Books by Geoff Cronin

colour of life

Apart from writing books, Geoff Cronin also contributed to the blog in the last three years. He was delighted to share a selection of his stories from his three books from time to time and during the recent Classical Music series on Luciano Pavarotti, he suggested that I might use this story about the great tenor and his most ardent fan.

I am sure that he will be delighted that his storytelling continues with the serialisation of his books.

The Colour of Life – Chapter One – Pigeons.


Chapter Two – My Grandfather’s Story – 1930


Chapter Three – The Crane

Chapter Four and Five – Pitch and Toss and Cricket in Woodstown

Chapter Six – The making of a snare

Chapter Seven – How the Stable was built in 1936

Chapter Eight – The Devil Finds Work.

Chapter Nine- The Financier and the Farmer’s Wife

Chapter Ten – The Station

Chapter 11 – The Price of a Habit

Chapter 12 – The shop Part One

Chapter 13 – The Shop Part Two

Chapter 14 – James the Landlord

Chapter 15 – The Snipe Shoot

Chapter 17 – Work on a Timber Gang

Chapter 18 – The Digs in Dublin

Chapter 19 – The Nuns at the Glue Pot

Chapter 20 – The Mobile Cinema

Chapter 21 – The Ferguson Tractor.

Chapter 22 – The Dance Scene 1950

Chapter 23 – The Haul of Bass

Chapter 24 – The Rosary 1955

Colour of Life Extra – Behind every great man!

Chapter 25 – Tommy and the Fish and The Power of Prayer

Chapter 26 – The Tangler’s Hat

Chapter 27 – The Turkey Run

Chapter 28 – Salad and Omelets in Kritsa 1975

Chapter 29 – Sangria 1976

The Matmakers


The Last Public Execution

Lateral Thinking

Clerical Errors

The Cure and other Snippets

Technique and the Soliloquy and Snippets

He who laughs last and Technique Kerry Style

The Bermuda Triangle

Bread and Flails

Street Musicians and Snippets

A Little Bit Extra – Shaggy Dog Story

The Bed to Beat All and Rural Electrification

The Banks (of the Suir)

Traditions and Smoke signals

100 plants and snippets

The Tin Chapel Men

The Yards of Waterford

The Sailor’s Mass

The Moneyball Shop

The American Connection

How to make Bacon

The Saga of Selby

How Geoff met Joan