Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – How to play Jenga with a cat!

I would not want to face off against this expert.



Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – Two of my favourites from 2017 – Doggie Day School and Miffed Husky


And a husky cannot resist her favourite song, despite being miffed at her owner.


I hope you are having a wonderful New Year’s Day.. and Wishing you a very healthy, loving and prosperous 2018.

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Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up and A Very Happy New Year – Books, Music and laughter.

How quickly this year has gone and there have been many highlights that I will carry over to 2018. Certainly the amazing contributors such as William Price King, Paul Andruss and Carol Taylor who have worked very hard to bring music, legends and delicious food into our lives. Also to those who have contributed to the Archive Posts… the regular series and Christmas specials. It has felt like a party going on every week.

There are many others who 52 weeks a year have dropped in and liked, commented, shared and hosted. I feel totally blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.

Next year I feel that the world will be going through even more tumultuous times. Politically and socially there is much to redress and part of that is keeping the good things in our lives a priority. It is very easy to slip into negativity when we read the headlines daily that paint such a bleak picture. However, having been in the trade, I can confirm that BAD NEWS sells.

There are millions of us who blog and if ever there was a time for us to play a role in positivity it is now. This is not naivete. As individuals we may feel that what we write on our blogs or social media does not make a difference. But when we write, support and share the good news stories it does make a massive difference. The same applies to our actions offline and one of the most positive actions we can take is to give time and effort to promoting good people and their efforts.

There will be elections coming up for most of us in 2018. Election promises are easy to make and just as quick to break. But there are capable and honest people out there who can help resolve the issues that we are faced with. We have to identify them, support them and promote them at every level from local councils to those who lead from the top. I do believe we have to put party loyalties aside going forward and whilst difficult in some countries to do so, we need to vote for the right people for the job.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.. with love, laughter, joy and peace for 2018.

It was a slightly shorter week than usual but here are the posts from the week, including the 2017 review of the most viewed posts in a number of categories.

Sally’s Book Reviews – Circumstances of Childhood by John W. Howell.

William Price King with music for Christmas

William finishes his Christmas series with What are you Doing New Year’s Eve by Nancy Wilson

Most viewed posts of 2017

These are the most viewed posts across the various categories for 2017 and my personal favourites too.


Thomas the Rhymer Paul Andruss


Christmas Archives

My thanks to everyone who contributed to the festive posts with those from their own archives.. It was a wonderful series from my perspective..I enjoyed reading these guest posts very much.




The Leftovers

I opened the fridge this morning
To check on the state of the world,
I hoped to see that the turkey,
Was not all shrivelled and curled.

It peaked from its packet of foil,
Still juicy and raring to go
I shredded it into some sauce
With some shrooms and onions for show.

To

New Series for 2018

Personal Stuff

Some promotional posts for new series tomorrow and then back to normal on Tuesday.

Thank you very much for dropping in today and wishing you an amazing New Year’s Eve and a happy, healthy, fun and love filled 2018.


Smorgasbord Weekly Round up – Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Three Sisters and Walnuts.

Welcome to the weekly round up.. I have been at my last Christmas fair this afternoon so a little later than planned.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed archive posts, original articles and to all of you who have visited and shared those posts.. ♥

William Price King shared the last post in the Abba Series and the wonderful King Singers and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Writer in residence Christmas Story Part One and Two – The Three Sisters

And a detailed look at the birth of Jesus.

Carol Taylor Cook From Scratch and this week the lovely, crunchy walnuts.

Christmas Book Fair

Thomas the Rhymer

New Author on the Shelves

Thom Hickey – 12 posts daily until the big day. – Christmas Cornucopia – Art, Music and poetry.

Posts from Christmas Archives


Personal Stuff


Thank you once again for contributing, liking, commenting and sharing.. you are all stars.. Sally




Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – ABBA, Constantine The Great and Brown Rice!

Welcome to the round up of posts that you might have missed this week.. I was off on my travels this week to Belfast to celebrate our wedding anniversary and to visit the Titanic museum. We don’t get out much!  But, when we do we like to push the boat out. We stayed at the Culloden Estate and Spa with a suite overlooking the loch and only 3 miles from Belfast City Centre and 10 minutes from the Belfast City Airport. It is on 12 acres of wooded gardens and the food was superb. I think 37 years is worth celebrating in style. Here are a few photos to whet you appetite. In fact mid-week rates for two days are exceptionally good value and you can use the spa and swimming pool free during your stay.. and no…you do not get to see me in a bikini!  Not in this lifetime anyway.

Can definitely recommend the hotel and the food was delicious.

Titanic Belfast is an award winning exhibition and museum and you need to allow at least two hours to see all the various exhibits, interactive displays and the ride by suspended car through the bowels of the ship watching the animated images showing the work involved in building this mammoth ship.. no works comp in those days and over 250 accidents and several fatalities that need to be added to the loss of life over a few hours a short time after her launch.

You can find more details here:

Anyway, whilst I was off having fun for my three days, contributors were still working away in my absence and I am as always very grateful. This is what the week looked like.

William Price King began a new series of the all time favourites of millions.. ABBA… this week meeting the individual band members.

Writer in Residence. This week Paul Andruss continues with the story of Constantine the Great who was allegedly the first Roman Christian Emperor.

Carol Taylor spent time in her kitchen in Thailand to turn the raw brown rice grains into wonderful recipes for all the family.

Cook from Scratch with Robbie Cheadle and a cake you really would not want to cut into and eat.

The Ultimate Bucket List Interview

Robbie Cheadle joins us again for the last in the current series of Sunday Interview shows and shares her two top wishes on her Ultimate Bucket List.. Wedding Cakes and a very personal wish…

Personal Stuff

My review for Look the Other Way by Kristina Stanley a romantic thriller set in the warm coastal waters of Florida and the Caribbean.

Smorgasbord Reblogs

Last week I was the guest of Christy Birmingham on her eclectic blog, writing about elderly health care in the colder months and some ways to avoid colds and flu.

Jessica Norrie visited Lisbon last week and apart from a tour of the old part of the city, she also shares some of the books written or set in the city.

Contributors to the Posts from Your Archives series

We are today because of the choices we have made… Carol Taylor explores where those choices lead us.. and how we feel about that.

Allie Potts has an eventful walk with her beloved dog.. and comes a cropper….and shares the lesson learnt.

J. Hope Suis shares the most beautiful Japanese restoration process that turns broken china into works of art with gold and silver. Something that as humans we can learn too when putting ourselves back together after life’s experiences.

Do you wish that you had not selected your Twitter handle in the beginning?  Rosie Amber takes us through the simple steps to change it. I am @sgc58 and realise I should have gone with RedHotMama.. ah well.. if only I hadn’t just had 500 business cards printed!

Karen Ingalls shares a post in tribute to an elderly friend who passed away after a gracious life well-lived.

Can you remember your first kiss.. Patricia Salamone shares this experience with an interesting outcome!

Darlene Foster takes us on a tour of a medieval market in Orihuela in Spain.. food, colour and sunshine.. what else do you need?

Having almost given up showing my mother how to operate the DVD player with a different remote from the TV … I take my hat off to Jane Risdon who managed to get an 83 year old relative online and on Facebook… I think Jane was on herbal stress relief!

Annika Perry shares an atmospheric visit to Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire.

Adrienne Morris is on the subject of toxic criticism and how to handle it.

Marian Beaman shares her wonderful tradition of family dinners through the decades.

Lillian Csernica continues her tour through the gracious city of Kyoto

D.Wallace Peach with a post about what defines the characters that we write about, and the stereotyping that is applied to emotional character,  according to the gender of your protagonist.

Do you know what a Fidget Spinner is?  I didn’t but I do now courtesy of Cecilia Kennedy.

Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes join us with their archive posts this week. It would seem that children are discovering the joys of computing earlier and earlier. I was in my early 30s when I was introduced to one and I only really used it for word processing and loved the freedom it gave me from tipex! It was a while before I got into the programme side and that was a huge dent in my self-confidence… read on.. I am not alone.

Smorgasbord Poetry

A poem on the subject of Happiness by Balroop Singh

Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

Author Update

Air Your Reviews

Monday Night Quiz with Debra Russell author of Trivia Lover’s Ultimate Reference

Humour and afternoon videos

Thank you to all the contributors and to you for all your support by dropping in, liking posts, commenting and sharing..


Smorgasbord Blog Magazine -Weekly Round Up – Dionne Warwick, Thomas Crapper and Pumpkin Seeds

Welcome to this week’s round up of posts that you might have missed. I want to thank all of you who have contributed amazing posts from your archives. I am now scheduling for the end of November and the beginning of December so I will be asking for festive posts to bring some sparkle to the blog to the end of the year.

Festive posts.

This is not for new posts but for those you have written about Christmas and New Year or if not Christmas your own end of year festivities. I use the word Christmas as this is something I have celebrated for my entire life, but I know that some of you might observe the holiday in different ways.

I would love to see stories about family reunions, recipes, mishaps with cooking or the family Christmas dinner, humour, fictional short stories. Check out your December posts for every year you have blogged and send over up to two links. I will top and tail with an introduction and also promote you, your blog and any books at the end.

Email as soon as you can to… Look forward to hearing from you.

On with this week’s contributors and posts..

William Price King shares the life and music of the legendary Dionne Warwick up to the present day.

Writer in Residence – Paul Adruss with a look at our toiletry origins…..

Smorgasbord Health – Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor – Pumpkin Seeds

My thanks as always to Carol Taylor for her efforts in the kitchen to produce these amazing recipes.

The Ultimate Bucket List

This week delighted to welcome children’s author Darlene Foster as the guest for the interview. You may be able to help her out with her wishes.

Personal stuff

A short story for Halloween – Halloween Sunset, Let the party begin.

Robbie Cheadle challenged me to post in the Quote a Day Challenge…

At this time of year I like to share the posts that tell the story of some of the brave young  poets who used their poetry to reveal the real truth of war. The War Poets.

Posts from your Archives

Carol Taylor uses the analogy of a box of crayons to encourage us all to get along.

Allie Potts joins us with the first of her four posts.. Are you being held back?

In his next post in John Rieber’s selection he explores the culinary phenomenon that is Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli in Spain.

Rosie Amber introduces a feature on her review site that twins up books that have a similar plot for double the reading pleasure.

Micki Peluso shares a Halloween themed poem.

Karen Ingalls shares a heartwarming story about the power of a smile and kindness to someone in need.

Yecheilyah Ysrayl shares an important development in the educational system for young Black Americans in Washington D.C.

Jane Risdon takes us on a tour of the wonderful Sissinghurst Castle Gardens.

A tribute to grandparents – a poem by Robbie Cheadle

Another post from the archives from Urban Liaisons. This week bird watching and an introduction to the red-necked phalarope and some Norse mythology.

A tribute to Tomorrow’s World and to some of the future predictions that did or did not make it from Pete Johnson.

Bob shares a story that demonstrates how sometimes people and events all fall into place, but also that when you make a difference to one person… you could be saving another.

In the second of David V. Pearson’s posts from his archives, he explores the misconception that Buddhism is one of the only ‘religions’ that has never started a war or engaged in violence…

Lillian Csernica continues her tour of Kyoto in Japan with some stunning photographs.

Tina gives us a good talking to about allowing negativity from others and our own words to hold us back.

Cecilia Kennedy takes us on a hike up to Bridal Veil Falls in Washington D.C and also shares and essential guide to safety in the mountains and trails.

Earlier in the week Debby Gies (D.G. Kaye) wrote a thought provoking post on the subject of Writing as a Therapy.

Smorgasbord Book Promotions.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the shelves

Author Update

Air your reviews


Thank you very much for your support this week and every week. I hope that you have enjoyed the posts and look forward to seeing you again next week.