Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Caledonia by Amy Hoff

A welcome to Amy Hoff who is joining the cafe and bookstore today with two of her books. Caledonia set in Scotland is shortly to be joined by The Connoisseur. And also released in November 2017… American Drifter

About Caledonia

Supernatural crime novel

“When Scottish folklore meets everyday Glasgow.”

Hard-drinking Detective Inspector Leah Bishop accepts a transfer from Edinburgh to a Glasgow branch of Interpol. Once there, she discovers that her fellow officers are otherworldly beings, and they police the supernatural world. They have called her in as the first human to ever work at Caledonia Interpol. Her job is to investigate a crime considered unimaginable to the Fae: the first serial killing of supernaturals.
Urban fantasy pairing the grit and dark humour of everyday modern Glasgow with Scottish folklore, Caledonia follows Leah and her Victorian selkie partner, Dorian Grey, as they investigate supernatural crime in Scotland’s city of culture.

One of the reviews for the book

Mar 24, 2015 Seumas Gallacher rated it it was amazing with Five Stars

Come, be enchanted by the Selkies and the Faer Folk in an unusual crime setting…

…I’m totally biased about this book because I was born and bred in Glasgow, where the story is set… notwithstanding that, readers with no knowledge of the city or its tough reputation will appreciate the gritty characterisation of the setting as much the players in the narrative… it is superbly imaginative and clever of the author to wrap the present-day human heroine, Leah Bishop into scenarios with Selkies, the Faer Folk and a modern vampira… all done with admirable credibility… murders of the Faer by one of their own kind is uncommon, and Bishop’s travails and eventual solving of the crimes is superbly handled… the colour and delicacy of the unconscionably beautiful male Selkies is a constant delight as the chapters unfold… regardless of whatever genre is your usual… this tale will tempt you all the way through…. most enjoyable…

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About American Drifter

This was a time when rusted out payphones were the only method of communication. Those long highways were places you could get lost forever, and not always in a good way. Inhabit this world, feel the steering wheel under your hands, and the endlessness of what was once America. Amy Hoff spent years traveling across the United States, living out of cars and cheap motels. She was a weightlifter and street-fighter, collecting monster legends across the country. Eventually she left the USA and continued traveling around the world. She was educated in Scotland and specialized in Scottish history, literature, and folklore. She is now a folklorist and historian whose primary research interest is monsters, and a specialist in American highway legends. She has never owned more than what can fit into a backpack and a suitcase.

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About Amy Hoff

Amy Hoff has been on the road for years. She used to drive across the US and live out of cheap motels, collecting stories. Eventually she kept going. She doesn’t live anywhere; her home is the road, in whatever form that takes. Sunsets off the bow when she was a sailor, flying into Incheon International in Seoul, driving the lonely American highways, walking across borders in the Americas, in Europe and Asia. The stories of Scotland are her favourite, and she became a PhD researcher, an expert in Scottish monster stories. She still travels, and is now a researcher of monster folklore worldwide. Check out the darker parts of any pub, if you are ever washed up on strange shores. You might see her there, looking for stories to tell and be told.

Connect to Amy Hoff

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves Update for 2018 – Free book promotion

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Only One Woman by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon

Over the last few weeks we have been enjoying the posts from the archives of Jane Risdon. This week however, I am sharing the great news that her new book, co-written with Christina Jones is now available.

About Only One Woman

Two women, one love story.

June 1968. Renza falls head over heels for heartthrob guitarist Scott. But after a romantic summer together they are torn apart when Renza’s family moves away.

December 1968. On the night she believes to be her last, Stella meets Scott at a local dance. He’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen and if this one night is all they have, she’ll take it.

As the final colourful year of the sixties dawns, the question is: can there be only one woman for Scott?

One of the early reviews for the book on Goodreads

Nov 21, 2017 Linda Hill on November 21st 2017

When band members move in next door to Renza, her life will never be the same again, but Stella could put a fly in her ointment!

What a roller coaster of emotions for Renza and Stella. Only One Woman is a real insight into the lives of these two young women in the 1960s. They experience the whole range of experiences for women of their time with their contrasting families shaping them very differently. I’d much rather have Stella’s family in my life than Renza’s!

Right the way through reading Only One Woman I couldn’t make up my mind about Scott. At times I thought I would like to meet him myself and at others I felt I’d prefer to hit him several times with a very heavy blunt instrument. Even by the end of Only One Woman I hadn’t made up my mind. I think this shows what a good job both authors have done in creating complex and real characters.

However, I have no such vacillations of opinion about the atmosphere and 1960’s setting. Although I was quite a bit younger than Renza and Stella in the 1960s, I remembered so many of the cultural references that give Only One Woman such a vivid era, from the music to world events. The authors deserve great praise for the quality of the research to ensure the accuracy of these details. The music really sets the scene but readers of a certain age need to be careful otherwise they will have earworms for days reading this book!

I also enjoyed the variety of settings and was fascinated especially by the depiction of army life in Germany.

I think anyone who has lived through the 1960s will find so many personal memories are prompted by Renza, Stella, Scott et al so that there is so much more to enjoy than simply reading a narrative in Only One Woman. It’s a highly evocative read.

Head over and buy the book:

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Read the reviews and follow Jane on Goodreads:

About Jane Risdon

Jane Risdon began writing five years ago having had a successful career in the International Music Industry which has taken her all over the world working with everything from Rock, Thrash Metal, and R&B/Pop to Chinese Opera. Her work has taken her to North America, Europe, and Singapore: even to Taiwan.

She’s been involved in Television, Radio, and the Movies around the world.

Travelling extensively and living overseas she draws upon her life experiences when writing Crime/Mystery novels, short stories in all genres – including humour, and she has dabbled in flash fiction.

Some of these experiences have found their way into her short stories about the Music Business, and she is presently working on a novel which will bring a lot of her more crazy ‘rock ‘n roll’ experiences into one tome.

Her main focus remains crime however, and she is working on a series of novels called ‘Ms Birdsong Investigates’ centered around a glamorous ex MI5 Officer forced into early retirement, who is trying to keep a low profile in a rural village in Oxfordshire. Her past experiences come to the fore when she finds herself investigating murder. Soon she finds herself back on old territory with Russian Mafia, Ukrainian People Traffickers and an old flame to deal with.

Some of the anthologies that Jane has contributed to

Read the reviews and buy the Anthologies:

And Amazon US:

Connect to Jane Risdon

Accent Press:

About Christina Jones

Christina Jones, the only child of a schoolteacher and a circus clown, has been
writing all her life. As well as writing romantic comedy novels, she also contributes short stories and articles to many national magazines and newspapers.

She has won several awards for her writing: Going the Distance was a WH Smith Fresh Talent Winner; Nothing to Lose, was shortlisted and runner-up for the Thumping Good Read Award with film and television rights sold; Heaven Sent was shortlisted in The Melissa Nathan Comedy Romance Awards and won a Category Award; Love Potions won the Pure Passion Award; The Way to a Woman’s Heart was short-listed for the Rom-Com of the Year; and An Enormously English Monsoon Wedding won The Reviewer’s Choice Award.

A small selection of Christina’s books

Read the reviews and buy the books:

and Amazon US:

Connect to Christina


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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Many Hats of a Lady: Ladies of Entrepreneurship by Brenda Scruggs

Delighted to welcome Brenda Scruggs to the Cafe and Bookstore with her book Many Hats of a Lady: Ladies of Entrepreneurship released in October 2017.

About Many Hats of a Lady: Ladies of Entrepreneurship

After the war between the North and South, in a time that seemed impossible to mend division, can Lacey Mills and Daniel Bartlett be able to let their differences dwindle to let love flourish. When an opportunity presents itself for Lacey Mills to follow her dream, she didn’t think twice even though, it would take her to the South. A place she never thought she would go since it claimed the life of her father during the war. Yet, her hands had designed some of the prettiest hats that anyone had seen and her dream was in reach. But, would her dream turn into a nightmare after encountering Curtis Kirkland.

A man destined to sabotage her dream and make her his willingly or not. Instead of, opening her own Millinery and Chocolate Shop would she end up being forced to work for her previous employer. Daniel Bartlett still didn’t favor Northerners and especially a fiery red head wearing colorful hat wear. He knew she would be trouble and wouldn’t entangle himself in her affairs, no matter how attractive she appeared. But, when a certain scoundrel targets the redhead, would he let her suffer at his hands or would he conquer the war that was raging on the inside of him and let the feelings for her turn for the better.

Head over and buy the book:

And Amazon UK:

Also by Brenda Scruggs

Two of the reviews for The Chocolatier

Loved This Book on May 31, 2017

I highly recommend reading this book.
I loved how the characters meet and developed a love story with suspense with the stalker and how they believe the lord will get them through anything. Who doesn’t love chocolate.
Continue writing stories like this and I will purchase them anytime.

The story flowed well and was alive with danger and emotion. I liked that Charles and Charlene were struggling with each other until it became apparent that Charles had more feelings for her than he had imagined. The intensity of the stalker and the harrowing actions were well written.

I enjoyed the thriller aspect of the story as much as the romance. It is a complex story that takes you into a deep place and shows that love can happen when you least expect it.

Buy the books from:

and Amazon UK:

Read the reviews and follow Brenda on Goodreads:

About Brenda Scruggs

Brenda Scruggs is an inspirational author, blogger, along with a daytime job. By day, she works as a merchandiser and by night her fingers tap the keyboard producing contemporary/historical stories that take the reader on travels of conflict and suspense with a flavor of romance. Her characters are strong and determined while facing oppositions that could alter their way of life.

She is married and lives in Tennessee. She takes pleasure in watching television with her husband, eating Mexican food and scribbling her thoughts on paper.

Connect to Brenda.


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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference: A Factual and Researched Guide to Knowledge by Debra Russell

Today I am introducing Debra Russell  who has just published a book that is close to my heart. I love Trivial pursuit and this book would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who loves finding out odd facts and statistics.  Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference: A Factual and Researched Guide to Knowledge.

And the good news does not stop there. From next Monday 9th November, for four weeks, we will be holding a Trivia contest. Debra has set some multi-subject questions for you and you will send the answers to her direct message on Facebook.- The winner each week will receive an eBook version or pdf as a prize for you to test the whole family.

So look out for Quiz Night with Debra Russell from Monday November 9th at 9.00pm. UK time.

About Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference.

A thoroughly researched, contemporary trivia book containing thousands of questions and answers from a wide variety of subjects, a section of tips for learning, retaining and retrieving information and a section of lists on specific information such as capital cities, US Presidents and chemical symbols. The printed version has been formatted so the reader can cover the answers on the opposite side of the page to test their own knowledge.

Here are two early reviews for the books

“Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference” is a well written and researched book and a must read for all Trivia Lovers. Full of researched facts that Trivia Lovers can go back to time and time again to ensure their knowledge is relevant and up to date. Love section 2 “Tips for learning, retaining and retrieving information”, this will be a great learning tool to help Trivia Lovers achieve the best they can.Helen Scott – Family Day Care Coordinator

“Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference” is must read for all Trivia lovers who thirst for more factual knowledge. All questions and answers have been properly and thoroughly researched and are presented in an easy to read manner. The section titled “Tips for learning” will definitely help readers retain factual information and retrieve that information when needed. Great book Debra.Carleen Augustus -Teacher

This book delivers on everything it promises and more. The author has compiled a factual, up to date and comprehensive resource of general knowledge that should appeal to both lovers of trivia and people like myself who just have a thirst for knowledge. I was particularly impressed with the logical approach of section 2, tips for learning information and would highly recommend the book to both trivia buffs and anyone just wishing to increase their general knowledge. – Wendy Howard – -Graphic Designer, Artist

Available now:

And Amazon UK:

Amazon author page:

Follow Debra on Goodreads:

About Debra Russell

Debra Russell lives in Queensland, Australia. She gained her Bachelor of Fine Art with honors at Griffith University in Brisbane and founded the Brisbane based arts organisation Impress Printmakers Studio Brisbane. Debra worked for many years as a professional artist and curated a number of high profile art exhibitions.

She has been writing poetry for her own enjoyment for over 20 years. Due to family commitments and her art career she has not been able to pursue her dream of becoming a writer up until the last 2 years. She has just published her first book Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference in September 2017.

In the future Debra has plans to write fiction as well as a book on Urban Myths and their origins.

Debra is interested in a wide variety of topics including the environment, animal welfare, human rights and social justice to name a few.

Connect to Debra on her blog and social media.


Don’t forget to look out for Quiz Night with Debra Russell at 9.00pm UK, Monday November 9th here on Smorgasbord for the chance to win an eBook or pdf copy of the book.


Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – A Roman Death by Joan O’Hagan

Today I am featuring the work of Joan O’Hagan who passed away in 2014. However, her work lives on in the books that she wrote in the 1980s and 1990s and a new novel published in October. Here is her daughter Denise to introduce us to her work.

Hi, I’m Denise, editor and daughter of the author. I’ve edited many books, but tackling my mother’s manuscripts was the most challenging of all, not least because of her temperamental nature. Her first book was published when I was a teenager and, used to the persistent click-clack of typewriter keys, I thought nothing of it. It was only later, wearing my ‘editorial’ hat, that I came to appreciate her accomplishments. The writing process was harder and less forgiving then – no cut-and-paste or control ‘z’, so if you made a mistake you had to retype the page, or chapter. I sometimes wonder if the rigour involved in this style of writing obliges us to think more clearly in the first place…

A Roman Death is a historical thriller set in Ancient Rome at the time of Caesar’s assassination. First published by Macmillan in 1988, and translated into Japanese and Swedish, it was her most acclaimed novel. This new edition contains her latest amendments and includes a Foreword by Steven Saylor.


Jerome & His Women is an historical fiction about the irascible St Jerome, the man behind the creation of the Latin Bible. Controversial even in his day, my mother was endlessly fascinated by this man, as I came to be also. I edited this with her during her last years under difficult circumstances, and was honoured to be short-listed for the inaugural Rosie Award.

Details: ;

Let’s take a look at the books and one or two of the reviews.

About A Roman Death

Historical thriller set in Ancient Rome. In 45 BC, Julius Caesar is at the height of his power. Lucius Scaurus, the young, good-looking fiancé of a high-society girl is poisoned at the couple’s own pre-wedding banquet. In the trial that follows, Roman society is shocked when the girl’s mother, Helvia, is accused of not only of murder, but of incest. Cicero comes to Helvia’s defence, but the killer’s identity remains a mystery until the final twist – or two.

‘Poison, poetry (both high-minded and salacious), marriage for money, marriage for love, gang-rape, cowardice in battle, scheming slaves, conniving aristocrats, malicious matrons casting magical curses, and (as if all this were not enough) a previously unknown oration by Cicero – there’s so much going on, so expertly conveyed ...’ — Steven Saylor

‘An absorbing story, with fully drawn characters, a fascinating place and period, all given vibrant life in the author’s best work so far.’Kirkus Review

An original setting, carefully researched and vividly portrayed.’The Times Literary Supplement

‘Religious beliefs and superstition in the ancient world play a key part in Joan O’Hagan’s novel about mayhem in Rome … The identity of the killer, in this excellent classical puzzle that is also a classic whodunit, is revealed in a splendidly contrived shock ending.’ — Gerald Kaufman, The Listener

‘Who put the poison in Lucius’s wine, what truth in the scabrous accusations? Cicero for the defence; an unusual treat, don’t miss it.’ — Christopher Wordsworth, The Observer
One of the early reviews for the new edition.

Richard BlakeExcellent Novel Set in Late-Republican Rome November 5, 2017

If you are upset by discussions of poisoning by aconite, or by descriptions of multiple anal rape, or by sympathetic portrayals of incest, this is probably not a book for your reading list. I, on the other hand, greatly enjoyed it.

It is 44BC, and we are in Rome. The Republic has been suspended. Caesar is Dictator for Life. The streets know at best a fragile peace – a peace maintained only by keeping the proles from doing anything by themselves. This aside, life goes on as normal. Lucius Scaurus is an aristocratic bag of scum. His main achievement in the Civil War was to stay alive by running away from battle. He is beautiful. He is amoral. He is not terribly bright. He and his family are short of cash. So a marriage contract is negotiated with the upstart Fufidius clan. It is the usual matter of trading social prestige for money.

Then Scaurus falls dead. The doctor swears it is aconite poisoning, and that he must have been fed the poison at a dinner given by his prospective father-in-law. The young man’s father goes into a rage of grief and anger. He has Helvia, the wife of the girl’s father, charged with murder.

It all looks rather grim for Helvia. She is known to have opposed the marriage. There is evidence that she tried magic spells against the young man. She was at the dinner. She had means, motive and opportunity.

Cicero is brought in to handle the defence. He has no doubt his client is guilty, but does his usual job in court of making the worse sound the better reason.

How the trial ends I leave to you to find out. Equally the matter of who did poison Lucius Scaurus. All I will add is that this novel puts you in late-Republican Rome. You are dropped straight into an alien moral environment – or perhaps it is not so alien. You can see and smell the streets. You are given a seat at the counsels of a ruthless and cynical ruling class. You do not see the murder of Caesar – this gets one sentence at the end of a chapter. But you do see how the murder is used to advance a family feud.

So I give the novel five out of five. My only regret is that it was first published in 1988, and I wholly missed it until the present republication by Black Quill Press. But I will certainly now look out more by Joan O’Hagan.  Author Richard Blake Amazon

Read more of the reviews and buy the book:

And Amazon UK:

Jerome & His women

About Jerome & His Women

Rome, 382 AD. The Empire is fragile, the pagan beliefs that sustained it are fading. One man stirs up controversy like no other – Jerome.

When the Pontiff, Damasus I, commissions Jerome to translate the Bible into Latin, it is a political masterstroke. Jerome’s Vulgate displaces the many alternative biblical texts and is the quintessence of Christianity as a world religion, with Rome at its centre. He is assisted by a circle of aristocratic, educated women who risk their lives in the pursuit of their ideals. Chief among them is the attractive young widow Paula, who is as devoted to Jerome as she is to his cause. Rumours soon circulate as his enemies try to dispose of him once and for all…

Joan O’Hagan was a crime writer, and author of the internationally acclaimed A Roman Death. Thanks to meticulous research, a wicked imagination, and over thirty years of living in Rome, she breathes new life into an ancient saint and his world, drawing us irresistibly into a highly-charged life of danger and intrigue, while reminding us to question our own values.

One of the reviews for Jerome & His Women.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith

Who was Jerome? Saint Jerome was born Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus about 347 BCE in Stridon, Dalmatia (in what is now known as Croatia) and died in 420 CE in Bethlehem. Jerome was commissioned by Bishop Damasus I of Rome to undertake a new and definitive Latin translation of the Bible from Greek by 390 CE. The focus of this novel is on Jerome’s relationships with the Christian community in Rome, specifically his patron Paula and a number of other Roman women.

The setting of this novel, the fourth century CE, was a time of upheaval for the Roman Empire. In addition to a series of internal riots and external threats, the spread of Christianity with the worship of a monotheistic God was replacing pagan beliefs and gods. In Rome, Jerome was surrounded by ‘his women’: a circle of well-born and well-educated women. These women included the patrician widows Lea, Marcella and Paula, together with their daughters Blaesilla and Eustochium. By concentrating on these women and Jerome’s dealings with them, Ms O’Hagan paints a picture of a complicated man: at times introspective and at other times argumentative. Jerome was critical of the secular clergy of Rome and, shortly after the death of Damasus I, he was forced to leave his position. It was alleged that he had an improper relationship with the widow Paula. Eventually he and Paula travelled to the Holy Land where they built two monasteries and a hospice.

I found this novel fascinating, partly because I know so little about this particular aspect of Christian history. Ms O’Hagan brings to life Jerome’s women, with her descriptions of how they chose to turn their back on luxurious Roman life, instead selling off their property and possessions to donate to the poor and to the Church. These women then chose, with varying degrees of success, to live celibate lives of prayer in poverty.

Ms O’Hagan started work on this novel in the 1990s, and completed it shortly before her death in 2014. I think it is a tribute to her writing skills that the research she undertook to write this novel never weighs the narrative down.

I am always on the lookout for books by Australian women, and when Joan O’Hagan’s name was mentioned, I added her to my list. Now I’ve read ‘Jerome and His Women’, I’ll be looking for her other novels.

Read the reviews and buy the books:

Amazon UK:

About Joan O’Hagan

Joan O’Hagan (1926−2014) was a published author of crime fiction, and author of the critically acclaimed ‘A Roman Death’ (1988). Her last work, ‘Jerome & His Women’, released in 2015, brings to life the life and times of St Jerome, and is a testament to her enduring fascination with the ancient world as well as her imagination.

Born in Australia, she lived in New Caledonia, England and Italy before returning to Australia in 1997. Her publications include:

‘Incline and Fall: The Death of Geoffrey Stretton’ (Angus & Robertson, 1976).

‘Death and a Madonna’ (Macmillan 1986, Doubleday 1987)

‘Against the Grain’ (Macmillan 1987, Doubleday 1988, Mondadori 1988)

As well as the two books featured today.

‘A Roman Death’ (Macmillan 1988, Doubleday 1989, Tokyo Hawakawa Publishing 1990, Legenda 1990).

‘Jerome & His Women’ (Black Quill Press, 2015).

Author website and social media contacts.

Author website:
BQP website:
Author Facebook:
BQP Facebook:
BQP Instagram:

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Mid-Life Joyride: Love in the Single Lane by J. Hope Suis

Welcome to a new author to the bookstore with a brand new release published on 24th October…Mid-Life Joyride: Love in the Single Lane by J. Hope Suis

About the Book

Mid-Life Joyride is the ultimate user’s manual for mid-life relationships. Being single in mid-life is not usually where many SIMs (Single In Mid-Life) expected to wind up. In Mid-Life Joyride, J. Hope Suis takes SIMs on an incredible and often humorous journey from how they ended up here (widowed, divorced, or never married) to learning to love again. With a lighthearted yet meaningful collection of stories, advice, and encouragement from both personal and anecdotal experiences, she provides insightful navigational tools for every SIM including:

* Entering the dating cyber highway, creating your profile, and recognizing red flags
* Dating etiquette as a SIM (who now pays for the date and what not to wear.)
* Developing and maintaining new relationships and when to walk away
* Learning and discovering how to love yourself FIRST
* Sexcapades of today’s boomers

Mid-Life Joyride is a manual for SIMs as they discover (and own) their current situation and explore the possibility of new roads to travel and paths to pursue. With a personal RPS – Relationship Positioning System – Suis guides hearts towards personal happiness in a relationship whether it be a long term-term monogamous commitment, marriage or even being content staying single. Buckle up and laugh your way through an adventure to being the best version of YOU.

An excerpt from the Prequel

Excerpt from Prologue: As a society, we have become obsessed with directions and never getting lost. Every Smartphone we buy and almost every new car on the market has a built-in GPS. There are apps that talk to you, map your route, pick out your food stops, rest stops, and even sightseeing stops. You can plug in any destination throughout most of the world and immediately know your arrival time (by plane, train, or automobile) if you left right now! We have an abundance of navigational tools at our disposal to get us from point A to point B. What many of us are sorely lacking in, however, is instruction on how to navigate the personal relationships in our lives, our love lives in particular.

Before I go any further, I want to make one thing VERY clear. It is not my goal, nor is it my suggestion, that to be happy we must be in a marriage/dating relationship. Far from it. I think finding love is a beautiful thing, and if it happens to you (or me), I’m all in favor, but please know the most important relationship you will ever be in is the one with YOURSELF! By the time the last page is read, I want you to walk away believing you are capable of giving and receiving love, but also with the full knowledge that you are an amazing, strong, worthy and complete person just the way you are, with a precious heart and a beautiful future. We only have this one life and it goes by so quickly. We should all do our best to make it a wonderful JOYride!

An early review for the book

Excellent writing! on October 24, 2017

Loved this book! The author is easy to follow, sharing great insight, tips and advice for “mature” singles like me. Her use of analogies is delightful and dead on! You will find yourself chuckling at her humor and shaking your head in agreement, with the trials, tribulations and adventures of a SIM! I definitely recommend this book!

Head over and buy the book:

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About J. Hope Suis

J. Hope Suis is an inspirational writer and relationship expert with over 20 years of experience in single-parenting, dating, relationships, with a phrase she coined as “Solitary Refinement”, which is simply a season of being single to grow and develop as an individual. Her new book, Mid-Life Joyride, is a light-hearted yet meaningful collection of stories, advice and encouragement from her experiences.

Her passion in life is Hope Boulevard, which is a blog and website focused on uplifting and challenging her readers to live their best life now. She is a strong advocate for mid-life issues and committed to the idea of sharing ‘hope’. In addition to her blog, she also wrote a weekly newspaper column entitled; “A Single Thought”. J. Hope currently writes for,, has a platform on and has been cited in national magazines including the Chicago Tribune and Reader’s Digest. She believes it is never too late to pursue a dream or achieve a goal and always encourages her followers to Hope With Abandon.

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Forget Me Not: The Tenafly Road Series by Adrienne Morris

Delighted to welcome Adrienne Morris to the Cafe and Bookstore with her books and today I am featuring her most recent release Forget Me Not: The Tenafly Road Series Book Four

About Forget Me Not.

After Lieutenant Fred Crenshaw’s young wife dies in childbirth, secrets are exposed. At the funeral, the Crenshaw and Weldon families confront mortality but also find hope in young love and news of a child brought back into the Crenshaw fold.

In the third book of The Tenafly Road Series, Buck Crenshaw and William Weldon call an uneasy truce. Thankful Crenshaw wrestles with guilt and lack of direction. Lucy McCullough becomes Doctor and Mrs. Crenshaw’s pet and captures Buck’s attention.

The shocking illness of a parent forces members of both families to reveal their hidden desires and to consider what it would take to forgive themselves and others.

A review for the book

At this point, I have kind of grown up with this series and it is interesting how it has somewhat mirrored my life. You always think the next phase is going to provide answers and while it does often do that, it then brings a whole new set of catastrophes to worry about. I love that this series has a subtle humor to it, similar to that of a private joke you have with yourself. I’ve cared for each character almost equally, kind of the the way I would love those in my family. They each provide a different perspective that I can find myself relating to in some way, even if I completely disagree. Definitely my favorite in the series so far.

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Other books in The Tenafly Road Series

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About Adrienne Morris

Adrienne Morris is author of the novel The House on Tenafly Road (selected as an Editors’ Choice Book by The Historical Novel Society and a Notable Indie Book of the Year) and The Tenafly Road Series, the continuing family saga of the Weldon and Crenshaw families of Gilded Age Englewood, New Jersey.

“I write family sagas because I love people. I love their flaws. I love their dreams and deceptions. Historical fiction allows me to reckon with thoughts and feelings I’d rather not address in the here and now. There’s a certain safety and freedom in placing personal revelations one hundred years behind you.”

Musty old libraries, abandoned houses and corsets bring to life the many characters crowding Adrienne’s imagination, but it’s the discovery that people, no matter the century they live in, share the same struggles, hopes and desires (the greatest desire being love) that keeps her up at night writing. Adrienne’s novels are love letters to those of us who feel less than perfect. They are an invitation to love ourselves and others despite our many imperfections.

Adrienne also milks goats, chases chickens and sometimes keeps her dogs off the table.

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – The Palaver Tree: The Berrywood series Book One by Wendy Unsworth

I would like you to welcome a new author to the bookshelves today. Wendy Unsworth is the author of The Palaver Tree: The Berrywood series Book One.

About the book

Berriwood Village, Cornwall, England; quiet, uneventful like the pace of schoolteacher Ellie’s selfless, modest existence until John Hathaway stops to ask directions. Their chance meeting catapults her into a new role as wife of a wealthy businessman and resident of the most prestigious home in the area, the majestic Calico House.

But Gabriel Cole is coming to the village, and his presence will set into motion a chain of events that bring dramatic change to Ellie’s life again.

In the poor, chaotic but captivating surroundings of Central Africa, Ellie teaches at Cole’s school, The Hope Foundation. She finds friendship and purpose and, perhaps for the first time, real satisfaction and love in her life.

But this new peace and happiness is short-lived. As Ducana descends into political chaos Ellie is torn by doubt. Is the Hope Foundation really the benevolent, caring institution she first believed it to be? And is headmaster Gabriel Cole really their guardian angel?

Ellie’s unquestioning belief in fate and fair play are slowly shattered as she learns that others, close to her, have been drawn into the same web of manipulation and deceit.

Ellie is plagued by the injustice of what has happened, until the moment comes when she is presented with the choice to stubbornly hold on to her principles or take matters into her own

One of the reviews for the book.

Wendy Unsworth’s Palaver Tree (Amazon Digital Services 2012) is a beautiful, sad but happy story about Ellie. Ellies leads a fairly boring–well, uneventful–life in Cornwall England that is upended when first her husband and family dog are killed by a hit and run driver and then her elderly mother dies. She no longer has any reason to remain in a town that, though it includes friends, has never really felt like home, and now holds nothing but lonely memories.

“Even after two years of marriage, she often woke with the feeling that she was somewhere she didn’t belong and would be caught, any moment, on the loose without an entrance ticket.”
She moves to a small African village to teach, but that it turns out brings its own set of problems. By the time Ellie gets through these new experiences, she’s changed. I was originally pulled in by the cover, but it was the gorgeous storytelling from Wendy that kept me reading.

“There was a tension in the house like musical strings, stretched to their limit and fit to snap.”

“Lately, any sentence honored with a mention of her husband was apt to hemorrhage sarcasm like warm treacle through a sieve.”

You cannot fail but enjoy this tale of Ellie’s personal growth from unmotivated housewife to extraordinarily accomplished adult.

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Also by Wendy Unsworth

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About Wendy Unsworth

Wendy Unsworth was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England; her passions are her family, travel, beautiful gardens and reading and writing stories.

Wendy lived in Ndola, Zambia and Nairobi, Kenya throughout the 1980’s and early ’90’s before returning to the U.K. to acclimatise back to the English weather in a Cornish cottage close to Bodmin Moor! The African continent has left a lasting impression; The Palaver Tree, her first novel in the Berriwood series is set in a fictional Central African country and Cornwall.

At present Wendy is working on the second Berriwood novel, Beneathwood, re-introducing cameo characters from The Palaver Tree and telling their own individual story.

Wendy also enjoys writing for children.

Kellie at Come-alive Cottage is a fun, read-aloud story introducing Kellie Culpepper and her very unusual family who include explorers, a very silly aunt and a witch that can’t stop turning into a cat!

The next in the series, Danger at Come-alive Cottage is now available. This time Kellie is called to the rescue when Come-alive Cottage is suddenly in danger from a fire-breathing dragon!

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – An Uncertain Faith: A Novel for those who live between a rock and a hard place. (A Rocky Road Novel) by Allie Potts

A welcome to a new author to the Cafe and Bookstore – Allie Potts with her two books. The featured book today is her first novel, An Uncertain Faith: A Novel for those who live between a rock and a hard place. (A Rocky Road Novel).

About the book

Feeling trapped in a job that bores her, Charlotte used to yearn for the life she had before the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood. That was until the day she came home to find her husband and son missing. Did they leave her, or is there a more dire explanation? An extreme example of the reason to be careful what you wish for, Charlotte must now come to terms with her new reality and decide if she wants to continue to merely daydream about a better future, or to take charge of her own life. Along the way she must also locate her family, deal with the up and downs of running a small business, and decide what it is she really wants.

One of the reviews on Goodreads

Patty Copeland rated it really liked it Four Stars  ·November 2014
When her husband Fletcher and four-year-old son disappear, Charlotte finds clues that show Fletcher may have left her and been planning more than that. Or, is something more sinister going on? Charlotte pulls herself from the quagmire of her former frustration and current situation to try asserting her own personality and courage, taking charge of her life as her faith in her husband is thoroughly tested. The novella plotting is very strong and keeps you guessing. A talented new writer who will do well as her talent matures.


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Also by Allie Potts

One of the reviews for The Fair & Foul

Compelling Sci-Fi  b on September 23, 2016

I’m such a groupie for books involving any kind of genetic manipulation – the scientific aspects fascinate me. If you read the description above, you can see why this one grabbed my attention.

In this novel, there are characters seeking scientific and technical advancements for the right reasons, and those who are only looking out for themselves – which provide some compelling and interesting conflicts. As a woman, Juliane deals with her share of struggles and roadblocks, but her determination to succeed in her field is admirable. The author does a wonderful job of making the reader feel as frustrated and confused as Juliane over certain plot developments. The supporting characters are varying degrees of likable and loathsome and although I was convinced I knew who was trustworthy and who had ulterior motives, I was proven wrong. It’s nice when that happens.

Juliane is a strong, ambitious woman, so it’s disappointing when an attractive guy shows up and she seems to lose focus – but I’m not a fan of romance novels, so that’s a personal preference on my part. At times, the dialogue is somewhat stilted, and the addition of contractions would make conversations sound more natural.

The ending just blew me away and is a perfect launching pad for book two in this series. If you’re a fan of though-provoking sci-fi, this is your book.


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Cover reveal for Book Two of the Project Gene Assist Series: The Watch & Wand due out in December of this year.

About Allie Potts

Allie Potts, born in Rochester Minnesota was moved to North Carolina at a very early age by parents eager to escape to a more forgiving climate. She has since continued to call North Carolina home, settling in 1998 in Raleigh, halfway between the mountains and the sea.

When not finding ways to squeeze in 72 hours into a 24 day or chasing after children determined to turn her hair gray before its time, Allie enjoys stories of all kinds. Her favorites, whether they are novels, film, or simply shared aloud with friends, are usually accompanied with a glass of wine or cup of coffee in hand.

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