and 75 million native French speakers.

Translation Services.

It can be an advantage to find a native speaker to translate your book into another language. If the book is going to be read by a Spanish speaker then you need to have flow and cultural influences within the translation. Otherwise there is a danger that it will sound too formal and stilted.


Olga Núñez Miret Author/Translator Autora/Traductora

Olga is not only a very talented author in English and Spanish, but she also reviews books and translates them professionally. Olga’s blog is bi-lingual and has a large Spanish following. A great recommendation if you are going to ask her to translate your book for you. Olga had translated one of my short stories which was included in a Spanish anthology in aid of domestic violence, and Tales from the Garden.

You can find some of the books that Olga had translated for other authors including my own Tales from the Garden

Connect to Olga via her website:


Donata Zawadzka who is a wonderful illustrator for all genres of books. Dona has completed six illustrations for  Tales from the Irish Garden .

Images ©Tales from the Irish Garden

Donata also creates colour illustrations.

Colour Images ©Donata Zawadzka

Polish born Donata Zawadzka is one half of an accomplished husband and wife artistic team, now living in Gravesend – you can see a great deal more of her wonderful work on her Blog

Connect to Donata Zawadzka

Website :
Buy her work on Redbubble:


Sarah Calfee is an editor specialising in Romance novels and has shared a guest post recently Demystifying the levels of fiction editing a bit which I recommend that you read.

Why am I an editor?

Because I’m a total story addict, and it’s a fun way to support both my habit and my family. The reason I became a romance specialist is because there are many different genre-specific story structures with different plot points (or beats) to follow, and I wanted to become an expert in one. This allows me to help romance authors with the intricacies of the romance story structure—which never ever gets boring because…romance subgenres. (I love them all!)

If you’re an author with a manuscript that features love with oh-so-many reasons the couple just can’t be together, only to have them find their happily ever after at the end—you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your preferred subgenre (historical mysteries, friends to lovers, romantic suspense) or favorite type of heroine or hero, I can help you and your book reach your very own HEA.

To find out whether I’m the right editor for you, please contact me for a free sample edit.

• 500 to 800 word line/copy edit
• Email correspondence
• Fee assessment

You can find out more about Sarah Calfee and the services that she offers:

Connect to Sarah on Twitter:

Jo Robinson has been working offline for the last year but is now offering her author services full-time again. One of the recent books that she has worked on are the Myrtle the Turtle series by Cynthia Reyes.

Illustrations Examples and Pricing

To illustrate stories and also for book covers.

SFTHM April2017.jpgrrrrrr

Editing, Proofreading, FormattingDetails and pricing


Pre-Made CoversExamples and Pricing

Daisies.jpgWShopping Web

Jo Robinson is also the author of several books with a new release later this year.

Read the reviews and buy the books:

Website for author services:

If you would like to be added to this list of author services/reviews then please email me at with a link to your official services page.. thanks Sally