Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen 2021

Delighted that Carol Taylor will be joining us again this year with a brand new series called Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen..Each month Carol will talk us through how we can manage the amount of waste we create, use less plastic, prepare and source food that is sustainable.

January 2021 – Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen – Homemade Bread, Plastic Alternatives, Grated Cheese

February Bread, Homemade Peanut Butter and Home Grown Vegetables and Herbs. 

March 2021 – #Crumpets, #Baking Soda, #Minced Garlic and Egg Boxes uses. 

April 2021 – #Pretzel Bread, #Onions, #TomatoKetchup, #Japanese Wood Production. 

May 2021 – Dinner Rolls, Chillies, Recycled Face Masks, Grow Spring onions, make Apple Cider Vinegar – Waste Not, Want Not..

June 2021 – Dutch Oven Bread, Kale, Home Grown Pea Shoots, Fishing Nets, Neighbours.

July 2021 – Plastic Free, Buttermilk Bread, Buying Bulk, Stuffed Mushrooms, Grow Your Own, Conservation.

August 2021 -Bamboo Toilet Paper, Cream Cheese Bread, Conservation, Grow Your Own, Shampoo Bar.,

September 2021 – Banana Bread, Neem Oil, Homemade Beehive, Lemongrass, Snail Mail, Cider Vinegar and Reef Shampoo

Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen – October 2021 – Yeast Free Raisin and Cinnamon bread, Hair Conditioner, Fabric softener, World Food Day

Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen – Christmas Special 2021 – DIY presents, Sustainable Trees and Gifts, Cheesecake and Pickles.