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Welcome to the series of Posts from Your Archive. There is a slight twist with travel posts that contain more than four or five photographs as these will be done as a reblog with a link for you to read the rest of the post on the contributors website. It would be great if you would leave your comments there to be read and enjoyed. Thank you.

If you have four posts from your archives that you feel you would like to share then send the links to If you would like to promote your books (which is FREE) then that is a separate issue and you can contact me on the same email. For this series I am looking at posts that are informational, entertaining, thought provoking about life, food, relationships, writing, health etc. Posts that you wrote in your early days of blogging perhaps that you feel deserve another airing.

Today John Rieber and his wife experience Pan Am in retro style…

The Pan Am Experience! Fantastic Retro Trip To The 70’s For Dinner And Fashion! Videos And Photos Galore! by John Rieber

Welcome To The Pan Am Experience!

Get ready to see some of the greatest videos and pictures from the amazing Pan Am Experience! A great company has re-created a first class dining experience in a converted airplane, and the result is incredible!

I read about this “Pan Am Experience” and posted something last year, but I got the chance to actually do it with my wife Alex, and I want to share this memorable experience with you!

Here’s how it all began. As their website states:

“On October 18, 2014, the Pan Am Experience officially launched with thirty-two guests in attendance, many who flew in from all over the country – from Chicago, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco to participate in the maiden “voyage”. Many of our guests shed tears as they boarded the airplane and described how it felt to “breathe new life” into the iconic airline that we all cherished so deeply.”

“Since our opening night, we have sold out every seat in the house, many of which have been filled by former Pan Am employees who have shared countless memories and contributed in kind to the experience. Sharing in the nostalgia and excitement of former Pan Am crew members when they board our airplane is quite an honor for us all. In this way, we feel uniquely connected to the history of Pan Am, and we hope that our service delights our guests as much as the airline delighted generations of passengers before us.”

Co-founder of the Pan Am Experience restaurant, Anthony Toth poses with waitresses dressed in vintage airline uniforms that recreates the experience of flying with Pan Am World Airways in the 1970s in Los Angeles, California, U.S. on May 20, 2017. REUTERS/Jane Ross

As you can see from this photo by Reuters, the retro experience begins the moment you arrive – as you can see, a very stylish crew is ready to greet you!

Here we are: ready to head into this experience! When you arrive, you are taken into a “check in” area where you can look at vintage posters, and view classic Pan Am items, like this meal service setup and classic Pan Am matches!

To enjoy the rest of this retro Pan Am experience please head over to John’s blog and see all the other photographs of the event.

About John Rieber

I love great food, interesting books, fascinating travel, outrageous movies, and bacon, especially when it sits on top of a great cheeseburger! I work in entertainment – and I have been lucky enough to interview some really talented Artists – that guides my posts: interesting and provocative movies, music, social media and of course, food, since I believe strongly in the maxim, “everyone eats!”

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Thanks for dropping by and I am sure you will enjoy heading over to John’s blog to see more of his stunning photographs. Please your feedback for John on his post. Thank you.


Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – New Magazine, Dionne Warwick, Glastonbury and Watermelon

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts that you may have missed. After a stormy start to the week we are ending in the same way with heavy winds and lots of rain the last two days. But not as bad as Ophelia, but for those who have not still had power or water for the week it is hampering the repairs.  Interestingly people here were saying that following the last hurricane in Ireland in 1961 there was a ferocious winter of snow and very cold temperatures, and the weather forecasters are saying the same thing now for the UK and Ireland.

I have been catching up this week and also putting in place some of the new features for the new look blog. As you will see if you read the post below, I am aiming for a more magazine theme, with contributions from other bloggers to provide a wider spread of content. Posts from Your Archives has been a wonderful start to this with posts on travel to La Palma and Kyoto, relationship issues such as rejection, education, mental health and food. I am scheduling posts for November and there are some slots still available. Please read the post and see if you have some posts gathering dust from your first days of blogging that might like to be given some TLC over here.

As always my thanks to my regular contributors, William Price King, Paul Andruss and Carol Taylor.. their hard work and talent brings a great deal to the blog and I am very grateful for their efforts.

And thank you too, for all your support with likes, shares and comments. I really do appreciate it.

Time to get on with the round up… I hope you enjoy.

The new look Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

With even more opportunities to promote blogs and books. With more to come in the New Year.

Weekly contributors

William Price King with part two of the Dionne Warwick story.

Paul Andruss explores the Zodiac map made from landscape features close to the legendary Glastonbury Tor.

Thomas the Rhymer Paul Andruss

Carol Taylor turns the very healthy watermelon into delicious recipes that make it easy to include in your diet.

The Sunday Interview – The Ultimate Bucket List

This week it is the turn of Paul Andruss to express his wishes for the top two items on his Ultimate Bucket List… I think you will love his response.

Posts from Your Archives

These are some of the contributors to this new series with posts on food, life, relationships, education, mental health, Personal challenges and travel.. Check you archives since you began blogging to see if you have any posts that would benefit from being shared to a new audience. Mine. Details are in the posts.

Odd Jobs and Characters series – Shoplifters in Liverpool hosted by Jane Sturgeon

My thanks to Jane Sturgeon for featuring the most recent episode of Odd Jobs and Characters.

Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

Author Update

Air Your Reviews

Smorgasbord Cook from Scratch

Robbie Cheadle has shared a very simple but delicious recipe for brown yoghurt bread.

Smorgasbord Health


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Smorgasbord Reblog – Spiral Effect Volcanic Ambition by Urban Liaisons


Find out more about La Palma, one of the Canary Islands and the benefits of having a volcano close at hand.. from Urban Liaisons

Spiral Effect Volcanic Ambition by Urban Liaisons

Is this still Europe but with papaya trees and silk making? Maybe, in any case La Palma or “La isla bonita” is one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean being situated on a still active volcanic hotspot not far away from Morocco. It is geologically quite young (1.5 million years) and still growing mainly in the south due to the volcanic activities with the last eruption in 1971. People call it also the green island as the volcanic ash is a highly efficient fertilizer for the soil, and agriculture today is mainly comprising banana farming at the coast and vineyard cultivation on the slopes a little bit higher. Fortunately, tourism is limited, so that the island is still quite original and normal, a real very nice place to go especially in spring when all plants are in astonishing blossom with all brilliant colours of the rainbow.

View on the banana “ocean” from Tazacorte town

Although unemployment is very high (> 20%) only few people leave the island today as for instance in the 19th century when a lot of people immigrated to Cuba and Venezuela especially. So the Latin American influence is quite strong here, but people see themselves as Canarians, while being an autonomous region of Spain. which is truly quite far away (at least 1 hours flight time over the ocean).

Foggy trail to the volcan Tajuya

There are diverse impressive vegetation zones (subtropical, semi-desert, foggy forests etc. pp.) on the island with mountains raging up to 2.450 m altitude over sea level. The complete island is a protected biosphere reservat. But sometimes you have to take care of not getting lost on a nebulous path in the mountains leading apparently to nowhere.

Heart zone of the national park / Caldera de Taburiente

All persons wishing to go by car to the central situated volcanic created caldera are in need of special authorization to enter as there is only limited space available for parking the cars. So nature has a chance to survive with no gift-shops or restaurants nearby. Before, the violent conquest and colonization by the Spanish in the 15th century, the caldera was a main spiritual place of the original population, the Benahoaritas, with the holy rock Idafe there as part of a ceremonial worship location with remainings till today.

There are some amazing photographs and a great deal more information on the original blog and please head over and find out more about Urban Liaisons:


Smorgasbord Invitation Blog Magazine – A new concept and more opportunities to be promoted.

As I enter my fifth year of blogging I have decided that it was time to make some renovations to the existing blog and to increase the ways that I can promote authors and bloggers in our community.

Readers that follow the blog have a diverse range of interests and I would like to feature more posts that reflect that. Over the last few weeks I have been testing out a new series – Posts from Your Archives and judging by the response, it has been a success.

I decided to give the trial two months, but I am now extending this into a permanent feature, as part of my move into a more magazine concept for the blog.

Smorgasbord Invitation – Blog magazine for lovers of health, food, books, music, humour and life in general.

We already have health and food series, book promotions, music, humour but I would love to feature more Life in General. This can be short stories, relationships, family, travel experiences, expertise in a particular field. Informational and entertaining posts that cover a wide range of topics that will satisfy the interests of those who visit the blog.

Of course posts on food, music, health and humour are also welcome and here is how you can participate. (And if you have some Christmas specific posts then keep them on the back burner until I ask for them in November)

Go through your blog archives and you will find that if you have been blogging once a week for a year you will have at least 52 posts. If you are like me when you first started blogging you began with a handful of followers and built that up over time. But this means that your earlier posts may only have had a few views and likes. Even if you have reshared them on your own blog you are still sharing to your current audience.

By sharing them on my blog not only will you be reaching my readers but also encouraging them to come over to your blog and follow you and building your own readership.

Once you have identified four posts that you would like to share, all you have to do is send the links to the posts to me by email to

I will post on my blog with your copyright and also feature your bio, photo and social media links which I can take from your blog or you can attach to the email.

If you are an author, I will feature your books, a most recent review and the links for both Amazon and Goodreads.

However, I would prefer that your blog post links are not for book promotional purposes.

This brings me on to Author Promotions.

I am very happy to promote your books here FREE in one of the current promotions.  At them moment I am promoting around 25 authors a week in one feature or another and Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore is also undergoing a face-lift to make it more effective in selling your books.

Each author will now have up to 7 book covers and also an extract to a most recent review for one of the books. The review will have the link to the review as well as the buy link for Amazon, giving the reader two opportunities to hit your Amazon author page and buy.

I am working through the 160 authors in the bookstore. I have removed 70 authors that have been in the bookstore for two years but I have not heard from in the last 12 months. The reason being that the book promotions are designed to be a collaboration. Particularly for new authors who can encourage readers to buy their books by responding to comments and actively sharing on their own networks.

As an author I love being in the position to help other authors get their books noticed and I do try to make the promotional posts as comprehensive as possible. This takes up quite a bit of time that I do not mind spending but it does make it more worthwhile when the authors featured take part and communicate.

Here are the current promotions and also the cafe and bookstore entries, which you will see are still in the process of being updated with additional covers and reviews.  Please be patient if yours has not yet been changed.

Helping me out.

At the moment I spend several hours a week checking out the authors in the cafe and bookstore to check for new releases and recent reviews. It helps me out hugely if you let me know when you have a new book or are celebrating a new review.

I cannot promise to feature you every week but I certainly would be very happy to feature an author every four weeks or so.. That is 12 updates a year reaching 35,000 readers across the blog and social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Christmas promotions and features.

In mid-November I will be posting my usual festive promotions and request for blog posts on the subject. I did get one angry comment last year from someone who felt the need to remonstrate about the use of the word Christmas by bloggers and book promoters. My use of the word is not intended to insult anyone. I have referred to this time of year, for the last 64 years, as Christmas, which is a festival that has been traditionally celebrated in my country for hundreds of years in various formats from pagan to religious. I have friends who worship in other ways, who have never had a problem with celebrating Christmas with us, and inviting us to share their religious celebrations with them.

In my experience, mutual respect for other people’s beliefs is the cornerstone of peace, and sharing each of our cultures is both fascinating and rewarding.

Podcasts in the New Year

In 2018 it is my intention to begin recording podcasts. Apart from Health, Short Stories and non-fiction subjects, I will also be interviewing authors and bloggers who write about all aspects of life.. This will be conducted by Skype or similar.  I am looking forward to getting back behind the microphone.

On a final note.

As I head into my fifth year of blogging I would like to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to those who contribute so enthusiastically and loyally by providing posts, feedback and sharing.

I hope that you will enjoy the new format as it rolls out over the next three months or so and that you will enjoy sticking around to see what happens next.



Posts from Your Archives – We Are Stories by Robert Wertzler of Cabbage and Kings

Welcome to the series where you can share four of your links from your archives here on my blog to a new audience. Perhaps posts that you wrote at the beginning of your blogging experience that deserve another showcase. If you have book promotion posts then please contact me separately for other options.  Details of how to get in touch with me at the end of the post.

A new blogger to the series  is Robert Wertzler of Cabbages and Kings and his first post is about how we as humans create stories, almost with an instinctive need to communicate with each other and sometimes with pets and inanimate objects.. I had a pet rock!  I am sure you will enjoy.

We Are Stories by Robert Wertzler

It has been said the man is the story making animal. We are really quite compulsive about it. From gossip and tweets to tomes of history and scripture to novels to sweet nothings in the night, we make stories. We fill libraries and cable channels and theaters and bar stools with them. We have painted them on the walls of caves and tombs and every other possible surface, carved them in stone, inscribed them on clay tablets, sculpted them in clay and stone and bronze, and told them in dance and mime and music. When we wake from sleep, somehow we know that today is a continuation of the story of yesterday, that the “I” of the morning is the same “I” that went to sleep. I have seen too that peculiar form of devastation we call dementia in which a person looses their stories until the time line of their life is only the last few minutes. There is a thing that humans do which, when I think on it, looks to be made of stories. We call it mental illness.

What are the voices and visions of schizophrenia doing but telling stories? Is not much of OCD built on stories of what could or will happen if a certain act is not done just so or avoided at all cost? And the dark whisperings of grief, guilt, unworthiness, and disaster of depression, are these not stories? So are the fantasies of invincibility and ecstasy in mania. The implacable worries of anxiety are woven of stories. Even when they torment us or lead us into folly, we cannot resist the story making instinct. Of course, over the centuries we have made many different stories of how those conditions happen.

At an even more basic, deeper level we are another story. From the first strands of DNA that intertwined into the double helix and leaned to separate and copy themselves, and then how to combine with others into new pattens, we each and every other living thing on Earth are the latest telling of a story. That tale of leaning, adapting, survival, and of ancestors beyond counting has been told in every one of us, our shape and structure down to our most basic chemical details. Now, we learn that even our personal stories of pain, joy, trauma, success, stress, and excitement is noted in our epigenetic inheritance and passed on.

We go to stories for so many reasons. In what those of the theater call The Scottish Play we find a cautionary tale of ambition. In Othello, among others, the price of listening to the counsel of jealousy. We go to hear of tragedies that make any of ours seem bearable, for romance, for adventure, for laughter. We go across seas with Odysseus sharing his hope of returning home to the land and woman he loves. In The Mahabharata, the great Vedic epic, on the eve of battle the hero Arjuna is assailed by doubts and the god Krishna sits him down to explain the nature of life, Karma, and reality while the world holds its breath, and gives us the teaching recorded as the Gita. We go to stories for inspiration and wisdom too. We have made stories of creation, seeking explanation of how the world came out of nothingness or primal chaos, how life and consciousness arose, that greatest of all mysteries. We go to our books to borrow, like Mr. Poe, surcease of sorrow. We go too to learn what love is in all its variety.

Our stories matter. We live in them and through them. They shape how we see the world and our place in it. The story is told of the wise man who sat by a road. Travelers would stop and ask him what the people were like in the city ahead. He would ask what the people were like in the city they had come from. They would say whatever they said about that, and he would answer that they would find the same sort ahead. Our stories matter, those we choose, and those that choose us. Each one we invent or encounter becomes part of us and we of it. The ones we create together are our relationships, our cultures, our histories. They always matter. We live them. They live in us. Feed the best of them.

©RobertWertzler 2017

About Robert Wertzler

Currently I am retired from almost twenty years in the mental health field in California and Arizona. There are times I like the title, “Recovering Therapist”, but that does seem a bit excessive. In 2006 I retired to move here in Western North Carolina at my father’s request, and found him in the early stages of Dementia. I took care (with some help in the late stages) of him in that worsening condition until he died in late 2013 at the age of 98. Before all that, I worked at various times as a soldier (US Army 1967-70), community organizer, cab driver, welfare case worker, wooden toy maker, carpenter, warehouse worker, and other things.

I cannot look down on what anyone finds they can and must do to make their way in the world that is not intended to do harm. An undocumented migrant farm laborer, for example, deserves as much respect as the CEO of a major corporation, perhaps, in some cases, more. Politicians are often a different category.

But, there is a life beyond work and keeping myself fed, clothed, and sheltered, and for me that has been much involved with reading, writing, and listening. I leaned to read and love books from my father reading to me at bedtime and gradually transitioning to me doing the reading. It was not generally those things called “children’s books” that I remember, although there must have been some.

My sharpest memories are of the works of Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson (What 6 year old boy wouldn’t want to meet a real pirate like Long John Silver?), Robert Heinlein, Louis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway (age 7 – “The Old Man And The Sea”), and others. Nothing the school presented could hold a candle to those story tellers. I credit whatever skill I have as a writer to that experience, and those examples absorbed as if by osmosis. Parents, whatever else you may do about your children’s education, read to them. Read the great writers and classic stories.

Connect to Robert on his blog and social media.

Google+ :

My thanks to Robert for sharing his post with us and he will be back again next week same time.

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Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Cafe and Bookstore revamp, Archived Post bonanza and great guests.


Welcome to the weekly round up and so pleased that there have been so many guests this week. Delighted too that the Posts from your Archives has proved so popular. Some wonderful posts this week from Pete Johnson, Debby Gies, Carol Taylor, Jennie Fitzkee and Deana Metzke with more bloggers joining next week with the start of their four week series.

My thanks as always to William Price King, Paul Andruss and Carol Taylor for their contribution to the blog with fabulous posts covering music, mystery and legends and food.

And, last but not least, thank you for your continued support, views, likes, shares and comments...

Here are the posts from the week that you might have missed..

William Price King Meets Some Legends – Sir Tom Jones The Finale

This week was the last part in the series featuring Sir Tom Jones and some of his hits from the last decade. Still going strong at 77, this dynamic performer clearly has a huge following across all age groups.  Here he is in 1977 with another performer who has crossed the decades with style.. Tina Turner and Hot Legs. Next week we begin a new series with that fabulous talent – Dionne Warwick.

Writer in residence – Paul Andruss

It was Paul’s birthday yesterday and he recently sent me a post called The Gift and rather than share later in the series, I decided to share on Friday in honour of his special day. Paul writes exclusive posts for Smorgasbord that take a huge amount of research and time to prepare and I am eternally grateful that he accepted the invitation to be writer in residence. I am sure if you missed this post you will enjoy heading over to read. Thought provoking and resulted in some interesting comments.

Thomas the Rhymer

Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor and this week the health benefits of watercress and some wonderful recipes provided by Carol after creating in her kitchen in Thailand.

The Ultimate Bucket List – the top two items on Luanne Castle’s bucket list… time travel…and read on to find out what else.

Posts from your Archives

So pleased at the response to this series which showcases posts from YOUR archives. Perhaps from the start of your blogging career when you may have had fewer followers and you would like to share again with MINE.. It is a way of not only promoting your blog but also if you have books to promote I will add those in too. Email me with four links to posts that you would like to share again. If you want to promote your books then we can do that separately. I am looking for posts that are about life, love, adventure or an experience that you feel made a difference in your life.  Email me on

Here are this week’s Posts From Your Archives.

Carol Taylor with an entertaining anecdote about her father who despite requiring a walker for mobility managed to do some Cirque de Soleil moves!

Pete Johnson of Beetley Pete with a life changing experience that all parents can relate to.

Deana Metzke shared her experiences with the Olympics and her young son’s reaction to watching on television

D.G. Kaye – Debby Gies with a post on a relationship issue that applies to both male and female partners. When one is receiving more attention and success than the other it can require careful thought and management.

Jennie Fitzkee with reflections on the natural and unaffected conversation with young children

New Series – Guess Who I Bumped Into – I shall be doing my usual browse through my readers and will share a blogger each week who is new to me and who I think you might like to meet too. This week  author Peter Davidson who has published 28 books and has just begun a blog.. Marital Advice to my Grandson.. very entertaining.

Book Promotions – Air your Reviews – A chance to show case your most recent reviews.

Pure Trash Bette Stevens

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Updates – New Releases and Reviews

N.B. The cafe and bookstore has had a facelift and over the coming weeks I will be increasing the number of book covers displayed and will also be including and extract from the most recent review for one of those books. The aim is to encourage readers to click the review link and end up in the buy page… I hope it helps.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore New on the Shelves – New authors on the shelves of the Bookstore… if you would like to be featured then please email me

Odd Jobs and Characters – hosted by author Lyn Horner – My odd jobs that inspire my stories and characters.

This week I get to grips with a sword wielding champagne magnet and fall in love – not a bad day’s work!

Media Training for Authors – the series continues with a look at the some of the online watering holes where readers gather. There are several out there and once you get started you can explore others that might suit you better but achieve the same result. Bringing you together with readers and reviews.

Moyhill Publishing – Update.

Now that the house and garden renovations are nearing the end (garden weather dependent!) Moyhill Publishing is up and running again and we have been working quietly in the background for the last couple of months. We have just received a wonderful testimonial and I have updated some of the details and covers.

Health – that time of year when we need to make sure we are making dietary and lifestyle changes to boost our immune system.

Smorgasbord Pet health – Hip Dysplasia – get to know your puppy’s relatives.


Thank you once again for dropping and as always your feedback is very welcome. 


Posts From Your Archives – 5 Indicators Your Partner May Feel Insecure with Your #Success and How to Rectify by D.G.Kaye

Delighted to welcome Debby Gies, author D.G. Kaye with another link from her archives. And if you would like to participate in this series you can find out how at the end of the posts.

This week, Debby highlights a relationship problem that we might assume is related to the rich and famous in Hollywood. However, all of us who are in a relationship, where one partner is suddenly thrust into the limelight, can experience similar issues.


5 Indicators Your Partner May Feel Insecure with Your #Success and How to Rectify by D.G.Kaye

It happens. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our work and our horizons start to broaden, and perhaps this expansion brings travel opportunities for conferences etc., and maybe our partners don’t fully comprehend the scope of our business, or perhaps don’t show any interest. What’s behind the silence or the snarky remarks?

Often, when one partner experiences growth in their business, the other tends to feel left out. Not necessarily left out of the celebration or understanding of the business, but they may begin to experience feelings of unworthiness, insecurity in the relationship, fears of being abandoned, or perhaps just some plain old fashioned envy.

No applause, no kudos received for our accomplishments in praise or recognition can also become an imagined insult for the successor too. They may feel that they no longer wish to share their achievements with their partner, either to avoid sounding superior, or because they feel if they’re not being supported, why bother sharing their victories? Quite often there is much to analyze behind the emotions exhibited by the partner who feels left behind.

What Lies Beneath?

Insecurity – Your partner may feel that your growth is eating into your relationship time with them and quite possibly going to create a distance in the relationship.
A sense of unworthiness – Your partner may experiences feelings of inadequacy. They may feel they’re not on the same level of recognition anymore.
Fear – Your partner starts to develop fears that because they aren’t sharing in your new world of success that they’ll be left behind in the relationship, with fears of abandonment.

What Does This Mean?

The new feelings of inadequacy can begin to eat away at the relationship. The left out partner may react in various ways, depending on the nature of their character.

They May Choose to:

Recoil by refraining from talking about things in their world, feeling as though their life has become insignificant compared to the successor’s.

Become sarcastic in response to anything the successor has to share, which is always a sign of jealousy.

Begin to ignore the successor by not wanting to share any personal feelings, creating an emotional distance.

Choose to retaliate for their perceived feelings of being left behind. These tactics can range anywhere from staying out late to avoid confronting their partner with concerns, or possibly looking for an outlet such as: company, drugs or alcohol to mask their unhappiness.

What Can You Do?

1. Speak. Talk to your partner. Don’t let the distance grow between you as time passes. Ask them why your achievements are causing them anxiety. Offer them assurance that your accomplishments are helping to grow your income and that it shouldn’t make them feel as though they aren’t as important to you as your business. People want to feel secure.

2. Listen. Ask your partner to share their fears with you. Often suppressing fears and worries grows into bigger issues. These issues will eat into a relationship down the road. Discuss their fears with them and give them positive feedback on how you will work together on your relationship so they don’t feel left out in the cold.

3. Share. Keep the dialogue alive between you. Even though your business may not be understood by your partner, keeping them abreast of daily dealings will make them feel they are still a part of your world.

4. Strengthen. Keep your relationship alive with common interest. Ask them about their job or hobby, or simply, how their day went. Make date nights. Watch a movie together. Talk about friends and relatives together. Plan a vacation with no work. Create events that you can both look forward to sharing.

5. Include. Ask your partner to attend functions with you, business or otherwise. Ask them to look at some of your work and offer suggestions on how you may be able to improve something. Ask them what they would do if they were faced with a business dilemma you may be encountering. Everybody needs to feel important in a relationship whether business or emotional. The best way to do that is to keep them included and abreast of your work.

Remember: Silence speaks volumes. If you notice the behavior of your partner is changing as your success expands, begin taking action before it escalates into something unpleasant and grows into something larger than the original issue.

This post won Blogger’s Pit Stop Feature of the week from

© D.G.Kaye 2017

Thanks to Debby for sharing this post from her archives and as always words of wisdom.

Books by D.G. Kaye


The most recent review for P.S. I Forgive You by Tina Frisco:

P.S. I FORGIVE YOU by D.G. Kaye My 5-Star Review

A Courageous Revealing

Parenthood does not come with a user manual. Children learn parenting skills from the adults in their lives. They generally emulate what they see and experience. If their lifelong experience is a negative one, they might be inclined to perpetuate it. But this does not have to be so.

In her compelling memoir, P.S. I Forgive You, D.G. Kaye reveals the habitual neglect and abuse she and her siblings suffered at the hands of an envious, threatening, narcissistic, and deceitful mother.

It takes courage, strength, and determination to prevail over hardship, especially when it is a constant in childhood; especially when a parent perpetrates neglect and abuse. But it is not impossible to overcome adversity when one focuses their intention.

Kaye shows us how to take the energy consumed by feeling mistreated, hurt, fearful, and guilty, and instead make it work for us by directing that energy toward building self-esteem, fortitude, and positive intention. She tells us how she reacted as a child, and then shows us how, as an adult, she turned a negative into a positive. Acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness are major players in this scenario, a dynamic that tested the author’s resilience, challenged her conscience, and ultimately allowed her to triumph over the all-consuming adverse conditioning perpetrated by her demanding narcissistic mother.

I highly recommend this book to anyone whose childhood was hijacked by a neglectful and abusive parent, and who would like to learn how to break free and live a happy healthy life.

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

and Amazon UK:

More reviews and follow Debby on Goodreads:

About D.G. Kaye

d-g-kayeI’m a nonfiction memoir writer who writes about life, matters of the heart and women’s issues. I write to inspire others by sharing my stories about events I encountered, and the lessons that come along with them.

I love to laugh, and self-medicate with a daily dose of humor. When I’m not writing intimate memoirs, you’ll find me writing with humor in some of my other works and blog posts.

When I was a young child, I was very observant about my surroundings. Growing up in a tumultuous family life, otherwise known as a broken home, kept me on guard about the on-and-off-going status of my parent’s relationship. I often wrote notes and journaled  about the dysfunction that I grew up in. By age seven I was certain I was going to grow up to be a reporter.

Well life has a funny way of taking detours. Instead, I moved away from home at eighteen with a few meager belongings and a curiosity for life. I finished university and changed careers a few times, as I worked my way up to managerial positions. My drive to succeed at anything I put my mind to led me to having a very colorful and eventful life.

Ever the optimist, that is me. I’ve conquered quite a few battles in life; health and otherwise, and my refusal to accept the word No, or to use the words ‘I can’t’ have kept me on a positive path in life.

I love to tell stories that have lessons in them, and hope to empower others by sharing my own experiences.

Live Laugh Love . . . And Don’t Forget to Breathe!”

                 For every kindness, there should be kindness in  return. Wouldn’t that just make the world right?”

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New Series – Guess Who I Just Bumped Into – Author Peter Davidson and Marital Advice to My Grandson

Blog world is filled with millions of writers that you cross paths with often by chance. The reader function of our blogs, is a little bit like Alice in Wonderland, with rich and colourful characters writing about every subject you can possibly imagine. Sometimes you read a blog post and it sends you off in another direction. This new series is about sharing those people that I meet unexpectedly on my travels around blog world, and that I feel you should meet too.

Please meet Peter Davidson whose blog I came upon unexpectedly and enjoyed his early posts. As you will see after this extract from his first blog post, Peter is not stranger to writing or books, and in fact has written 28. I thought that his theme for his blog was both amusing and also a great ‘how to’ for young husbands… and to be honest their wives. I think you will enjoy too and I hope you will head over and read the other posts that followed, written for his grandson Joel.

About the series

When my grandson, Joel, got engaged, I decided to jot down a few words of marital wisdom for him, based on my vast experience as a husband. Then I thought, why share this wisdom with only one person when I can share it with the world. So, I started a blog, Sure, much of the advice is off-the-wall, wacky, and offbeat, but it’s also an upbeat, humorous, look at married life that any engaged couple, newlywed, long-married person, or single person will find insightful and fun to read.

Marital Advice 101.1

Hidden Truths About Marriage

Joel, to your wife, Abby, you will be more than just a husband – you will be a Project, a Work-in-Progress.

When Abby chose to marry you, she apparently saw in you hidden potential that no other woman in the world was able to spot, including her mother, her sisters, and her friends. For the rest of Abby’s life, she will try on a daily basis to coax, mold, and beat that hidden potential into some semblance of the admirable man she visualizes you have the ability to become.

This wisdom, provided by me, your grandfather, is a guide for how to understand, accept, and fulfill your role in the marriage and how to understand, at least a little bit, what makes your wife tick.

You will be wise to use these words of wisdom to self-train yourself so you can lessen the amount of training that needs to be inflicted upon you by your wife.

Marital Advice 101.2

Marital Wisdom, Passed Down For Generations

Prior to your getting married, some well-meaning friends, your brother, your dad, an uncle, some cousins, and even strangers, will take you aside and try to explain what married life is all about. I know this because before I got married to Grandma, a whole bunch of self-styled philosophers offered me marital advice and wisdom.

Believing everything they said, I wrote down their wisdom so I could refer to it often for guidance and direction. Even though these gems of wisdom were given to me several decades ago, they are just as true today as they were back then and they will be just as true many years from now as well. There is no time limit on truth.

So, here is that timeless wisdom and advice for you to study, contemplate, ponder and digest. Since some of the advice is quite deep and philosophical, I have added a few comments in parenthesis, based on my years of marital experience, just to help you out a bit.

* “It takes a lot of effort to make a marriage work.” (That advice, by the way, is like giving you a rowboat somewhere off the coast of California, pointing out into the ocean and saying, “If you paddle in that direction, you’ll eventually reach Hawaii.”)

Read the rest of Marital Advice 101.2 :

About Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson is the author or co-author of twenty-eight books published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Perigee/Putnam Publishers, Haworth Press, Sweet Memories Publishing, and others. His works include novels, non-fiction, college textbooks, and children’s picture books. His latest book is PENNY: Hands I Passed Through . . . Things I Saw . . . Stories I Can Tell! It is the story of the last copper penny ever minted in the United States, on October 22, 1982, as it passes through the hands of ordinary people, the famous, the infamous, the saints, and the sinners, and hangs out in churches, honkytonks, and everywhere in between. The book tells the stories of the people whose hands PENNYpasses through.

Mr. Davidson has a Master’s Degree in business, was a real estate broker, college business professor, and co-owner of a professional recording studio. For more than two decades, Davidson was one of America’s most active writer’s seminar presenters, having presented 637 one-day seminars in a fifteen state area from Minnesota to Tennessee and Colorado to Illinois. Mr. Davidson and his wife spend their summers in the Lake Okoboji resort area of Iowa and spend the winters in their home in Arizona.

A selection of books by Peter Davidson

About Penny: Hands I passed through…Things I saw…Stories I can Tell published in May 2017.

Have you ever looked at a coin in the palm of your hand and wondered where it has been, what it has seen and heard, and what stories it could tell? Well, in a nutshell, that is what PENNY is about as this very special one-cent piece passes through the hands of ordinary people, the famous, the infamous, the saints, and the sinners and hangs out in churches, honkytonks, and everywhere in between.

This book tells the stories of the people whose hands PENNY passes through. Why is this particular penny so special? Well, because it was the final penny ever minted of 95% copper, on October 22, 1982. After that, all one-cent pieces are pathetic and puny, consisting of 97.5% zinc with only a touch of copper thrown in. That’s why. After reading PENNY, you might never again be able to pass by a penny lying on the ground without at least giving a thought to picking it up and putting it in your pocket.

Every book should be dedicated to someone or something, and this book is dedicated to the penny pinchers of the world. Okay, also to the penny hoarders. PENNY is Peter Davidson’s twenty-eighth published book.

One of the reviews for the book.

PENNY by Peter Davidson follows the journey of a single once cent piece, that lowliest of coins. But Penny isn’t just your average one cent piece. Penny is the last one of its kind minted of 95% copper back in 1982, bright and shiny and new. Courtesy of Penny’s narration the reader can follow along as Penny sets off on its adventures as it leaves the Denver Mint. And oh the adventures it has! Explorers of old would be envious of the way Penny moves along at a fast pace before settling in one spot for some time and moving on again. The people, places, and things that Penny meets and sees would fill volumes, especially as Penny seems like a chatterbox.

Following Penny’s exploits is like taking a roller-coaster ride, full of fun and thrills before catching your breath only to experience the exuberance of life once more before coming to rest. Author Peter Davidson does a fine job of recounting Penny’s adventures and keeping the reader entertained. His writing is witty and concise. The different types of situations that Penny encounters are diverse and interesting. It is a story that can be easily read while traveling or enjoyed while sipping lemonade on your front porch.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book but would have liked for several of the stories to go on a bit longer. But the nature of the penny is to keep on moving and so must the reader. – M. Marchetto, Marion’s Bookshelf Blog

Read all the reviews and buy the book:

and Amazon UK :

Other links for Peter Davidson

Amazon Author Page:

I hope that you will head over to Peter’s blog and enjoy the other posts so far in his series and also explore his books. Thanks Sally

AWARD: The Miranda Sings Award – A chance to say I Love Me!

I must admit to being very lax in recent weeks about the kind nominations for awards that I have been gifted. I did apologise at the time, but I have cleared my decks for the time being and felt like a little light-hearted escapism with this award from the lovely author and blogger – Judith Barrow :


This award is very self-indulgent as it is about us… a chance to state proudly what we love about ourselves without fear of sounding narcissistic (well just a little perhaps.. oh go on then… a lot). Judith had some terrific items on her list including the fact that she survived cancer.. now that is something that is definitely worth loving about yourself.

Here are the rules of the award...

  • Announce your win with a post, and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Include the featured image on your blog post.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
  • List 7 things you love about yourself. (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)

Don’t use negative connotation (i.e. Don’t say things like – “I’m prettier than an average person.” or “People have told me I’m smart.” You are pretty. You are smart.)

7 Things I Love About Myself

      1. I can sing. ( I thought appropriate to mention first since it is the Miranda Sings Award) From an early age… I mean from around five years old I could rattle off some of the noted musicals of the day.. Not necessarily word perfect since apparently I am Just A Cock Eyed Octopus (from South Pacific so made sense to me at the time) but I could do a mean Bali Hai and Bloody Mary (the song not the drink). I have done Karaoke in a number of gin joints around the world and once gigged during a riot with an Italian three piece (band not suit). A story for another day!
      2. I can swear in 5 languages. You might think that this is not lovable but when you are alone, and something goes terribly wrong, and there is nobody else to blame, some well chosen expletives can be very satisfying. I also happen to use quite frequently in the car when driving. This is much to the surprise of hitchhikers who think they have been picked up by a rather nice white-haired pensioner! This is where being able to swear in five languages comes in very handy, as they are usually impressed, and think I am just showing off my linguistic abilities.
      3. I love being tall. I am nearly six feet tall and there are some downsides, but there are more things that I love. I have long legs and even when chubby look good in jeans. I can wear full length skirts mid-calf with boots in the winter. I can see over the heads of crowds, which is very useful when you are waiting for someone at the airport and when I want to catch the eye of my husband (also tall) at a party and it is time to go! And I can reach the items on the top shelves of almost every supermarket.
      4. I love making people laugh. There is nothing gives me greater pleasure than hear others laugh, at me or with me, I don’t really care. I used humour growing up in various countries and all the different schools I went to, and it is really hard to bully the newbie, who laughs at themselves and makes you laugh too. It is about not being a victim, and humour can be a powerful tool for good. The Irish have always been good at telling jokes about themselves, and this is why, even in the remote Himalayas at the highest airport in the world, there is an Irish Bar.. The Irish have invaded every country in the world with humour, some good ale and a welcome to everyone. Of course a fight does break out sometimes in the process but hey… its Saturday night isn’t it?
      5. I love that I have been able to spend the last 20 years helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle after reclaiming my own. Being 150kilos or 330lbs is no fun and even though I am three stone off my lowest weight (and working on it) I am healthier now than when I was 44. This is probably one of my proudest achievements and also getting my diploma in nutritional therapy. I loved having my diet advisory centre and I still get notes from people who years later are pain free, at a healthy weight and are enjoying life more. Sometimes it is not just about weight loss but also the mental and emotional changes that occur. Increased self-esteem, the confidence to make changes at work and at home, and the fact that they are passing that message on to their family and friends. I retrained in my 40s so that I could indulge a passion of mine, but also have something that I would work at until I pass disgracefully through the gates of whichever place I end up.
      6. I love the fact that I have written books that have been enjoyed. As any author I have a dream or two about my writing and that one day I will see one or two of them on the silver screen.. But I am never happier when a reader tells me they have loved my book. Fantastic. And I hope to continue writing until I go through the gate mentioned above (if they let me in, if not I shall make my own arrangements.. I am a creative writer after all!).
      7. Finally and most importantly I love my luck in finding, and being found, by an amazing man who supports all of the above with his massively warm heart. I had a very shaky start with regards to love and marriage, and was happily free and single again when I met my husband. But within six weeks I was married to David and now 37 years later I have to say that I love my luck every day, and without it I could not do all of the above.

At this point am supposed to nominate ten bloggers to continue the thread.. I know that some of these people will have been nominated in other posts in the awards, but I hope that they will accept their nominations as more evidence of my good luck in meeting them here. I know how busy everyone is so no pressure guys. Just know I love you…

There are some people that I love and respect on blogging breaks at the moment such as Tina Frisco and Jo Robinson, that I have not mentioned in the list but are in my heart just the same.

D.G. Kaye – Debby Gies:

Annette Rochelle Aben:

Patricia Salamone:

Balroop Singh:

Mary Smith:

Paul Andruss:

Robbie Cheadle:

M.J. Mallon:

Geoff Le Pard:

Shehanne Moore:

Thanks for dropping by and have a stupendous day….. Sally.




Smorgasbord Weekly Round up – Sir Tom Jones, King Arthur and other VIPs..

Welcome to this week’s round up and a week of two halves. One half had failing internet, which like a dodgy hair piece, was all over the place for four days. On for 10 minutes and then off for 20 minutes and variations along that theme. Thankfully I had scheduled posts so that I could take a writing break, but it was frustrating to say the least.  The good half of the week is that I got on with Tales from an Irish Garden and made good progress.. A way to go yet, but it will get there in its own good time.

Apart from that I was lucky to have great guests and their contributions to entertain you, and I am very grateful for their time and effort.

William Price King provided us an insight into the career and music of Sir Tom Jones in the mid 1960’s for the rest of the decade. A very busy time for him both in chart success and his residency in Las Vegas.  Here is a later performance of Tom Jones and Pavarotti which you might enjoy as you browse.

Also this week we enjoyed the latest post from Carol Taylor who turned my post on the health benefits of mushrooms into a fantastic feast. Carol has put so much love and effort into her recipes that even those who don’t normally eat some of the foods we feature, are giving the a try.. Don’t miss…

Delighted to welcome Debby Gies with some posts from her archives and this week she took us through the various social media platforms available to us as writers, and the pros and cons

Also with a post for all dog lovers Pete Johnson of Beetley Pete, shares some tales of Ollie… fabulous face and the only creature who can wear wrinkles well…

Writer in Residence – Paul Andruss – Smorgasbord Reblog – A companion piece to the post on King Arthur last week.

On a personal note.

This week’s episode of Odd Jobs and Characters was very kindly hosted by Robbie and Michael Cheadle and thank you to everyone who went over and commented and shared. If you missed you might like to find out how I managed to cook 3000 meals a week in a boarding school.. and still have time to wave a feather duster.

The next episode next week will be on my own blog before resuming its travels around blogland.

A quick look at my WIP with a story that appeared earlier the year with an illustration by Donata Zawadzka

A new series – Media Training for Authors -ways to promote you and your books locally and on a national scale.  All four posts so far.

New Series – The Sunday Interview – The ultimate Bucket List

The first guest was our resident food expert Carol Taylor who shared the top two items on her ultimate bucket list. I am sure that they will both come true. Tomorrow the author, poet and fabulous blogger, Sue Vincent.

Book Promotions – Air Your Reviews

Cafe and Bookstore Author Update

Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

New Series – Something to think about – this week volunteering – helping out charities, school, libraries can be both rewarding and teach you new skills.



Smorgasbord Health 2017

Pet health

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