Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Heritage of Deceit – Short Story – Graham Downs

Today the featured author is Graham Downs who has written several children and YA books short stories and flash fiction collections. Today I am showcasing his published short story Heritage of Deceit and I hope you will give him a warm welcome to the bookstore.

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Tell Me a Story Returns

The wonderful Tell Me A Story Podcast on The Magic Happens with Annette Rochelle Aben is back… The first guest is the lovely Tina Frisco and I have bookmarked to listen later today with my coffee.. The shows are recorded and then available to listen in your own time zone.. I loved my interview with Annette and she is looking for guests.. go on… #recommended

Annette Rochelle Aben

Following a hiatus for The Magic Happens Radio Network, we are bringing ourselves back into your ears!  A fresh podcast of Tell Me a Story is up and ready to enjoy.

The original program was a LIVE radio show which then went into archive, however we are taping everything (no more live, sorry) and it goes into podcast for listening pleasure when the time works best for you!

This half hour program is scheduled to be new each week, featuring a fascinating guest and you will be able to visit the page on the site of The Magic Happens Magazine to access ALL the podcasts in one place.

Here is the LINK to the PAGETell Me a Story

So, who is my first guest?  The darling and delightful, Tina Frisco!  Who else but a dear friend to allow me to get my feet wet again in…

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Do YOU have the Sense of a Goose?

I believe that community is vital to our survival and feel that this is almost as effective online as it is in person. And in fact as the generations roll out behind us it will be come equally so. Particularly as our reach is now worldwide and we can take support and knowledge from a much wider level of experience. I do recommend that you read this post because Madelyn Griffith-Haynie illustrates this elegantly and succinctly.. #recommended

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Reflections: edited reposting

Click HERE for Part One: ABOUT Values and the Goose Story

A wonderful model for living

In 1994 I founded The Optimal Functioning Institute™ – the company that presented the world’s first comprehensive ADD-specific coaching curriculum, and the only one for many years (OFI’s certification compliant A.C.T.), a curriculum I developed and delivered personally for years.

OFI was founded according to the principles that Dr. Harry Clarke Noyes articulates in The Goose Story, an extremely short free-verse poem (below) about the importance of community.

For well over a decade it was featured prominently on my first website,, built to focus on promoting the existence of ADD Coaching and the importance of brain-based, ADD-specific, Coach Training — and one of the first ADD sites on the web.

I first shared it here on in 2011

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Mandarins in Baden-Baden~

If you are ever looking for something to brighten your day then you really should follow Cindy Knoke who takes the most splending photographs. Today Mandarin Ducks in all their oriental splendour..Fashion designers take note.. this is how you put together a colour palette together for your next collection..#recommended

These guys weren’t part of my plan for the day!

I was going to show you Baden-Baden,

but the Mandarins got in my way!

Why are Mandarin Ducks swimming wild in Germany you may well wonder?

Although Mandarin Duck populations are dwindling in their native Russia and Asia, some escapees from captivity are breeding in the wild in Germany and The UK. I happened upon these guys today on the Oos River in Baden-Baden Germany.

So, it is cheers to you, and Happy Spring, from the gorgeous Mandarins in Baden-Baden Germany~

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Smorgasbord Poetry – Requiem for a Grandfather by Sally Cronin

I wrote verses from a very early age and filled books with them. Then I moved onto short stories; only rarely written anything but the occasional haiku. However, I am revisiting my scribbles and reworking some that go back nearly 50 years.This one is a little more recent and is the poem that I wrote following my first visit to my grandfather’s grave in Northern France in 1998.My mother was thirteen months old when her father was killed on November 2nd 1918. He was 31 years old and had been home for her birth following his third wound of the war since joining up in 1914. He had received this latest one when rescuing one of his officers from the front line. He received the Military Medal for his bravery.

Source: Smorgasbord Poetry – Requiem for a Grandfather by Sally Cronin

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Book Reading and Interview with Matthew Drzymala

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Book Reading and Interview at the Cafe. My guest Matthew Drzymala recently joined the shelves of the bookstore and today he will be treating us to an excerpt from his short story The Bachelor.N.B. This is an interactive interview and Matthew would love to answer your questions so please leave in the comments section of the post.

Source: Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Book Reading and Interview with Matthew Drzymala

Connecting the Chapters of Our Lives – Guest Post by, Cynthia Reyes…

Cynthia Reyes shares a comprehensive guide to keeping track of the memories in your memoir… a tough task when you are writing so many stories that contain links to other episodes in your life.. head over to The Story Reading Ape and read the rest of the post.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

(Or: The glue that holds your Memoir together)

Licence to use obtained – Copyright: gmm2000 / 123RF Stock Photo

Not everyone writes their memoir in a chronological order. Often, we write as we remember. But once we’ve written some or all of the chapters of our lives, we find ourselves with a puzzle. What we have is a bunch of stories without a main thread tying them together into one journey.

How to put some order on the disorder? Make a single narrative out of the wonderful chaos of our memories?

Here are 6 tips to help you transform what you’ve written into one story — the powerful story of your remarkable life.

1: My first suggestion: Leave it, then Re-read it. This time, you’re looking for the theme/s and progression of your story. Try this process:

  1. Put the manuscript aside; leave it alone for some days.
  2. Now reread,

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