Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up..- February 28th – March 6th – Pretty Woman, Shortstories, Poetry, Book Reviews, Food and Funnies.

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed during the week here on Smorgasbord.

Nothing new to report on the home front as we face another month in full lock down. Hopefully by the better weather (usually) appears in May we will be able to get out and about a little more.

On the blog front there are a few changes taking place in the next couple of weeks. The first is that the Cafe and Bookstore update has had a facelift and from Friday 12th March will go from three posts a week to one which is The Weekly News with more authors featured in the post but with just book covers their most recent review and their links.

I am hoping that with more authors sharing the post to boost their own featured review, the post will reach a wider audience.

I will continue to do a standalone feature for new books or new authors in the Cafe and to post regular features where everyone in the Cafe gets a showcase. With the past book reviews, current book reviews and the archive posts I hope that will offer plenty of opportunities for book promotions.

If you have a new book coming out in the next month then please let me know as I am working a couple of weeks ahead and I don’t want to miss any.

My thanks to Robbie Cheadle – Jacquie Biggar – Mary Crowley, Marian Beaman and Alex Craigie for their wonderful reviews for Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries this week.

As always my thanks to William Price King for co-presenting the Breakfast Show with me.. we are having so much fun, Debby Gies for the funnies…and Danny Kemp for getting the weekend off to a good start… and or course to you for your ongoing support… have a good weekend.

Here are the posts from the week you might have missed.

– The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1964 Part One 

Tales from the Irish Garden Christmas under the Magnolia Tree 

Tales from the Irish Garden – Winter: The Messengers of Peace and Desperation and The Storyteller 

Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge No 214 #ThemePrompt – Dreams

Turning Back the Clock 2021 – Part Eight – Anti-Aging and Flexibility 

Breakfast and Dessert – Smoothies and Fresh Fruit Salad  

#Family – My Baby Wrote Me A Letter: An Inspirational Women’s Fiction Short Story by Jacquie Biggar 

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Fantasy #Paranormal – Viral Blues by C.S. Boyack 

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #DystopianSciFi -Wasteland (Operation Galton Book 2) by Terry Tyler 

Authors, They’re Only Human : Morning Musings from the Journal by Patty L.Fletcher 

Tragically Unaware: The Internal World of the #Narcissist by LaDonna Remy MSW, LICSW 

#Kindness – A Gallon of Water by Gwen M. Plano 

#Historical Antoinette Truglio Martin, #Dragons Janice Spina 

Sunday 28th February 2021 – #AncientBritain Viv Sang, #Writing Sian Turner, #Walks #Cancerupdate Mary Smith 

#Methane Carol Taylor, #SeaOtters Cindy Knoke, #Emptynest Alethea Kehas 

Tuesday March 2nd 2021 – #Interview Liz Gauffreau, #Texaspower John Howell, #CreativeSpark D.L. Finn 

Thursday March 4th 2021 – #Interview Barbara Spencer,#LifeBalance Marcia Meara, #Free cookbook Eat Dessert First Greece 

#Poetry Voices (In The Trash): A Picture Poetry Book by Frank Prem 

#Military #Romance The SEAL’s Temptation: Wounded Hearts- Book 7 by Jacquie Biggar 

New Author on the Shelves – #Memoir #NYPolitics – Community: Power Politics and Democracy in Hell’s Kitchen by Mary Clark 

New Book on the Shelves – #YA #Fantasy – Bounty Hunter: Book 4 in ‘The Council of Twelve’ series by A.J. Alexander 

#Romance Jacquie Biggar, #WWII Robbie Cheadle and Elsie Hancy Eaton, #YAFantasy Colleen M. Chesebro 

#Poetry Sue Vincent, #Fantasy Vashti Quiroz-Vega, #Shortstories Sally Cronin 

#Fantasy C.S. Boyack, #Romance Lizzie Chantree, #Truecrime Sue Coletta 

March 2nd 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Woodpeckers and Fish Heads 

March 4th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Muffins and Ice-Cream 

March 5th 2021 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp 


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday March 4th 2021 – #Interview Barbara Spencer,#LifeBalance Marcia Meara, #Free cookbook Eat Dessert First Greece

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days…I hope you will head over to read in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is by Barbara Spencer of Pictures From The Kitchen Window

Arthur Rosch – poet extraordinaire.

I haven’t met Arthur Rosch. He is from California and me, from a tiny corner of the UK. Never mind about that – just look at the image above! Wow! If that doesn’t get you reading what will? It certainly did me and when I remember the fun I had hosting guests on my site – although they were all authors – I thought it was time I undertook a new journey and one likely to prove equally an inspiration.

A journey with poetry.

Philistine is the word I would use to describe my knowledge of poetry but other words come to mind too – total envy plus a heartfelt wish that I could manipulate words in such a way that a line of maybe five words has the same relevance as an entire page in a book.

And so my own journey begins with … an outpouring of questions as to what drew Arthur Rosch to writing poetry. And his response! Read on and discover as I have done how poetry came to the rescue of someone living at the extreme edges of life..

Head over to enjoy Barbara’s interview with Arthur Rosch: Loving Art, Barbara Spencer interviews Arthur Rosch 

The next post today is from author Marcia Meara (incidentally for fans of Marcia’s Emissary series, the trilogy is now in one ebook)… in the post Marcia shares her new strategy to get more out of life.. including separating the Want to activities from the Have to ones.. she also has some great news to share.

Good Morning, Everyone! Hope you are all happy and WELL! Today begins a new, probably sporadic, series of posts on how I plan to take back my life and survive this stinkin’ pandemic! Hope you’ll enjoy following along as I document the things I’m doing to get over the isolation, depression, and frustration many of us have been suffering through for well over a year now.

To begin, I want to share with you the (presumably) simple thought that jump-started me on the journey to taking back my life. It was as easy as recognizing, and accepting, the difference between these two phrases: “Have To” and “Want To.” They are not interchangeable, in spite of what we sometimes tell ourselves.

I found I was getting more and more depressed every day as I fell farther and farther behind on writing, blogging, housework, and more. Every morning started with a long “HAVE TO DO TODAY” list, and that in itself often stopped me in my tracks, especially as it continued growing daily. It was overwhelming me.

Head over to enjoy the rest of the post and discover how Marcia is claiming back her life:TakingBackMyLife – Or – Pandemic Loses, I Win! by Marcia Meara

And last but not least, Eat Dessert First who I have featured here with their delicious recipes, has a free bilingual cookbook that you can download from their site.. some amazing desserts as you can imagine but also photos of the team’s travels and information on Greek products.. the book also shares some key charities in Greece for children, the elderly and animals.

Hello dear friends! Our first free ebook is now online for you to download it for free. In its pages you will see some selected sweet and savory recipes and not only. You will be able to get to know 12 charity organizations from Greece, aiming at helping children, the elderly and animals. In our ebook you will also find photos from our trips as well as information on traditional Greek products.

The aim of our ebook is to share our favorite recipes, along with our memories from our trips, but most importantly we wish for your getting to know the charities you will find on our ebook’s pages and getting motivated to a “sweet” action in your country too. This is why we made the book bilingual.

Head over to download the cook book but also check out the archives for recipes for mainly desserts but also some savoury dishes..Eat Dessert First Greece Free Cookbook


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday March 2nd 2021 – #Interview Liz Gauffreau, #Texaspower John Howell, #CreativeSpark D.L. Finn

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days…I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from Elizabeth Gauffreau and shares a link to a wonderful interview in Envie a literary magazine, and also an excerpt from a short story inspired by her time teaching Latin in a private academy..

#Interview: ENVIE! A Magazine for the Literary Curious

Two Teachers Xeroxing Too Damn Much

Last fall, the editor of ENVIE! A Magazine for the Literary Curious reached out to me on Twitter for an interview because she had read the home page of my author’s website, and she was curious about the role that teaching Latin had played in my writing. 

Head over to enjoy the interview and the short excerpt from Liz’s short story: #Interview: ENVIE! A Magazine for the Literary Curious

The next post is from John Howell with a haiku courtesy of his two girls…and a caution about interfering in other people’s particular following the power outages in Texas during the recent freeze..

“Where you going Little One?”
“Gonna find someone who will ruckus with me. It’s Friday.”
“I will.”
“You have to move to ruckus.”
“Good point.”

It is Friday, and what a difference in the neighborhood. Now that the power is back and the temperatures have gone from below freezing into the high 70s, I have to say I’m a happy camper.

The investigations into the cause of so many homes without power are underway. Six board members of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, the industry nonprofit that operates the grid that supplies power to 90 percent of the state, have resigned. The governor has stated that those resignations do not represent the end of the issue. He has asked the Stare legislature to conduct a full investigation of the root cause of the problem and develop solutions to prevent it from occurring again. He has also called upon the Travis County District Attorney to investigate any basis for criminal charges. This situation needs to be rectified, and it will. 

Head over to read John’s forthright caution to those who meddle: Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF

And the final post today is by D.L. Finn writing from Story Empire about the spark that ignites our creativity as writers..

The Writing Spark

Hi SEers! Denise here, and I’m going to talk about that spark that started me writing. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it ignited in me, but I remember my exhilaration when I wrote a short story in my first year of high school. It received an A because of the story told. My teacher overlooked the grammar.

It was during this period in high school that I fell in love with creating stories. The fresh glow that came with my first love kindled that spark. Anything became possible as the world opened up and that writing flame grew stronger. I could create any realm and characters, then live there with them, just like reading. 

Head over to read the rest of Denise’s post and share the spark that ignites your creativityStory Empire – D.L. Finn The Writing Spark


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 1st March 2021- #Methane Carol Taylor, #SeaOtters Cindy Knoke, #Emptynest Alethea Kehas

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days.  I hope you will head over to read in full.. thanks Sally.

Carol Taylor had a packed Saturday Snippets this week with some very interesting and weird and wonderful features.. for example do you know what a kangaroo word is? In common language but they hold a secret…some music from McCartney and Stevie Wonder, methane producing seaweed, a plant that can be eaten and used to scrub your back and an interesting piece on homelessness. head over to enjoy.

Welcome to Saturday Snippets where I indulge my whimsy and my passions… maybe a tune or two…something which has caught my eye this last week…just anything…I am still waiting for my Easter Egg moulds…shipped yesterday so they said…

There are many people with many different thoughts on homelessness…Homelessness is a huge problem in the world…I say ” There but for the grace of God go I “…These sleep pods are one such good idea… 

Head over to enjoy the rest of the post: Saturday Snippets with Carol Taylor

The next post will warm your heart and features the sweetest creatures ever, captured in the lens of Cindy Knoke who has wildlife photography down to a fine art..

Sea Koalas

Wild California Sea Otters,

Head over to enjoy all the amazing images: Sea Koalas with Cindy Knoke

The final post today is from author Alethea Kehas with a dilemma that millions of stay at home mums face as their children begin the process of leaving the nest. What comes next for me? A thought provoking post.

Image by Chris Chow from Pixabay

I had been dreaming about being at school. That is not unusual for me. Last night I was back at Bowdoin College, but it really wasn’t anything like the Bowdoin I attended nearly 25 yrs ago. Instead, it felt foreign and strange. I was enrolled in four classes, yet hardly even attended the lectures. I couldn’t seem to remember where my classrooms were, let alone the room number of my dorm room. The dream was filled with angst, reflecting the, well, let’s just call it a semi-existential crisis I’ve been battling these days: What the heck am I doing here and where the heck am I going with my life?

Yep, I know that sounds extreme and dramatic. And, quite frankly it’s something I circle back to from time-to-time. I’m now at the stage of life when my kids are nearly ready to head off to college. As they get ready to embark upon life outside of their childhood home, I can’t help but think about what that means for me.

Head over to read the rest of the post and to leave your thoughts for Alethea: I wake to a cardinal singing at my window after a semi-existential crisis dream #cardinal #parenting #midlife


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Sunday 28th February 2021 – #AncientBritain Viv Sang, #Writing Sian Turner, #Walks #Cancerupdate Mary Smith

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.

The first post takes us way back down the road of history to one of ancient Britain’s queens and her story of loyalty to the Romans, loves and betrayals.. exciting stuff from Viv Sang.. and also a note about a book offer…From next Sunday, 28th February, for a limited time, Vengeance of a Slave will be only 0.99 ($ or £). It is set in Britain in the area where Cartimandua reigned, shortly after her defeat.

Image by Jo-B from Pixabay

I think most people will have heard of Boudicca and her revolt against Roman occupation of Britain, but how many have heard of Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes?

Here is a bit of what is known of her life.

The Brigantes were a Celtic tribe that lived in the North of England. Their territory covered what is now Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Northumberland and a little bit of Derbyshire. It was a large territory. 

Head over to enjoy the post in full and check out Viviene’s books: Cartimandua Queen of the Brigantes

The next post is from author Sian Turner who asks “Where do you get your ideas?”

Where do you get your ideas?”

My books always begin with the tiniest seed of an idea: a single thought consisting of a ‘what if?’ question. For example, ‘Finding the Falling Man’ is based on wondering ‘What if I actually knew, when trying to make a decision, which course of action would lead to the best result?’ From this question sprang Drew Dawson, a young man who had visions, along with his leveller – and the story’s protagonist – Drew’s twin sister Faye. Drew and Faye were the roots of my story.

The next question was, of course, why would such a marvellous, useful super-power get these two characters into strife? The answer was that Drew would see a situation in a vision and have to decide between saving his own selfish skin or saving a stranger. Thus ‘The Falling Man’ – the stem of the plot – was created.

Head over to read the post and share where you get your ideas from for your writing: Where do you get your ideas from? by Sian Turner

The next post is the weekly update from Mary Smith about her cancer treatment a must read for anyone currently going through treatment as being as informed as possible is vital, but also Mary shares a stunning walk she managed with her sister with some stunning photos.

MarySmith’sPlace ~ Fatigue & other side effucks Cancer Diary #25

Wednesday, 24 February: It’s grey and wet here and has been for the last two days which may account for the dip in my mood. I suspect, though, more than the weather blues, it’s caused by trying to deal with the seemingly endless fatigue and lack of energy.

On Sunday, the weather was lovely following several days or torrential rain, and my sister and I met for our first socially distanced walk in – well, I don’t even know how long it’s been since we saw each other. We met at the car park at Rockcliffe, a small village on the Solway coast. I’ve written before about the circular Rockcliffe/Kippford walk when I really struggled, post-chemo, pre-radiotherapy.

We decided to walk in the other direction to Castle Point, site of an Iron Age fort. It’s not particularly strenuous and – I’m guessing here – the circular walk is only about 2.5-3 miles.

Head over to read the post in full and leave your comments for Mary; MarySmith’sPlace ~ Fatigue & other side effucks Cancer Diary #25


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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 21st – 27th February 2021 – 1960s Pop Music, Short Stories, Poetry, Blog Stars, Books, Reviews and Funnies

Welcome to the weekly round up with posts that you might have missed during the week.

I don’t have a great deal to report this week which in many respects is a good thing. We are waiting to hear the government decision regarding lock down today or tomorrow but it looks like it has been extended to the end of April with certain services such as hairdressing being one of the last to open.

Just as well my husband has become so deft with the scissors and clippers and as my hair is short anyway it has not been too bad.  I take the clippers to his hair too and after nearly a year we may continue after the restrictions are lifted.

I have been out and about however in the virtual sense which was a lot of fun. This week I was delighted to be the guest of author Hugh Roberts where I shared the story of my acting debut….I hope you will head over to read..

Watch Out For The Matador! – A True Story

As always my thanks to William Price King and delighted that the Breakfast Show is going down well, despite the fact that it is a little early for many of you to remember the songs.. If you do have memories and a favourite track from the 1960s we would love to include you in the Breakfast Show Special at the end of March.. details here The Breakfast Show 2021

Thank you also to you for all the visits, comments and shares again this week.. I do appreciate the support very much.

On with the posts from the week….

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1963 – Part Two

Jane Risdon shares the background to one of her favourite tracks of the 1960s

What’s in a Name? – Prince Charming by Sally Cronin

Return to Tales from the Irish Garden.. Previously

Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge No 213 #Badger Hexastich x two – Beacon and Umbrella by Sally Cronin

#Paranormal #Romance – Ghostly Interference: (White Rune Series Book 1) by Jan Sikes.

#Cancer #Journal – Apple Blossom: my Hope…my Inspiration by Jaye Marie

Past Book Reviews 2020 -#Poetry Inner Rumblings: by Joyce Murphy

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Thriller -Deep Cover by John L. DeBoer

chicken sandwich

Recipes that Pack a Punch – A Chicken Sandwich and how your body extracts the nutrients

Turning Back the Clock 2021 – Part Seven – Anti-Aging and Attitude of Mind

Archives 2021 – #Pot Luck – #AfghanistanAdventures #54 Winter travel by Mary Smith

Archives 2021 – #Pot Luck – #Writing – Author Bio Dos and Don’ts by K.M. Allan

Going West: The Accidental Tourist by Sue Vincent

Monday 22nd February 2021 – #Food Carol Taylor, #Home Chantelle Atkins with Jessica Norrie, #Bookreview Harmony Kent

Wednesday 24th February 2021 – #LakeDistrict Mike Biles, #AlooGobi Sowmya’s Spicy Corner, #Publishing Alison Williams

Smorgasbord Children’s Reading Room – New Book on the Shelves #Ghosts – Brody Cody and the Haunted Vacation House by Toni Pike.

Smorgasbord Children’s Reading Room – Author Update – #Nature Joyce Murphy, #Fantasy Maria Matthews

New Book on the Shelves – #Thriller – Shattered Lives: A Jo Naylor Adventure by Allan Hudson

New Book on the Shelves – #YA #Fantasy – Rites of Passage (The Rites Trilogy Book 1) by Doug Parker

New Author on the Shelves – #Family – Sisters of the Undertow by Johnnie Bernhard

#Reviews #Family Lisette Brodey, #SouthernCulture Claire Fullerton, #Fantasy Tyler Edwards

#Murdermystery Terry Tyler, #Meditation Sue Vincent, #Fantasy D.Wallace Peach

#Lockdown M.J. Mallon, #Poetry Balroop Singh, #Paranormal Marcia Meara

February 23rd 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – After Surgery and Shopping for a Husband

February 25th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Lost Glasses and Best Beer in the World

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – Host Sally Cronin – We are all going to the dogs!


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 24th February 2021 – #LakeDistrict Mike Biles, #AlooGobi Sowmya’s Spicy Corner, #Publishing Alison Williams

Just a small selection of the posts I have enjoyed in the last few days.. I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from Mike Biles of A Bit About Britain and brings back very happy memories of living and working in the Lake District back in the early 80s. Fabulous scenery and walks for every age and ability.

Helvellyn, England’s third mountain  


England, unlike Wales, is not a mountainous country. Indeed, it is fair to say that other countries, with the possible exception of Holland, have mountains that come in larger sizes than England’s. But England does have some fairly serious lumps of rock and Helvellyn is one of them. At 3,117 feet (950 metres), it is England’s and the Lake District’s third highest peak, relatively accessible, with interesting and varied scenery, exhilarating views, the added magnetism of the infamous Striding Edge…and is not to be trifled with.

Head over to discover more about this wonderful place to walk after lockdown and enjoy the lovely views: Helvellyn, England’s third mountain

We eat curry at least once a week and I usually make enough for two days. I was a child in Sri Lanka back in the 50s and Sunday lunch was always a party with everyone gathering  to enjoy our cook’s wonderful curries including all the additional trimmings to go with it. My parents continued that tradition wherever my father was posted  and as David learned to make great curries from the ships cook when at sea for four years in the early 70s  it is a tradition we have both enjoyed continuing.

Here is a wonderful recipe for Aloo Gobi a vegetarian curry, from Sowmya’s Spicy Corner, and there are some amazing recipes to enjoy.

Aloo Gobi – a vegetarian classic in the North Indian cuisine. This is a semidry gravy and is prepared by cooking the the potatoes and cauliflower along with onions, tomatoes and few spices. The addition of spices – turmeric powder, coriander powder, kashmiri chilli powder and garam masala brings out the best of aroma and flavour apart from the enchanting yellow colour it imparts to the dish. This delicious semidry gravy pairs well with all the Indian flatbreads, parathas, jeera rice or pulav rice.

Head over for the ingredients and step by step guide to preparing this delicious curry: Sowmya’s Spicy Corner Aloo Gobi Vegetable curry

The final post today is from editor Alison Williams with a handy list of questions to ask your small publisher before you sign anything on the dotted line.

Signing with a small publisher? Here’s what to look for 

Re-posting some previous posts that followers have told me they found most helpful. Today’s post was written after I had to re-edit, proofread and generally sort out a manuscript that had been published by a vanity press purporting to be a legitimate small press, who had charged the client in question thousands of pounds. In my subsequent ‘nosing about’, I discovered some authors that had been badly let done by small presses. That said, I do appreciate that there are lots of fabulous small presses out there that work incredibly hard for their authors.

I recently wrote a bit of a rant about the quality control of some small presses whose books I had read.

If you are thinking of signing with a small publisher, then do bear a few things in mind.

Do your homework – start off by Googling the publisher. You might find threads on writing sites that go into a great deal of detail about your chosen publisher. Read them – they can be incredibly enlightening.

Ask questions – if your publisher is honest and genuinely wants the best for you, they should accept that you have a right to want to know about them. After all, you are placing your book and all the blood, sweat and tears that went into writing it in their hands.

Head over to discover the key questions to ask before you sign with any publisher: Signing with a small publisher? Here’s what to look for. #WritingCommunity #WritingTips


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 22nd February 2021 – #Food Carol Taylor, #Home Chantelle Atkins with Jessica Norrie, #Bookreview Harmony Kent

Here is a selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days… I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

Another amazing week of posts from Carol Taylor​ with recipes for Frittata and pancakes.. the low down about protein shakes, homemade peanut butter, some great music and informative snippets.. head over to enjoy.

Welcome to this week’s edition of my weekly roundup of posts…Especially for you just in case you missed a few posts during this last week… For those of you who celebrate Valentines Day…I hope you had a Happy Valentines Day xx

Enjoyed the chocolate I hope so as it is National Chocolate month… so fill your boots and enjoy! My thoughts turn to Easter with crossed fingers that my moulds arrive in time for me to make a lovely egg for Lily her first…

Let’s go and see what goodies I had for you last week…so snuggle up in your favourite corner with your favourite drink tea/coffee or hot chocolate although depending on where in the world you live it could be a glass of wine…Cheers!

Meatless Monday’s: Week 6…#Frittata.

Such a versatile dish and it uses up lots of bits and pieces of veggies that are sitting in your fridge an ideal once a week meal which means less waste as well… 

Head over enjoy: Recipes, Whimsy, Music and Lifestyle Changes with Carol Taylor

The next post is on the blog of Chantelle Atkins – The Glorious Outsiders and features Jessica Norrie sharing her home in the country for the last year in lockdown..

Guest Post #5 Hello Home…with Jessica Norrie

Welcome to another guest post for my ‘Hello Home…’ pandemic themed feature. It would seem all of us have experienced or are still experiencing a lockdown of some sort while the corona virus continues to blight our lives. Although we are all in the same situation, we experience it differently because our homes are all so different. Thinking about this inspired me to write a piece a few weeks ago dedicated to my house and what it has meant to me during these strange and unsettling times. Today please welcome author Jessica Norrie. If you would like to know more about Jessica and her books, her links and bio are at the end of the post!

Head over to discover the lovely countryside around Jessica’s rural retreat: Guest Post Hello Home with Jessica Norrie

If you are looking for your next book then here is a review from Harmony Kent for a thriller that sounds intriguing.

44063371. sy475

About the book

Galaxy “Alex” Stern is the most unlikely member of Yale’s freshman class. Raised in the Los Angeles hinterlands by a hippie mom, Alex dropped out of school early and into a world of shady drug dealer boyfriends, dead-end jobs, and much, much worse. By age twenty, in fact, she is the sole survivor of a horrific, unsolved multiple homicide. Some might say she’s thrown her life away. But at her hospital bed, Alex is offered a second chance: to attend one of the world’s most elite universities on a full ride. What’s the catch, and why her?

Still searching for answers to this herself, Alex arrives in New Haven tasked by her mysterious benefactors with monitoring the activities of Yale’s secret societies. These eight windowless “tombs” are well-known to be haunts of the future rich and powerful, from high-ranking politicos to Wall Street and Hollywood’s biggest players. But their occult activities are revealed to be more sinister and more extraordinary than any paranoid imagination might conceive.

Head over to read the review for the book: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo-review Harmony Kent


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Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – February 14th – 20th 2021 – Romance, Songs 1960s, Chilled soups, book reviews, videos and funnies

Welcome to the update of posts that you might have missed from the week here on Smorgasbord.

I hope all is well with you. Quiet here except for the noise of the wind howling around the house and the six inch puddle stretching across the front of the house. I know I wished I had a swimming pool but clearly the genie was having an off day.

The garden birds have been having a tough time of it with the winds and driving rain making it difficult to fly, particularly for the small birds such as the sparrows and tits. I usually buy my birdseed and fat balls at the garden centre or at a push smaller packs as the supermarket but of course the centres have been shut since the New Year and the supermarket shelves are bare of both seed and other products. One store has at least got some sunflower hearts and I have mixed that with sultanas and cooked brown rice.. They can at least digest that easily and it has nutrients for them.. The sunflower hearts provide the good fats and protein.

I have taken to put some on the ground as well as on our platform feeder and hanging baskets and hopefully they will get enough nourishment.

They are staying in the thick hedge in our back garden but when I got out (dressed in full wet gear) there is a sudden chorus of song and I can feel hundreds of eyes on me… as soon as the back door closes they are in the feeders and on the ground which is encouraging.

Anyway.. on with the posts from the week and as always my gratitude to William Price King, D.G. Kaye and Carol Taylor for their terrific contributions and to you for visiting, sharing and commenting.. it keeps me motivated..

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1963 – Part One

D. G. Kaye Explores the Realms of Relationships – February 2021 – Online Dating – Staying Safe

Bread, Homemade Peanut Butter and Home Grown Vegetables and Herbs.

St. Valentine’s Day – The Meaning of Romance to Me by Sally Cronin

Charlie the Junkyard Dog



Barbados and the last letter home 1986. Sally Cronin

#WWI – #Family Saga – The Heart Stone by Judith Barrow

#Children’s – A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book (too) by Frank Prem

– Past Book Reviews 2020 -My Name is Danny – #Doglovers – Tales from Danny the Dog assisted by Andrew Joyce.

Butterfly Cinquain – Fate’s Voice by Sally Cronin

Your Own Opinions And Feelings #selfaware by Toni Pike

#Finance – Working with a Financial Planner by Sharon Marchisello

– #Spying – The Story about House Hunting While Being Watched by D.G. Kaye

#Q&A D.G. Kaye, #Valentines Carol Taylor, #Interview as guest of Amy Reade

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 18th February 2021 – #Reviews by V.M.Sang, #Cookbook Marian Beaman, #IrishMyths I.E. Kneverday

A small selection of posts that I have enjoyed in the last few days that I hope you will head over to read in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from V.M. Sang and is a book review for A Taste of Ashes by Kent Wayne.

I would first warn people that this book details a battle. As a result there is a lot of violence and swearing in it. This is not a criticism, though. In a battle such as the one Atriya and his collegues are in there would be both violence and swearing.

The book takes place over one day, and has a profound effect on Atriya.

Most of us change gradually—over the course of decades. For Crusader Atriya, it will happen in a single, agonizing day. On the edge of a decaying cityscape, Atriya struggles to hold onto his identity as he faces death from both enemies and allies alike. In the process, his old self is torn away, and he catches a glimpse of what he may one day become. 

Head over to read the post in full: V.M Sang review A Taste of Ashes by Kent Wayne

Another book review, this time from Marian Beaman…Mennonite Man Crafts a Valentine Menu

Mennonite Man, Willard Roth, reared on Iowa farmland, has a long career as Journalist, Author, Church leader, World traveler . . . and always a Cook and Entertainer

Mennonite Men Can Cook Too (2015) is a compilation of recipes from eight men, including Roth, and three nephews. Unlike many traditional Mennonite cookbooks, several of his recipes feature an alcohol ingredient as in a PBS broadcast where hard cider is the beverage of choice. Roth notes that his menus are “simple but elegant,” part of his Mennonite value system, he says. The author interlaces memoir with recipes and appetizing photos, a satisfying concoction. It’s a “travel through time looking at the stages of Roth’s life through food.” 

Head over to read Marian’s review for this entertaining cookbook: Mennonite Man Crafts a Valentine Menu review by Marian Beaman

And finally a fantastic post on Irish Mythology from Erik Kneverday on the subject the god of love Erik is the author of  Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy

While Eros from Greek mythology and his equivalent Cupid from Roman mythology may be the most famous deities devoted to romantic love, they are by no means the only divine beings capable of making us swoon.

Irish mythology is rife with tales of tales of star-crossed lovers, and at the center of many of them (or, more often than not, hovering in the background), is Aengus Óg, the Irish god of love and youthful pleasures.

What’s in a Name?

As is the case with many gods of Irish and Celtic mythology there is no universally agreed upon spelling for the Irish god of love. He is alternately referred to as Aenghus, Aengus, Angus, Aonghus, Aongus, Óengus, and Oíngus. What we can all agree on, however, is that his title “Óg” means “young” (just as it does in the Irish language). Hence, Aengus Óg translates to “Aengus the Young.”

Head over to discover more about this multi-named god of love: Irish Myths – Celtic God of Love


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