Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Josh Groban, Getting to Know Carol Taylor and Barbara Villiers unveiled.

Welcome to the weekly round up and to get you in the mood, I thought I would kick things off with the wonderful new teaser from William Price King and his new musical collaborator, guitarist Manolis. Really looking forward to sharing the full videos with you over the next few months.

It has been a glorious week here up to yesterday, so I have been in the garden.. Fiddling I think it is called… adding some new plants here and there and I have now been banned from going to the garden centre. I keep coming back with the multi-coloured pots that are so much more decorative than the plain brown ones… blues, purples, pinks to complement my colour scheme this year. Trouble is pots need plants!

We are having our lawn laid in the next couple of weeks and if we get a run of dry weather, the wall which is cracked will be repaired and then brand new fencing. We have been in the house two years next month and we knew we had a job on our hands!  Delighted to only have a couple of inside jobs to do and then the house is finished. Hopefully that will not signal itchy feet as we do like a project.

Anyway, in the meantime I have managed to post a few (I know I bend the rules and post too many!) but hopefully out of the collection you will find one or two that are of interest to you. The reason for creating this as a magazine is that it opens it up to several topics and if you would like to see more than the current offerings let me know.

On with the week…..starting with the regular columnists.

William Price King begins a new series about the American singer, songwriter and actor Josh Groban and in the the first post shares this very talented artist’s early years.

Writer in residence Paul Andruss with Part Two of the Barbara Villier’s Story

This week the Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor has rather a different ingredient.. Carol herself as I decided to share her Getting to Know You in her regular spot. She has quite the stories to tell and my advice….. don’t get in a lift with her!!

Getting to Know You – Sunday Interview

Delighted to welcome author Lucinda E. Clarke to the blog today, sharing her experiences of life and work in Africa, with some hair raising moments.

Personal Stuff.

I continue my letters to my parents from Texas in 1985, having just celebrated our first July 4th.

The final in my Get Caught Getting Reading month and this week Bernard Cornwell, a long time favourite historical author of mine. I have read all of the Saxon Chronicle so far, but review the first The Last Kingdom.

Another background story to my book Just an Odd Job Girl… and this week a ghost and counting peas in the Steak House part two.

Sally’s Drive Time #Playlist – My 18th Birthday and HMS. Belfast

Another story from my collection Flights of Fancy… Curtains – An old woman recalls her life and reflects on the changing patterns and colours of her bedroom curtains.

And the second story this weekend from the collection features a woman whose marriage has ended and she has escaped to southern Spain to lick her wounds.


A Haiku with image by Wayne Barnes of Tofino Photography

Posts from Your Archives – Travel

Author and Financial expert Sharon Marchisello steers us through the complex Cuban currency exchange.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

Cafe and Bookstore author update

Cafe and Bookstore – Meet the Reviewers

A celebration of the book reviewers who support authors.

Health column

The difference between an allergy and an intolerance and some of the culprit foods.

There is a great deal of research going on around the effects of a Vitamin D deficiency which is linked to autism, brain disease, IBS, and cancer.

Crash dieting does your body no good, in the short or the long term… avoid the blandishments of the magazine headlines and the latest celebrity diet and ease yourself into your swimsuit healthily and nutritionally.

Humour and afternoon videos


Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Personal thoughts on the week’s events and Jazz, Tulips, Pork, Reading and the Himalayas

Welcome to the weekly round up and it has been a week of two extremes. The sadness and horror of more young people killed in a place where they should all feel safe in Texas, and the opulence and joy of a royal wedding.

The first is a problem that is not just confined to the United States, as violence and bullying in schools seems to be universal. We keep applying plasters to the symptoms, but do not seem to be able to resolve the underlying root cause of such anger, and the inability to communicate without aggression. I have no answers; only ideas, but surely some of the brightest minds in the world could get together, and come up with some constructive ways to prevent this sort of tragedy from happening in any of our educational establishments.

The royal wedding yesterday was an example of how centuries of tradition and customs that have been passed down within a constitution, can be modified and amended to enable new and more relevant inclusions which work. Proclamations and edicts issued 500 years ago and amendments to constitutions written in 1791 had their relevance in those times. Change is necessary and for those young people that are paying the price for our alleged ‘rights’, it cannot come soon enough. And that applies in the UK where our own capital has now become a murder hotspot, with acid and knives being the weapons of choice.

That change needs to take place not just in schools, and the way that we teach children, but in the home, where the fundamentals of socialisation need to be established by good parenting. How we achieve that will require a massive social and educational shift. I know from experience that there are amazing teachers and parents who inspire, motivate and prepare their pupils and children to enter the world as responsible adults. Many of them are bloggers here on WordPress sharing their expertise and ideas. Sharing their posts with your own readers is a very good start to the change process.

And the most important element for me towards this change, is that we need to stop giving those who perpetuate these acts of violence their 15 minutes of fame, and instead take every opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the millions of young people, who are inspiring and motivating.

Along with the usual videos of music and humour; I am going to share some videos of amazing young people.

I don’t often use my blog as a platform to share my views on politics or other social issues, but today I felt that I could not mention my enjoyment of the royal wedding without paying respect to the young people and their families in Texas, where David and I were so warmly welcomed back in the 1980s.

Now on with this week’s round up of contributors, guests and of course, not forgetting those of you who have kindly been in to like, comment and share.

On that subject, with the GDPR coming into force on the 25th, you will find a note at the end of each post about the subject.

Because of the actions of a few of the large Internet players, we are now all being held responsible for their actions. Our privacy online is a very hot issue. We all know that when we are online and interact with a website, that our data is being collected. With the responsible websites, such as WordPress, this is to ensure the smooth running of the platform.

I have a privacy statement in the menu:

This contains the links to both Jetpack and Automatic who provide services to WordPress, outlining what information is gathered and how it is used.

I have also added my assurances that I will not pass on your information to a third party, or misuse.

I do hope that this new regulation will not result in readers of blogs from leaving feedback on posts. It is one of the fundamental elements of blogging that allows interaction and communication between us all. Something we need more of and not less in this world.

Thank you for taking the time to read my views today… your visit is appreciated and here are the posts from the week you might have missed.

The Music Column with William Price King –

So far on the Music Column this year, William has featured Bono and U2, Madonna, Johnny Mathis and Aretha Franklin. Next week a new series with the music of Josh Groban.

Paul Andruss – The Gardening Column.

Paul Andruss treated us to an extra post this week with the history and varieties of the beautiful Tulip.

The Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor who shares a sure fired way to crisp up that crackling on your roast pork and other fabulous recipes.

The Literary Column with Jessica Norrie

For various reasons we can find ourselves in a reading desert.. too much going on at work, relationships and online! It can be tough to leap back into reading novels.. but Jessica offers hope in how we can revive that reading feeling…..

The Sunday Interview – Getting to Know You – Balroop Singh

This week my special guest is author, poet, book reviewer and blogger Balroop Singh.  Balroop is a wonderful supporter of other writers and I have been delighted to share her insightful and constructive reviews for authors in the Cafe and Bookstore.


Personal Stuff.

Get Caught Reading Month and another author who has inspired me.. Dorothy Parker was born before her time… and today I share two of her poems and some of her quotations that have inspired me to write.

This week on Odd Jobs and Characters, I share the events that took place when I was in my management training programme with a steak house chain. ‘The Night of The Mouse’ and the aftermath.

Short stories – another from my collection Flights of Fancy.

A woman in a farmhouse on a Welsh hillside offers kindness to another.

Letters From America – 1985 – 1987 – A baby arrives and I meet a new friend at the pool.

Finally Spring has arrived in my garden… some of the colour that has erupted with a few days of sunshine.

Sally’s Drive Time Playlists #Music to get the weekend started.

The last of the request shows… and back to the usual posts next Friday.  This week requests from Jacquie Biggar, John Rieber, Judy E. Martin and Janice Spina

Posts from your Archives – Travel

This week Debby Gies shares her photographs from her cruise to the Caribbean.. and coming back through Canadian Customs.. where they have a special lane.. just for her!

St. Kitts

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

This week Craig Boyack.. C.S. Boyack celebrates the release of his latest book. The Yak Guy Project.

Poet Ali Whitelock introduces us to her latest release – And my heart crumples like a coke can.

A warm welcome to novelist Elle Boca and her Weeia series of novels.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Meet the Reviewers. 

A celebration of those who take the time to review our work and help us sell books.

Cathy Ryan

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Update – Authors in the cafe with recent reviews.

Smorgasbord Health Column

Food in the news… heart and stress – good news for dark chocolate lovers.

Heart health and stress – strategies to help save your life.

Vitamin D is a multi-functional nutrient that we need for some very important reactions with in the body to keep us health and our structure strong.

The next in the series of ancient healing therapies – Acupuncture..

Humour and Afternoon Video

I hope that you have enjoyed the posts this week, and would of course love to hear from you. Thanks Sally

Before I finish I would like to congratulate all the winners of the Bloggers Bash Awards that took place in London yesterday. So sorry not to have been there but I hear it was a great day. I was very honoured to have been nominated in the Best Overall Blog Category.

If you would like to find out who the winners are in the various categories you can find them here:

and I will leave the last word to the Kid President 20 things we should say more often.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Get Caught Reading Month – Writers who have inspired me – Dorothy Parker

Welcome to the third in my Get Caught Reading Month posts…this week a woman with an acerbic wit and who could write the most beautiful poetry. Whilst appearing to be this witty and sophisticated woman of her times, there is an element of poignancy and vulnerability present in her work, that makes it all the more appealing.

If I was able to invite guests who are no longer with us to a dinner party, Dorothy Parker would definitely be one of them.

I was given a copy of The Penquin Dorothy Parker nearly 40 years ago as a parting gift from a very good friend. I still have it on the shelves next to my desk and will often reach out and browse for half an hour or so to get my writing mojo back.

The book contains stories and poems published in 1944… in the blurb it says ” Beneath her carapace of electrifying wit which reflected so brilliantly the age she lived in, was a woman for whom happiness was, at best, precarious”.

There are some wonderful quotes

“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”
Dorothy Parker

“I don’t know much about being a millionaire, but I’ll bet I’d be darling at it.”
Dorothy Parker

That would be a good thing for them to cut on my tombstone: Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment.
Dorothy Parker

“A hangover is the wrath of grapes.”
Dorothy Parker

Although her essays and short stories are a joy to read, It is her poetry that I have enjoyed the most. Including these two.

The Little Old Lady In Lavender Silk

I was seventy-seven, come August,
I shall shortly be losing my bloom;
I’ve experienced zephyr and raw gust
And (symbolical) flood and simoom.

When you come to this time of abatement,
To this passing from Summer to Fall,
It is manners to issue a statement
As to what you got out of it all.

So I’ll say, though reflection unnerves me
And pronouncements I dodge as I can,
That I think (if my memory serves me)
There was nothing more fun than a man!

In my youth, when the crescent was too wan
To embarrass with beams from above,
By the aid of some local Don Juan
I fell into the habit of love.

And I learned how to kiss and be merry- an
Education left better unsung.
My neglect of the waters Pierian
Was a scandal, when Grandma was young.

Though the shabby unbalanced the splendid,
And the bitter outmeasured the sweet,
I should certainly do as I then did,
Were I given the chance to repeat.

For contrition is hollow and wraithful,
And regret is no part of my plan,
And I think (if my memory’s faithful)
There was nothing more fun than a man!

and another that is one of my favourites

War Song – 1944

Soldier, in a curious land,
All across a swaying sea,
Take her smile and lift her hand –
Have no guilt of me.

Soldier, when were soldiers true?
If she’s kind and sweet and gay,
Use the wish I send to you –
Lie not lone till day!

Only, for the nights that were,
Soldier, and the dawns that came,
When in sleep you turn to her
Call her by my name.

You can buy this book in paperback:

Some other books by Dorothy Parker most of which are second hand.

You can buy them here:

Find out more about her books and quotes:

About Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker (née Rothschild; August 22, 1893 – June 7, 1967) was an American poet, writer, critic, and satirist, best known for her wit, wisecracks, and eye for 20th-century urban foibles.

From a conflicted and unhappy childhood, Parker rose to acclaim, both for her literary output in publications such as The New Yorker and as a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table. Following the breakup of the circle, Parker traveled to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting. Her successes there, including two Academy Award nominations, were curtailed when her involvement in left-wing politics led to a place on the Hollywood blacklist.

Discover more about her life story: Dorothy Parker – Wikipedia

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the writers who have inspired me and would love to hear who your literary heroes are. Thanks Sally

Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Aretha Franklin, Late Spring Bulbs, Corned Beef and Esme’s Party Piece.. and that’s just for starters…

Welcome to the weekly round up with the posts that you might have missed. I have been editing Tales from the Irish Garden and breaking that up with time in said garden, planting pots and (if I am honest) sitting in patches of sunlight reading! It is another lovely day here so will be doing the same, as around here one is not really sure if this is ‘summer’ and you need to make the most of it.

We have some major work coming up with contractors in to lay a lawn and add some new fencing. We have been in the house two years in June and these will be the last of the major renovations…really looking forward to having the garden in bloom again.

As usual the posts this week do not all originate from my keyboard, and a huge thank you to the contributors for their commitment to delivering fabulous posts.

William Price King finished his series on the legend, Aretha Franklin in style on Wednesday, with plenty of tracks to bring back memories and to dance to. There is a slight break this week but then from the 23rd, William will be sharing the story behind the talented singer and songwriter, Josh Groban.

Paul Andruss shared some stunning images of late Spring bulbs that brought some colour into our lives, especially those of us who have been waiting rather a long time for spring to even begin!  The gardening column is clearly popular and don’t forget that our resident expert is happy to answer your questions. Not just for those of us in the UK and Ireland but across the world.

Carol Taylor enticed us and informed us with her post this week on the glories of beef.. in a Strogranoff, Corned and in the fabulous Thai Salad Nam Doc Nua… again if you have questions about any of the recipes or any food or cookery queries then fire away.

Esme’s Party Piece… the health issues common to the specific zodiac signs and foods that are a good idea to include regularly.

The Getting to Know you Sunday Show.

My guest today is the generous, forthright and passionate advocate for civil liberties, The Militant Negro™. Not a day goes by when one or more of my posts are shared on his eclectic blog and I know that I am just one amongst many have reason to be grateful for his kindness. You will find the arts, poetry, fiction as well as down to earth and compelling documentation of the the many civil rights violations that are part of all our cultures.

Sally’s Book Reviews

If you are a frequent visitor to the blog you will have seen D.G. Kaye… Debby Gies here many times as a contributor, commenter and supporter. It is no secret that we are friends. This however, does not influence my views on her books, and this applies to her most recent release. Twenty Years: After “I Do” : Reflections on Love and Changes Through Aging.

Posts from Your Archives – Travel with D.G. Kaye – Debby Gies

Time for the third of Debby Gies, D.G. Kaye’s travel posts. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she is traveling. Apart from her usual finesse with the check-in and carry on bags, there is the matter of the toxic passengers and glares over protective masks.. You don’t mess with Debby that is for sure.. As to the bathroom facilities…..aghhhhhhhh.

D.G. Kaye Arizona

Personal Stuff – Letters from America

We were now into June of 1985 and getting the hang of things. We had met more people in the apartments and were planning our next trip later in the summer.  I also send photographs of our trip to Disney World to my parents.

Flights of Fancy – Short Story Collection

A woman is accused of murder.. and this is her response…..Getting Away with Murder

A recently purchased cottage is waiting for one more member of the family to arrive to make it perfect – The Other Side of Heaven.

Get Caught Reading Month – Authors who have inspired me – Jean M. Auel – Earth Children Series.

These books did not just inspire me to continue writing, but to explore my own heritage, back 20,000 years to a woman’s bones in a cave in the southern France, northern Spain region.

Another background story to my characters and jobs in Just an Oldd Job Girl. Originally hosted by Diana Wallace Peach. This week the cosmetic department.

Sally’s Drive Time Playlist – The requests from readers over the last few weeks.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves

Author Update – Recent Reviews.

Meet the Reviewers.. A celebration of those who take the time to review and support the books of authors.

Health Column

The right balance of LDL – Low density lipoprotein (potentially unhealthy cholesterol) and HDL– High density lipoprotein (healthy cholesterol).

One of the most common contributory factors to heart disease is stress… finding the right balance in our lives and diet is essential to reduce the risk of acute stress becoming a permanent state.

The next vitamin in the Nutrients we Need series is Vitamin C which is involved in over 3000 processes in the body.

The start of a new series of ancient healing therapies – this week Reflexology.


Smorgasbord Weekly Update. – Aretha Franklin, Restoration Women, Hot Soup and Texas Thunderstorms

Another week gone but one with some sunshine which is always worth celebrating. I have also finished writing Tales from the Irish Garden and phase one is over. Catching my breath and then back into each chapter to tidy up and elaborate before another run through for the first edit. I really don’t mind this part and at least I am on target to publish mid-summer.

I am so grateful for the amazing columnists who contribute to the blog each week and it would not be the same without them.

Great to have William Price King back after his week away and we just have one more post to come in the Aretha Franklin series. I am delighted that it has brought so many memories back and thank you for your comments.

Paul Andruss posted on his own site this week.. Plight of the Restoration Women.. when your money and assets belonged to the man you married. A companion piece to last week’s post here on Barbara Villiers.

Elizabeth Pepys by Rita Greer 2007 (Historical Painter)

Carol Taylor, like so many has been battling a chesty cough but still managed to get into the kitchen and produce some of her delicious soup recipes, it may be spring but the weather is still a bit cool and soups make perfect light lunches.

The Sunday Interview Getting to Know You.

Welcome to the Sunday interview and this week my guest is poet Ritu Bhathal who I enjoyed meeting at last year’s Bloggers Bash in London. And it was fantastic to be there when she won the Best Overall Blog Award 2017. Find out more about her phobias, her love of dusting!…. her passion for singing and meet her cat..

My personal stuff – Letters from America.

The weather becomes more turbulent in Houston. with the hot humid days and we experience our first thunderstorms and torrential rain. My friend Kelly’s due date comes closer.

Posts from my archives – Short stories – Odd Jobs and characters.

This week I work in the shoe department of our local store and find that I am still using x-ray equipment and some ladies do not wear knickers!

Get Caught Reading Month – Authors who inspired me to writer –  The books of Wilbur Smith.

Since my teens I have read and collected the books of Wilbur Smith. As part of Get Caught Reading Month, I will be sharing some of his work and three other authors who inspired me to write.

Sally’s Friday Drive Time Playlist – more of your requests. Howell, Annette Rochelle Aben, D.G. Kaye and Judy E. Martin

Short Stories – Tales from the Garden – Mollie’s Gardens.

My mother loved her gardens and in this post I share some of her memories spanning 94 years.

Posts from Your Archives

Debby Gies, D.G.Kaye shares another of her entertaining and informative travel posts. The joys of carry on luggage and the moving goal posts of their dimensions.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves.

Cafe and Bookstore Author Update

Meet the Book Reviewers

Smorgasbord Health Column

Aromatherapy – Marjoram essential oil – Muscles and stress.

Our heart is very dependent on us to provide it with the nutrient it needs to do its vital job of keeping us alive. It does not ask for much…just lots of fresh food, prepared from scratch and less packages, cans and bottles.

Our heart is only as good as the food we eat……


A-Z of nutrients that we need to be healthy – Vitamin B12.

Why we need cholesterol….


Thank you so much for dropping in today and as always my thanks for the amazing support and feedback. Enjoy your week and see you soon. Thanks Sally

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Get Caught Reading Month – Authors who inspired me – Wilbur Smith – #Memoir – On Leopard Rock

May is ‘Get Caught Reading Month’ and in celebration I thought I would share four of the authors who hold a special place in my heart and my bookshelves, and who have inspired me to become a writer.

If you have a magnifying glass, you might just be able to pick out the titles of the books to the right in this picture.. The two top shelves of the book case contain my collection of  Wilbur Smith books, the first ones going back as far as 1965 when I bought When the Lion Feeds... the first of the Courtney Saga. I have bought every one of them since.

You cannot read over thirty books by the same author without finding one or two that you don’t enjoy quite as much. I certainly find myself drawn to the historical novels in the Courtney, Ballantyne and Egyptian series rather than the modern novels but that is my preference. I still read and enjoyed them and certainly those that have been co-written offer a different element that works.

Those books on my shelves will now be joined by another Wilbur Smith title. On Leopard Rock which is the first memoir of this extraordinary author, and I cannot wait to read.

We had been living in Cape Town, South Africa for two years with my father who was serving in the Royal Navy. I attended a local school where I was introduced to Afrikaans, South African History and Geography. I was ten years old and had left my primary school in the last year. In South Africa at the time, you only moved on to secondary school at age 13, which was to result in me missing out on the first two years of the grammar school I was enrolled in when we returned back to the UK. They decided not to make me start in the first year but immediately moved me into the second year with girls my own age.

This put me at a disadvantage, as although my parents paid for me to be tutored in French, and I passed the 11+ in a special exam laid on for four of us by the navy. I was also behind in British History and Geography, and my English writing skills were also very rusty.

I went to school in Preston which was pleasant enough but it was also wet and very unlike the climate I had become used to in Cape Town. I was not happy and to be honest, I wanted to escape and the opportunity arrived when my father took out When the Lion Feeds from the library. I had seen him reading the book, and then put on the bottom of a pile of his four other books to be read stacked up beside his bed on the floor. I had about two weeks before he returned the books to read this African adventure and I devoured its contents every night with a torch under the bed covers.

I saved up my pocket money and when we returned to Portsmouth in 1967 and I started my part-time job along the seafront… I bought When the Lion Feeds and have purchased every book since then. Often in hardback to save waiting for the paperback to be released.

Over the last 50 years I have read each book several times… at least every decade and it is amazing what a different perspective you gain based on your own age and experience. Nuances that you missed the first time around as a teenager, certainly some of the adult content was way above my pay grade!

Wilbur Smith inspired to write my first short stories. I think that the major elements that I took away from his books, was to build characters that were memorable, and to craft stories that captured the imagination and left you wanting more. Still working on that!

The first book that I read was When the Lion Feeds.

About When the Lion Feeds

Brothers by birth. Enemies by blood.

Natal, 1860; the Courtney twins are born. Heirs to their father’s fortune, destiny divides the boys from the start – Garrick is eager to stay indoors with a book and escape the hardships of cattle-rearing, while Sean, strong and much-loved, wants to try his hand at everything.

When Garrick is forced to take ownership of their farm, Sean must explore the opportunities awaiting him: the rush and horrors of the Zulu Wars, the women who will fall for his charms, the rise and fall of gold fever and the deadly thrills of big game hunting on the African plains. But will Sean’s adventures really be his making – and at what ultimate cost . . .?

One of the books that stood out for me emotionally

About Eagle in the Sky

The Syrian plane disintegrated, evaporating in a gush of silvery smoke, rent through with bright white lightning, and the ejecting pilot’s body was blown clear of the fuselage. For an instant it was outlined ahead of David’s screen, cruciform in shape with arms and legs thrown wide, the helmet still on the head, and the clothing ballooning in the rush of air.’ He chose this life. And it may cost him everything.

From a young age it’s clear that David Morgan is ‘bird’-a natural pilot, most at home in the air. In the South African Air Force he receives plaudits beyond his years, and even his family begins to accept that David will do anything to stay away from the Morgan billion-dollar business, and to keep flying instead. Following his dream and in pursuit of Debra, a beautiful young Israeli writer, David soon joins the Israeli Defence Force and finds himself caught up in the country’s struggles. But when he pays a terrible price for his choices, will he be able to become the man he always hoped -or will he choose to disappear into the skies?

The first book in the epic Egyptian Series.

About River God

An ancient kingdom. An incredible destiny.

Taita is a humble slave; an expert in art, poetry, medicine and engineering, as well as keeping important secrets. He is the most treasured possession of Lord Intef. Yet when Intef’s beautiful daughter Lostris is married to the Pharaoh, Taita is commanded to follow her, and swiftly finds himself deeper than he ever could have imagined in a world of deception and treachery.

But outside the palace, the great kingdom of Egypt is divided, and in even greater danger. Enemies threaten on all sides, and only Taita holds the power to save them all . . .

A Courtney Series adventure – Book 3 in the Birds of Prey trilogy

Jim Courtney is protected by all the wealth and influence that his family’s successful business, the Courtney Brothers Trading Company, can provide in the Dutch-owned colonies of South Africa.

Louisa Leuven is an orphaned young woman who escaped the plague only to be unjustly imprisoned and transported to the Cape. When a storm destroys her prison ship, Jim is her only hope of escape.

But Louisa and Jim have greater adventures in the African wilds ahead of them: they must flee from Dutch forces who seek not only to recapture their prisoner, but also to hunt down and hang Jim Courtney – and punish the other member of the Courtney family, however they can…

You can find all the reviews and the books:

And Amazon UK:

And to find the recommended order of the books to read by Wilbur Smith personally:

And now the latest book from Wilbur Smith.. his memoir – On Leopard Rock.

About On Leopard Rock

The first ever memoir from the Number One global bestselling adventure author

Wilbur Smith has lived an incredible life of adventure, and now he shares the extraordinary true stories that have inspired his fiction. I’ve been writing novels for over fifty years. I was lucky enough to miss the big wars and not get shot, but lucky enough to grow up among the heroes who had served in them and learn from their example. I have lucked into things continuously. I have done things which have seemed appalling at the time,disastrous even, but out of them have come another story or a deeper knowledge of human character and the ability to express myself better on paper, write books which people enjoy reading.

Along the way, I have lived a life that I could never have imagined. I have been privileged to meet people from all corners of the globe, I have been wherever my heart has desired and in the process my books have taken readers to many, many places. I always say I’ve started wars, I’ve burned down cities, and I’ve killed hundreds of thousands of people – but only in my imagination! From being attacked by lions to close encounters with deadly reef sharks, from getting lost in the African bush without water to crawling the precarious tunnels of gold mines, from marlin fishing with Lee Marvin to near death from crash-landing a Cessna airplane, from brutal schooldays to redemption through writing and falling in love, Wilbur Smith tells us the intimate stories of his life that have been the raw material for his fiction. Always candid, sometimes hilarious, and never less than thrillingly entertaining, On Leopard Rock is testament to a writer whose life is as rich and eventful as his novels.

The hardcover is available in the US now… with other formats to follow this month. In the UK it looks like it will be 17th May for Kindle and Hardback with a paperback to follow in October.

Buy the book in hardcover:

And on Amazon UK:

About Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith was born in Central Africa in 1933. He was educated at Michaelhouse and Rhodes University. After the successful publication of WHEN THE LION FEEDS in 1964 he became a full-time writer, and has since written 30 novels, all meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His books have been translated into twenty-six different languages

To find out more about Wilbur Smith and his books:

I am about to read all his books again in my 66th year and I am looking forward to revisiting all friends, finding new perspectives and enjoying the adventures all over again.

I hope that if you have not already experienced the adventures of The Courtneys, The Ballantynes, The Egyptian Series, and stand alone thrillers, you will do so now.