Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – #Music, Nessie, #Thai Curry Pastes, New Books, #Reviews, #Health and #Humour

Welcome to the round up of the week’s posts. It only seems a couple of days since I posted the last one! However, we have had a busy week with plenty going on off screen including the renovation of the front garden. All the tree stumps are now all dug up and David survived the process. I have been supervising…. and providing sustenance of course in a timely fashion. He has also dug over all the ground, removed smaller roots and raked it over.

Hopefully the lawn man who promised to come in a couple of weeks a month ago will appreciate that 75% of the job he quoted for is now done and he only has to lay the lawn.

We are also waiting on the guy to come and fix our electronic gate.. He said Wednesday but neglected to tell us which Wednesday. It is frustrating when people say that they will turn up and then do not bother. We have stayed in three times now in the last couple of weeks in anticipation and it is disappointing and frankly unprofessional. The papers are full of how business is not as good as it should be…. I wonder why!

Anyway.. sorry for the little rant!  One thing I can never complain about, is the consistency and commitment by those who contribute to the blog each week with columns and to those of you who tune in regularly to like, comment and share. I really am very grateful.

Time to share the posts from the week that you might have missed…..

The Music Column with William Price King – Josh Groban Part Four.

More hits from this exceptional artist with some of his most recognisable hits that William has provided background to.

Paul Andruss – Writer in Residence.

No post from Paul this week but I always like to reblog from his own site as it is always interesting.. this week.. Nessie… the Loch Ness Monster has been the subject of many scientific studies.. but it is it a myth or a reality?

From the film ‘The Water Horse- Legend of the Deep’

The Cookery and Food Column with Carol Taylor – Thai curry pastes from scratch.

The Literary Column with Jessica Norrie – Blast Off! – Memorable first lines of books.

Getting to Know You Sunday Interview with Annette Rochelle Aben

Welcome to Getting to Know You where guests pick five questions that reveal a little more about their personality and background. This week my guest is Miss Personality as far as I am concerned. You don’t have to be in the same room with Annette Rochelle Aben to know that she is funny, compassionate, empathetic and generous. That all shines through in her blog posts, social media comments and radio podcasts. And as you will find out… it also shines bright as day in her interview.

Personal Stuff – Odd Jobs and Characters

I leave my job as housekeeper/cook of the boarding school and hop a train all the way to North Wales where I start a new position at a swanky hotel. Arriving late at night at this gothic mansion was not the best start to a new job I have had!

Letters from America – 100 degrees, Key Lime Pie and Adverts

Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story – Serialisation

Chapter One – In the Beginning

Chapter Two – My New Home.

A new story written as a guest post for Noelle Granger’s blog – Charlie the Junkyard Dog.

Charlie was a junkyard dog and had the scars to prove it. He was head of security of this fenced off mass of scrap metal, dotted with mounds of old tyres he called home, and he took his job very seriously. During the day, he was chained up next to the beat-up old trailer, where his human would shout loudly at other humans; sometimes throwing things at the thin metal walls. In bad weather Charlie would retreat into a rough scrap wood shelter; resting his bony body on a ragged old corn sack on the hard concrete floor as the water dripped in through the roof.

Poetry – Haiku

Sally’s Drive Time Playlist – 1974

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

Cafe and Bookstore Author Updates

Meet the Reviewers

Smorgasbord Health Column – The Summer Fruit Salad

fruit and veg banner

The Candida Albicans Shopping List

Alternative Therapies – The Alexander Technique

Humour and Afternoon Videos



Smorgasbord Poetry – #Haiku – The Daredevil – with Tofino Photography

Just when I think the photographs of the Eagles of Tofino, captured in the stunning beauty by Wayne Barnes, cannot get any more dramatic… I get an email.

Tough to do The Daredevil justice with mere words.



About Wayne and Tofino Photography.

Tofino Photography captures the life in the small west coast village of Tofino, British Columbia, Canada through wildlife, landscape and seascape photos.
– I am interested in the surrounding local flora/fauna and try to get out in my boat as often as I can. I started my photography after taking a one year course in my home town in 1973. I use my Darkroom to do my own films and prints and shoot digitally as well.
I like to stay in the background and let my pictures speak for me. They do a much better job !

If you do not already follow Tofino Photography then head over and be amazed.

This is just the directory for the Tofino Eagles… there are also bears, seals and othe wildlife, as well as stunning shots of the breathtaking scenery.

Thank you for dropping by today.. your feedback is always welcome. Sally

Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Josh Groban, Getting to Know Carol Taylor and Barbara Villiers unveiled.

Welcome to the weekly round up and to get you in the mood, I thought I would kick things off with the wonderful new teaser from William Price King and his new musical collaborator, guitarist Manolis. Really looking forward to sharing the full videos with you over the next few months.

It has been a glorious week here up to yesterday, so I have been in the garden.. Fiddling I think it is called… adding some new plants here and there and I have now been banned from going to the garden centre. I keep coming back with the multi-coloured pots that are so much more decorative than the plain brown ones… blues, purples, pinks to complement my colour scheme this year. Trouble is pots need plants!

We are having our lawn laid in the next couple of weeks and if we get a run of dry weather, the wall which is cracked will be repaired and then brand new fencing. We have been in the house two years next month and we knew we had a job on our hands!  Delighted to only have a couple of inside jobs to do and then the house is finished. Hopefully that will not signal itchy feet as we do like a project.

Anyway, in the meantime I have managed to post a few (I know I bend the rules and post too many!) but hopefully out of the collection you will find one or two that are of interest to you. The reason for creating this as a magazine is that it opens it up to several topics and if you would like to see more than the current offerings let me know.

On with the week…..starting with the regular columnists.

William Price King begins a new series about the American singer, songwriter and actor Josh Groban and in the the first post shares this very talented artist’s early years.

Writer in residence Paul Andruss with Part Two of the Barbara Villier’s Story

This week the Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor has rather a different ingredient.. Carol herself as I decided to share her Getting to Know You in her regular spot. She has quite the stories to tell and my advice….. don’t get in a lift with her!!

Getting to Know You – Sunday Interview

Delighted to welcome author Lucinda E. Clarke to the blog today, sharing her experiences of life and work in Africa, with some hair raising moments.

Personal Stuff.

I continue my letters to my parents from Texas in 1985, having just celebrated our first July 4th.

The final in my Get Caught Getting Reading month and this week Bernard Cornwell, a long time favourite historical author of mine. I have read all of the Saxon Chronicle so far, but review the first The Last Kingdom.

Another background story to my book Just an Odd Job Girl… and this week a ghost and counting peas in the Steak House part two.

Sally’s Drive Time #Playlist – My 18th Birthday and HMS. Belfast

Another story from my collection Flights of Fancy… Curtains – An old woman recalls her life and reflects on the changing patterns and colours of her bedroom curtains.

And the second story this weekend from the collection features a woman whose marriage has ended and she has escaped to southern Spain to lick her wounds.


A Haiku with image by Wayne Barnes of Tofino Photography

Posts from Your Archives – Travel

Author and Financial expert Sharon Marchisello steers us through the complex Cuban currency exchange.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

Cafe and Bookstore author update

Cafe and Bookstore – Meet the Reviewers

A celebration of the book reviewers who support authors.

Health column

The difference between an allergy and an intolerance and some of the culprit foods.

There is a great deal of research going on around the effects of a Vitamin D deficiency which is linked to autism, brain disease, IBS, and cancer.

Crash dieting does your body no good, in the short or the long term… avoid the blandishments of the magazine headlines and the latest celebrity diet and ease yourself into your swimsuit healthily and nutritionally.

Humour and afternoon videos

Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Aretha Franklin, Peppercorns, Literary Ageism, Las Vegas

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts and thank you very much for stopping by and for your support during the last seven days.

As always thank you to the contributors who provide regular columns including William Price King with the first in the new series about the legend Aretha Franklin.

Our resident foodie Carol Taylor treated us to an interesting column on the variety and use of peppercorns – Did you know about pink peppercorns?

Our writer in residence and gardening expert Paul Andruss was posting on his own blog this week and another fabulous post on cuckoos and the music of Delius.. I did reblog but here is the direct link to the post:

And Jessica Norrie took us on a tour of books that feature protagonists through the age groups from 0 – 100 years old. Can a lead character every be too old?

The new series of the Smorgasbord Sunday Interview – Getting to know You…with my five questions that I have responded to.

Here is reblog from Mr. Militant Negro who also shares his response to the five questions to give you another idea of how the finished post will look like. I will share his post in full later in the series but it is a moving and fascinating response.

Smorgasbord Poetry – Dorothy Cronin

Personal Stuff

Letters from America 1985 – 1987 – Las Vegas Part Two.

Sally’s Drive Time and Playlist – Two songs that make me think of my husband David.

Short Stories – Background to my characters in Just an Odd Job Girl

Tales from the Garden – The boy, his dog and a fairy princess.

Tales from the Garden – Cuentos del Jardin – is now available in Spanish.

Very grateful for two reviews this week which has been fantastic

One for What’s in a Name Volume One from Amy M. Reade:

And one from the writing duo of Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes for Tales from the Garden.

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Update

New book on the shelves – Twenty-Four Days (Rowe-Delamagente Thriller Book 2) by J. Murray (Jacqui Murray)

Posts from Your Archives – Travel

Welcome to Marian Beaman with an archive post for the #Travel themed Posts from Your Archives.. a turbulent trip to London and a bit of a do with a Copper. When travelling in other countries some things get lost in translation.. even when you are speaking the same language.


Welcome to author and financial expert Sharon Marchisello who shares her experiences of Docents… the locals who can see us coming a mile off when we land in a strange country and are not used to the local currency or transport systems.

Health Column

The A-Z of nutrients that we need to be healthy – B5 – Pantothenic Acid.

The Heart Structure and Function

Heart labelled

Shopping List for the Brain and its support systems.

The first key element to eating for brain health is to omit industrially processed foods that contain harmful toxins and additives that have zero nutritional benefit and effectively ’empty’ calories. They might supply sugar and trans fats and look appetizing on a plate, but the brain will not recognize them as anything it can process. Processed foods Vs. Industrially manufactured foods

Aromatherapy – Frankincense essential oil – Immune, reproductive systems, antiseptic, anti-aging.

The alternative shopping list – by nutrient




Thank you again for dropping in and all your support.. I am very grateful… Thanks Sally

Smorgasbord Poetry – Dorothy Cronin (1949- 2006) – A poet with an infectious laugh and a love of baking – Emer’s Song

It is 12 years since our family lost a dear and much loved mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend and my sister-in-law. Dorothy Cronin….She is missed.

Dorothy’s family were well aware of her many attributes but it only took a few minutes on meeting her, that these became apparent to others as well.

David and I met on September 16th 1980 in the hotel where I was working in mid-Wales. It was all very formal until the 28th of September when he asked if I would like to spend my day off with him in Harlech. On September 29th he asked me to marry him and I said yes. I was expecting a reasonable length of time before planning a wedding but my husband to be came back to our flat three weeks later with a bunch of roses and a date at the local registry office for November 15th.

This of course presented all sorts of logistical problems – David immediately rang his mother, Joan and dropped the first bombshell which was that he was getting married – and the date. Joan assumed it was a year ahead until he dropped the second bombshell that it was in two weeks!

The horrendous and nauseating ferry trip from Liverpool I will leave to another day but safe to say, I was very nervous about meeting my future in-laws. Despite David’s assurances that it would be absolutely fine I was very worried that being a Protestant, English, Divorcee was probably not what they had in mind for a wife for their eldest son!

Well, I could not have been more wrong. I had the most wonderful welcome, open arms and not a misgiving in sight. I am sure that there may have been some but they put their trust in David and also their strong family bonds.

This welcome and acceptance and love was also apparent the next day when we traveled to County Wexford where Dorothy was living with her family. Again I received a warm and loving welcome and it was the first time I encountered Dorothy’s wide smile, infectious laughter and skill at baking.

Her love of family extended to her poetry and on the birth of her niece Emer – she wrote this beautiful poem.

Emer’s song

Once upon a caterpillar dream
A butterfly flew a prayer
Into the sun.
Once upon a skylark’s song
A butterfly was snatched from the dark flames
To be born again in a garden.
Once upon Gethsamene
Roses in benediction bloomed
That children
Might chase dream painted butterflies

©Dorothy Cronin Rainbows in Amber 2007

About Dorothy Cronin by David Cronin

Dorothy was always a prolific writer, and in the introduction to an earlier collection she wrote … “As long as I can remember, words and the rhythms of speech have fascinated me. I was drawn early into reading poetry, but did not begin to write poetry until I was 13. I was instantly hooked, and, through dry and fertile periods, have remained so…” She has produced some wonderful work since then, and this collection holds just a few of these jewels.

In the year before her untimely death, in April 2006, Dorothy and I had discussed the publication of a collection of her poetry, and she was in the process of selecting poems and creating a number of short, themed groups for publication. Unfortunately, that process was cut short and we shall never know her final choices. However, this collection comes mainly from her own personal favourites.

I believe that anyone who reads these poems cannot fail to be moved: be it to tears, laughter or just a wry smile. They show a keen observation of the world she lived in; a profound insight into the people about her; the perception to find beauty in the simplest of things; and above all, the ability to encapsulate a moment of feeling in a package of words.

My one regret is that she is not here to see the impact that her words will have.

I will be sharing a number of Dorothy’s poems during April in tribute to a remarkable woman and friend.



Thank you for dropping in today and your feedback is always welcome.

Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up- William Price King sings, Paul Andruss and Hellebores and Carol Taylor and Mustard.

Welcome to the weekly round up and I hope that your weekend is going well. We have had a very special visitor from America who arrived on Friday and it did David and I the power of good to be in the company of such a delightful, articulate and successful young woman. We have known her parents for over 30 years and have seen her grown from a beautiful baby into this accomplished adult.. What a pleasure.

Anyway… In honour of the visit, the sun came out on Thursday and I was able to get some of my pots refurbished…the job is not finished yet.. I have some more planting to do next week… provided we get a little dry weather.

Anyway.. time to get on with the week and as always my thanks to William Price King, (look out for a special post in thanks to William for all his amazing contributions… Drive Time this week features two of his own performances). Paul Andruss and Carol Taylor who have, as always provided outstanding columns for music, gardening and cookery.

The Music Column with William Price King – Johnny Mathis up to date.

The Gardening Column by Paul Andruss – Heavenly Hellebores.. or should that be Devilish?

The Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – It is all about the mustard.

The Open House Sunday Interview – Gregg Savage – Daily Tales

Personal Stuff – Tales from the Garden – The Goose and the Lost Boy.

Letters From America 1985 – 1987 – Trip to Las Vegas – Part One #Hilton, #Dunes

Sally’s Book Reviews – UK2: Project Renova Book Three by Terry Tyler

Sally’s Drive Time #Playlist – Music to get the Weekend Started – William Price King.

Esme’s Party Piece: Prediction for the two weeks April 12th – 26th.. and your Flower Power.


Smorgasbord Guest Post – Leslie Tate – Growing up as an author.

Posts from Your Archives.

Posts from the Archives… new series… travel themed blogs posted before October 2017. And to kick the series off.. traveller and author Darlene Foster with a surprise visit to the home of Jane Austen..

Smorgasbord Poetry – Dorothy Cronin – Tuffy

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Spring Showcase – Final post

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves

Smorgasbord Health Column

Nutrients A-Z  that we need to be healthy.

Part three of the Brain series… this week a brief overview of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Turning Back the Clock – Chapter Ten – Maintaining your Health Advantage.

Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus oil – usage and safety.


Thank you very much for all your support this week and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Smorgasbord Poetry – Dorothy Cronin (1949 – 2006) Tuffy – A much loved family pet

It is 12 years since our family lost a dear and much loved mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Dorothy Cronin….She is missed.

Tuffy had entered the life of my parents-in-law by chance and this scruffy little dog had the heart of a lion.  When Sam our lassie collie, was a few months old and twice the size of Tuffy, I took him down to introduce them. He spent the entire visit with his back to the room in a corner, corralled there by the mistress of the house, while she sat a few feet back on guard.  He would risk an occasional look over his shoulder at his tormentor and then quickly return to his position of submission.

No dog in the lane was safe from her territorial ardour and it was completely immaterial as to their size or verocity.  She was queen of the lane and woe betide any dog, cat or postman who was under any other impression.

She left an indelible impression on us all and Dorothy put this into words with her poem.


Twilight dog
Racing against dog-coloured shingle
In the shadow of the night –
Now real
Now ghost
Now an echo of dog
On shifting shingle –
Echo of a memory
Of warm fur
And warm tongue
And unconditional devotion
Expressed in muddy paw marks
On the pristine flooring
Of memory
And kitchen.

©Dorothy Cronin Rainbows in Amber 2007

About Dorothy Cronin by David Cronin

Dorothy was always a prolific writer, and in the introduction to an earlier collection she wrote … “As long as I can remember, words and the rhythms of speech have fascinated me. I was drawn early into reading poetry, but did not begin to write poetry until I was 13. I was instantly hooked, and, through dry and fertile periods, have remained so…” She has produced some wonderful work since then, and this collection holds just a few of these jewels.

In the year before her untimely death, in April 2006, Dorothy and I had discussed the publication of a collection of her poetry, and she was in the process of selecting poems and creating a number of short, themed groups for publication. Unfortunately, that process was cut short and we shall never know her final choices. However, this collection comes mainly from her own personal favourites.

I believe that anyone who reads these poems cannot fail to be moved: be it to tears, laughter or just a wry smile. They show a keen observation of the world she lived in; a profound insight into the people about her; the perception to find beauty in the simplest of things; and above all, the ability to encapsulate a moment of feeling in a package of words.

My one regret is that she is not here to see the impact that her words will have.

I will be sharing a number of Dorothy’s poems during April in tribute to a remarkable woman and friend.


Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Johnny Mathis, Chocolate, Tea Tree Icecream, Lamaze Classes and Mary Kay

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts on the blog this week. It has been great fun putting it together and thanks so much for being around to help share them. I definitely do not take that support lightly when there are so many amazing bloggers in our community.

The weather continues to be a pain in the butt.. We had four times the average rainfall for March and we have already had double the average for April in only 8 days. Whilst for most of this it means getting the odd soaking when we do the shopping or take any dogs out… for farmers here it is causing serious issues. We might have a very green landscape because of the rain but it also requires sunshine to grow grass and other crops. Because of the lack of new growth and because it has been so wet underfoot, many dairy farmers have been forced to either keep the herd in winter housing and keep feeding them the stored winter fodder.. Which has now run out and they are forced into paying hundreds of thousands of Euros a week across the industry to buy more fodder to keep them going. Their profit margins on a litre of milk are slim enough. So for their sakes and ours, hopefully spring and sunshine will appear shortly.

This week has also been exciting for me personally as the blog was nominated in the Best Overall Blog category (along with some of my favourite bloggers) I am very honoured and inspired to carry on doing what I love.  There are several categories and you will find some of the contributors to the blog on the lists.. It would be amazing if you could head over and vote for your personal favourites and here is a link to a post that I did earlier in the week.

As usual I must thank William Price King, Paul Andruss and Carol Taylor for their wonderful columns this week. Johnny Mathis is going down very well.. the third and last in the series is this week… Paul tickled our taste buds with one of his in depth articles, this week on the subject of Chocolate.. the companion piece to last week’s Coffee.. and Carol Taylor put together a post Easter light three course meal.

For the last two weeks I have been posting a daily Cafe and Bookstore Spring Showcase and tomorrow sees the final post in the series. That is 150 authors that have been promoted with their most recent reviews. From Friday it is back to the normal twice weekly updates. However, now that I am through the bulk of my latest book.. I am returning to promoting new books of authors in the bookstore individually in the New Book on the Shelves promotion.

I already have four in the buffer but if you are in the bookstore and have a new book then just let me know. I do prefer to promote when available so as soon as it is on Amazon just send me the link to and I will do the rest. I keep a file on everyone in the bookstore and always check the bio etc for changes.

If you do have new book covers you will find that more often or not this new edition will change the individual book’s Amazon link.. Again just send me the link to your book with its new cover and I will change me information.

A quick request if I might. The purpose of these posts is to promote your books and hopefully result in sales. I will respond to comments and share on my social media, but to be really effective, you need to respond to every individual comment that is made too. Remember that people buy people first.

Also when part of the Cafe and Bookstore update on Mondays and Fridays alongside four other authors, it really makes a difference if you share the post on your own blog and social media. For example…. one of the recent showcases received 150 views on the blog but received 25 retweets.. I did the sums by going into each of those accounts and the number of followers and therefore potential readers of the books came to….. 350,000. That is the power of the accumulation factor and a powerful marketing tool.

Anyway.. enough of the palaver!  Time to get on with this week’s posts.. thank you again for all your support it is much appreciated.

William Price King picks up the story about Johnny Mathis and shares some of his early smash hits… such as….

Paul Andruss posted a companion piece to his recent article on Coffee.. this time Chocolate received the always entertaining Andruss treatment.

Carol Taylor was on an Easter break this week but did put together a delicious lighter three course meal after the excesses of the chocolate (from Paul and in the Easter Eggs).

The Open House Sunday Interview with writer, traveler and Wild West Nut Jo Clutton.

Smorgasbord Poetry – Immortality by Dorothy Cronin – 1949 – 2006 – It is 12 years since our family lost a dear and much loved mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She is still missed. I originally shared this at Easter 2014….I will be sharing her poetry for the next few weeks.

Personal Stuff- Letters from America

This week I am assistant coach for my friend Vicki at her Lamaze classes, host a Mary Kay party and am in awe of auction lots for Mother’s Day!

Short stories – Tales from the Garden – Little Girl Lost

Sally’s Book Reviews – Welcome to Saint Angel by William Luvaas

Sally’s Drive Time.. Music to get the weekend started.

This week an all out effort to bring some dry weather.. or at least sunshine back to Ireland.. with some sun themed songs.

An interview by Cynthia Reyes and a look at my little library amongst other things.

Blog Photo - Sally Library

I was delighted to be the guest of Cynthia this week… a little more background and secrets!

Posts from the Archives

Robbie Cheadle rounded off the Easter celebrations with a rhyming story with her main character Sir Chocolate saving the day.


Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Spring Showcase.

Jessica Norrie

Smorgasbord Health Column

How the brain develops from conception through life. We are hard wired and from the moment of conception there will be enforced changes to the structure and function of our brains

Smorgasbord Aromatherapy.

This week Clary Sage essential oil under the spotlight and also the hormone changing element of some oils that can be used therapeutically but can also impact gender specific health issues.

Turning Back the Clock – Chapter Nine – Holding on to your Marbles (A companion piece to the brain series)

The nutrients we need to be healthy – Vitamin B2- Riboflavin.


Another Flash Mob.. this time it is opera in the supermarket..

Thank you very much for your continued support and enjoy the week ahead..

Smorgasbord Blog Sitting Round Up – Amazing contributors taking care of the blog in my absence.


I am back…. we had a wonderful time and a surprise visit from my niece and my great nephew to bring even more to the celebrations. I can tell from the comments that you enjoyed the blog sitting posts that were contributed by very talented bloggers and authors and I am so grateful for their efforts.

In case you missed the posts… here is a brief rundown..

Thursday 15th February.

A warm welcome to a new contributor Cage Dunn, an Australian author who shares  thoughts on the life and commitment of a storyteller.

Vicki Steward will be sharing her home town of Glastonbury where she has lived more or less permanently since 1993. Glastonbury is renowned for his music festival but it is a town that attracts not just musicians but those who wish to sample a life that is rich in diversity.

Friday 16th February

Thomas the Rhymer

In the usual Friday Spot . writer in residence Paul Andruss explores some of the more complex and sometimes chemically enhanced writing styles of the rich and famous.

Very pleased to hand over the blog to the very capable hands of author Lillian Csernica who asks the question… Where will your writing take you? And what will learn about on the way?

Today a post from Rowena Newton of Beyond the Flow, who has faced some life threatening and changing challenges but clearly faces the long-term issues with positivity and a love of life.

Saturday 17th February.

Welcome to a treat straight from the Kosher Kitchen of Dolly Aizenman along with the history behind the recipe. As we anticipate a royal wedding in the UK in the spring perhaps I should forward this to the parties concerned. The wedding feast for the Tudor Court.

The entertaining John W. Howell is going to share what not to do if you suddenly come into a windfall.. such as the mega-millions from a lottery win… I am off to spend my fiver!

Very pleased to hand you over to another blog sitter this afternoon. Author M.J. Mallon. (Marjorie). An adventure in Scotland when Marjorie and her mother visited the famous Kelpies on their trip to Edinburgh.

Sunday 18th February

Most of you will be familiar with Carol Taylor and her cooking and food posts and her new weekly food column. Today as part of the blog sitting series, Carol shares a life changing and emotive experience from a few years ago. This post might give you a different perspective about those who live on the streets.

This week my lovely friend Debby, D.G. Kaye is taking over the hot seat in the Open House Interview and will sharing the background to why she rights non-fiction and memoirs, her publishing adventures, favourite music and the one big adventure she would like to experience.

I have another treat for you with the next blog sitting post. Jennie Fitzkee has a wonderful blog where she shares stories of her life as a pre-school teacher. But in this post Jennie shares a hidden talent… well hidden from us up to now! The Wedding Dancer.

Monday 19th February

Today in the blog-sitting special, you get two authors and two editors. Author and Freelance Editor, Judy Penz Sheluk interviews fellow editor and author Lourdes Venard. This is great, since editors are always busy, and it is useful to make new contacts. It is also helpful to find blogs, such as Judy’s, where you can be interviewed.

A welcome to Jacqui Murray to the blog sitting series with her first post for Smorgasbord. Most of us are on a learning curve when it comes to blogging, however long we might have been at the task. Jacqui shares some very important elements that are important to remember when posting.

Time for one of the wonderfully amusing posts from author Linda Bethea about her fabulous mother Kathleen Holdaway Swain. Linda’s stories about her mother have always entertained and enlightened me and this story has changed by shopping trips for the better!

Tuesday 20th February

A welcome back to to Debby Gies with one of the posts from her archives to share with us today.  When this post appeared last year it was met with rave reviews and for weeks on Facebook we were all announcing to the world our new status.. A Perennial Woman..

Blog sitting today is children’s author Jemima Pett with a science fiction short story.  Xanadu is stranded on an alien planet having crash landed…

In case you missed here are some of the regulars from the week.

Personal Stuff

Posts from your Archives


Cafe and Bookstore update

Health – Serialisation of Turning Back the Clock – Anti-Aging programme.





Thank you again for contributing, liking, commenting and sharing. I will get caught up today and normal service will resume tomorrow.. Take care and thanks Sally.


Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – Winter Wonderland Finally by Aurora Jean Alexander

It is actually nearly four weeks since Christmas but this poem from Aurora Jean Alexander from this time last year is very topical for many of you.

Picture courtesy of:

Picture courtesy of:

Winter Wonderland Finally by Aurora Jean Alexander

It was Christmas, three weeks ago,
the grass was green, there was no snow.
The skies were blue, it was too warm
Green Christmas? Here? This needs alarm.
New Year came -no flakes in sight
The sun had fun, the sky was bright.
But unexpected, it took us off guard
we woke up to a white yard.
Even though it’s freezing cold
I still will say – and I am bold
Sometimes I like the soft white mass
It can be fun – and it’s got class.
Snowy bushes and white trees
are surrounding the lake that will go freeze.
In such a time I love a forest walk
watch the squirrel, the deer, the owl and hawk.
Each snowflake is unique in art
a piece of glass and a piece of heart.
A fleeting existence and still so real
a wonder of nature, that’s how I feel.
On rare days I see romance be built
by the tiniest crystals, and still, there’s no guilt,
knowing that the picture is soon to be gone
We know it’ll be back, will soon be re-drawn.
Enjoy the little miracle that’s natures gift
when everything changes, from old to new shift.
Life circles, we know it, and it shows us first hand
This short lived but beautiful Winter Wonderland.

(Copyright, and all pictures Aurora Jean Alexander, January 2017)

About Aurora Jean Alexander


I’m a new author working on my first paranormal romance. I have written short stories and poetry in the past and now am looking to try my hand at a full-length novel.

My rare free time I’m spending in extreme reading, excessive pool swimming and playing monster-monopoly. My strongest support system are my sister, my family and my three cats.

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Thanks to Aurora Jean for sharing this lovely poem and I know she would love your feedback. Thanks Sally