Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – June 13th -19th 2021 – The Doors, Backache, House Training, Author PR, Reviews and Funnies

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed this week.

Reasonably quiet here in our part of Ireland with some great sunshine during the week that prompted time in the garden reading and I have eased the strain on my TBR.. reviews to follow.

I had my first hair cut in a week on Monday after a year of home cuts. What bliss to walk out afterwards having had a good catch up with my hairdresser Sam and her family, a moan about the weather and the state of the world and a short but delightfully shaped hairstyle. I am hoping that unlike the last time I went to have a hair cut last year, they will still be open in six weeks for another trim!

I have been out and about this week but this time it was a lovely surprise feature by author Harmony Kent. A very thoughtful and kind gesture.

It would be lovely if you could head over for a peek: Harmony Kent and Sally 

On with the show…

My thanks to William Price King, D.G. Kaye and Malcolm Allen for their amazing contributions during the week.. and to you for all your support and encouraging comments.. as always very much appreciated.

Chart Hits 1971 Part Two – Bill Withers, George Harrison, The Doors, Aretha Franklin 

Celia – A Crisis of Faith 

Chapter Six – Trouble in Paradise – Part Two 

#DoubleEtheree – Night Creatures

Part Three – Hitting the Red Carpet 

#Scottish #Historical – Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair 

Book Reviews Rewind – #Family – The Sum of our Sorrows by Lisette Brodey 

Book Reviews Rewind – #Paranormal #Mystery – This Second Chance by D.L. Finn 

House training – reward not punishment for you or your dog

Family Health – Backache

Tuesday June 15th 2021 – #Fallacy Jim Borden, #Runes Jan Sikes, #LemonChicken Carol Taylor, #Guest Harmony Kent 

Wednesday 16 June 2021 – #Writertips D.G. Kaye, #Shakespeare Paula R. C. Readman, #Bookbub/Offer Jacquie Biggar

Thursday 17th June 2021 – #IndieAuthors Timothy Pike, #BloggingTips Hugh Roberts, #Chocolate Eat Dessert First Greece 

#History Mike Biles, #Romance Ritu Bhathal, #Journal #Memoir Jaye Marie 

#poetry Annette Rochelle Aben, #Shortstories Karen Ingalls, #Fantasy Adele Marie Park. 

#Thriller Carol Balawyder, #Scifi Sandra J. Jackson,#Fantasy Deborah Jay. 

-#Memoir Brigid P. Gallagher, #Paranormal #Mystery Marcia Meara, #Dystopian Terry Tyler 

#Fantasy D.Wallace Peach, #Afghanistan Mary Smith, #Poetry Frank Prem

New books on the shelves – Let’s Move and Wombat Digs In by Norah Colvin

#SciFi #SpaceOpera – Inside Out by Thorne Moore 

Pre-Order – #Western #Romance Keeper Tyree by S. Cox 

#Suspense #Thriller Cold Dark Night: Legends of Madeira by Joan Hall 

#Western #Folklore Staci Troilo, #Shortstories Sian Turner, #Western #TimeTravel Sandra Cox 

June 15th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Car sales and Divorce negotiations 

June 17th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Posing and Lightbulbs

June 18th 2021 – Malcolm Allen – Book Groups and Bank Heists 


Thanks very much for dropping in today and all your support.. I hope you will join me again next week.. Sally


Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 17th June 2021 – #IndieAuthors Timothy Pike, #BloggingTips Hugh Roberts, #Chocolate Eat Dessert First Greece

We all know how tough it is to get our books marketed, sold and reviewed and any help in getting them noticed is fantastic. Timothy Pike is on a mission to share the reviews of indie authors and he did just that this week for D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies and her memoir Twenty Years After “I Do”.. I hope you will head over to find out more about Tim’s Discovery List.

“How to keep a marriage happy and unbreakable”: This 5-star memoir reveals the secrets 

The Discovery List is off to a great start, and I’m finding solid gold already!

I’ve made it my quest to find every self-published book worth reading, and to do this, I created a spreadsheet that we as a community can add to.

It’s called the Discovery List, and whether you happened across a great self-published book or wrote one, we want to hear about it.

I love featuring books that got great reviews, so without further ado, here’s this week’s best self-published book:

Twenty Years: After “I Do” 
Reflections on Love and Changes Through Aging
by D.G. KayeReview: Lauren Scott at Baydreamer gives it 5 stars, and raves:

Head over to read Lauren Scott’s review for the memoir and check out Tim’s Discovery List:Tim Pike with D.G. Kaye – Review and Discovery List

More blogging gold from Hugh Roberts who talks through the most effective way to share your posts automatically and in a way that encourages readers to head over to enjoy the post in full. I make a cameo appearance….

Banner for the blog post 'How Changing This Setting On Your WordPress Blog Will Help It Gain More Views'

Here’s a screenshot of an email notification I got from WordPress when blogger Sally Cronin recently published a new blog post.

Screenshot showing a new WordPress blog post notification from Sally Cronin

Notice how only the first part of the post is visible to me.

To read the whole post, I have to click on its title or the ‘read more of this post‘ link (highlighted in the above image). This means I have to visit Sally’s blog to read the post, thus improving the viewing statistics on her blog.

Are there any disadvantages in displaying whole blog posts in email notifications? 

Head over to read the step by step guide to setting your notifications effectively:
Hugh Roberts with more tips on how to gain more views

And to end today a recipe that would have been banned as sinful in past centuries and I would have been at the front of the queue! From our friends at Eat Dessert First a chocolate divine invention that I am sure you will love. In this post the team share all the other delicious ingredients you can combine with chocolate to enhance both their flavours. Following this masterclass in chocolate… you will find the recipe for this indulgent tart…

Dark, milk and white chocolate, what to pair it with? 

Our tart with peanut butter cream and chocolate ganache

Anyone who does not like chocolate should not continue reading this article! In our new chocolate article we will meet again the dark, milk and white chocolate and we will see with which ingredients each one pairs. In the end we will make a delicious tart with a pairing of chocolate with peanut butter!

In our earlier chocolate article entitled “Black, milk or white?” we saw the different types of chocolate and where we use them. Now we will go one step further and see which ingredients suit them best, to get inspired by delicious combinations for our creations. Of course the combinations we will suggest are not binding, they are just ideas to inspire your creations … So lets go for another trip to the world of chocolate!

Head over to find out which ingredients go perfectly with the different types of chocolate and the recipe for that tart: Chocolate pairings with Eat Desser First Greece

I hope you have enjoyed today’s selection and will head over to read the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 16 June 2021 – #Writertips D.G. Kaye, #Shakespeare Paula R. C. Readman, #Bookbub/Offer Jacquie Biggar

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full…thanks Sally.

The first post is D.G. Kaye’s monthly Writer’s Links which is packed with interesting posts for bloggers and authors alike.

Writer's Tips

Writer’s Tips – Tool Rocket, Publishing #Scams, Word Slash, #Stylesheets, #Blogging Tips

Welcome to June edition of Writer’s Tips. It’s an exceptionally crazy time for me right now in the middle of getting ready to moving madness. But I’ve managed to capture a few posts that stood out to me in my short travels along blogland. I hope you bloggers and authors all find something of interest here today. Hugh Roberts, Kathy Steinemann, Sally Cronin, Nicholas Rossis and Anne R Allen’s blogs are always filled with valuable information. I also came across an interesting new social platform – Clubhouse, an interesting new medium where we can be heard without being seen. Check it out! 

Head over to follow the links Debby has gathered for us:
Writer tips and tools, publishing scams, word slashing, blogging and stylesheets

A fascinating post by Paula R C Readman​ that explores the thousands of words that William Shakespeare added to the English Language and phrases we use often without thought of their origins.

Old English, No Jacobean

Whether being dyslexic has made me more interested in words than a non-dyslexic I can’t answer, but the one thing I do know for sure is I’ve always been fascinated in where words come from originally and their history within our British language.

Like all languages, ours is a living thing that has changed over the centuries, and is still evolving as we come in contact with different cultures, and as new technologies bring with them their own words too.

During the Elizabethan era, one man added 1700 new words to our language and these words were coined by him. In total, he introduced about 17000 English words through his plays and writing. William Shakespeare was born in 1564 during the reign of Elizabeth the first, but most of his more popular plays were written after her death, so in reality he was a Jacobean writer.

Paula R C Readman 18

Head over to read the rest of this fascinating post and discover how many words and phrases you are using today that originated with the Bard:
Old English, No Jacobean – Paula R. C Readman

And the last post today is still with the writing and publishing theme from Jacquie Biggar on the power of promotions on Bookbub.. Plus an offer on Married To The Texan for 99c

The Power of Bookbub #WritingCommunity #Promotions

The Power of Bookbub makes it well worth the Investment.

Of all the book promotional companies out there, Bookbub has the largest readership by far. Which means they can charge those astronomical fees because, well, they’re worth it.

Over my writing career, I’ve had four different Bookbub Featured Promotions (different from their paid ads) and every time I’ve seen enormous success on the featured book the day of the promo, but as an added bonus, my other books get a boost as well- one that lasts for months after!

I won’t bore you with the numbers, instead I want to suggest a few ways you can capitalize on this strategy for getting your books into new readers hands. 

Head over to find out more about Jacquie’s successful strategies for getting your books noticed and bought:The Power of Bookbub makes it well worth the Investment.


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full..thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday June 15th 2021 – #Fallacy Jim Borden, #Runes Jan Sikes, #LemonChicken Carol Taylor, #Guest Harmony Kent

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days and an outing I had today..

The first post is from Jim Borden who shares a brilliant counter argument for the prohibition of the imbibing of whiskey or whisky dependent on your cultural inclination. This leads to a similar exercise on the subject of blogging..I do recommend you pay a visit and add your point of view.

Friday Fallacy: If By Whiskey 

This may or may not become a semi-regular feature on Fridays. It depends on how many fallacies I find interesting enough to write about.

I have been fascinated by the world of behavioral economics for several years now, and always enjoy learning something new, especially when it comes to our cognitive biases. Dan Ariely mentioned on is his most recent post – escalation of commitment – so I thought it would be fun to have a regular post that featured a different cognitive bias each week.

As I was searching for such a list (Wikipedia has quite a list), I came across a link to the concept of fallacies. According to Wikipedia, a fallacy is reasoning that is logically incorrect, undermines the logical validity of an argument, or is recognized as unsound.

So I started to scroll through the list and came across many fallacies that I found interesting. So I thought I would share some of those, perhaps on a periodic basis.

The first one I thought I would write about is known as “if by whiskey” – an argument that supports both sides of an issue by using terms that are emotionally sensitive and ambiguous.

Head over to join the discussion.. on both whisky and blogging:Jim Borden – Friday-Fallacy

The next post is the most recent in the series on Runes by Jan Sikes.  How often have you said to the universe, send me a sign… Runes have been used for thousands of years to offer guidance on the future in general or a specific issue… This is a fascinating series that I am sure you will enjoy..

It’s time to continue our journey through the runes! The next segment of the Elder Futhark runes is Tyr’s Aett. These runes speak to the aspects of the dance between the visible and invisible realms, with runes directly connected to the ancient deities, natural forces, and humanity itself. The first rune in this segment is Tiwaz (tee-wahz).

Head over to find out more about Tiwaz and its definition:Tuesday Runes with Jan Sikes

If you are wondering what to cook for lunch or dinner in the next couple of days then this recipe for chicken from Carol Taylor sounds delicious.

Age and glasses of wine should never be counted! 

They most certainly shouldn’t…Today it’s just a tried and tested recipe from me…for Lemon Chicken.


  • 4 Chicken Breasts( skinless)
  • 2/3 cloves garlic.
  • 1 tbsp capers ( rinsed)
  • 2 tbsp chopped parsley.
  • Half lemon sliced.
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice.
  • 1/2 pint chicken stock.
  • 5 tbsp Olive Oil.
  • 2 tbsp Butter.
  • Parley for garnish.

Head over to Carol’s to find out how to put these wonderful ingredients together:Carol Taylor’s Lemon Chicken

I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning to find that author Harmony Kent had put together a promotion for my books and the blog..

Hi everyone. Today’s post is long overdue. I’ve been planning to write this for a while, but life got in the way, as it has with writing a few book reviews too. (Oops!) Sally Cronin, whom you’ll find at the Smorgasbord Blog is one of the most supportive authors and bloggers that I’ve met in my writing career. 

Please head over to admire her handiwork and say hello:A Sally feature with Harmony Kent


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full…thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – June 6th – 12th 2021 – 1970s hits, Narcissism, Green Kitchen, Humour, Health, Pets, Book and Author Promotions.

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

I hope that the week has been good for you.. nothing very exciting to report from our neck of the woods except that I will be having my first official haircut on Monday after almost a year of hacking it myself in the front and David using clippers on the back.. To be hones wearing a mask in public I am sure nobody noticed but it will be great to have some shape back in it… that is if my hairdresser is still talking to me!

I am just about to head out to the garden with books and music to catch some rays… the promised tropical air mass is hovering over us for the next couple of days. I believe the temperature is going up to 17 C (62F) degrees and I am concerned that I might become overheated!!

With that in mind and the window of opportunity rather small….time to get on with the posts.

My great thanks to the contributors this week.. William Price King, D.G. Kaye, Carol Taylor and Daniel Kemp... they add so much to the blog and it would not be the same without them.

And of course to you for your ongoing support during the week and for keeping me motivated.

Chart Hits 1971 Part One – Ike and Tina Turner, James Taylor, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones 

Relationships Rewind -Envy, Jealousy, Bullying – A Path to Narcissism? 

Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen – June 2021 – Dutch Oven Bread, Kale, Home Grown Pea Shoots, Fishing Nets, Neighbours. 

What’s in a Name? Volume One – Brian – The Birthright  

Chapter Five – Trouble in Paradise – Part one 

#CrownCinquain – Life’s Progression  

#Mystery #Paranormal – The Light (Wake-Robin Ridge Book 4) by Marcia Meara 

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Fantasy – Allies and Spies (Unraveling the Veil Book 2) by D.Wallace Peach… 

Part Two – Author Biographies -Tips and Translations 


Kennel Cough – Hygiene is as important for dogs as humans  

A-Z of common conditions – Athlete’s Foot  

3 Reasons to Create a Facebook Group by J.Q. Rose 

#Paranormal John W. Howell, #Poetry Anita Dawes, #WWII Paulette Mahurin 

#Thriller Allan Hudson, #Relationships M.C.V. Egan, #Fantasy Jean Lee 

Memoir Marian Longenecker Beaman, #Prehistoric Jacqui Murray, #Memoir Patty Fletcher 

Hugh W. Roberts

Monday June 7th 2021 – #Food #Environment Carol Taylor, #Blogging #Interview Hugh W. Roberts, #Poetry Colleen Chesebro 

Tuesday 8th June 2021 – Entertaining Again? #Recipes Dolly Aizenman, Eat Dessert First, Dorothy of New Vintage Kitchen. 

Wednesday 9th June 2021 – #Newhome Ritu Bhathal, #Reviews Jan Sikes, #Writing D.L. Finn 

Thursday June 10th 2021 – #Children #HandWriting Robbie Cheadle, #BetaReaders Richard Dee, #Guest C.S. Boyack with D.L. Finn 

#Fantasy – The Ferryman and the Sea Witch by D.Wallace Peach 

#Contemporary – Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home by Anne Goodwin 

#Safety Miriam Hurdle, #Malta Darlene Foster, #Environment Kathleen Jae 

June 8th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Catnip and Groaners 

June 10th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – #Twins and more Groaners 

June 11th 2021 – Anniversary Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp – Carbolic Soap and It could be worse 


Thanks very much for dropping in today and for all your support.. I hope you will join me again next week…Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday June 10th 2021 – #Children #HandWriting Robbie Cheadle, #BetaReaders Richard Dee, #Guest C.S. Boyack with D.L. Finn

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days and hope you will head over to read in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from Robbie Cheadle about children and one of the skills they learn which is so essential to their development.. and it is not how to swipe an iPad… handwriting is an skill that we still need despite our digital age. This is part of the Growing Bookworms series hosted by Kaye Lynne Booth of Writing to be Read.

Growing Bookworms: Handwriting skills for children, Part 1 

Why handwriting is still important

As technology becomes increasingly important in our modern lives, writing by hand with a pen has become less common. Writing on a computer is easy and allows us to move text about, delete and add text, and save sections in a separate place for future use. We are also able to access our writing from a number of devices. I access my email and blogs from all three of my laptops, both of my iphones, and my ipad. This all makes writing so much simpler, so why do our education systems still focus on handwriting? Why not let the children use laptops and ipads to write?

Head over to discover more about how handwriting benefits children: Growing Bookworms: Handwriting skills for children, Part 1

The next post is from Richard Dee and is on the subject of Beta Readers… who provide an important role in the end processes of a book by providing impartial and constructive criticism where needed before your book meets its public.

They read it first, in praise of the Beta Reader

Before my new masterpiece sets out into the big wide world, there’s a group of unsung heroes who help to make it a lot more readable than it might have been.

One of the problems with being the author of anything is, by the time you think that it’s finished, you’ve read and seen it so many times that you become blind to its faults. As far as you’re concerned, it reads perfectly, there are few (if any) mistakes and all it needs is a quick polish from an editor.

What the story really requires is the eye of someone who knows nothing about the content but will honestly tell you what they think of it as a whole. Someone who will offer unbiased advice. In effect, a person who is allowed an advance read and a chance to offer a critique, warts and all.

It’s a nervous time for an author, but it has to be done. It’s better to get the initial reaction privately, for a whole host of reasons. Enough said, I could write a whole post about THAT subject.

Enter the beta reader – find out  more about the benefits: Praise the Beta Reader by Richard Dee.

And the final post today is from Craig Boyack who is chatting to D.L.Finn about her new book Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories with an excerpt for you to enjoy.

The lives of fairies

Today, I have a special guest for you. Denise is a wonderful author and a great person to get to know. She’s also one of my partners over at Story Empire. She has a new book to tell us about, and I’m exited to see the wildlife photos. I have these same birds in my back yard, but don’t have access to redwoods. Make her feel welcome, and don’t forget to use those sharing buttons to help her spread the word. Take it away:



Thank you, Craig, for having me here today to share my latest children’s release, “Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories.” 

In Tree Fairies, several birds make an appearance, including red-tailed hawks and horned owls. So I thought I’d share some interesting facts about them. The red-tailed hawk weighs between 2-4 pounds, with the females being the bigger bird. They can have a 56-inch wingspan and “kite” or hover in the air over their prey, which is usually rodents. 

Head over to read more about the birds in Denise’s new book and read an excerpt:The Tree Fairies with D.L. Finn and Craig Boyack


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 9th June 2021 – #Newhome Ritu Bhathal, #Reviews Jan Sikes, #Writing D.L. Finn

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is a catch up with Ritu Bhathal who is on half-term but has been very busy moving in to the new family home and getting a handle on commutes and nearest supermarkets.. Looks like a lovely garden and some great places to walk.. Pop in and enjoy a cup of Chai with her.

Chai And A Chat #138

A whole week has gone by since we moved into the house. A full week of half term has slipped by. Thank goodness I still have one more week!

Right, so, did you get your drink? I’ll update you on more house shenanigans!

If we were having chai I’d tell you it was a jam-packed week. Even though it was half term, once you move into a new house, there is no such thing as relaxing, for the first few weeks, at least!

If we were having chai I’d tell you that I have been driving to all the local supermarkets, to work out the best one for my weekly shop. Asda, a straight drive, perfect. Sainsbury’s could be straight, but the journey involves a stretch through a country lane where no one can pass you, so you could end up having to reverse, to let another vehicle pass! There is another route, so it is still an option. Hubby Dearest discovered a local Co-op, so for little bits, that will do. I did try the local Tesco, but, erm, local? Well, the SatNav took me on a 45 minute journey there, then on the way back, it took half an hour – definitely an only in emergency place, but it was a lovely store!


Head over to enjoy more photographs and a catch up: Chai and a chat with Ritu Bhathal.

The next post is from Jan Sikes with three reviews for Staci Troilo, Mary Morgan and Erskine Caldwell.. always great to find recommendations for books.

Life in the Colorado mountains isn’t easy for immigrants Anita and Ottavio Notaro, particularly when they’re isolated on a hillside and barely speak the language. Anita is carrying their first child, and Tav works many long, hard hours away from home. This isn’t the American dream they were promised; this is a brutal life on the frontier. Tav has been saving money to make their lives easier, and he stumbles on a windfall. The only problem is, he isn’t the only one who knows about it. Trouble befalls these two humble Italians, threatening their livelihoods—and their lives.

A strange posse made up of fellow countrymen ride to their rescue. But will they get there in time? 

Head over to enjoy the review for Staci’s books and the others :May #BookReviews Part 2 – @stacitroilo @m_morganauthor @ErskineCaldwell

The final post today is from DL Finn writing for Story Empire and explores the pieces of the puzzle that have to come together to bring a story to life.


Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about all the parts that go into creating a book, thanks to a question I was asked.

I have my six-year-old granddaughter twice a week when she gets out of kindergarten. So, we spend the day doing projects, homework, or finding new ways to look at life. One of those days, we were putting a 100-piece glittery unicorn puzzle together.

My granddaughter asked, “What if 100 people each had a part of this puzzle?”

I replied, “They would all have to work together to get it done like we’re doing.”

My answer satisfied her, but I kept thinking about it. How hard would it be for 100 people to work together to get something done? Would one or two of these people hold back their pieces? Very possible.

The more I thought about it, I realized writing a book was very much like putting a puzzle together. The different parts of that process were a piece of the finished product. I put a list together of ten major puzzle pieces, with smaller pieces mixed in, that go into writing. 

Head over to discover the 10 pieces of the puzzle that Denise shares:
Writing and Puzzles DL Finn on Story Empire


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 8th June 2021 – Entertaining Again? #Recipes Dolly Aizenman, Eat Dessert First, Dorothy of New Vintage Kitchen.

As we all open up just a touch and are able to have a small number of visitors in our gardens, I thought some recipes might inspire some special dishes to serve.

When you pop in to Dolly Aizenman’s kitchen you don’t just get a delicious recipe but also the background and history of the dish or culture. Since some of you might be planning on a BBQ this dish would be perfect.

Spear Your Meat, But Don’t Spare Your Veggies: Shashlik 

shish 1

When you think of meat on skewers, you probably visualize this:

Or, perhaps, if you are even slightly familiar with Georgian cuisine (a country, not a state), this:

And you will be on the right track: regardless of countless variations of it, shishkebab definitely has a long military history. I couldn’t help but share with you, Beautiful People, these simply superb excerpts from Aram Khachaturyan’s ballet Gayane performed by the famous Bolshoi ballet troupe. Of course, as you might have seen in some of my previous posts, the Georgians not only dance, they also sing in their own inimitable style:

Head over to discover more about the origins of shishkebab and the recipe to create your own authentic dish: Shashlik with Dolly Aizenman

Another site where you will enjoy the story behind certain dishes and a guided tour of Greece is Eat Dessert First.. and here is a traditional pie made with Feta cheese.

Ιn the Thessalian plain with a batzina

With a journey in mythology begins the wonderful book Εδεσματολόγιον Θεσσαλίας by Efi Grigoriadou that was sent to us by Savalas Publishers, and it is full of historical information, customs and traditions. From the gods of Olympus it reaches the Centaurs and the Argonauts. It traverses the history of Thessaly and focuses on individual characteristics, customs and traditions. In our new article we will search for the mosaic of people and tribes that lived in Thessaly, as well as the eating habits that characterize this area, with the help of the book Εδεσματολόγιον Θεσσαλίας. With a recipe of the book we will make batzina, a local, traditional pie with feta cheese.

Head over to enjoy the rest of the background to this recipe and how to make this traditional cheese pie yourself: Ιn the Thessalian plain with a batzina

And for Breakfast/Brunch/Dessert something from Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen...

Strawberry Orange Crêpes with Nutella Sauce

My guests at the inn always loved crêpes, any kind of crêpe, sweet or savory. When it is strawberry season, and they are starting their annual bounty so nothing else will do, of course. It’s a show-off kind of breakfast that is remarkably easy to make.

Crêpes are also a family favorite in our house, one of the first things I taught my children and grandchildren to cook. Making the “skinny pancakes” is great fun, and they find it delightful to fill with whatever they like. My grandson loves them filled with cheese, but his sister will always choose something sweet. My husband wants ham and cheese! I love a little smear of yoghurt and some fresh berries.

For this delicious breakfast, brunch, or dessert :Strawberry orange crepes with nutella Sauce Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full and save the recipes to share with others… thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday June 7th 2021 – #Food #Environment Carol Taylor, #Blogging #Interview Hugh W. Roberts, #Poetry Colleen Chesebro

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days… I hope you will head over to read them in full.. thanks Sally.

If you missed all of Carol Taylor’s posts this week then you can catch up with her round up – Bread.. culinary alphabet.. all things stiletto, Bon Bon fruit and Saturday Snippets.

Welcome to this week’s edition of my weekly roundup of posts…Especially for you just in case you missed a few posts during this last week…Time is marching on…It is now officially rainy season here so there will definitely be some dancing in the rain…its also officially the month of June…

June contains the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day with the most daylight hours, and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the day with the fewest daylight hours…

Just in case you missed any posts this week or love to catch up like I do… snuggle down in your favourite place… get comfy in your favourite corner with your favourite drink tea/coffee or hot chocolate although depending on where in the world you live it could be a glass of wine or two…Cheers!


A staple in most diets, but did you know that 1 million loaves of bread are thrown away in the UK?…a day!

Head over to read Carol’s posts from the week: CarolCooks2 weekly roundup…May 30th-5th June 2021…#Stiletto Heels, Whimsy, Music and Lifestyle Changes

Hugh Roberts has been out and about this week as the guest on Thoughtsnlife Blog with host Bella… find out more about why Hugh blogs and what he considers to be key elements of a great blogging experience.

Welcome to the twelfth interview of the Let’s Get Inspired Series. A series where I interview our fellow bloggers on their blogging process, what they write about, their passions, their blogging dreams and their blogging tips. Each blogger has a specialty, well, more than one. Which I attempt to bring out in the interview.

Today we are going to speak to Hugh W. Roberts of Hugh’s News & Views blog.

I came across Hugh’s blog mainly because of his blogging tips and tricks. It was one of Hugh’s blog posts on the new block editor that got me to take the plunge. I am now a convert and enjoy the block editor.

What also drew me to Hugh’s blog is that he also lives in the UK.

What I didn’t know at the time is that Hugh is an author and has several books published. He also writes in his blog about publishing and writing books which I find helpful.

Actually, all Hugh’s blogs post are helpful, inspiring and creates enthusiasm in me.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Hugh. It is lovely how Hugh overcame aspects of his life to blog and write his book. 

Head over to read the rest of Hugh’s interview: Let’s Get Inspired by Hugh W. Roberts

Now for Colleen Chesebro’s poetry stars from last week’s challenge which was ‘Poet’s Choice’. This particular theme of the challenge means that there is a wide and varied selection of poetry covering many of life’s events, hopes, expectations and celebrations.

Welcome to our weekly poetry stars celebration. This week’s challenge was Poets Choice. At the first of the month, we can write any syllabic poetry form of our choice.

Head over to click on the links to read some amazing poetry:
Tanka Tuesday Poetry Stars with Colleen Chesebro


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 3rd June 2021 – #MemorialDay John Howell, #Guest of The Story Reading Ape, #Promotion with Marcia Meara

A small selection of posts I have read and enjoyed and I hope you will head over to read them in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from John Howell in Texas who takes us to brunch and then on a guided tour of the neighbourhood, showing respect for those lost and scarred by combat in the fight for the freedoms we enjoy..

Views of the Neighborhood – Day Before Memorial Day

Picture of an old time school bus

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be nice to have a leisurely time contemplating what Memorial day means. The day has been set aside to remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom that is an integral part of ours.

We are going to keep the brunch simple today in keeping with the spirit of the weekend. One of our freedoms is to choose food that will taste great but not be the best for us. We are being catered by the Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio, TX. Our guest is the late Marvin Gaye.

Omelets All served with potatoes or pancakes

Our Famous Applewood Smoked Bacon and Aged
Cheddar Cheese Make for The Perfect Breakfast

A trip to the Sonoma Coast inspired this Haus original.
Wild baby arugula, applewood smoked bacon, and goat cheese fill this three-egg delight. Topped with a ribbon of crème Fraiche

Head over to enjoy the whole menu and the rest of the photographs from John’s tour of the neighbourhood:The day before Memorial Day – Tour with John Howell.

The next post is from a guest of The Story Reading Ape – meet Tracy Falenwolfe…who shares her journey to be a published author.

I wrote in secret for many years, lying to my friends and family about how I was spending my time, and lying to myself about being able to do it alone. Why? Because I didn’t want to fail. And, if I did fail, I didn’t want anyone to know I’d failed.

Back then, manuscripts were printed out and submitted by snail mail. The savvy author sent along a self-addressed stamped envelope for the editor’s response, and a post card for the editor to return acknowledging receipt of the manuscript. Once the postcard was returned, the wait began. Would I get a letter saying we want to publish your manuscript? Would it change my life? Would I be a success? Well, no. 

Head over to read the rest of Tracy’s guest post:Meet guest Tracy Falenwolfe – at The Story Reading Ape

Now time for a post from Marcia Meara who has recently enjoyed a three week blogging break.. no wonder she looks so young and carefree…and she also extends an invitation to join her for a fun guest post.. in addition to her usual Thursday feature.. I’m game if you are…And yes Marcia..we did miss you..♥

Alert the Media! 

Fair Warning: I have returned from my very first blogging break, and am rarin’ to go, as we say down here. I was busy every minute of the three weeks I was away, though didn’t get nearly as much writing done as I’d hoped. I think I’ll be factoring in the occasional week off from the blog now and then, if just for the purpose of finishing my WIP.

I did get a lot done around the house and garden, all of which were long overdue things that I’m delighted to cross off the To Do List. It’s nice to finally be planting some new things out back, instead of digging up, and cutting down, and hauling off stuff that was killed during the hurricane. (Yeah, I know that was a couple of years ago, but we are MUCH slower these days, it seems.)

I will be gradually returning to normal around here with all my old standby features, and perhaps some new ones. And with that in mind, I’m offering guests a chance to share something a bit different here on The Write Stuff. Even if you aren’t promoting a new release or promotion, you can still visit the blog now and then to introduce yourself to new readers. How? Like this:

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Head over to discover the ten things you may not have known about Marcia and throw your hat in the ring…:Welcome back to Marcia and a new way to promote yourself


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