Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday January 24th 2020 #Books Patricia Furstenberg, #FantasyFree Aurora Jean Alexander, #Fingers Jim Borden

The first post is from Patricia Furstenberg with an unusual concept that is fascinating. I was touched to have Just an Odd Job Girl mentioned.

My Life in Books Read during 2019

I was enticed by the idea behind this blog post as read on author Laura Tisdall’s blog 🙂 based on a meme created by author A.M Burgess or Jillian the blogger – so here it is, my life in books I read during 2019. The links will take you the book’s page on Goodreads.

Using only books you have read this year (2019), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.

In high school I was an Academic Curveball (by James J. Cudney) with plenty of Hope (by Terry Tyler)

People might be surprised by Spider Bones (by Kathy Reichs) and that The Storyteller Speaks (by Annika Perry)

I will never be Blood Red Dust (by Stuart Aken), nor will I be Sally (by Sara Flower Kjaldsen)

My fantasy jobs are Sunwielder (by D Wallace Peach) and To Be a Queen (by Annie Whitehead)

Head over and read the entire list and you are invited to participate: My Life in Books Read during 2019 by Patricia Furstenberg

+Patricia Furstenberg, Buy:Amazon US – and: Amazon UK Blog:  Alluring Creations Goodreads: Goodreads

The next post is from Aurora Jean Alexander, who shares the first of the Fantasy Newsletter Swap of 2020, where you will find offers on books and free book.

First Fantasy Newsletter Swap 2020

Welcome readers to the Writer’s Treasure Chest first Fantasy Newsletter Swap event. In this post, you will find books, sales, and giveaways by ten Fantasy authors. Not only that but you will have chances at getting free stuff if you subscribe to their newsletters. Please, look around and enjoy these wonderful books. Happy shopping and hopefully you will find a book to snuggle up with over the coming months.

Deals are good through:
January 22nd – 26th

Allison D. Reid

Head over to discover the other deals available from the ten authors featured… if you love fantasy it is a great way to get free books: Aurora Jean Alexander First Fantasy Newsletter Swap 2020

A.J. Alexander, Buy:  Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – Website: Aurora Jean Alexander

And finally a bit of a teaser from Jim Borden… with a link to find out where you fit into the equation..or puzzle....if you are a man…or the man in your life..

What Your Fingers Reveal About You

OK. I’ll admit it. I had a momentary lapse in judgment. When that crucial moment came for me to act, I was weak.

I had reached the end of reading a news article on my phone and when I got to the end there were several links for other articles to read. The vast majority of them appeared to be clickbait headlines, and usually, I manage to avoid clicking on them.

But today, I couldn’t control myself.

The following headline (along with the image, shown above) just jumped out at me.

Your fingers can tell you a lot about your personality. What kind of fingers do you have? Head over to find out: What Your Fingers Reveal About You by Jim Borden

About Jim Borden

Husband, dad, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, teacher, ex-swimmer, blogger, vegan, juggler, learner, introvert.

Now that I’ve reduced myself to a cultural stereotype (with a hat tip to Woody Allen), who am I when I take away all the labels?

This blog has given me a chance to think more deeply about many things, and to share those thoughts with the world (well at least a really tiny part of the world). And in sharing those thoughts, I’ve started to understand a little bit of who I am. A 60-something guy trying to figure out the world, and his place in it.

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to check these posts out in full.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives 2020 – #Writing – Is The #Editor You Hired Actually Doing The Editing? by D.G. Kaye

Welcome to the new series of Posts from Your Archives in 2020 and if you would like to participate with two of your posts from 2019, you will find all the details in this post: New series of Posts from Your Archives 2020

 Is The #Editor You Hired Actually Doing The Editing? by D.G. Kaye

While visiting a friend’s blog recently, I was intrigued at something Amy Reade’s guest, an author and freelance editor, mentioned in her interview – “English teachers are not editors.”

Her comment took me back to a terrible experience I once encountered with an editor I hired after being referred to her by a highly successful author friend. At the time, I was just completing my final draft for my 3rd book – Meno-What? – A Memoir and was already quite happy and comfortable with my previous editor but somehow got caught up in the hoopla of this highly recommended editor who my friend claimed had brought his book to a new level.

I carefully vetted the editor, looked at testimonials and checked out her work, and even had a free chapter edited by her for her to demonstrate how she works. And for some unexplained reason I decided to try her out for a change of pace. I emailed her and even followed up by calling her because I wanted to get a good feel for her and her work. . . and the nightmare began.

I submitted my manuscript and anxiously awaited it to return to me with the edits, and what I got back was a holy mess.

The manuscript I was reading didn’t read like it was my voice anymore. All of who I am as a writer was stripped away from my story. My story had no emotion left in it, it read boring and almost clinical.

As I continued to scroll through the initial first pass of the edits, I literally shed tears and felt like shredding the whole manuscript. Nothing was jiving. Everything I’d read about this editor wasn’t adding up to the praise she had been given by many. And after I did a first scroll through I turned on the track changes in the review section of the Word document to read further – the explanations in the viewing panel from the editor, the panel that not only displays comments and suggested changes, but is stamped with the editor’s initials, or full name. THE NAME I SAW WAS NOT THE NAME OF THE EDITOR I HIRED!!

I was livid. I immediately drafted a letter and sent it off to ‘the editor I hired’. I let her know how I felt about the shoddy work done on my MS, and that I discovered that she did not edit my book! She replied to me with a bunch of malarkey to soften the blows and proceeded to explain to me that she was behind in her work and subbed out my MS to an English school teacher friend of hers. She did not inform me of that when I hired her, or when she sent me back the MS, hoping I wouldn’t notice!

I chewed her out and told her I would not be paying the balance owed and if she had a problem with that I’d have no problem exploiting her on social media. Then I put my tail between my legs and emailed my original editor of my other books, explained how I betrayed her and apologized, told her about the mess my book was in and asked if she’d take it on and start from scratch with the original manuscript before it was hacked to death. And of course, the good person she is, she consoled me and told me it’s not unusual for writers to want to explore other editors and that she was happy I came back to her. I wanted to hug her.

I’ve read many times how we as writers aren’t effective enough being our own editors and I know this first hand. I’ve read many a tale of woe where writers cried in protest their editors had stripped their voice from their manuscripts. And I’ve also read several times that English teachers don’t qualify as editors. Then I learned why.

I recently visited Amy’s Blog where she was featuring author/editor Cindy Davis, talking about one of her books and touching on several insights about writing. Her statement and explanation below is what reminded me about the importance of hiring a real editor:

Amy asked: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Cindy responded: Two things. Never think you’re done learning. Keep striving to improve your writing skills. And second, get your book edited. Not by an English teacher. I know I’ll take some flack for this and I agree that teachers are awesome for punctuation and grammar, but they aren’t trained in story development or the fine-tuning it takes to bring your story to the next level—things like filter words, head hopping, and show don’t tell.

And I will add to that the importance of maintaining voice. Voice is how we project our words, how they are received by a reader with a distinct and familiar narration just as we all have our own unique sound of our actual voices, our voice should carry into our writing. We are the storytellers of our books. The editor’s voice is not the one that should emit through the story.

Remember, not every editor is suited for every book. We have to do our diligence and vet the editor. In my situation, I did my diligence vetting and when I had my MS returned to me, nothing about it gave me a wow factor as I’d expected and my suspicions proved correct because the person I hired wasn’t the person who edited my MS.

Have any of you here ever been duped or unsatisfied with a hired editor? Please share your experience with us.

©D.G. Kaye 2019

My thanks  to Debby for giving us a reminder that we must do our due diligence and research before handing our work to anyone who is offering writing services or marketing.

About D.G. Kaye

Debby Gies is a Canadian nonfiction/memoir author who writes under the pen name of D.G. Kaye. She was born, raised, and resides in Toronto, Canada. Kaye writes about her life experiences, matters of the heart and women’s issues.

D.G. writes to inspire others. Her writing encompasses stories taken from events she encountered in her own life, and she shares the lessons taken from them. Her sunny outlook on life developed from learning to overcome challenges in her life, and finding the upside from those situations, while practicing gratitude for all the positives.

When Kaye isn’t writing intimate memoirs, she brings her natural sense of humor into her other works. She loves to laugh and self- medicate with a daily dose of humor.
I love to tell stories that have lessons in them, and hope to empower others by sharing my own experiences. I write raw and honest about my own experiences, hoping through my writing, that others can relate and find that there is always a choice to move from a negative space, and look for the positive.

“Live Laugh Love . . . And Don’t Forget to Breathe!”

                 “For every kindness, there should be kindness in return. Wouldn’t that just make the world right?”

When I’m not writing, I’m reading or quite possibly looking after some mundane thing in life. It’s also possible I may be on a secret getaway trip, as that is my passion—traveling.

Books by D.G. Kaye

A recent review for Twenty Years After “I Do”

The author married a man who is twenty years her senior. At the time of their marriage, she did reflect on what could or would happen in the future as the relentless march of time took its toll, but she loved Gordon so much that she decided to grab the happiness and job life was offering her.

I found this book particularly interesting because my mother is ten years older than my father. My mother has always been “young” for her age and my father a bit “older” for his. They are now 80 and 70, respectively, and it has been interesting to watch the changes to their relationship and lifestyle. Ten years is half of twenty years, so such a big age gap does seem rather overwhelming to me and I was curious as to how the couple managed their life together now that they were both older. It turns out that they manage very well indeed, and I found this memoir uplifting and even inspiring.

The author addresses all sorts of aspects of married life, many of which are relevant in any marriage, regardless of the age of the spouses. I learned a lot from her thoughts and ideas, in particular, the idea of counting to ten before speaking in rage and never saying anything deliberately spiteful or hurtful. I have heard this message before, but never understood it quite like this. I am going to take this lesson learned forward in my life especially in my relationship with my one son, who is so like me we often fight like cat and dog.

The information covered in this book about living with a senior and travelling with a senior is useful to anyone who spends time and travels with parents so it is all very relevant and useful. I is also interesting to note how the author manages medications and illness with her senior husband.

This is a great book with numerous important messages that can be enjoyed and appreciated by people of all age groups looking to gain the best from life and relationships.

Read all the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US

and: Amazon UK

More reviews and follow Debby: Goodreads

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Thanks for dropping by today and if you have had an experience with an editor that you would like to share to help other writers make effective decisions about their work then please let us know.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 23rd January 2020 #Interview Book Club Mom with Ritu Bhathal, #Guest Mae Clair with Victoria Zigler, #Afghanistan Mary Smith

The first post I would like to share today is from the Book Club Mom Barbara Vitelli who is showcasing Ritu Bhathal and her poetry collection Poetry Rituals and new novel Marriage Unarranged.

Who’s That Indie Author

What’s your story and how did you become a writer?

What is my story, indeed. I am a British born Indian woman, born to Kenyan born Indian parents who moved to the UK in the seventies from Kenya. I was born in Birmingham, in the Midlands, and was raised with a massive extended family around me. After school, I went to university to study to become a teacher, my dream since I was seven. Along the way, I developed a passion for reading, thanks to my mother, and the urge to write stories came from the wonderful books I grew up reading. I would write short stories as a child and won a competition at school which definitely gave me more of an urge to write.

The beginnings of this novel started twenty years ago, as I was preparing for my own marriage. I would write little bits, then save and file away my installments. Life happened and with the addition of a husband, in-laws and then two children, there was precious little time to think about my book.

Head over to read the rest of the interview and find out more about Ritu and her books: Book Club Mom with Ritu Bhathal

Book Club Mom

Find out about Barbara Vitelli – The Book Club Mom : Barbara Vitelli WordPress


Ritu Bhathal, Buy: Amazon UK – andAmazon US- Blog: Ritu Bhathal WordPress Follow Ritu: Goodreads

The next post is by Victoria Zigler as a guest on the blog of Mae Clair

Guest Blogger: Victoria Zigler on Writing for Children

Today I am pleased to welcome a first time visitor to From the Pen of Mae Clair. Please say hello to Victoria (Tori) Zigler as she shares a glimpse of why she chooses to write children’s books, and also takes a look at her newest release, Voyage of the Crimson Sail.

Why do I write for children?

Well, it turns out the answer to that question isn’t very exciting. But here it is anyway.

First of all, I know it’s been said many times by many authors, but I’ve been writing ever since I knew how. I learned to read and write somewhat before I even started school – bearing in mind, children start school at around four years old in the UK –partially due to having older siblings, but mostly because my main regular babysitter was in her teens, and would often do her homework while watching me, and I wanted to, “Do homework,” too.

Yeah… I stayed that eager to do schoolwork. Don’t hate me for it. I’d say sorry, but I’m not.

So, anyway, once I started school, and was introduced to the idea of writing my own stories and poems, there was no stopping me. I fell in love with the idea, and loved doing it. Though I dare say my early attempts were terrible. Although, having said that, I won third place in a writing contest my teacher submitted one of my stories to when I was seven, so I was showing promise with writing by then at least. I still have the medal I was awarded that day, in case you’re interested.

Mae Clair, Buy: Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – Follow Mae on: Goodreads
Website: Mae Clair

A selection of Mae’s books


Victoria Zigler, Buy: Amazon UK – and : Amazon US – Follow Victoria on: Goodreads – Website: Victoria Zigler

A selection of Victoria’s books.

Now time for a regular link in the Blogger Daily, adventures in Afghanistan with Mary Smith. Sounds like the most scariest drive… and near mishaps…. fantastic post as always.

Afghanistan Adventures #18 – Russian jeeps and hairpin bends

I had established a stock keeping system for the clinic and now was going to set up a similar one in Mubarak Shah’s neighbouring clinic in Malestan district. Jawad was to take me there – about a three hour journey – and collect me a few days later.

IMG_0011 (Custom)

In the bazaar Jawad filled up with petrol. If you are picturing a filling station with pumps – forget it. The fuel was stored in large drums. It was poured into the vehicle’s tank through a plastic funnel over the mouth of which was stretched a piece of cloth to filter out some of the dust and dirt.

Slide19 (Custom)

Once we had left the bazaar behind us I eagerly accepted Jawad’s offer to let me drive. I set off cautiously. It was the first time I had driven a Russian jeep – and I was nervous about hurting Hussain’s pride and joy on one of the innumerable boulders littering the rough track. Apologising whenever I crashed the gears, we progressed rather jerkily along. Jawad was very relaxed and uncritical about my driving.

I think that you can see what Mary was up against as she took the wheel of this jeep.. head over and enjoy the entire adventure.. buckle up: Afghanistan #18 Russian Jeeps and Hairpin Bends with Mary Smith

Mary Smith, Buy: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Website: Mary SmithGoodreads: Goodreads


Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 22nd January 2020 #Interview Kellie Butler with Judith Barrow, #Interview Jo Lambert with Jane Risdon, #Dogs by Debbie the Dog Lady

The first post is from the blog of Kellie Butler and is the recent interview with family saga author Judith Barrow, talking about her series set in the North of England about the Howarth Family (highly recommended).

Northern Reads featuring Judith Barrow

It’s Friday, and that means another edition of Northern Reads! I’m chuffed to have fellow historical fiction and saga author Judith Barrow on the blog today with her fantastic Haworth family trilogy, featuring one book set in Lancashire.

Welcome, Judith! Tell us more about the Haworth Family Trilogy.

The three books are historical family sagas, often described as gritty. Although they are a trilogy set around the same family, each book also stands alone. The first of the trilogy is Pattern of Shadows, set in Lancashire between 1944 and 1945. The story was inspired by Glen Mill, a disused cotton mill in Lancashire, which was the first German POW camp. Glen Mill brought back a personal memory of my childhood. My mother was a winder in a similar mill. I would often go to wait for her to finish work on my way home from school. I remember: the muffled boom of noise as I walked across the yard and the sudden clatter of so many different machines as I stepped through a small door cut into a great wooden gate; the women singing and shouting above the noise, of them whistling for more bobbins; the colours of the cotton and cloth. Above all I remember the smell: of oil, grease – and in the storage area – the lovely smell of the new material stored in bales. And the sound of the siren, announcing the end of the shift.

Head over to enjoy the rest of this interview: Northern Reads featuring Judith Barrow

Books are available: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Kellie on: Goodreads

About Kellie Butler

Kellie Butler is the author of Beneath a Moonless Sky, Before the Flood, and The Broken Tree, all part of the bestselling The Laurelhurst Chronicles series. Born in the deep south and educated at Mississippi State University and Louisiana State University, she has travelled and lived around the globe. Besides writing books, she enjoys knitting, yoga, cooking, hiking, classical film, her MSU Bulldogs, and her dog, Chippy. She lives in Arizona with her family.

Judith Barrow, buy: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Follow Judith: Goodreads – blog: Judith Barrow

Another great interview was conducted by Jo Lambert and her guest was crime writer Jane Risdon.

Author interview: Jane Risdon’s Life of Crime

Today I’m hosting fellow author Jane Risdon who has dropped in to chat about her work. I pitched a series of questions to her and these are Jane’s responses…
Jane with Only One Woman and Undercover: Crime Shorts

Hi Jo, thanks for asking me back on to your fab blog. I really enjoy visiting and discovering what you will ask me next. A challenge is always such fun. I do hope your readers enjoy my latest offering.

What attracts me to writing crime?

Well, for starters it is not the blood and guts or the horror of crime, whether it is a murder, fraud, or some other law breaking. I’ve had to think hard about this question but I think it is the puzzle at the heart of most crimes: who did it, how, why, and sometimes even when and where? They’re all questions I like to be asked as a reader, and which I endeavour to ask and eventually answer in my own writing.

I don’t write police procedures and I don’t get into the psychological why and wherefores with my characters. I lay a series of clues and red-herrings often, as the crime unfolds, and I try to keep the reader guessing, engaged and trying to solve it themselves right until the end.

I also read a lot of espionage thrillers for the very same reasons I love reading crime stories.

Head over to read the rest of this fascinating interview with Jane Risdon: Jo Lambert interviews Jane Risdon

Jo Lambert Books

I am the author of eight novels all based in the West Country. My first five novels collectively known as The Little Court Series, were linked books. Part historical/ part contemporary saga it covered forty years and followed the lives and loves of four young women – Ella, Issy, Rachel and Jenny. Last year I decided to withdraw these with a view to updating and republishing at some future date. The first, The Other Side of Morning has been reworked as a stand alone and republished under the new title Wicked Game. The others will remain a linked series and are currently a work in progress.

Books by Jo Lambert: Jo Lambert’s books

Jane Risdon, Buy:Amazon UK – And:  Amazon US–   Blog:Jane Risdon WordPressGoodreads:Jane Risdon Goodreads

And now a post from Debbie the Dog Lady who asks a very important question…and one that requires careful consideration.

So you want to get a dog? Questions to ask yourself, first

Many people, often inspired by children’s pleas, movies or other media decide they want to get a dog, despite having no prior experience and without considering all the ramifications. This can lead to neglect, abandonment or worse.

Before plunging into dog ownership, please keep in mind these are living, loving beings who require a life-long commitment and should never, ever be “disposable”. Think of them as four-legged children and ask yourselves the following questions:

Do I genuinely desire a dog, or is this an impulse reaction to external stimuli?

Do I understand the costs involved?
(the dog itself, veterinary care including spay/neuter procedures,
food, dishes, treats, beds, toys, grooming, training, holiday boarding, workday walking, etc.)

To read the rest of the post and its questions: So you want to get a dog – The Dog Lady’s Den

About DebbieHello from Toronto!

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet. Let me entertain you with memoirs, photos, travelogues, creative writing pieces, music galore and so much more.

I was born in Germany, now living in Canada. My mother was German and my father, Canadian of German descent. They met in 1953, during his first posting to her homeland, following a tour of duty in Korea. This makes me an “Army Brat”.

I speak English, German, some French, a little Italian and a smattering of Spanish. I love music, travel and of course dogs.

Connect to Debbie Twitter: @debbiedoglady – Facebook: Dog Lady’s Den – Instagram: The Dog Lady’s Den

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full… thanks Sally.


Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday January 21st 2020 – #Sunshineblogger Karen Ingalls, #BletchleyPark Mike Biles, #AuthorSpotlight James J. Cudney with Zach Abrams

It is award season and it is a wonderful way to recognise fellow bloggers.. Karen Ingalls has responded to her two nominations and if you would like to know more about her books and her interests, please head over and enjoy the two sets of questions she has answered.

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by two bloggers, D.L. Finn and Ron Yates. I am honored and thrilled. The award is given out by members of the blogging community in recognition of their inspiring, creative, and motivational blogs.

My thanks to both Ms. Finn and Ron Yates whose blogs are uniquely different and yet both well worth the time to read. Author D. L. Finn is one of my favorite blogs ( Her philosophy is Embrace your inner child by reading a good book. Ms. Finn has written biographies, children, poetry, paranormal, and short stories.

Mr. Yates blog can be found at His blogs often challenge the reader about certain social or historical issues as well as supporting authors and their books. He is an award-winning author of action books, historical fiction, and former foreign correspondent.

Part of the nomination process requires that I answer 11 questions. Here are the eleven questions, D.L. Finn has asked me to answer. You may well learn something new about me.

1. How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging?

To find out that and to enjoy the rest of the questions and find out who Karen has nominated in turn please follow the link: Karen Ingalls Sunshine Blogger Award

Karen Ingalls, buy the books: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Karen: Goodreads – Blog: Karen Ingalls

photo on 2-14-16 at 139 pm-crop-u613351GERUMF7FL._UY250_51q05nsoi7L._UY250_51wBeydFoBL._UY250_

Now for a post from Mike Biles of Bit About Britain, and it is Part One of the story of Bletchley Park from January 10th, and you will find Part Two published on January 17th

Bletchley Park, Station X

Part 1 – Enigma and Ultra

This is Bletchley Park. To all intents and purposes, it’s a nondescript, somewhat ugly, large Victorian mansion and estate just north of London. But what went on at Bletchley Park was extraordinary: it changed the course of the Second World War, and the world. From 1939-46, this was the Government Code and Cipher School (GC&CS), the place where enemy Enigma codes were broken which, as a consequence, saved countless lives and resulted in the war being shortened by at least two years. Some say. Of course, there’s far more to it than even that remarkable statement implies. Inevitably, the more you peel away the layers of the Bletchley Park legend, the more its complexities, connections and contradictions are revealed. I suspect that no one knows the full story and, probably, no one ever will.

Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire

Bletchley Park is now a thriving visitor attraction. But for years after the war, most people knew nothing about it. Renowned historians wrote entire histories of the Second World War without once referencing the vital part that Bletchley Park played. The landmark television series, ‘World at War’,(Amazon link), first screened in 1973-74 and still remarkable viewing today, doesn’t mention Bletchley at all. It made no appearance in my edition of ‘Total War’, a recommended book on the conflict when I was a history undergraduate, despite one of its distinguished authors, Peter Calvocoressi, having served at Bletchley Park as an RAF intelligence officer. One of the many astonishing things about the Bletchley Park legend is that it remained a secret from the public for so long. There was an understandably obsessive sense of secrecy at the time of course, but some of the families of those that worked there never had a clue what their loved ones did. Despite the fact that ‘Station X’, as Bletchley was referred to, grew from something of a cottage industry to a huge complex that, including outstations, employed perhaps 10,000 people, everyone had signed the Official Secrets Act and most kept shtum. Careless talk costs lives; and, anyway, they’d given their word. The first the world at large knew of Bletchley and what happened there came in 1974 with the publication of a book, ‘The Ultra Secret’ by ex-intelligence officer F W Winterbotham. But Winterbotham’s account was nowhere near comprehensive; nor, apparently, was it wholly accurate. Bit by bit, over the years, more details have been drip-fed into the public consciousness. Some of it makes you wonder. No one should be surprised if aspects of this beguiling chapter in our history remain classified even now.

Images ©Mike Biles

Head over to read the rest of this fascinating look at Bletchley Park and its significance in British history: Bletchley Park – Enigma- Ultra – Bit About Britain with Mike Biles

Mike Biles, Buy: Amazon UK – And : Amazon US – Follow Mike on : Goodreads – Website: A Bit About Britain

And the final post today is the most recent author spotlight from James J. Cudney, and this week his guest is crime writer Zach Abrams.

Author Spotlight: Zach Abrams with James J. Cudney

Today’s post is an author spotlight. You’ll get to know the author and the author’s books, view book covers and marketing campaigns, read an interview between the author and me, and discover where to learn more about the author’s work, including social media contact links. Let’s meet…

Zach and I met through our publisher, Next Chapter. We’ve been catching up in the company chat rooms and sharing each other’s work on social media. I will be reading one of his books later this year too. We’re highlighting him in today’s blog post because it’s LAUNCH DAY for his latest stand-alone thriller, 133 Hours. Congratulations Zach! Below you’ll find an overview of the author, all the key social media contact information, the list of books he’s published, and an excerpt from his new release. Let’s get to know Zach a bit better…

Find out more about Zach Abrams and his books, including his most recent release 133 Hours: Author Spotlight James J. Cudney with Zach Abrams

James J. Cudney, Buy: Amazon US and:  Amazon UK  – Website/Blog: This is my truth nowGoodreads: James J. Cudney
N.B..Broken Heart Attack (recommended) is only 99c to download until 25th January.

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday January 20th 2020 – #Recycling Carol Taylor – #Movie Alien Beetley Pete, #Q&A D.G. Kaye with Jane Sturgeon

The first post today is the Climate Change and recycling regular from Carol Taylor. This week some interesting news from Supermarkets on the plans to tackle single use plastic, a shipping line making efforts to reduce the amount of waste in the ocean and how do you feel about taking your own containers to the store to carry your purchases? Not to forget bees…


Recycling and Climate Change…20th January 2020…The Worlds 1st Plastic Free Shipping Line

The headlines have been dominated by the terrible bush fires in Australia and my heart goes out to those killed, injured and missing those who have lost homes and property, the wildlife and the brave emergency services who in many areas are fighting a losing battle…There has been a little respite in some areas as rain has fallen…There have now been some alarming instances of dust storms…

Australia really is having such a tough time of it…One does wonder what the health implications are going to be as well as environmental concerns.

After my little rant last week which I am not going to apologise for one iota as it has to be said…HOWEVER…

Time for some good news

There are many factors which all intertwine and make the bigger picture there is no one single cause of Climate Change it is a chain of events…

There are also certain practices and animals which feature in man’s survival on this planet…One of these is Bees…A tiny little flying insect which is vital to the continuation of this planet…

honey bee

Head over to read more about the various projects we can all get involved in: Carol Taylor Recycling and Climate Change 20th January

Enjoy the new series for 2020 : Carol Taylor – A-Z of Food

Time for a movie review from Beetley Pete, Pete Johnson and if you loved Alien and other films that involve other world creatures then this might be the film for you.. I have seen and can echo Pete’s views on the movie.

Just Been Watching…

I loved the original ‘Alien’ (1979). Then along came ‘Aliens’, seven years later. Still good, more action, but in my opinion it wasn’t as breathtakingly original at the first film. Well it couldn’t be, I know that. We had already seen the ‘monster’.

‘Alien 3’ (1992), and ‘Alien Resurrection’ (1997) looked to be in danger of milking the franchise, proving that you can have too much of a good thing.
(They even mixed things up, with ‘Alien versus Predator’, in 2004)

Then along came ‘Prometheus’, in 2012. This had more story, less terror, and some interesting ideas. The critics panned it, and the fans didn’t much like it either.

But I LOVED it.

When they made a sequel to ‘Prometheus five years later, I was sniffy about it.
I didn’t go to see it, and thought they had started that ‘milking’ all over again.

This week it was on TV, and I thought ‘Why not? It won’t cost me anything’.

Head over and read Pete’s thoughts about the movie and watch the trailer: Beetley Pete – Just Been Watching Alien Covenant 2017

Get in touch with Pete and discover more about his writing – Blog: Beetley Pete WordPressTwitter: Beetley Pete

A great place to drop in on a Friday as a guest and a reader is the Q & A with D.G. Kaye and this week her guest was Jane Sturgeon talking about her recently released non-fiction book on self-awareness.

D.G, Kaye Book Promotions

I’m delighted to be featuring here the Lovely Jane Sturgeon and her new book – Writing on Water, today at Q and A with D.G. Kaye. In this nonfiction book, Jane writes about self-awareness, reflection, and getting in tune with our inner selves. Jane is a pure delight to be around. Her goodness and content heart shine through in all her writing. I’m thrilled to have Jane over here today spreading her inspiration.

About Jane:

Jane has been a systems analyst, trainer, technical author, painter, psychic medium,
furniture restorer, de-clutterer, therapist and creative. She has lived in Africa and The
States, looked after many farms, loved through two marriages, is Mum to an
extraordinary young woman and loves making things. She lives next to the Mersey
River where it meets the Irish Sea and shares her life with loved ones and an
impressive collection of yarn.

Self-awareness is the first book in her Writing on Water series.

Please head over to enjoy the interview and find out more about Jane’s book: D.G. Kaye Q & A with Jane Sturgeon

D. G. Kaye – Buy: Amazon USAndAmazon UK    BlogD.G. WritesGoodreads: D.G. Kaye on Goodreads


Jane Sturgeon, Buy: Amazon UK And : Amazon US – blog: Jane Sturgeon WordPress

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over and enjoy these posts in full..thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Posts From Your Archives 2020 – #Shortstory – Clarifying Shampoo by D. Wallace Peach

Welcome to the new series of Posts from Your Archives in 2020 and if you would like to participate with two of your posts from 2019, you will find all the details in this post: New series of Posts from Your Archives 2020

This is the first post by author Diana Wallace Peach...and it is a short story, and for those of you (us) who sometimes get into a bit of a dither, it is very clarifying…..

Image Pixabay combo

Betsy over at Parenting is Funny was recently musing over a bottle of clarifying shampoo (yes, it’s a real thing). Her blog is a hoot, and I encourage you to visit. Her post popped a story into my head. I hope you enjoy.

Clarifying Shampoo by D. Wallace Peach

Clara was born a Libra. Not the normal kind of Libra with a smattering of other signs in her chart to balance her scales. She was an anomaly, an astrological case study, solid Libra from her Sun all the way across the galaxy to Pluto. She vacillated like a seesaw and simple decisions were intolerable with all the second-guessing.

Worst of all, she was the epitome of annoying. Potential friends stopped calling after a week, and romantic relationships unraveled before they had a chance to knit. She frustrated counselors. Even her mother had stopped answering the phone.

Clara had to do something, and the only thing she hadn’t tried was consulting a psychic.

Madam Bea’s Fabulous Fortunes occupied the basement below a hair salon. She specialized in Tarot, but the handmade poster on her sandwich-board advertised results, and that was exactly what Clara needed. Results.

At the bottom of the concrete steps, a peeling door led into a tight space cordoned off by red sheets tacked to the ceiling. A disorienting combination of odors—garlic, mildew, and sandalwood—assaulted Clara’s nose. A card table separated two folding chairs, complete with a sparkly glass ball on a plastic stand.

Madam Bea, a beak-nosed woman with painted eyebrows, sat at the table finishing off a pizza. She waved to the unoccupied chair while munching on the crust, and then tossed the pizza box behind the makeshift curtains.

Clearly, Clara had made another mistake, but she accepted the seat and laid out the saga of her peculiar horoscope complete with runny mascara—another miscalculation. She should have applied the waterproof variety.

The fortune teller listened intently while picking her teeth with a ruby fingernail. “I have joost the thing,” she said and disappeared behind the sheets. When she returned, she placed a half-empty bottle of shampoo on the table.

“Shampoo?” Clara frowned.

“Clarifying champoo.” Madam Bea’s eyebrows arched higher than already arched. “Trust me. I give you discount. That be fifty dollars.”

Clara forked over the cash with a sigh and drove home. Before dropping into bed, she washed her hair.

In the morning, she shuffled to her closet and ruminated over what to wear. Slacks or a skirt? Maybe a dress. Or slacks in case the office is cold. But what if it’s warm? A dress with a sweater? Although a skirt…

The lavender suit.

Clara froze. The whispered voice seemed to originate from somewhere above her head. She glanced up and then peeked over her shoulder. Alone. Was the voice real? Inside her head? She backed up and sat on the edge of her bed. Should she make another counseling appointment?

Ivory blouse and low pumps. Pearl studs but skip the necklace.

Clara jolted up with a yelp. She rifled through her closet and wriggled into the lavender suit. Studs in her ears, she dashed from her apartment to the sidewalk, the low heels a wise choice with all the running.

She inhaled a lungful of sunshine to calm her racing heart, shoved the morning’s weirdness from her thoughts, and wavered over whether to walk to work or take the bus. Or drive. Or walk. What if she got blisters? And then there was city parking…

Walk. It’s a nice day. You need the exercise.

Clara frowned and casually swept a hand over the top of her head. Was her hair giving her instructions?

I’m clarifying.

“Clarifying?” She wrinkled her nose. “Why? But what if—”

Clarity never hurt anyone. Now, no time for waffling or you’ll be late.

Still suspicious of her hair, Clara set off for work, and for the first time in three years, she arrived on time, a fact noticed by Harry, the tall, dark, and hunky cubical-occupant across the aisle. Her hair urged her to have tea instead of coffee and to check her emails before returning calls, decisions that would have taken an hour.

By the time the clock struck noon, her lips curved into a relaxed smile, the day’s decision-making handled entirely by her hair.

Harry cleared his throat. “Clara, would you like to join me for a quick lunch?”

“Oh, er, hm.” Clara didn’t know. Should she? What would she order? Maybe she shouldn’t. But then he might not ask again. So, she should. But what if she did, and he ended up being a creep, and then he’d ask her every day? She might have to quit her job. Or he could be nice. “Um, I…”

Gah! Just say yes!

“Yes,” she blurted.

Eighteen years later, while Clara unpacked her shopping bags, her daughter, Elizabeth, sauntered into the kitchen, phone in hand. “Mom, there’s a bonfire at the park tonight. Chantelle and I were planning to go, but her mom needs their car. Can I take ours? I’ll be home by nine.”

Clara wanted to say yes, but driving after dark… And what if there was beer? And boys? There would be boys. Was Elizabeth old enough? Should she say no? Eventually, she’d have to trust her daughter’s choices. She could drive the two of them. But that might be humiliating. Was it worth a fight?

She’s a responsible kid. She said she’ll be home by nine.

Clara sighed. “All right, you can go. I trust you to make good choices.”

“Awesome, mom. I have to hurry and hop in the shower.”

“Oh!” Clara perked up and searched through her bags. “I bought you some shampoo.”

© D.Wallace Peach 2019

About D. Wallace Peach

I didn’t care for reading as a child – I preferred Bonanza and Beverly Hillbillies reruns, Saturday morning cartoons and the Ed Sullivan show. Then one day, I opened a book titled The Hobbit. Tolkien … literally changed my life.

I love writing, and have the privilege to pursue my passion full time. I’m still exploring the fantasy genre, trying out new points of view, creating optimistic works with light-hearted endings, and delving into the grim and gritty what-ifs of a post-apocalyptic world. Forgive me if I seem untethered in my offering of reads. Perhaps one day, I’ll settle into something more reliable. For now, it’s simply an uncharted journey, and I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I.

A selection of  books by D.Wallace Peach

One of the recent reviews for Sunwielder

Avid Reader 5.0 out of 5 stars  Highly recommended to lovers of time-travel  Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2019

If you would be granted the ability to travel back in time and redo some of your life choices, would you take it?

What if strings were attached?

Without giving any spoilers away, I loved the way D. Wallace Peach handled the plot and the magic she instilled in the time-travel charm as well as the twists she put in the past being relieved. The worlds she created were fascinating and very well developed as well as full of political intrigue. It was amazing to discover how Gryff’s new life options affected those involved and the heartache he went through was gripping, well balanced by lyrical descriptions.

I found it hard to put it down, so many chores were put on hold until I finished the book…

Sunwielder is a page turner with a super clever plot, highly recommended.

Read the reviews for buy the books: Amazon US

And Amazon UK: Amazon UK

Read more reviews and follow Diana: Goodreads

Connect to Diana

Blog: Myths of the Mirror
Facebook: Myths of the Mirror
Twitter: @Dwallacepeach

My thanks to Diana for this delightful story and next time I have a decision to make I will make sure to listen for any advice from my hair… thanks for dropping in and we would love to hear from you… thanks Sally.

The Sunshine Blogger Award – Nominated by Author Mark Bierman – A chance to recognise blogging talent.

My thanks to author Mark Bierman for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award which is always a lovely boost and motivator to keep turning up each day here in blogland.

The award is given out by members of the blogging community in recognition of their inspiring, creative, and motivational blogs.

I know that many of you are Award Free.. and I do understand why.  Even after seven years I am always delighted to be nominated and sometimes I cannot respond because of time limitations. However, I wanted to take the opportunity to nominate a number of bloggers who I want to recognise for the great posts and generosity of spirit. There is no need to respond with a post, but I hope you will take the nomination as a mark of my respect.

If you choose to accept the Sunshine Blogger Award nomination, there are a few rules:

• Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.

• Answer 11 questions the blogger asked you.

• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your blog post.

• Nominate 11 new bloggers & their blogs. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they received the award and ask your nominees 11 new questions.

Here are the 11 questions set by Mark for his nominees.

1. What is the most extreme “sport” you’ve done (if any)? 

I have never done one of the really extreme, can kill you sports, but I have preferred to enjoy some of the scenery such as mountains, to hike up and down rather than throw myself off under a canopy, or on two short planks. I have never been tempted to throw myself out of a perfectly serviceable plane, but do enjoy flying in all sizes from mono to jumbo. My one vice is fast cars and whilst I have never been caught speeding, I have taken advantage of the odd abandoned aerodrome, and put my cars through their paces. I owned a Toyota Supra turbo at one point that I loved to take up to the max.

2. Do you have a favorite travel destination? If so, where?

We have been lucky to live in some great places and to travel a lot, and if there was a place that I would happily revisit time and time again it would be Hawaii or Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada.

3. What is your favorite blog topic? 

Tough to nail down as I have wide ranging interests but I would probably say health as that is my first love closely followed by humour.

4. Do you have a prefered time of day to blog? When?

I am on the blog most of the day, and all my posts are scheduled a week in advance except for challenges. I consider it my job and I could be in and out from 8.00 a.m. to midnight.. I love what I do so other stuff can wait.

5. Do you drink coffee while you blog?

Occasionally, but usually it is green tea during the day and a lemon and ginger tea in the afternoons.

6. Do you have pets?

Not at the moment unfortunately, but a dog is on the wish list for when we move from this house at some point in the year. Does my husband count?

7. If you were trying to fix a broken shovel handle and a 500 pound gorilla came up to you with a roll of tape, what would you do? 

Take the tape, fix the shovel and offer him a banana or other refreshment.

8. Do you prefer to swim in a pool or a natural body of water? 

I have some encounters in natural bodies of water including being stung by several jellyfish all at the same time when I was a child. I now like the clear water of a swimming pool so I can see who is sharing the water with me.

9. It’s Thanksgiving- turkey, some other type of meat, or no meat?

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland (except on the odd day the sun comes out) instead of turkey at Christmas we tend to have steak fajitas with margaritas.. and ice-cream.

10. Given the choice, would you prefer a spider or a snake in your home? 

I lived in Sri Lanka as a small child and was dragged kicking and screaming away from snakes such as cobras that looked interesting and I now have a healthy respect for them and their ability to do me harm. So I would choose a spider as they are easier to entice outside with a piece of paper and a glass.

11. What type of music do you listen to? 

The 1960s and 1970s were my decades and I love rock, country, contemporary and some depends on my mood and how fast I need to walk on my treadmill.

Here are my 11 questions for my nominees.

  1. What is the most daring thing you have done?
  2. Name one item still on your bucket list.
  3. If you had a time machine, would you choose to live in the past or the future?
  4. What is your favorite movie of all time?
  5. What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?
  6. What is one of your guilty pleasures?
  7. Do you have any pets?
  8. Tell us about one thing that really gets your goat.
  9. Who would you invite to a celebrity dinner. List 5, dead or alive?
  10. What is your most annoying bad habit?
  11. Name your current favorite song playing on your playlist right now.

And here are my 11 nominees

Jan Sikes

Liz Gauffreau

Kevin Cooper

Jane Risdon

Annika Perry

Pete Springer

Becky Ross Michael

Jim Borden

Patricia Furstenberg

Barbara Ann Mojica

James J. Cudney

If you are reading this and would like to participate then please do and if you link back to me I will make sure to share your post. Thanks Sally.

About Mark Bierman

Born and raised on a farm near Brockville, Ontario, Mark Bierman’s childhood consisted of chores, riding horses, snowmobile races across open fields, fishing trips to a local lake, and many other outdoor adventures. He was also an avid reader of both fiction and non.

Transitioning towards adulthood also meant moving from the farm and into large urban areas that introduced this “country boy” to life in the big cities.

After a short stint as a private investigator, he moved into the role of Correctional Officer, working at both Millhaven Institution and Kingston Penitentiary, until it closed.

Find out more about Mark’s novel Vanished and read the reviews: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the week ahead.  thanks Sally.


Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday January 16th 2020 – #Children #Fears Becky Ross Michael, #Communication #NonVerbal Jim Borden, #Familyhistory Liz Gauffreau

The first post is from Becky Ross Michael and is about the difficult conversation that we sometimes have to have with children about the state of the world. Becky recalls her own childhood during the ‘Cold War’ and shares some books that tackle the challenging subjects that children might hear about.

Talking with Kids about War

The drafty but beloved home of my Michigan childhood featured a rather dim and damp basement that was accessed through a trap door from our kitchen. That cement-floored space was divided into several separate rooms. During the winter, my mother hung washed clothing on lines to dry in the largest of those areas. One of the small rooms was fashioned almost entirely with rough, wooden shelving that held clear Ball and Mason jars filled with fruits and vegetables my mother had canned

Sometimes we played downstairs while she hung clothes on the line. Being a somewhat apprehensive, quiet, and rather OCD child, one would think I could have been most concerned with falling down the steps (my brother did, once!), about what was hiding in the dark corners, or with that large spider eyeing us from its web, overhead. No, this child of the Fifties and Sixties was silently pondering whether there was enough food for our family on the shelves in that little room, in case we needed to hide out in our basement if “the Russians” attacked!

Head over to read the rest of this post and find out more about the books Becky recommends: Talking with Kids about War, Becky Ross Michael

Becky fountain 2018

About Becky Ross Michael

Originally from Michigan and now living in Texas, Becky’s writing has appeared in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, U.P. Reader, and Mystery Readers Journal.

Besides attending several critique groups and creating her personal writing pieces, Becky, a former teacher, also works as a freelance editor. She enjoys spending time with her family, along with reading, gardening, sight-seeing, collecting vintage items, and healthy cooking.

The next post is from Jim Borden and shares his experiences being welcomed in Singapore and the power of the look of confusion… I think we can all relate.

The Hidden Power of the Confused Look

I’d like to say it’s taken me 62 years to master having a confused look on my face, but in reality, I think it’s the default facial expression I was born with.

And while there may be times when having a confused look may not be a good thing (such as when a student asks me a basic question, or when I am taking a math test, or when I am looking at my monthly bank statement), I’ve learned that my look of utter confusion is usually quite beneficial.

And it’s never been truer than my first week in Singapore. I’ve been finding that the people here are incredibly helpful when they see that befuddled look on my face. Here are some examples:

Head over to find out more about the reactions to Jim’s bemused expression: The Hidden Power of the Confused Look by Jim Borden

About Jim Borden

Husband, dad, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, teacher, ex-swimmer, blogger, vegan, juggler, learner, introvert.

Now that I’ve reduced myself to a cultural stereotype (with a hat tip to Woody Allen), who am I when I take away all the labels?

This blog has given me a chance to think more deeply about many things, and to share those thoughts with the world (well at least a really tiny part of the world). And in sharing those thoughts, I’ve started to understand a little bit of who I am. A 60-something guy trying to figure out the world, and his place in it.

The third post that I recommend that you head over to enjoy in full is from Liz Gauffreau and is the story behind the book Leora’s Letters by Joy Neal Kidney and Liz’s review.

I am very pleased to be featuring my review of Leora’s Letters, written by Joy Neal Kidney. I have been following Joy’s family history blog, Joy Neal Kidney – Family Family and local stories and history, favorite books, for a few years now, and I was thrilled to see the history of her mother’s family during World War II compiled in book form. I immediately purchased it, read it, and reviewed it! Joy was gracious enough to provide me with some personal photographs with captions to accompany my review.

Head over to find out more about the background to this book, view some original photographs and read Liz’s review: Digital discoveries – Review of Leora’s Letters by Liz Gauffreau

Elizabeth Gauffreau, BuyAmazon US – and : Amazon UK – Follow Elizabeth: Goodreads –  blog: Liz Gauffreau

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday January 15th 2020 – #Guestpost Joan Hall hosts Marcia Meara, #Bookclub Amy Reade, Shameless self-promotion!

The first post today is a guest post by Marcia Meara on the blog of  author Joan Hall and it is an excellent way to find out more about Marcia’s Wake Robin Ridge Series, and in particular Book Four – The Light.

Hey everyone! I’m over the moon excited to welcome Marcia Meara as my guest today. She recently released The Light, the fourth in her Wake Robin Ridge Series. Marcia is a very talented author, and if you haven’t read any of her books, I highly recommend you doing so.

Today she’s going to talk about her new book and a mysterious phenomenon called the Brown Mountain Lights. You may recall some time ago I wrote about the Marfa Lights which are found in far west Texas, so I’m very intrigued.

Take it away, Marcia!

Thank you so much for having me here today, Joan! I’m pretty excited to be sharing the release of my latest book, The Light: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 4, with your readers, and I hope they’ll enjoy checking it out, along with the first three books in the series:

 Head over an enjoy finding out more about Marcia and her latest book: Joan Hall Blog – Marcia Meara

Marcia Meara, Buy: Amazon USAnd : Amazon UK – Marcia Meara on: Goodreads – Blog:


And now a job for you.. Amy Reade has joined a book club and they are choosing the next book to be read.. there is a choice of five and I was hard pressed to pick just one to read… I hope you will head over and help Amy out.

I need your advice

Some of you may know that I’ve recently joined a book club. I love being part of this group and I’ve enthusiastically embraced the duties of membership (i.e., I have to be ready to discuss each book we read and I’ve agreed to host the club at my house at least once a year–where we discuss the book of my choosing).

So here’s where I need your help. It’ll be my turn to host the book club in March, and I need to be thinking about which book I’m going to choose. I’ve narrowed it down to five books, and I’d like you to vote on which one you think our book club should read (many thanks to blogger and author James J. Cudney for sharing this idea–click on his name to be redirected to his site, which I think you’ll love).

Whichever book you choose, we’ll read. I won’t tell you which one I hope you pick! Scroll down through the choices to the poll at the bottom of the page.

Here are the choices:

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini. Here’s the Amazon blurb:

“In a life that spanned nearly a century and witnessed some of the most momentous events in American history, Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley was born a slave. A gifted seamstress, she earned her freedom by the skill of her needle, and won the friendship of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln by her devotion.

A sweeping historical novel, Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker illuminates the extraordinary relationship the two women shared, beginning in the hallowed halls of the White House during the trials of the Civil War and enduring almost, but not quite, to the end of Mrs. Lincoln’s days.”

Head over to discover the other four books and make your selection, and I am sure you find it as difficult as I did: Amy Reade – Book Club Choices

Amy Reade, Buy:Amazon US  – And: Amazon UK – Blog: Amy Reade WordPress  Goodreads: Amy Reade Goodreads

2013 154851dikCmd-RL._UY250_House of the Hanging Jade cover with USA Today

And now for some shameless self promotion…. firstly a lovely review from Michelle Clements James yesterday for Life’s Rich Tapestry.

Here is a snippet from Michelle’s review

Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words is a beautiful collection of various types of poetry, 99-word flash fiction, and short stories that the author has written in response to various blog challenges within her circle of blogging friends. These are thoughtfully penned poems and stories that reflect upon life experiences and imaginings. That Sally Cronin is a master storyteller is evidenced in this heartwarming collection.

You can read the rest of the review: Michelle Clements James – Book Review Life’s Rich Tapestry

and if you missed my Q & A with Debby last Friday…please head over to find out what my secret career dream was!: D.G. Kaye Q & A with Sally Cronin

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. thanks Sally.