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Today Tina Frisco puts a different spin on rejection. It is rare for anyone to go through their lives without some form of this hurtful action from others. Tina however looks at this as an opportunity to grow and evolve as a person.

Rejection: the Ultimate Teacher by Tina Frisco

Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

Rejection comes in many forms, from many places, and is very painful. What makes rejection so devastating? What causes us to react in a particular way? How can we use rejection to our advantage?

On a purely instinctual level, rejection threatens to extinguish our life force by depriving us of vital nourishment. No being can truly thrive without some measure of love and acceptance.

Rejection devastates when we attach our personal worth to someone or something outside of ourselves. Feeling worthy only when liked and accepted by those with whom we engage sets the stage for rejection.

When feeling disliked or ignored by another, it is wise to step back and view that person’s behavior as a mirror of our own subconscious mind. Often the things we do not like in ourselves are reflected back to us by others, giving us an opportunity to examine what prompts us to react and how we might change. This not only buffers the impact, but also opens the door to personal growth. Becoming the witness rather than the victim allows us to determine if our behavior rather than our essence is being rejected, or if the other person’s bias is in play, and/or if we simply are misreading all the cues.

Behavior learned throughout childhood is largely determined within the context of the example set by the adults in our lives. When we incarnate, we become blank slates to be imprinted upon by everyone and everything around us. We react to external stimuli positively or negatively, based on whether our basic needs are met or neglected. As we mature, we learn we have choices. Those choices include how we feel and whether we react to or act on those feelings.

The key to using rejection to our advantage lies in remaining objective. However, behaving as an unattached witness can be difficult when our impulse is either to strike or withdraw. If we recognize impulse as being instinctual – a reflex action rather than a thought process – then we are taking a first step toward understanding our feelings and turning rejection into a positive learning experience.

When observing animals in the wild, it becomes clear that instinct is, in part, a survival mechanism. Although we humans do not live in the wild, we find it impossible at times not to react. Generally speaking, however, our survival does not depend on ‘fight or flee.’ Most often we have the advantage of time and space within which to consider our options and teach ourselves to behave differently. We are capable of changing our behavior and, quite possibly, our feelings. With a little practice, we can move ourselves to the threshold of choice: act or react. Success in achieving this pivots on focusing our intention.

Change occurs in three stages: (1) we witness our behavior after we have reacted; (2) we take note while we are reacting; (3) we stop ourselves before we react. When we reach the final stage, our behavior reflects choice (act on) rather than reflex (react to). Since most change occurs over time, perseverance becomes vital to success. Yet once we are rooted in firm resolve, observing ourselves can be fascinating.

In order to use rejection to our advantage – in order to grow from what would otherwise be a devastating experience – it is imperative that we detach the measure of our self-worth from anything external and instead focus our attention inward. We start by witnessing, acknowledging, and owning our behavior; then we commit to changing the behavior and persist until we reach the level of choice; and finally, we consciously manifest the change.

Deciding not to change is also a valid choice. Either way, the key element lies in remaining objective and being our own best witness.

Emotions are raw and capable of consuming us. It is important to recognize what we feel and what we do as mutually exclusive. Feeling rejected is arguably an instinctual response, while wallowing in rejection is a choice that wastes precious time and vital energy.

The line between feeling and wallowing is of the utmost importance. It is on this line where we acknowledge, examine, and own all of who we are and how we behave. It is where we give voice to what we feel and allow that voice to be heard by our body, mind, and spirit. It is where we accept ourselves in totality and recognize self-acceptance as a vital element in the process of change. Without recognition, negative emotions infest our subconscious and compel us to wear a false face in the world, for we are controlled by that which we refuse to acknowledge.

Gratitude is equally as important as recognition and acknowledgement. Just as food sustains the body, raw emotions serve in sustaining our life force. Thanking them before letting go and moving on will put the subconscious at ease, discourage it from seeking a detrimental substitute, and encourage it to welcome and accept the changes we have worked so hard to achieve.

Even if we are unable to change our raw emotions, we can change how we act on them. Owning all of our behavior and accepting ourselves completely makes it easier to view another’s behavior toward us as a mirror of our own subconscious mind.

What we think, we become. Raw emotions can become a force for positive change. Rejection can be experienced as a welcomed teacher. Energy follows thought.

Until the next time, my friends,


© Tina Frisco 2017

About Tina Frisco

Tina Frisco is an author, singer-songwriter, RN, activist, and student of shamanism. Born in Pennsylvania USA, she attended nursing school in New York and lives in California. She began writing as a young child and received her first guitar at age 14, which launched her passion for music and songwriting. She has performed publicly in many different venues. Her publishing history includes book reviews; essays; articles in the field of medicine; her début novel, PLATEAU; her children’s book, GABBY AND THE QUADS; and her latest novel, VAMPYRIE. She enjoys writing, reading, music, dancing, arts and crafts, exploring nature, and frequently getting lost in working crossword puzzles.

Books by Tina Frisco

One of the most recent reviews for Plateau

Spiritually Moving and Uplifting on September 14, 2017

FIRST I must say that I loved this gentle little book. I devoured it in a single evening, so entranced by the story that I didn’t want to stop to read the inspiring quotes from Lynn V. Andrew’s Power Deck that began each chapter. Once I reached the end of the book I had to go back for the quotes, skimming each following chapter a second time.

NOW I must say that I have struggled with how I could possibly write a review — I’ve never read another book quite like it.

Other reviewers here have given you as much as you need to become familiar with the book’s “environment” – if I can call it that, introducing you to a few of the characters – so I won’t repeat similar content. But they can’t convey the deeply spiritual, uplifting essence of the book that, to me, is what makes it remarkable. Plateau never pontificates, but rather seduces the reader to come to his or her own spiritual realizations as the story unfolds.

I suppose the most impactful thing I can say is that I was infused with a sense of well-being when I finally put down my Kindle and turned off the light. I was in such a calm and totally relaxed positive state of mind that I transitioned easily and almost immediately into a deep sleep – a rare experience in my life.

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My thanks to Tina for sharing this post with us on rejection. She will be in this slot on Saturdays for the next two weeks. I hope you will head over to her blog and read her more current posts too.

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Paul Cude, D.G. Kaye and Alethea Kehas

Welcome to the Friday Cafe and Bookstore Update and the first author with news in recent weeks is Paul Cude with his boxed set for Bentwhistle the Dragon Series.

A brief summary of the three books in the series.


Book 1
Can you be heroic and naive? For Peter Bentwhistle, the answer would most certainly have to be YES! Blissfully unaware of what’s going on around him, for the most part he remains fully focused on blending in and keeping a low profile.

But fate and just plain bad luck have other designs on him. Not so bad, you might think. Until you discover the TRUTH! Just like his friends, Tank and Richie, he is a…..DRAGON!

Book 2
Treachery from the sands of Egypt to the plains of Antarctica. Following on from the harrowing events of ‘A Threat From The Past’ (Book 1), a new found friendship with the dragon king is forged.

Soon though, young and old alike are unwittingly drawn into a deadly plot, when a straight forward meeting with the monarch sees them helping an injured dragon agent, straight back from his mission in Antarctica with news of a devastating encounter with another ancient race.

Book 3

Hearts and minds ripped to shreds. Amid turmoil surrounding devastating attacks across the world, the dragon domain faces the planet’s greatest fear: global terrorism by an unknown force of magic users. Against this backdrop, and with Manson’s deadly scheme in full swing, events quickly turn from bad to worse.

The most recent review for the series.

Loved this book. I loved the hockey games (Played at school and watched husband). But there is more….there be dragons. Dragon Dragons, human dragons, dragon railways, and especially the wild rides in the dragon funparks, not to forget the food. And there is St George too.

In this fast-paced book you will be egging on the little dragon, or in your head screaming can’t you see it at him, whether on the astroturf or fighting the big, bad, ugly dragon at the exciting nail-biting end.

To accompany the boxed set is a Prequel to the series – A Right Royal RumpASS

Remember how rowdy your education was at times?

Throw in prehistoric battle urges, violent outbursts of combustible flame, the ability to fly and a natural affinity for magic and what do you have? A group of mismatched young dragons studying at a renowned nursery ring, thrilled to be learning how to use their dragon abilities and the inherent magic each of them possess.

But like classrooms across the world, it’s not quite as simple as that. With a class bully determined to outwit everyone, including their ‘tor’ (teacher), the friends must work together to expose not only the unknown magic used, but also his dastardly method of cheating.

As an unflappable newcomer becomes a worthy ally, aerial antics abound in an illicit laminium ball match whose outcome may yet determine one dragon’s fate.

Read the reviews, buy the boxed set and the prequel:

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The next author with consistently great reviews is D.G. Kaye and this week she received feedback for her book Words We Carry.

About the book

“I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it, deflating my own ego without the help of anyone else.”

What do our shopping habits, high-heeled shoes, and big hair have to do with how we perceive ourselves? Do the slights we endured when we were young affect how we choose our relationships now?
D.G. takes us on a journey, unlocking the hurts of the past by identifying situations that hindered her own self-esteem. Her anecdotes and confessions demonstrate how the hurtful events in our lives linger and set the tone for how we value our own self-worth.
Words We Carry is a raw, personal accounting of how the author overcame the demons of low self-esteem with the determination to learn to love herself.

The most recent review for Words We Carry on Amazon

Thoroughly Recommended! on October 16, 2017

The dysfunctional childhood suffered by author D.G Kaye has left her with great insight into the human condition, which she writes about with much accumulated wisdom in her inspirational non-fiction book ‘Words We Carry’. We read how parents, teachers, and events in our childhood shape the adults that we become. I suffered quite a few similar events in my own childhood that the author did, and found the whole book excellent and eerily uncanny to my own life experiences.

Ms Kaye believes, just as I do, that we should put on a smile, think positive thoughts, and dress to please ourselves and not others. It doesn’t matter if we are not blessed with outward beauty, a happy and friendly demeanour will shine through and attract new friends. Beauty is as beauty does; nobody gets pleasure from being around a miserable complainer, even though they may be the best looking person for miles around.
By the time the reader reaches the last page, they would have the recipe in their hands to give their self-esteem a huge boost. Over the years I have learned to feel comfortable in my own skin, just like the author had to, and to ignore or walk away from people whose only aim in life was to make disparaging comments in order to make me feel bad about myself.

I received this book in a free promotion, but I will definitely read it again. Thoroughly recommended!

Read the reviews and buy the book:

And on Amazon UK:

Also by D.G.Kaye

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

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About D.G. Kaye

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And I recently featured the next book in the New on the Shelves promotion and the book has been receiving wonderful feedback. A Girl Named Truth by Alethea Kehas

About A Girl Named Truth

Some mystics believe we choose our name, along with our life’s lessons, before we are born. The name we select becomes our constant guide, helping us to navigate the journey ahead. In her memoir, A Girl Named Truth, Alethea explores the subjective nature of truth while she untangles the uncomfortable wrap of narratives she was raised on. Her name serves as her beacon, guiding her to heal and find the inner voice of her own truth.

The author’s story begins with her formative years, when her mother left her father and went into hiding with the Hare Krishnas. Months later, the young Alethea finds herself living 3,000 miles away from her extended family, trying to love a new father and forget the one she has left behind. Only she never forgets…A Girl Named Truth is a story of loss, love and the redemptive power of awakening a silenced voice.

Two of the most recent reviews for the book

In telling the stories of her life, Alethea connects to the child within, searching out the truths that have carved her journey as a seeker, writer, mother, and healer. Her beautifully crafted prose and poetry take us into her complex family life and her unique emotional landscape with courage and vulnerability. She understands that each person’s truth is meant to be uncovered if we are to be truly free. Highly recommended!

Beautiful on October 15, 2017

This is an inspiring and beautiful story of a life defined by the search for truth – soul truth, which truly, is the most personal and relevant truth there is. So much of Alethea’s story is similar to my own, her words brought tears to my eyes and helped me release things I didn’t even realize I was holding on to. Thank you for sharing your truth, Alethea.

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Alethea Kehas has also contributed to a number of short story and poetry anthologies.

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Smorgasbord Health – Cook From Scratch – Delicious and easy brown yoghurt bread by Robbie Cheadle

Delighted that baker and confectioner, Robbie Cheadle is going to be sharing some recipes with us in the coming weeks. Get the butter ready as today Robbie is sharing an easy bread recipe that will need lashings of it.

Delicious and easy brown yoghurt bread by Robbie Cheadle


Sir Chocolate lives in a land where you can eat everything, even the trees, flowers and houses. There are healthy foods in Chocolate Land, you can’t live on sweet treats!
In each of his recipe books, Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet include one savoury recipe to teach children how to bake delicious and healthy foods as well as the lovely, yummy goodies.

One of the bread recipes that Sir Chocolate likes to make is a brown yoghurt bread. This is his recipe for how to make it:


  • 500 ml self-raising white flour;
  • 500 ml nutty wheat flour;
  • 15 ml sticky brown sugar;
  • 5 ml salt;
  • 500 ml plain yoghurt;
  • 5 ml baking soda (bicarbonate of soda).


Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

In a medium sized bowl, mix the white flour, nutty wheat flour, brown sugar and salt together. Mix in half of the yoghurt. Add the baking soda to the remaining yoghurt and mix until it is frothy. Add the frothy yoghurt to the mixture and knead with your hands until all of the dry ingredients have been fully absorbed into the mixture.

Scoop the mixture into a prepared loaf tin and bake in the oven for 45 to 50 minutes until a cake tester comes out clean.

This bread is delicious when eaten fresh with butter.

©Robbie Cheadle 2017 and all images

Books by Robbie and Michael Cheadle

The most recent review for Silly Willy Goes to Capetown

Every so often I dip into the world of children’s fiction and I’ve yet to be disappointed! Ms Cheadle has delivered a tale that is funny and real and simply a delight to read.

Cautious Craig tells the story of his holiday in Cape Town – all the fun things they did and experienced and how his younger brother Silly Willy causes chaos along the way.

The recipes and fondant art creations round out a delicious book! Recommended for children able to read chapter books and anyone who enjoys an amusing tale.

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

And on Amazon UK:

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My thanks to Robbie for sharing this recipe and please head over to her blog to catch up on some wonderful posts. With Halloween coming up, if you have any reasonably healthy recipes to share that are a little wicked.. let me know

Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Annette Rochelle Aben, Gigi Sedlmayer, Sally Cronin

Welcome to the second of the review posts this week and the first author with a brand new review is Annette Rochelle Aben for her book Angel Messages: A Wing and a Prayer.

About the book

This book is a terrific way to share some Angel love with someone who needs a lift, a hug, a smile or that person who loves Angels. It is filled with pictures, prayers and poems that bring the Angel Messages to you.

From the Author…

Angels are real! Some say Angels have saved their lives, comforted them in their darkest moments and even appeared before them in physical form. I am one of those who believes in Angels. My personal testimony is here in Angel Messages, along with prayers that I have used to thank, summon and to send Angels to others when asked. The beautiful photographs of Angels inside, are designed to evoke deep personal connections.

Allow yourself to be inspired with a wing and a prayer by the love of the Angels. Share this book with others. Keep a copy close to you so you will always have an Angel at the ready. Let it refresh your body, mind and spirit Believe that Angels and Spirit guides are always there for you whenever you call, and so they shall. Love and Angelic blessings, I am Annette Rochelle Aben, a.k.a. Sister Angel.

One of the recent reviews for the book

You Are Not Alone on October 16, 2017

I have always believed in Angels and have read several books about them. What strikes me most about Annette Rochelle Aben’s book, Angel Messages: A Wing and a Prayer, is the open heart from which she writes.

Ms. Aben shares her personal experiences by sprinkling the Angel messages she has received, between passages of her own lovely poetry.

Two of my favorite messages are: 1. Be in love with the gift of your life. Your joy colors your world; 2. Choosing love will always bless you. The answers are in your heart.

Ms. Aben states that Angels may materialize in the guise of ‘just plain folks.’ I think we all experience this yet often overlook, for example, the woman who gives us the extra change we need to make a purchase, or the man who extends a hand to help us onto the bus.

Whether you believe in Angels as heavenly beings, visitors from the cosmos, or just plain folks, this book will touch that place in you that searches for comfort, assurance, and a positive outlook on life.

Read the other reviews and buy the book:

and on Amazon UK:

Also by Annette Rochelle Aben

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

And Amazon UK:

Find more reviews at Goodreads:

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Time to check out the children’s books in the bookstore and an author who gets consistently excellent reviews for her Talon Series is Gigi Sedlmayer. And here is recent feedback for book five in the series

About the book

The poachers are back – and they are looking for Talon! They are doing everything in their power to capture him, and if they can’t get him alive, will kill him. Determined to get him at all costs the poachers run up against the might and will of Tamo, Tima and Talon.
It is war. The poachers against the condors, Matica and the Indians – with the poachers even taking hostages to win the war.

With the help of Tamo and Tima, Talon and Matica do the impossible knowing they have to capture and stop the poachers or they will be back.

Between the poachers shooting at the condors, the crows playing their part, and Tamo being shot and injured, Matica goes above and beyond to help her beloved condors.

Action-packed from beginning to end, Talon Encounter will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One of the recent reviews

Encounter is the fifth and final book in the Talon series. Talon, Tima, and Tamo are in danger as the poachers, Zed and Pete want to capture these birds and kill them. Matica is distraught and seeks the help of the Indian village leader. Things have changed from the first book. Matica used to be an outcast and now that she can fly with Talon, the Indians find her interesting and have accepted her.

Pete and Zed dominate the story with their vicious plot and agenda towards these birds. The story is filled with action and drama as Matica sets her heart in, once again, protecting these birds.

I found the novel to have a faster pace and more suspenseful feel to it, compared to the first book. I enjoyed the love spent for these animals and the way Matica had grown and matured. I admired the fact that even though she was psychically restricted, her determination was stronger than ever. The story had a small hidden reveal to it and the ending made you feel satisfied with the outcome.

I believe the author has great potential in writing about similar genre stories. I recommend this book to bird lovers and anyone that enjoys a well-written story.

Read the reviews and buy the book:

And Amazon UK:

Also by Gigi Sedlmayer

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

And Amazon UK:

And read more reviews and follow Gigi on Goodreads:

I am so delighted to have received some great reviews in the last few weeks and would like to share a recent one for Just an Odd Job Girl.

About the book

At 50 Imogen had been married for over 20 years, and was living in a big house, with money to spare. Suddenly she is traded-in for a younger model, a Fast-Tracker.
Devastated, she hides away and indulges in binge eating. But then, when hope is almost gone, she meets a new friend and makes a journey to her past that helps her move on to her future.

The most recent review for the book

Imogen is fifty when her husband of over twenty-five years announces he has found himself a new and younger woman; a fast-tracker, as Imogen dubs her. This is a girl who is out to get man who has already established himself and made money, rather than marry someone of her own age and have to struggle their way to the top together.

Not only does Imogen lose her husband, she is left with no choice but to move from the family home and re-jig her life completely. It’s a daunting task; the children have flown the nest and she hasn’t worked in years.

Alone in her new little home on the edge of Epping Forest Imogen browses the local newspaper and comes across an ad from an employment agency. She telephones, makes an appointment, cobbles together something to wear and, for the first time in a very long time, compiles a CV.

The adventure begins.

From here the story takes Imogen to her interview, where Mr Jenkins ( call me Andrew) invites her to talk him through all the jobs, and there are quite a few, that she has previously undertaken.

Each chapter then describes unlikely and varied forms of employment. There is a lot of humour in the writing, but also some pathos too.

I won’t reveal the ending but, though it came as no surprise, it was just what was needed for this story, with a little comeuppance for the dastardly husband thrown in.

Reading a book like Just an Odd Job Girl by Sally Cronin reminds me that I should do this more often -I love thrillers and dark stories but a little lightheartedness, occasionally, goes a very long way.

Read the reviews and buy the book:

And Amazon US:

A selection of other books by Sally Cronin

To read all the reviews and buy the books:

And Amazon US:

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Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you explore these books and their authors further. Thanks Sally

Posts from Your Archives – Are you cleaning up your Amazon Links? Be careful sharing book links by D.G. Kaye

We all have posts that we wrote a year or so ago, or even longer, that are not read as much these days, as new posts take up your readers time.

However, why not share them over here to my readers?

Not only is this a chance to showcase your posts, but also your blog and books. Start off by sending me four links to the posts you would like to see given another boost and if you like the experience you can always send me more –

An excellent example of how this works is the series of four posts by author D.G. Kaye and here is one on cleaning up your links before posting.

Are you cleaning up your Amazon Links? Be careful sharing book links by D.G. Kaye

You know how we can sometimes get so used to doing some things that it can almost seem robotic? Well, it occurred to me, after reading my daily news articles on publishing, that just because some little tricks have become second nature to me, others may not be aware of this important tip on cleaning up your links.

This little nugget of information is important for authors and for bloggers who write posts promoting their books or featured guest posts of other authors and sharing the URLs of all books.

About Amazon URLs

I have my own system of setting up promotional posts, and part of that means going over to Amazon to look up the book I’m posting about – mine or someone else’s. Once there, I copy the image of the book and save it to my media library to include in the post (if it isn’t my book), then I copy and paste the URL of the book’s page in my post, usually where I insert ‘Get this book on Amazon’ hyperlinked to the book page I copied the URL from. This is where the waters get murky!

The Link to Lost Reviews

Are you aware of the chatter in the self publishing world where many authors are losing reviews by Amazon removing them off their book pages because their algorithms seem to inform them that somehow the reviewer is connected to the author? This is something I’m always cautious about, and I know too many author friends who’ve had reviews wiped off their book pages. Although nobody seems to know the exact secret sauce of Amazon’s logic, there is a huge telltale sign their system uses to link readers to reviewers and that is by referred links. Below is a screenshot I’ll use on how to clean up these telltale signs. (Sorry I couldn’t enlarge)

P.S. I Forgive You Amazon URL:

As you can see, the ASIN of my book P.S. I Forgive You comes after /dp/B01WOYPRP after that ASIN comes a forward slash/ref etc. etc. Delete everything after the last letter in the ASIN starting with the forward slash!

In the above URL, this is what I get when I go to Amazon and type in the name of one of my books in the search bar. This is the link that most people will take to use in their posts to direct readers to that book. The problem is, after the 10 digit ASIN number there is a bunch of code which is irrelevant to the average person, but a wealth of information Amazon uses to track potential buyers.

Some of this code gives them the exact time and day that page was visited. If you use that link in your posts and readers go to that page through that link and happen to purchase the book while there, Amazon will know that person was using a link from a prior visitor, and because that person came from that other person’s link, that shows a connection with those two people, or anyone else using that link to purchase!

Yup, it’s like a spy thing.

I learned about this a few years ago and I make sure ever since to clean up my links and like I mentioned, sometimes things just become habit to us and we may forget that what we’re doing would be newsworthy to others. So now I’ll tell you what needs to be done to clean up the links.

Cleaning Up Your Links

The most simple thing to do when using the URL for that book page on your post is to copy and paste the URL as you normally would to create a hyperlink and backspace to delete every character that comes after the last number/letter of the ASIN. I also do this when linking to an author’s Amazon page – same protocol. When promoting my own books, I find it much easier to use my own universal links I have for my books. Check out one of my earlier posts to learn more about how to create Universal links .

Let this procedure become a habit, especially when promoting your own books! It can save you losing reviews on Amazon and us authors know just how valuable each and every review is to us!

More Tip on Reviews

If the book you’re reviewing was given to you by an author, it’s also important you write a disclaimer at the start of your review, something like ‘I received a copy of this book as a gift from the author’ will do.

This lets Amazon know how you got the book if their robotic spies detect that you never purchased the book. It permits honesty for the review by admitting. And I’d also recommend you leave it short and sweet like that and not adding anything like ‘ … exchange for a review’ because that would sound like there was intent to extract a review when given a copy of the author’s book.

I’m not going to go into all the politics and semantics of Amazon’s logic, merely cautioning you of the current protocol. So recap:

Remove any extraneous characters after the ASIN number on an author’s book page before creating a hyperlink

Use a disclaimer when reviewing a book to avoid your review from vanishing

And always check your URLs after you’ve drafted your post to ensure they work by ‘saving’ your draft and clicking on ‘preview’ you can then click your links to make sure they are valid, working links.

Please share this article on social sites, if enough people read it and share, it will help authors from mysteriously having many of their reviews taken off by Amazon.
©D.G.Kaye 2017

Thanks to Debby for sharing this post from her archives on such an important topic. Help save our reviews…..

Books by D.G. Kaye


The most recent review for Words We Carry on Amazon

Thoroughly Recommended! on October 16, 2017

The dysfunctional childhood suffered by author D.G Kaye has left her with great insight into the human condition, which she writes about with much accumulated wisdom in her inspirational non-fiction book ‘Words We Carry’. We read how parents, teachers, and events in our childhood shape the adults that we become. I suffered quite a few similar events in my own childhood that the author did, and found the whole book excellent and eerily uncanny to my own life experiences.

Ms Kaye believes, just as I do, that we should put on a smile, think positive thoughts, and dress to please ourselves and not others. It doesn’t matter if we are not blessed with outward beauty, a happy and friendly demeanour will shine through and attract new friends. Beauty is as beauty does; nobody gets pleasure from being around a miserable complainer, even though they may be the best looking person for miles around.
By the time the reader reaches the last page, they would have the recipe in their hands to give their self-esteem a huge boost. Over the years I have learned to feel comfortable in my own skin, just like the author had to, and to ignore or walk away from people whose only aim in life was to make disparaging comments in order to make me feel bad about myself.

I received this book in a free promotion, but I will definitely read it again. Thoroughly recommended!

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

and Amazon UK:

More reviews and follow Debby on Goodreads:

About D.G. Kaye

d-g-kayeI’m a nonfiction memoir writer who writes about life, matters of the heart and women’s issues. I write to inspire others by sharing my stories about events I encountered, and the lessons that come along with them.

I love to laugh, and self-medicate with a daily dose of humor. When I’m not writing intimate memoirs, you’ll find me writing with humor in some of my other works and blog posts.

When I was a young child, I was very observant about my surroundings. Growing up in a tumultuous family life, otherwise known as a broken home, kept me on guard about the on-and-off-going status of my parent’s relationship. I often wrote notes and journaled  about the dysfunction that I grew up in. By age seven I was certain I was going to grow up to be a reporter.

Well life has a funny way of taking detours. Instead, I moved away from home at eighteen with a few meager belongings and a curiosity for life. I finished university and changed careers a few times, as I worked my way up to managerial positions. My drive to succeed at anything I put my mind to led me to having a very colorful and eventful life.

Ever the optimist, that is me. I’ve conquered quite a few battles in life; health and otherwise, and my refusal to accept the word No, or to use the words ‘I can’t’ have kept me on a positive path in life.

I love to tell stories that have lessons in them, and hope to empower others by sharing my own experiences.

“Live Laugh Love . . . And Don’t Forget to Breathe!”

                 “For every kindness, there should be kindness in  return. Wouldn’t that just make the world right?”

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Smorgasbord Invitation Blog Magazine – A new concept and more opportunities to be promoted.

As I enter my fifth year of blogging I have decided that it was time to make some renovations to the existing blog and to increase the ways that I can promote authors and bloggers in our community.

Readers that follow the blog have a diverse range of interests and I would like to feature more posts that reflect that. Over the last few weeks I have been testing out a new series – Posts from Your Archives and judging by the response, it has been a success.

I decided to give the trial two months, but I am now extending this into a permanent feature, as part of my move into a more magazine concept for the blog.

Smorgasbord Invitation – Blog magazine for lovers of health, food, books, music, humour and life in general.

We already have health and food series, book promotions, music, humour but I would love to feature more Life in General. This can be short stories, relationships, family, travel experiences, expertise in a particular field. Informational and entertaining posts that cover a wide range of topics that will satisfy the interests of those who visit the blog.

Of course posts on food, music, health and humour are also welcome and here is how you can participate. (And if you have some Christmas specific posts then keep them on the back burner until I ask for them in November)

Go through your blog archives and you will find that if you have been blogging once a week for a year you will have at least 52 posts. If you are like me when you first started blogging you began with a handful of followers and built that up over time. But this means that your earlier posts may only have had a few views and likes. Even if you have reshared them on your own blog you are still sharing to your current audience.

By sharing them on my blog not only will you be reaching my readers but also encouraging them to come over to your blog and follow you and building your own readership.

Once you have identified four posts that you would like to share, all you have to do is send the links to the posts to me by email to

I will post on my blog with your copyright and also feature your bio, photo and social media links which I can take from your blog or you can attach to the email.

If you are an author, I will feature your books, a most recent review and the links for both Amazon and Goodreads.

However, I would prefer that your blog post links are not for book promotional purposes.

This brings me on to Author Promotions.

I am very happy to promote your books here FREE in one of the current promotions.  At them moment I am promoting around 25 authors a week in one feature or another and Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore is also undergoing a face-lift to make it more effective in selling your books.

Each author will now have up to 7 book covers and also an extract to a most recent review for one of the books. The review will have the link to the review as well as the buy link for Amazon, giving the reader two opportunities to hit your Amazon author page and buy.

I am working through the 160 authors in the bookstore. I have removed 70 authors that have been in the bookstore for two years but I have not heard from in the last 12 months. The reason being that the book promotions are designed to be a collaboration. Particularly for new authors who can encourage readers to buy their books by responding to comments and actively sharing on their own networks.

As an author I love being in the position to help other authors get their books noticed and I do try to make the promotional posts as comprehensive as possible. This takes up quite a bit of time that I do not mind spending but it does make it more worthwhile when the authors featured take part and communicate.

Here are the current promotions and also the cafe and bookstore entries, which you will see are still in the process of being updated with additional covers and reviews.  Please be patient if yours has not yet been changed.

Helping me out.

At the moment I spend several hours a week checking out the authors in the cafe and bookstore to check for new releases and recent reviews. It helps me out hugely if you let me know when you have a new book or are celebrating a new review.

I cannot promise to feature you every week but I certainly would be very happy to feature an author every four weeks or so.. That is 12 updates a year reaching 35,000 readers across the blog and social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Christmas promotions and features.

In mid-November I will be posting my usual festive promotions and request for blog posts on the subject. I did get one angry comment last year from someone who felt the need to remonstrate about the use of the word Christmas by bloggers and book promoters. My use of the word is not intended to insult anyone. I have referred to this time of year, for the last 64 years, as Christmas, which is a festival that has been traditionally celebrated in my country for hundreds of years in various formats from pagan to religious. I have friends who worship in other ways, who have never had a problem with celebrating Christmas with us, and inviting us to share their religious celebrations with them.

In my experience, mutual respect for other people’s beliefs is the cornerstone of peace, and sharing each of our cultures is both fascinating and rewarding.

Podcasts in the New Year

In 2018 it is my intention to begin recording podcasts. Apart from Health, Short Stories and non-fiction subjects, I will also be interviewing authors and bloggers who write about all aspects of life.. This will be conducted by Skype or similar.  I am looking forward to getting back behind the microphone.

On a final note.

As I head into my fifth year of blogging I would like to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to those who contribute so enthusiastically and loyally by providing posts, feedback and sharing.

I hope that you will enjoy the new format as it rolls out over the next three months or so and that you will enjoy sticking around to see what happens next.



Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Colleen Chesebro, Lucinda E. Clarke and Sue Coletta

The first author with a recent review is Colleen Chesebro for her book The Swamp Fairy: The Heartstone Chronicles Volume One.

About the Swamp Fairy

Fourteen-year-old Abigale Forester, recently orphaned and a ward of the State of Illinois moves from Chicago to Florida to live with her aunt, her last living relative. Magnolia Forester becomes her legal Guardian, and together they claim an ancient inheritance; land that belonged to Abby’s mother’s family for generations. Holding onto the only piece of her mother Abby has left, a calcite pendant and her mother’s most sacred possession, she discovers the truth of her legacy.

The pendant is more significant than she could possibly imagine. Forged from a giant mystical heart-shaped stone found on the very swamp land Abby now owns, it holds the power of her ancestors. But with that power comes greater responsibility, one that pits her against Rafe Cobb, a greedy land developer, who will stop at nothing to own Abby’s swamp land.

As Abby learns to be part of a family again and explores her love of horses with friends, Savanna, and Blake, the swamp slowly gives up some of its secrets. She is summoned by a primeval nymph, who teaches Abby that her true destiny is to protect the nymphs from evil in an ever-changing modern world. Can Abby save the swamp and the Naiad Nymph Clan from certain destruction before it is too late?

The most recent review for the book

Abigail ,The fairy whisperer and orphaned girl sent to live with an aunt that she didn’t know and an aunt who had no children and was just as nervous as Abigail at the thought of having a young girl coming to live with her.Tragically orphaned Abby discovers a lot about herself and her destiny, a fiesty little soul who is passionate about preserving her birthright and equally passionate about what she knows to be injustice and greed.

This story draws the reader into Abby’s world , the world of buterflies, fairies and magic, but also a world of greed in the shape of Rafe Cobb who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. A book which will leave you wanting to turn the page and if you know a girl who loves fairies and butterflies she will love this book.

Read all the reviews and buy the book:

And Amazon UK:

Find out more about Colleen Chesebro, read more reviews and follow on Goodreads:

Connect to Colleen via her website:

The next author with a recent review is Lucinda E. Clarke for her latest book Amie: Cut for Life

About the book

They told Amie it was a simple look, listen and report back mission, but from the beginning everything went wrong. She is stalked across borders, the aid workers act suspiciously, she’s assaulted, and abandoned in a rural African hut miles from anywhere. What has happened to her partner Simon and can she trust the charismatic Frenchman who befriends her? The discovery of an ancient tribal tradition and a group of young children to rescue, test her skills to the limit. For the first time, she is prepared to kill to protect the innocent caught up in an international sex trade with an extra horrifying twist.

One of the recent reviews for the book

A Must Read! on 7 October 2017

Few books leave you frazzled, the suspense constant throughout the reading. But this one certainly did. Every time it seemed as if the main character, Aime was going to be safe at last, another challenge awaited her! I was exhausted by the time I finished reading the book but in awe of the powerful and engaging writing from Lucinda Clarke.

Her main character has much to be admired about her and her inner thoughts are well revealed. She is endearing and the reader can’t help but care about her. You feel like you are right there with her in Africa, a setting which enhances the story: the sign of a good writer and a good book. I honestly found it hard to put this book down. I won’t give away any of the plot. Suffice it to say, read this book. You will not be disappointed.;

Read the reviews and buy the book:

And Amazon UK:

Also by Lucinda E. Clarke

Read the reviews and buy all the books:

And on Amazon UK:

Read more reviews and follow Lucinda on Goodreads:

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The last author with a recent review is Sue Coletta with her latest novella – Brotherhood Protectors: Fractured Lives.

About Fractured Lives

Three couples, the perfect Maine vacation, and a fateful night that lands one of the women in mortal danger.

Couples are going missing in Sunset Cove at Long Lake, and the authorities seem more concerned with not tarnishing the reputation of their popular tourist destination. Until … while out for a spin on her wave runner, Shawnee Daniels pulls alongside a deserted canoe.

Blood stains the seat.

When retired SEAL Brandon “Boomer” Rayne wakes to an empty bed—his bride-to-be Daphne nowhere inside their rented cabin—he enlists the help of the only people he’s met in the state: the couple next door, Shawnee Daniels and Revere, Massachusetts Detective Levaughn Samuels.

Uncertainty bonds the two neighbors, forced together by tragedy. Their predicament turns even deadlier when the half-nude body of a female washes ashore. No obvious signs of homicide exist. How did she die? Does her death relate to Daphne’s disappearance?

Time’s running out.

Can they piece together the mystery to find Boomer’s fiancé? Or will an elusive serial killer determine their fate?

One of the most recent reviews for the book.

This book is a hauntingly gripping read with a disturbing twist that will shock you. You can feel the deep seated emotions flowing through the pages of this intriguing tale. In this story the author combines the characters from both the worlds of Elle James’s Brotherhood Protectors series and Sue’s own Mayhem series allowing us an additional look into the lives of couples Shawnee Daniels and Detective Levaughn Samuels along with Brandon (Boomer) Rayne, his fiancé, Daphne and their baby daughter, Maya.

Both pairs of couples are retreating to a lake in Maine for some rest and relaxation, hoping to let the world fade away, reconnect and enjoy their time together. However when they arrive at the lake, they find out that the seemingly quiet community is being plagued by couples disappearing and bodies being found in the water. The disappearances hit even closer to home when Boomer awakes early one morning to find Daphne gone. Beyond frantic he confides in and enlists the help of the couple they had met a few days prior staying next door. Shawnee and Levaughn join him in search, retracing steps and putting together clues that will hopefully bring Daphne home safely. Though, when they discover 2 more bodies of women resembling his fiancé in the lake they know they are running out of time. Can they unravel the mystery in time to find her or will Boomer be forced to raise his baby girl alone?

Head over and buy the book:

A small selection of other books by Sue Coletta.

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

and Amazon UK:

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Boomer on the Ledge by Molly Stevens

A warm welcome to Molly Stevens whose debut release is a picture book story for those of us of a certain age. Boomer on the Ledge was released last week and sounds like a perfect gift for Christmas.

About Boomer on the Ledge.

Do you believe aging is grim? Something to tolerate while waiting for the reaper? Be prepared to challenge this assumption when you read: Introducing: Boomer on the Ledge.™ Molly Stevens observed her grandsons discovering Christmas magic with an elf who monitored their behavior and reported it to Santa. As invasive as that seemed, she realized no one watches people in her age group unless scanning for signs of dementia. She felt invisible and needed validation. So she created a little doll whose daily surprises reminded her how being a boomer is both harrowing and hilarious. From the mundane to the sublime, let Boomer on the Ledge™ help you transform grim into grins while you explore the antics of an aging boomer.

You can buy the book from Amazon:

and at Amazon UK:

About Molly Stevens

Molly Stevens arrived late to the writing desk but is forever grateful her second act took this direction instead of karaoke or trampling competitors at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Molly believes humor is the emollient that soothes life’s rough patches and promotes these convictions in her blog: Shallow Reflections. She won third place in the 2017 National Society of Newspaper Columnists writing contest and is a contributing author for These Summer Months: Stories from the Late Orphan Project, edited by Anne Born.

She is a featured contributor for Humor Outcasts and part of the Bangor Daily News blogging network. Her guest posts have appeared on: Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop, Better after 50, Sizzling Towards 60, Mostly Blogging, and Sixty and Me. Molly grew up on a potato farm in northern Maine, where she wore a snowsuit over both her Halloween costume and her Easter dress. She lives in central Maine, and when she’s not writing, working or watching the New England Patriots win super bowls, she and her husband, Patrick, love to spend time with their son, daughter-in-law and two perfect grandsons. This is Molly’s first book.

Connect to Molly through her blog and social Media.


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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Sacha Black, Marcia Meara and M.J. Mallon

Welcome to the first of the bookstore updates today and the first author with news is Sacha Black who has combined her guide to create characters with a darker side, 13 Steps to Evil with a workbook in one edition. Both books are also available separately.

About the Textbook and Workbook set

2 Jam-packed guides with over 300 pages of tips and tricks to help you master your villains

13 Steps To Evil – How To Craft A Superbad Villain – Textbook

Your hero is not the most important character in your book. Your villain is.

Are you fed up of drowning in two-dimensional villains? Frustrated with creating clichés? And failing to get your reader to root for your villain?

In 13 Steps to Evil, you’ll discover:

+ How to develop a villain’s mindset
+ A step-by-step guide to creating your villain from the ground up
+ Why getting to the core of a villain’s personality is essential to make them credible
+ What pitfalls and clichés to avoid as well as the tropes your story needs

Finally, there is a comprehensive writing guide to help you create superbad villains. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned writer, this book will help power up your bad guy and give them that extra edge.

These lessons will help you master and control your villainous minions, navigate and gain the perfect balance of good and evil, as well as strengthening your villain to give your story the tension and punch it needs.

If you like dark humour, learning through examples and want to create the best villains you can, then you’ll love Sacha Black’s guide to crafting superbad villains. Read 13 Steps to Evil today and start creating kick-ass villains.


13 Steps To Evil – How To Craft A Superbad Villain – Workbook

Sacha Black’s book 13 Steps To Evil – How To Craft A Superbad Villain showed writers how to create their ultimate villain in an easy and humorous, step-by-step guide.

This workbook puts those lessons to use by building on each chapter in 13 Steps To Evil and guiding you through the development of your indisputable bad guy. It’s time to get to the core of your villain and supersize that evil.

Inside the workbook you’ll find hundreds of thought provoking questions, exercises and creativity boosting prompts. This resource will help you:

•Choose the perfect villain traits
•Create sinister character histories and motives
•Avoid pesky clichés
•Design conflict and tension that grips your reader
•Build your market knowledge so you create a villain that sells

Craft your characters through easy to digest exercises that empower you to conquer your villain for life.

Read the 13 Steps To Evil Workbook today and start creating kick-ass bad guys.

One of the recent reviews for 13 Steps to Evil – How to Craft Superbad Villains

I consider myself something of a collector of writing books. Over the past 3 years I purchase as many writing books as I do fiction book on different subjects to strengthen my skills as a writer and to build on my writer toolkit. I have a few authors I stick with, a few series I frequent, then every so often I’ll grab one if it has the right kind of title. This book fell into my third category, so props on the title.

I’ve been working on Point-of-View and tips on choosing the best POV to tell your story, and in one book they suggested that you should never show your villain’s point-of-view until you are at least 3/4ths of the way through your story. That struck me as odd, so I began to think of what the story would or could look like if I were to look through the villain’s perspective the whole way? I didn’t expand much on the thought at the time, but sure enough, I came across this title and decided “Oh, I gotta buy this.”

Let me tell you, I’m so glad I did. I got the Kindle version, but I’ll most likely invest in an actual paperback copy in the future so I can make notes and loan it to my young mentees. This book will forever be a part of my writer’s toolkit, because if I start from this perspective in every book I write, I don’t see how I’m going to lose.

Sacha takes us step-by-step through the careful crafting of a fully-fleshed three-dimensional villain, exposing our lopsided love affair with our hero/protagonist, and even providing us with a list of the different kinds of villains and what choosing one of them means for how your ending plays out. Sacha is mostly talking about the Bad Guys and how they relate to the story overall, but her advice, if followed, will make for some well-structured story and character arcs. As previously stated, I read a lot of writer books written for writers, and this one is easily one of the most indispensible for me going forward. I am very serious about purchasing two copies of this book.

I’ll be on the lookout for anything else that has Sacha’s name on it.

Buy  the books separately or combined:

and Amazon US:

And find more reviews and follow Sacha on Goodreads:

Connect to Sacha via her website:

The next author with a new release is Marcia Meara with The Emissary – A Riverbend Spinoff Novella which follows the story of a previous character in the series.

About The Emissary

Was Gabe Angelino, the mysterious truck driver in Finding Hunter: Riverbend Book 2, really an angel, as Willow Green believes? Or was he simply a good man, determined to help a stranger in need? Find out, as author Marcia Meara reveals the truth in the first Riverbend spinoff novella, The Emissary.

An angel’s work is never done—that’s part of the gig. But angels hadn’t been created to deal with such a vastly over-populated planet, rife with misery, suffering, and general chaos. Helping souls in peril has become a nearly impossible job, and even angelic tempers are frayed.

The archangel Azrael has had enough. He believes he’s found a way to ease their burden while saving jeopardized humans, too—hired help.

When Jake Daughtry lost his life rescuing a total stranger from certain death, he was on the fast track to Heaven. But that was before Azrael pulled him right out of line at the Pearly Gates. Now, as an Emissary to the Angels, Jake is taking to the highway in a quest to help souls in trouble. But the innate stubbornness of human beings bent on self-destruction is a challenge unlike any he’s ever faced.

It’s up to Jake and Azrael to bridge the gap between humans and angels. Will they ever convince the Council of Angels this endeavor is worthwhile? Can Jake figure out how to play by Azrael’s complicated rules? Will Azrael ever master the use of contractions in general conversation?

To find out the answers, hop on board Jake’s big red-and-white semi and travel the roads from the Florida Keys to north Georgia on an adventure that will make you laugh hard and cry even harder.

Some early reviews for The Emissary.

I want more  on October 2, 2017

I am a Beta reader for Marcia and so have been privileged to reading this as the story evolved. This opinion is mine–this novella is wonderful. It takes a prior character from her books and expands on him. There are lots of twists, turns and emotions throughout and an absolutely lovely read. You will absolutely enjoy this novella.

An incredible read! Marcia has a way of description that simply takes your breath away. I have read many of her books but there is something about this story that is so beautiful and so real. I laughed and I cried and I love when a story had an erray of emotions. I truly enjoyed this read and highly recommend it.

Head over and buy the book:

And Amazon UK:

A selection of books by Marcia Meara

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

And Amazon UK :

Follow Marcia Meara on Goodreads:

Connect to Marcia via her website:

And for the final update today a recent review for M.J. Mallon for her book The Curse of Time: Book One – Bloodstone is a YA fantasy and science fiction adventure, which is on pre-order with delivery for August 26th.

About The Curse of Time

On Amelina Scott’s thirteenth birthday, her father disappears under mysterious circumstances. Saddened by this traumatic event, she pieces together details of a curse that has stricken the heart and soul of her family.

Amelina longs for someone to confide in. Her once carefree mother has become angry and despondent. One day a strange black cat and a young girl, named Esme appear. Immediately, Esme becomes the sister Amelina never had. The only catch is that Esme must remain a prisoner, living within the mirrors of Amelina’s house.

Dreams and a puzzling invitation convince Amelina the answer to her family’s troubles lies within the walls of the illusive Crystal Cottage. Undaunted by her mother’s warnings, Amelina searches for the cottage on an isolated Cambridgeshire pathway where she encounters a charismatic young man, named Ryder. At the right moment, he steps out of the shadows, rescuing her from the unwanted attention of two male troublemakers.

With the help of an enchanted paint set, Amelina meets the eccentric owner of the cottage, Leanne, who instructs her in the art of crystal magic. In time, she earns the right to use three wizard stones. The first awakens her spirit to discover a time of legends, and later, leads her to the Bloodstone, the supreme cleansing crystal which has the power to restore the balance of time. Will Amelina find the power to set her family free?

A YA/middle grade fantasy set in Cambridge, England exploring various themes/aspects: Light, darkness, time, shadows, a curse, magic, deception, crystals, art, poetry, friendships, teen relationships, eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, depression, family, puzzles, mystery, a black cat, music, a mix of sadness, counterbalanced by a touch of humour.

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Adele Marie Marie rated it Five Stars on October 12th 2017

From the beginning, I was drawn into the main character, Amelina’s world. It is quickly established that Amelina’s world is not like other girls her age. I can’t say more than that as I don’t want to give spoilers away.

Amelina is written so well. There is a part of her that all of us will recognise and emphasise with. At that awkward age where nothing fits and at the same time you feel as if you can conquer the world.

Darkness creeps in slowly in the form of Ryder who at first seems the answer to all Amelina desires, or is he? The circle of friends she has are all different personalities but they fit together like a circle. The description of each girl is short but gives us an immediate picture of their personality. Then there are Amelina’s parents, her growing power and the strange invitation.

I give Curse of Time Book One five stars.

I enjoyed reading this novel and the only consolation I had when finishing it was there will be a book two. Marjorie has written a magical tale and drawn for us a world where nothing is what it appears to be on the surface. I loved this novel and Marjorie’s telling of it. Amelina has a strong voice and I could see everything crystal clear through her eyes.

A book to go back and read time and time again.

Read the other reviews and buy the book:

And on Amazon US:

Follow M.J. Mallon on Goodreads:

Connect to Marjorie Mallon via her website:

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Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Dionne Warwick, Hurricanes and Archives.

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts that you might have missed and as always I am so grateful for the contribution of others to the blog which adds great content and a different perspective on life.

Exactly thirty years ago to the day, we were told on a weather forecast that high winds were expected overnight.. that particular weatherman never lived that down. On the Monday 16th of October, I was due to start my new job as Advertising Sales Trainer for a paper in South Woodford in London. It was great as it was just a ten minute walk from our house on the edge of Epping Forest. Overnight we certainly had high winds… it was a hurricane with winds up to 135 miles per hour and most of the South of England was devastated. On our estate ancient trees toppled and the next morning I had to climb over several to get down to the main street where the offices were. My first day on the job and apart from the receptionist who lived locally and had managed to get in and open up… I was the only one in the office for the day. On job training they call it.

Hurricane Ophelia has just dropped down by ten miles an hour and downgraded from a category 3 to category 2 which is a tropical storm. It is beginning to break up as it travels north and hits the current depression over us. It is going to make landfall on our west coast tonight which will take a beating especially in coastal areas. We are hoping that by the time it reaches us it will have lost even more power, but because we live in a rural location our overhead electricity and telephone lines are likely to suffer.  We are better placed than many who live in designated flood areas as the rain that will fall is going to fill the rivers rapidly.

If you don’t see me around for a couple of days you will know why.. If you are in the UK batten down the hatches as high winds will be hitting you tomorrow on the north west coast. Be safe.

I have scheduled you with some of your regular posts for the week to keep you entertained..

Time to get on with some posts that you might have missed this week…

William Price King Meets some Legends – Dionne Warwick the Early Years.

The start of a new series and we meet the wonderful iconic Dionne Warwick as she grows up with a gospel influence and rich musical heritage.

Writer in Residence – Pure by Paul Andruss

Thomas the Rhymer Paul Andruss

This week Paul Andruss shares the secrets from the leather tanning industry that is best written between meals. Some of the products used to provide you with soft kid gloves were picked up by collectors.. and a clue.. today we would be fined for not picking it up.. Pure is its name not its nature!

Smorgasbord Health – Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor

This week wind free beans.. and not just baked, but a number of varieties created in her kitchen in Thailand for your pleasure.

I added a few more mushroom recipes to those Carol created a couple of weeks ago

Smorgasbord Health

With the Australia flu raising concern for its spread to the UK and the rest of Europe it is time to think about taking some precautions.

Sunday Interview – Ultimate Bucket List

Delighted to welcome author Amy M. Reade to share her two top items on her Ultimate Bucket List..

Odd Jobs and Characters

My thanks to Adele Marie Park for sharing this week’s episode of Odd Jobs and Characters. I come to grips with a few rams… literally!  On a sheep farm in the mountains of Wales.

Posts from Your Archives

I am so delighted that so many bloggers are sharing posts from their archives that deserve another audience.. MINE.. if you are interested in participating just send four links to I am looking for human interest, informative, entertaining and humour…if you would like to promote your books.. then still email but we will look at doing a FREE promotion instead.

Carol Taylor kicked off the week with the story of a stray mama dog and her pups and the her own impending new fur family member.

Pete Johnson took a look back at the 1950s and 1960s with a realistic look at the hardships that children and adults face in those post war years.

Deana Metzke shares the story of how her son, although still very young developed a taste for chapter books, eagerly looking forward to the next night’s installment.

Debby Gies with one of her informational posts on handling social media and solicitations by email. We all get them.. “I write posts very similar to your blog and feel that I could provide you with content”  or similar.

A new contributor to this series.. Bob Wertzler of Cabbages and Kings with a post about how we are all stories.. everything we do, think or feel is about creating a story.

And a warm welcome back after a couple of months offline to Tina Frisco who shares wise words on how we can manage stressful and sometimes catastrophic events in our lives.

Sally’s Cafe and Update

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the shelves

Smorgasbord Book Promotion

Media Training – Advertising for authors – Physical Watering Holes where readers gather.

This is the final post in this series – physical waterholes where you can meet your readers and sell books.

Personal Stuff

Smorgasbord Pet Health


A herd of dairy cows come rushing across to listen to a jazz band.. and then the unexpected happens…..

Thank you again for all your wonderful support this week and hopefully the winds will die down before they reach us.. if not see you on the other side.