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Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives 2022- ‘Lucky Dip’ – #Sightimpaired #Dailylife – Paws on the Street-by Patty Fletcher

Since this series began in January 2018 there have been over 1000 Posts from Your Archives where bloggers have taken the opportunity to share posts to a new audience… mine.

The topics have ranged from travel, childhood, recipes, history, family and the most recent series was #PotLuck where I shared a random selection of different topics. This series is along the same lines… but is a ‘Lucky Dip’. I have posts scheduled for another few weeks but that will bring this current series to an end. Another series will begin in the new year.

In this series I will be sharing posts from the half of 2022

Today author Patty Fletcher shares the adventures that can occur when making a routine visit to the doctors and how a combination of good planning, helpful staff and her amazing dog Blue, can make a difference. Posted in January 2022.

Hold Tight to the Bright Spots and All Will Be Well – Paws on the Street-by Patty Fletcher

Moon Phase Waning Third Quarter – Mercury Retrograde

I never realized how very much wintery weather and lack of sun can affect us. I must admit, I’ve been having a devil of a time. The past week or so has been more than a bit difficult for me. In truth, the entire month of January has been so. I find myself having a tough time concentrating, becoming more frustrated than usual at stupid things which should mean nothing and at times, dissolving into tears for reasons which totally allude me.

Yet, amongst this hideous wintertime depression, which I know shall soon pass, I’m finding bright spots with which to keep my spirits up and along with my hard-won coping skills I’m able to keep my head above the roiling waters mental illness can cause.

Unbelievably, it is the following offering about a trip Blue and I took to a new doctor’s office which is one of those bright spots for me.

Before I share this with you, I’d just like to say, Bipolar Depressive Disorder is quite real and at times is a beast to live with. There are moments when this monstrous disease takes both hands and all one’s strength to manage. But if you do that which you’re taught by your therapist, keep your routines no matter how badly you feel and make certain to take meds, eat and get proper rest it can be done.

I feel I’m on the backside of it now. Coming through the darkness into the light and am comforted by the knowledge that spring shall soon arrive.

I enjoy wintertime weather, but between mental illness, fibromyalgia, and arthritis my body doesn’t always agree so when I can find a bright shining star amid the dark dreary days, I cling to it with all my might.

I hope this story brightens your day in some way as well. Thanks in advance for reading.

When Blue and I arrived at the building which housed the doctor’s office, we’d never been to before for my consult with the surgeon about possible gallbladder surgery, I discovered the nice lady who had so thoughtfully given me instructions into the building, to the elevator and then to the correct door once I was on the second floor had accidentally reversed her directions and so though we’d found the elevator with ease, when Blue and I got off on our floor, we became immediately lost.

Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to reverse the directions and that along with running into someone Blue and I could follow into the right place and blue’s work being flawless we made our way into the office where I must admit we met a lot of nice, helpful people.

The first thing I noted upon my arrival was that the office workers didn’t leap into help, but they asked, “How can we best help you and your dog?” Also, they had no problem whatsoever assisting me with the small amount of paperwork I had, and they were grateful I’d called ahead to let them know I would need their assistance with that when I arrived.

Finally, we were called back to an exam room and once again Blue bounced along following beautifully, leading me along in his wiggling, waggling, bouncy wake. Which as usual, made me smile and feel proud. When we arrived and had gotten settled, the nurse set about taking my vital signs.

My oxygen levels were fine but when she took my blood pressure, she said, “Your blood pressure is extremely high. Do you normally have trouble with it?”

“I’m on blood pressure meds, but there was a problem with my prescription, and I missed a dose or two over the weekend. How high is it?”

“It’s 170/100.” She said, with concern in her voice.

“Well, I reckon I best get onto the phone and get this medication issue taken care of straight away. I’ll do that while I wait on the doctor.”

“OK.” She said, gathering her things. “The doctor will be in shortly. By the way, your dog is beautiful and so well-behaved. I know I’m not to pet I just wanted you to know I think he is simply gorgeous.”

Smiling, I said, “Because we’re not working and since you behaved so respectfully, I’ll be glad to let you pet. His name is Blue, and he loves to meet the people who are going to work with me. It makes him a bit more comfortable in the situation. Unlike my last dog, Blue doesn’t really like for people to touch me that he doesn’t know.”

After giving him a quick pet, she was on her way, and I set about the task of calling to see whether I had refills on my meds or not.

Before I could get the call to the drugstore completed, there was a knock on the door and then it opened and a lady stepped in and said, “Hello, I’m Doctor Jackson. I hear you’re just totally in love with all the beautiful gallstones in your gallbladder.”

Not only was I jaw droppingly amazed at the speed with which she’d gotten to me, but I knew immediately I’d like her.

I laughed, and after answering all her questions, we were soon ready to pick a date for my surgery.

“Would you like to do it on the first or the fifteenth of February?”

Feeling a bit taken aback at the suddenness of it all, I asked, “Would there be any danger in waiting until the fifteenth? I am assuming there will be some restrictions after the surgery and I’ll need to get a few things in place.

“No danger at all. You’ll just need to be careful what you eat until then.”

“I’m already doing that.” I said with a grimace. “What exactly will I not be able to do after the procedure?”

“No lifting anything over ten pounds for two weeks, no straining, pulling, or pushing you’ll also be a bit sore. If all goes well, you will go home the same day but if there are any concerns, we might keep you overnight.”

“OK. The fifteenth it is.” I sighed. “That’s gonna mean, no tug-of-war with the doughnut for you.” I said, giving Blue a pat. As I did, he raised his head and giving a big snort asked, “Where is my doughnut?”

After checking out at the counter, Blue and I followed someone back to the elevator. When we got off and walked into the lobby, Blue bounced ahead of the lady who had walked down with us and at my urging, “Blue, find a seat.” We made our way to a bench by the door.

“WOW! You all didn’t need me at all.” The lady who had been assigned to walk down with us said.

“I’d expected him to do well.” I said, “But I sometimes find it easier to accept offered help rather than discouraging it because it makes others breathe a bit easier. Besides, it allows me to show others what a Seeing Eye® guide dog can do.”

We chatted for another minute and after I’d allowed a quick pet from her, she was gone.

I called my door-to-door service and settled down to wait.

I made a few phone calls, the first being to the drugstore and then when finding out there were no more refills for my meds, called the doctor’s office to get them to call in a refill for me.

After a bit of time, our van had arrived, and getting to my feet I said, “OK Blue. Forward, outside!” And with that, Blue bounced out the door and all the way to the van.

Once home, I walked Blue so he could relieve, fed the prince, for according to him he was near the edge of starvation and then feeling quite in agreement with him where my own stomach was concerned, I made some lunch.

Later in the day, my dad picked up my meds, brought them over and to Blue’s delight he visited a while.

Before I knew it the day was ending, and it was time to settle in for an evening of reading and playing with the boys.

Well, that’s the latest from Patty’s Worlds. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. May Harmony find you and Blessid Be.

Patty and her guide dog Blue. Patty has her hair tied back in a low ponytail and rests her right hand on Blue's head. She wears a white shirt with a pink and purple butterfly on the front and light blue shorts. Blue is a handsome black lab. He wears a brown leather harness with a handle attached to the back and is smiling at the camera as he sits in front of Patty. In the background is a brick building with white, windowed doors and a flowerpot overflowing with pink and yellow blooms.

About Patty Fletcher

Patty Fletcher is a single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom she is enormously proud. She has a great son-in-law and six beautiful grandchildren. From April 2011 through September 2020 she owned and handled a black Labrador from The Seeing Eye® named King Campbell Lee Fletcher A.K.A. Bubba. Sadly, after a long battle with illness on September 24, 2020 King Campbell went to the Rainbow Bridge where all is peace and love. It is her hope to one day return to The Seeing Eye® for a successor guide.

Patty was born one and a half months premature. Her blindness was caused by her being given too much oxygen in the incubator. She was partially sighted until 1991, at which time she lost her sight due to an infection after cataract surgery and high eye pressure. She used a cane for 31 years before making the change to a guide dog.

Currently, Patty lives and works in Kingsport, Tenn.

She’s the creator and owner of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist), The Writer’s Grapevine Online Magazine and the creator and host of the Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing Podcast.

Patty writes with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disabled from the non-disabled.

Books by Patty Fletcher

A review for Bubba Tails

Robbie Cheadle 5.0 out of 5 stars A lovely book that all ages can read and enjoy  Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2020

Bubba Tails: From the Puppy Nursery at the Seeing Eye is a delightful story for all ages, told from the perspective of King Campbell, an older and more experienced Seeing Eye dog (trained to guide the blind). King Campbell appears at night to the puppies at the Seeing Eye School, and their mothers, and tells them stories about how he came to be selected for the school, his training process and meeting his forever mother. His stories help to allay some of the puppies own concerns and anxieties about the future when they undergo their training to be Seeing Dogs and eventually become companions to a blind person.

This is a most insightful book about how Seeing Dogs are selected, including the qualities they need to have to do this job, as well as the training process they go through before they are matched with a blind person. I say matched because that is exactly what happens, the person is paired with a suitable canine companion. I thought this was very interesting as I had never really thought about how close the relationship between a blind human and their Seeing Dog is prior to reading this book.

The second part of the story when Campbell meets his new forever owner was the most meaningful for me. It was a wonderful experience for me to learn about how the Seeing Dog and their new owner must adapt to working together. The Seeing Dog needs to learn to read their human owner’s body language and respond to subtle signals. The human must also learn to trust their dog and this is quite a difficult thing to do. I can understand that putting your faith in a dog, no matter how much you love it, must initially be difficult when you are unable to see and protect yourself. I loved reading about how this amazing trust developed between Campbell and his owner.

This is a book that everyone can read and enjoy for the story and also appreciate for its detailed insight into the relationship between Seeing Dogs and their owners, and also the world at large. 

Read the reviews and buy the books:Amazon USAnd :Amazon UK – Follow Patty: GoodreadsWebsite and Blog: Patty’s World Twitter: @Bubbalee04

My thanks to Patty for allowing me to share posts from her archives… and I know she would be delighted to hear from you.

Smorgasbord Posts from my Archives – Previous Reviews 2021 – #Salmon #Scotland – A Speyside Odyssey by Norman Matheson

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my reviews for books I posted between July and December 2021.

Good books deserve to be showcased on a regular basis and I hope that it might entice you to either move the books up your groaning TBR’s or add the books to its burden!

I was delighted to receive a copy of A Speyside Odyssey by Norman Matheson and I have a deeper respect for a fish that I have eaten all my life and its incredible life cycle.

About A Speyside Odyssey

Filled with beautiful illustrations, “A Speyside Odyssey” details the fascinating life story of the Atlantic Salmon as it undertakes one of the most remarkable, and most deadly, journeys in nature.

The story begins with conception in a remote highland burn, and follows the hazardous journey the salmon take through small tributaries, to the River Spey, and from the estuary on to distant oceanic feeding grounds.

After gorging for one or more years on the prolific food sources of the North Atlantic, the odyssey draws to its conclusion as, with remarkable accuracy, the salmon complete the long journey home, to spawn in the burn of their origin.

The salmon’s life-cycle provides a unique background for a natural history of Speyside. As the year unfolds, the changing topography of the landscape and river, the details of bird and animal life, wild flowers and salmon fishing lore are brought to life in words and beautiful watercolour illustrations.

“A Speyside Odyssey” is an emotive celebration of natural history in a breathtaking and captivatingly beautiful area of north-east Scotland.

The book took Mr Matheson almost three years to write, and he also delicately painted more than 40 watercolour illustrations of sea creatures, birds, wildlife, natural flowers and, of course, the Atlantic Salmon to illustrate it.

Profits from the book’s sale will go to the Atlantic Salmon Trust.

My review for the book July 24th 2021

Salmon is a fish that many of us enjoy eating, but unless you live near to one of the salmon rivers of Scotland, Ireland or North America, it is likely to be commercially farmed fish. A different taste completely.

Packaged on the shelves of the supermarket in convenient fillets, does not promote an  appreciation or respect for the Salmon and its arduous life cycle. A perspective that is common to all the meat, fish and poultry that millions buy each day, distanced from the process that is required to put food on to our tables.

Norman Matheson has not just created a beautifully illustrated guide to the life cycle of the wild salmon in the rivers of the Scottish Highlands, but has shared his deep respect for the fish and the deep rooted instinct that drives it to return to its place of origin to reproduce.

From the moment a hen fish swishes her tail and deposits thousands of eggs in the gravel of a pool created in the river as it rushes towards the sea, there is danger that will reduce the numbers dramatically that survive to adulthood. It will be two or three years before the salmon parr is mature enough to make the long and dangerous journey to the sea, and during those years they continuously fall prey to brown trout and predatory birds.

Eventually as smolts they head  down the 100 kilometres to the sea, still only around 15 cms long, but now transformed with a bright silvery sheen, as they prepare to move from their fresh water environment to the salt of the sea. From there they will travel north to the rich feeding grounds, sometimes travelling thousands of miles to the Faroes, Greenland and beyond. The small percentage that make it to those feeding grounds will face a new danger.. fishing trawlers.

When fat and sleek the salmon return to their home rivers to spawn, enduring sometimes months of navigating falling water levels, changes in temperature, anglers and otters.

Running parallel to the life-cycle of the fish, and in particular the story of a hen salmon’s return to the gravelled pool to lay her eggs, are wonderful illustrations and observations of the other fauna and flora that adorn and grace the Scottish Highlands throughout the year.

These observations, along with the imparted wisdom from a lifetime of salmon fishing these rivers, and a love and respect for the natural environment, creates an incredible and beautiful book. The author’s words flow as clear and smoothly as the water down to the sea and his artwork is spectacular.

Highly recommended.

The book is available in W.H. Smiths, Waterstones and online with reviews at : Troubador – And: Amazon UK – Amazon US

Also by Norman Matheson

About the book

This book by Norman Matheson follows on as a companion volume to his highly regarded A Speyside Odyssey (Matador 2019). It is a compilation of eleven autobiographical short stories. These stories begin with the author’s childhood wartime experiences of life on a small farm in upper Speyside. The description of the rather harsh existence, with utilities limited to a trickle of cold water, is relieved by pervading humour, brought to life by the author’s numerous cartoons, which enliven and enrich the visual attraction of the whole book

The book is available at W.H. Smith and Waterstones and online: Troubador – And: Amazon UKAmazon US

Picture by Jim Irvine 10-1-20 – Press and Journal UK

 About Norman Matheson by editor Alison Williams

I began working with Norman Matheson in 2018 when he contacted me regarding a book he was writing about the fascinating and dangerous journey of the Atlantic Salmon – ‘A Speyside Odyssey’. I was so impressed by the manuscript and the illustrations, and knew the book, and the author, were very special – not least because he is eighty-eight.

Working with Norman, I came to know what a fascinating and talented man he is. A retired consultant surgeon, with many years of working in the NHS behind him, he was awarded an MBE for his involvement in an art project at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary aimed at making the hospital a more welcoming and relaxing place for patients and visitors.

He has also been a keen supporter of the Ballater Highland Games, receiving an award from Prince Charles to mark 45 years of continuous service as a piping judge.

Both books are absolutely beautiful, and testaments to this very special gentlemen, who is an absolute pleasure to work with, and to know.

If you would like to listen to this review


Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you have enjoyed my review… It is also in audio on my podcast on Soundcloud.



Smorgasbord Laughter is the Best Medicine – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Controlling issues and Hypnotism

Firstly, some funnies from Debby Gies followed by some funnies from Sally. Thanks to those who share the funnies on the internet.

D.G. Writes is where you will find an archive full of wonderful posts across several subjects including writing tips, social issues and book reviews.My thanks to Debby for excellent foraging

D. G. Kaye – Buy: Amazon US And: Amazon UK Blog: D.G. WritesGoodreads: D.G. Kaye on Goodreads – Twitter: @pokercubster

Debby’s new series Spiritual Awareness..Fey – Angel Messages Part One – Signs that our Angels are Around

Now for some fun from Sally….

Be careful what you wish for!

It was entertainment night at the senior citizens’ centre.

After the community sing-song led by Alice at the piano, It was time for the Star of the Show – Claude the Hypnotist.

Claude explained that he was going to put the whole audience into a trance.

“Yes, each and every one of you and all at the same time.” said Claude.

The excited chatter dropped to silence as Claude carefully withdrew from his waistcoat pocket a beautiful antique gold pocket watch and chain.

“I want you to keep your eyes on this watch” said Claude, holding the watch high for all to see.

“It is a very special and valuable watch that has been in my family for six generations” Said Claude.

He began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly chanting “Watch the watch

— Watch the watch —-Watch the watch”

The audience became mesmerised as the watch swayed back and forth.

The lights twinkling as they were reflected from its gleaming surfaces.

A hundred and fifty pairs of eyes followed the movements of the gently swaying watch.

And then, suddenly, the chain broke.

The beautiful watch fell to the stage and burst apart on impact

“S**T” said Claude.

It took them three days to clean the Senior Citizens’ Centre

And Claude was never invited to entertain again.

Sally’s books: Amazon US –  Amazon UK – More reviews : Goodreads – Podcast – Sally Cronin on Soundcloud – Twitter: @sgc58


Thank you for joining us today and we hope you are leaving with a smile on your face.. Debby and Sally.

Smorgasbord Bookshelf – New Book on the Shelves – #Poetry – Anamnesis by Denise O’Hagan

Delighted to share the news of the latest release by Denise O’Hagan… her second poetry collection Anamnesis.

About the collection

True to its title, the poems in O’Hagan’s second poetry collection, Anamnesis, allude to a world hovering at the edges of our minds, one that can be sensed and yet lies, teasingly, just beyond conscious reach. The arc of poems through time and distance represents a summoning up of, and immersion in, small moments which reveal themselves to be quietly momentous; a distillation of personal experience from which we feel there is something to be collectively gleaned. The recovery of memory in its various facets is explored, and the poetry that emerges is both poignant and lyrical.

Head over to buy the collection: Amazon AU –  And: Amazon USAnd: Amazon UK

Also by Denise O’Hagan

One of the reviews for The Beating Heart on Goodreads

Dave Kavanagh Five Stars July 15, 2021

I read a lot of poetry, some of it good, some not so good, but Denise O’Hagan is the real deal and ‘The Beating Heart’ is a sublime collection from a poet who is just coming into her power.

O’Hagan’s poetry is beautifully crafted and taps into all the senses, sight, sound, scent, emotion. It draws us into each and every piece, so as we read them, we claim each poem and each related experience as our own. The language used is simple and yet the poet manages to express the extraordinary in the everyday acts of living, loving and caring.

This is poetry with guts, it is accessible, there is blood and pain, but there is also love and tenderness and there is a simplicity which gives the collection a universal appeal.

The entire has a narrative thread that keeps the collection balanced and the reader immersed. In reading ‘The Bleeding Heart’, I was touched by the poet, felt her pain and her joy and there is nothing more to ask of good poetry than that visceral connection. I will read this collection over and over, and I will find something new in it at each visit.

This from ‘Be-Mused’ which left me speechless.

‘It’s not the clink of crystal
At the cocktail party
Nor the silken conversation
Between black suits or pearled dresses,
It’s in the ensuing fold of stillness
Where poetry

What more can I say except, keep writing, I can’t wait to see what O’Hagan produces next. 

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon AU Amazon UK  – And: Amazon US  Follow Denise:Goodreads –  website: Denise O’Hagan  Twitter: @DeniseOHagan3

Denise O'Hagan

About Denise O’Hagan

Denise is a Sydney-based editor, writer and poet. She has a background in commercial book publishing and assists independent authors through her own imprint Black Quill Press.

Her poems are widely published and awarded, and she is Poetry Editor for Australia/New Zealand for Irish literary journal The Blue Nib. Her debut poetry collection, The Beating Heart, was published by Ginninderra Press in 2020.


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books… Sally.


Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 2005 Part One – Mariah Carey, Green Day, James Blunt, Westlife

Welcome to our show and we are excited to share decades of music with you in 2022.

Here is my first selection of top 2005 hits which I hope you will enjoy.

Mariah Carey – We belong together

“We belong together” was written by Carey, Jermaine Dupri, Manuel Seal, and Johntá Austin. The song broke chart records in the US, staying at #1 for 14 non-consecutive weeks, and joined four other songs in a tie as the third longest running #1 song in US chart history. Billboard listed it as the “Song of the Decade” and the eleventh most popular song of all time. Internationally the song topped the charts in Europe and the UK. “We Belong Together” was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year, and won “Best R&B Song and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. The song was named “Song of the Year” at the ASCAP Awards and “Song of the Year,” “Most Performed Song” and “Number-one Billboard Song” at the BMI Awards.

February 28th Stereophonics release their single “Dakota”, later their first #1 UK single 

Green Day – Boulevard of broken dreams

“Boulevard of broken dreams,” from the album “American Idiot,” was composed by lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong and the band. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #5 on the UK Singles chart. “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is the only song to win both the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the year. It also won Best Group Video, Best Rock Video, Best Direction, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography. The song was ranked #1 on Rolling Stone’s Reader’s Choice: Singles of the Decade list in 2009 and #65 on the 100 Best Songs of the Decade list in the same year. In response to Hurricane Katrina and the popularity of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day donated all of the iTunes proceeds from this song for the year to the American Red Cross for Katrina aid efforts.

March 14th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees: Buddy Guy; The O’Jays; The Pretenders; Percy Sledge; U2; Frank Barsalona; and Seymour Stein 

Now time for my first picks from 2005 and I hope you will enjoy my selection.

James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

“You’re Beautiful” is a song by English singer-songwriter James Blunt. It was written by Blunt, Sacha Skarbek and Amanda Ghost for Blunt’s debut album, Back to Bedlam (2004). It was released as the second single from the album in 2005. In the United Kingdom and Australia, the song reached number one and number two respectively. When released as the debut single from Back to Bedlam in Canada and the United States, it reached number one on both charts and received widespread airplay. James Blunt

March 29th “We Belong Together” single is released by Mariah Carey (Grammy Awards for Best R&B Song and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance 2006, Billboard Song of the Year 2005) 

Westlife – You Raise Me Up

“You Raise Me Up” is a song originally composed by the Norwegian-Irish duo Secret Garden. The music was written by Secret Garden’s Rolf Løvland, and the lyrics by Brendan Graham. It has been covered by many artists.

The song was released as the lead single from Westlife’s sixth studio album Face to Face. This version is one of the most successful covers of the song, peaking at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart, the only version to do so. This was the band’s 13th number-one single as well as the first single to be released following Brian McFadden departure from the group. Westlife

April 11 39th CMT Music Awards: Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson & Kenny Chesney wins

Additional sources: On This Day – Music – Hits of the 2000s: Playback FMWikipedia

Your Hosts for The Breakfast Show

William Price King is an American jazz singer, crooner, and composer.

His interest in music began at an early age when he studied piano and clarinet in high school. At Morehouse College in Atlanta where he grew up, he sang in the Glee Club and studied classical music. After graduation he went off to the Yale School of Music where he earned a Masters degree. From there he journeyed to New York where he created a jazz trio ‘Au Naturel’ which performed in some of the hottest venues in Manhattan including gigs on Broadway and the famous ‘Rainbow Room.’ These gigs opened doors for performances in Montreal and a European tour.

While touring Europe he met a lovely French lady, Jeanne Maïstre, who, a year later became his wife. King left the group ‘Au Naturel’ and settled in the south of France where he started a new life on the French Riviera, opening his own music school – the “Price King Ecole Internationale de Chant.” He has had the pleasure over the years of seeing many of his students excel as singers on a professional level, and some going on to become national celebrities. He continues to coach young singers today, in his spare time.

Blog– IMPROVISATION William Price King on Tumblr – Buy William’s music: William Price King iTunes – FacebookWilliam Price King – Twitter@wpkofficial
Regular Venue – Cave Wilson

Sally Cronin is an author, blogger and broadcaster who enjoyed four years as part of the team on Onda Cero International’s English speaking morning show in Marbella and then for two years as a presenter on Expressfm the local radio station in Portsmouth. She co-presented two ‘Drive Time’ shows a week with Adrian Knight, hosted the live Thursday Afternoon Show and The Sunday Morning Show guests including musicians and authors. Following this she became Station Director for a local internet television station for two years, producing and presenting the daily news segment, outside broadcasts and co-presenting the Adrian and Sally chat show live on Friday evenings.

She and her husband David have now returned to Ireland where they live on the Wexford Coast where she blogs and continues to write books.

Books :Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – More reviews: Goodreads – blog: Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Twitter: @sgc58 – Facebook: Sally Cronin – LinkedIn: Sally Cronin

Next week 2005 Part Two – We hope you will tune in.. as always we love to hear from you.. thanks William and Sally.

Smorgasbord Bookshelf – New Book on the Shelves – Saddled Hearts (The White Rune Series Book 3) by Jan Sikes

Delighted to share the news of the latest release by Jan Sikes Saddled Hearts (The White Rune Series Book 3) on pre-order for October 19th.

About the book

Colt Layne owns the Layne Horse Sanctuary. He lives an idyllic life, between caring for the animals and playing music with his band. That is until a stranger appears with unreasonable demands. When someone murders the man, Colt is arrested. He’s been framed, but by whom and why?

He needs to talk with his deceased grandfather. But that’s impossible. Or is it?

Sage Coventry is gifted with the ability to communicate with the deceased. Skeptical but desperate, when Colt consults with her, he gets more than messages from beyond the grave as she breezes into his heart with sweet patchouli fragrance and tempting lips he longs to kiss.

The race against time to clear his name and save the ranch launches them on a mission that brings shocking revelations.

Buy the book on pre-order until October 19th: Amazon US And: Amazon UK

A small selection of other books by Jan Sikes

One of the reviews for Jagged Feathers (The White Rune Series Book 2)

D. W. Peach 5.0 out of 5 stars Romance/Action Mashup  Reviewed in the United States

Van Noble lost his leg in Afghanistan, and he has a huge inferiority complex about being an incomplete man, but when he discovers Nakina Bird on the run from a Mexican cartel, he steps right up, determined to help her. Thus begins this exciting romance/thriller mashup.

The story has a nice balance of action and romance – the book is definitely both, and Sikes spends a lot of time on character development, which paid off. I connected with both Nakina and Van, and I liked how the action grounded their relationship. Nothing frivolous going on here as they have some serious goals to achieve.

For fans of paranormal fiction or new age mysticism, Nakina has psychic abilities that thread through the story and impact the plot. There are sex scenes and a great deal of sweetness with these characters, but the action ramps up the pace between the romantic lulls. I found both aspects of the story realistic and engaging. Characters from Book One play a secondary role in this story, but this book can be read as a stand-alone without any confusion. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy romance/action mashups. 

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – Website: Jan SikesGoodreads: Jan on Goodreads – Twitter: @rijanjks

About Jan Sikes

I’ve been an avid reader all my life. I can still remember the excitement that surged through me the first time I realized I could decipher words. Many summers, I won the highest award possible from the Hobbs, NM Public Library for reading the most books.

There’s nothing I love more than losing myself in a story.

Oddly enough, I never had any ambition to be a writer. But I wound up in mid-life with a story that begged to be told. Not just any story, but a true story that rivaled any fiction creation. Through fictitious characters, the tale came to life in an intricately woven tale that encompasses four books. Not satisfied to stop with the books, I released music CDs of original music to match the time period of each story segment.

In conclusion, to bring the story full circle, I published a book of poetry and art. I was done.


The story ideas keep coming, and I don’t intend to turn off the creative fountain.

I am a member of the Author’s Marketing Guild, The Writer’s League of Texas, Romance Writers of America, and the Paranormal Writer’s Guild. I am an avid fan of Texas music and grandmother of five beautiful souls. I reside in North Texas.


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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Spiritual Awareness – Fey – Angel Messages Part One – Signs that our Angels are Around by D.G. Kaye

Explore the spiritual side of our natures as D.G. Kaye shares her experiences and research into this element of our lives.

You can find Part Four of the series: How Do You Know If You Are An Empath – The Signs

Signs that our Angels are Around and are Connecting with Us

Welcome back to my next series of episodes in my spiritual awareness series. In this article I’m going to talk about angels and how to recognize them.

Can You Feel When Your Angels are Around You? Do you know how to recognize signs when angels are communicating with you?

Angels are pure spiritual beings. They are not ghosts of anybody’s past, but benevolent celestial beings who interact between God and heaven and earth. They are God’s creations as messengers, created from light, and therefore, they have not evolved from a once human form. Angels are not to be confused with other spirits and lost loved ones that may visit us that also leave us signs. But, they are able to show up in both apparition and human form, and are always around us whether we believe or are aware of their presence or not. All celestial beings are made of energy, this is why and how they are able to transmit and flow to wherever they need to be. Just as when humans die, their souls don’t because energy doesn’t die.

Angels will never impose on our free will. If we wish to speak to, or ask something of our angels, all we have to do is speak to them either verbally, aloud, or by sending our thoughts to them. They can hear us and receive, and if we are tuned in with them, they will often show up in some form, sign, or deed when we need them.

How Do We Know Our Angels are Around?

There are many different signs that an angel or even a lost loved one can leave us to let us know they are visiting or leaving us a message. These signs can be anything from feeling an unexpected drop in temperature change around us, giving us a chill or shivers, a warm sensation as though there is a human beside us, a familiar scent that comes about that has no relevance to the natural scent in our particular present surroundings, finding a feather on our path, through dreams, repeated number sequences, flashes of light, something falling off a shelf for no particular reason, and so many more.

Angels can also appear in human form, taken for as a complete stranger whose purpose is to help or teach us a lesson. These forms are referred to as earth angels. Music is a great transmitter of angelic signs. That certain song that will play on the radio in a particular moment you may be thinking about someone or troubled about, is often a message from the angels letting us know that person is thinking of us, or perhaps alerting us to give them a call. Often, when we receive these signs, we are tempted to call them coincidences, when they are in fact, messages from our angels.

Most people have one sense that is more prominent than another when it comes to sensing the presence of angels and spirit. Some people actually see visions of angels. I have never had the honor to see one of these presences, but I do have other senses that pick up on energies. I can recall several times in my life where I’ve been saved from something terrible and noted it as ‘saved by the grace of God’, where in fact, it was my guardian angel who helped me. We all have a guardian angel assigned to us whether we believe in them or not.

My personal gift for sensing spirit is by scent and by touch. I have had two people I loved very much, now in heaven, come to visit me on several occasions, my father, and my Aunty Sherry. When they visit me, I can smell the room being taken over by the scent of my aunt’s perfume or the smell of a smoke-filled room with the scent of my father’s favorite cigarette brand. It’s uncanny and sometimes not easy to explain to others but it’s true.

I also can feel my body go cold and begin to shiver when I sense a presence around me or when I get a foreboding of something unpleasant to come. It’s like a warning sign that comes over me in the pit of my stomach – a feeling of doom, a sixth sense type of feeling. I’ve been physically touched by spirits, and I also receive messages through my intuition and in my dreams that I make note of so I can remember and try to analyze what the message portends.

Anyone can tune into their angels by tuning into themselves. You must keep an open mind and heart and be ready and willing to receive.

Recently, I was taken aback with a most beautiful message I received from my own beloved husband. It was my girlfriend who noticed it as we stood beside my car talking, on the passenger side. She pointed out the hand-drawn heart on the back window. I tried to wipe it off but realized it was drawn from the inside of my car, where nobody has sat in that back seat since before my husband passed.

Watch the videos below and learn about the myriad of ways angels communicate with us.

There are many signs used to attract our attention such as: Music, numbers, feathers, coins, clouds, butterflies, birds, sparks of light and more! Learn how to recognize these signs.

Have you ever found a feather randomly on the ground as you were walking somewhere? Have you found a coin on the ground? Ever looked up at the sky and found a distinct pattern in the clouds that resembled something of significance to you? These are all forms of communication from angels leaving subtle messages for us. Often, they appear at opportune times in our lives when we may feel sad or troubled and the angels want us to know they are around and there for us.

Whether we believe in angels or not, we all have our own guardian angels assigned to us. We have only to get to know them.

There are oodles of books available about angels and I would highly recommend reading Doreen Virtue’s books for a great introduction to angels and beyond. I began my journey of learning about angels through reading Virtue’s books for the past few decades. It seems that she is turning into a ‘holier’ direction now and gone full on deep spiritual and no longer writes about the angels, but I did notice some of her myriad books on angels still available on Amazon in print only.

You can visit Doreen Virtue’s page HERE

I would also recommend books by Kyle Gray. He is a well-known British angel expert, and his book, Raise Your Vibration is a great read to introduce you to awareness and connecting with the spiritual.

12 Undeniable Signs the Angels are communicating with us:

Signs our Angels are connecting with us:

How to recognize signs and messages our guardian angels are with us:

Do you have an experience of an encounter with angels you’d like to share?

©D.G.Kaye 2022

My thanks to Debby for another fascinating post on the spiritual side of our natures.

About D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies)

Debby Gies is a Canadian nonfiction/memoir author who writes under the pen name of D.G. Kaye. She was born, raised, and resides in Toronto, Canada. Kaye writes about her life experiences, matters of the heart and women’s issues.

D.G. writes to inspire others. Her writing encompasses stories taken from events she encountered in her own life, and she shares the lessons taken from them. Her sunny outlook on life developed from learning to overcome challenges in her life, and finding the upside from those situations, while practicing gratitude for all the positives.

When Kaye isn’t writing intimate memoirs, she brings her natural sense of humor into her other works. She loves to laugh and self- medicate with a daily dose of humor.

I love to tell stories that have lessons in them, and hope to empower others by sharing my own experiences. I write raw and honest about my own experiences, hoping through my writing, that others can relate and find that there is always a choice to move from a negative space, and look for the positive.


“Live Laugh Love . . . And Don’t Forget to Breathe!”

“For every kindness, there should be kindness in return. Wouldn’t that just make the world right?”

Books by D.G. Kaye

One of the reviews for Twenty Years After “I Do”

Martha Perez 5.0 out of 5 stars HEARTFELT MEMOIR  Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2022

Twenty years started with a promise. D.G. Kaye had no limits for the love of her life.
A heartfelt personal memoir is written beautifully by the author D.G. Kaye. This story is my favorite book by far this year. She shares taking the plunge and commenting on the love of her life, and truth be told, we never could predict the future. Gorden is a lot older than D.G. Kaye. I could feel her worrisome mind. She did take the chance.

The way she talked about her husband and the unconditional love between them is beautiful, even though a marriage is a lot of work. Each chapter of her words was the good, the bad, and the ugly, but her life with Gorden was a lovely daily sprinkle of glitter with love, laughter, stability, health-giving and age differences, respect, and lots of honey past, today, and future.

The author talks about the strength of the struggles they both endured, yet they embrace handling life together with love, kindness, and creative planning.

Kaye is awe-inspiring with her sincere overpowering words that touch my heart and soul. Life is not perfect; by reading her love story, I could honestly say she came close to the happiness that people wait for a lifetime with faithfulness, honoring their vows to smile and laugh at the end of the day.

The simple things in life are watching the sunset, having morning coffee together, hugs, and making love are a lot more than the little things in a couple’s life. I truly loved reading this book. I learned from others and my own mistakes. The author’s story is a touching and beautiful tribute to her marriage.

Keeping a marriage together and having compassion in everyday life is an emotional task; they choose to handle their day-to-day lives gracefully and in harmony. I highly recommend the extraordinary book. 

Read all the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – follow Debby: Goodreads – Blog: D.G. Kaye Writer – About me: D.G. Kaye – Twitter: @pokercubster Linkedin: D.G. Kaye – Facebook: D.G. Kaye – Instagram: D.G. Kaye – Pinterest: D.G. Kaye


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Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – 26th September – October 2nd 2022 – Hits 2004, Bocelli, Culinary ‘H’ foods, Basking Sharks, Podcast, Reviews, Health and Humour

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed during the week here on Smorgasbord.

I know this week has been very difficult for many of you living in the US and in the path of the hurricane weather. I do hope that you are safe and that you didn’t suffer any damage to your homes. You have been in our thoughts.

Nothing much to report on the home front as we carry on getting the small jobs in the house completed and get the garden ready for the autumn. We are keeping an eye on the house selling market and if necessary we may hold off until the spring. Once you get into November and Christmas (sorry to use that word so early) house sales do tail off. We are not in a rush and may well wait until spring when it picks up again. However, at least we will be ready should the opportunity present itself and we will keep an open mind.

Contributor News this week.

William Price King joined me for The Breakfast Show for the second part of chart hits from 2004 and the second post in the series on Andrea Bocelli You can also find William Blog– IMPROVISATIONWilliam Price King on Tumblr

Debby Gies​ will be here tomorrow morning with her first post in her Spiritual Awareness series on Angels… and over on her own blog you will find her less than successful attempt to switch internet providers with some lessons we can all learn from. Also links to two visits she made to Resa and Judith Barrow with a nostalgic look at a famous landmark in Toronto and photographic memories. Follow the link to Debby’s posts D.G. Kaye

Carol Taylor was here on Wednesday with her  A-Z of food with the letter ‘H’… on her own blog a welcome to October and what is coming up in the month…Monday Musings, a lovely recipe for Mushroom Lasagne, a post on the frightening and appalling statistics on food waste, more of the lovely fragrant leaves we can use in our cooking and Saturday Snippets where the prompt word was ‘Rain‘ -Head over to enjoy CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 25th September -1st October 2022

Thank you too for all your visits, comments and shares during the week. As always very much appreciated…♥


The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 2004 Part Two – Dido, No Doubt, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears

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Best Medicine 2022 – Host Malcolm Allen – WFH and Bagpipes

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Family Photos and Ramblings


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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast – #Poetry and #Flash – Cats at Play and My Mouse by Sally Cronin

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some syllabic poetry and 99 word flash fiction from my collection Life’s Rich Tapesty…woven in words

Cats at Play and My Mouse


Cats at play.
play games
with their prey
when pounced upon.
Do we understand
why they try to delay
that final moment of death?
Could it be that they feel remorse
at the taking of this mouse’s life?
Or is it in their nature to be cruel?

My Mouse

I am extremely attached to my mouse, small and demanding at times, but I need a muse that is easy to maintain, and doesn’t demand three walks a day and half my dinner. It sits quietly by my side, observing my every move, and eager to be handled at every opportunity. I have owned several mice in my lifetime, but this one has a special place in my heart, as it has supported me thorough my latest book and editing process. But it is showing signs of burn out. Perhaps it will perk up if I change its battery.

©Sally Cronin 2022

One of the reviews for Life’s Rich Tapesty: Woven in Words

Jane Sturgeon

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 April 2020

Sally Cronin is a natural storyteller and this book is a wonderful collection of verse, micro fiction and short stories. Her breadth of life experience and wisdom show in her words and the writing style draws the reader in.

Sally’s verses cover everything from life, past times, emotions, our furry companions and nature. ‘Romance’ had me scrolling back to re-read her words and ‘Rejection’ & ‘Betrayal’ struck heart chords long buried. I found enchantment and magic in her fairy verse and in the shapes of the words and poems on the page.

Her micro fiction ‘Broken’ raised a smile and ‘Musical Interlude’ moved me to tears. A potion from The Witch’s Handbook will have you laughing and many of us will find ourselves in that one!

None who read this book will forget Jimmy or the Elephants, yet my favourite story is ‘Great Aunt Georgina’. There is so much packed into this short story and it is one that will stay with you.

In reading this collection, I feel you will want to meet Sally and sit at her kitchen table, hearing her stories and feeling her warm wisdom. I hold hope that she will share with us again in this way, as it is a loving showcase for her gifts.

Thank you for listening and if you would like to know more about my books and their reviews you can find them on my books page Sally’s Books and Reviews 2022