Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 11th -17th October 2020 -Jazz, Elephant’s Ears, Pumpkin Flower Fritters and Rennaisance Festival

Welcome to the round up with posts that you might have missed during the week on Smorgasbord.

I hope that despite the increase in cases in most of our countries, you are staying safe. With politics and Covid-19 it is hard to find some good news headlines but tucked away you can find a gem or two.

Canadian Researchers Gave Homeless People $7500 Each And The Results Are So Uplifting

Challenging the stereotypes of homeless people in Canada, a research project from a Vancouver-based charitable organization found that simply giving money to homeless people isn’t as bad an idea as some people might think. Read more: Good News Network

New Fix-It Clinic is Using Zoom and Global Community to Help You Repair Items For Free

How many YouTube tutorials does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One—if that many.

Fixit Clinic

But when you need to fix something that’s beyond your level of DIY expertise, with nearly a bazillion videos offering differing and sometimes conflicting repair advice, it can be hard to know where to turn—or, at least it was until the advent of Fixit Clinic Read more about this great initiative: The Good News Network

So if you need a bit of a lift and a change from the daily litany of pessimism head over to The Good News Network

On the home front the last couple of days I have been moving pot plants around, taking some around the back of the garden to see out the next few months and setting out the winter flowering plants. Not a very bright day but with rain coming in for the next ten days I took the opportunity to take some photographs…

Time to get on with the posts from the week….

William Price King with American Jazz drummer and bandleader Art Blakey

‘T’ for Tea and Toast, Turmeric, Tobasco, Tahini, Tamarind and Elephant’s Ears (it is a T)

how a pumpkin flower fritter looks like

Pumpkin Flowers Fritters: at the Pumpkin Patch

Life Changing Moments – I knew that there was a book inside me waiting to be written by Joyce Hampton

#Thriller – Skeleton Run by John L. DeBoer

#Afghatinstan #MilitaryDogs Patricia Furstenburg, #History #Tudors Tony Riches

My parent’s visit – Part Two – Rennaisance Festival, Anniversary Party and nearly lights out!

Poetry – In Remembrance – The War Poets – Rupert Brooke

Photograph by Cris Saur @crisaur

Pot Luck – Poetry Friday ~ Wild Fire by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Milestones Along the Way – #Ireland #Waterford 1950s The Saga of Selby

Chapter Eleven – Favourite Walks in Ireland

#Free Book and Some of my Very Odd Jobs – Hotel Senior Receptionist

#Free Book and Some of my Very Odd Jobs – Hotel Assistant Manager

#Free Book and Some of my Very Odd Jobs -The Sheep Farm

#Reviews Dawn Doig, Emily-Jane Hills Orford and Wanda Luthman

#ParanormalThriller – This Last Chance by D.L. Finn

#Memoir Brigid P. Gallagher , #Sci-fi Richard Dee, #Mystery Diana J. Febry

#Pre-Historic Jacqui Murray, #Fantasy Deborah Jay, #Mystery Amy M. Reade

#Paranormal Marcia Meara, #Fantasy A. J. Alexander, #MurderMystery Jessica Norrie

Image wikipedia.

Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Essential Oils and Aromatherapy – Bergamot essential oil

Omega 3s

The endocrine system and hormones Part Two

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – Oct 13th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

October 15th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

October 16th 2020 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

Thank you very much for dropping and all your support, have a great weekend and I hope you will join me again next week.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – Author Spotlight – Life Changing Moments – Do or Die by Harmony Kent

Welcome to Cafe and Bookstore Author spotlight.  I am inviting authors in the Cafe to share what they consider to be a defining moment in their lives that resulted in a major positive change. If you would like to participate you can find all the details: Author Spotlight – Life Changing Moments

The first author who is sharing her amazing story with us is Harmony Kent.

Harmony Kent

After spending around thirteen years as an ordained Buddhist monk, living in a Zen Buddhist temple, and six years after a life-changing injury following a surgical error, Harmony Kent returned to the world at the tender age of forty.

Indie Author Harmony Kent is an award winning multi-genre author. Her publications include:

The Battle for Brisingamen (Fantasy Fiction) AIA approved – The Glade (Mystery/Thriller) AIA Approved/BRAG Medallion Honouree/New Apple Literary Awards Official Selection Honours 2015  – Elemental Earth (YA Fantasy Fiction) – Polish Your Prose: Essential Editing Tips for Authors (Writing/Editing) New Apple Literary Awards Top Medallist Honours 2015 – Finding Katie (Women’s Fiction) – Slices of Soul (Contemporary Poetry) – Interludes (Erotic Short Stories) – Moments (Short Stories and Poetry) – Jewel in the Mud (Zen Musings) Backstage (Erotic Romance)- Interludes 2 (Erotic Short Stories)

As well as being an avid reader and writer, Harmony also offers reviews and supports her fellow indie authors, Harmony works hard to promote and protect high standards within the indie publishing arena. She is always on the look out for talent and excellence, and will freely promote any authors or books who she feels have these attributes. Harmony lives in Cornwall, England.  Harmony is passionate about supporting her fellow authors.

Do or Die? by Harmony Kent

Debbie had a choice to make. 

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

In the end, a book saved her life. Ironic, really, because she’d loved books since early childhood. Make-believe had kept her going through the hard times. But the book that saved her life, as it turned out, wasn’t anything to do with fiction. …A Heart as Wide as the World by Sharon Salzburg.

“The Buddhist teachings have the power to transform our lives for the better, says Sharon Salzberg, and all we need to bring about this transformation can be found in the ordinary events of our everyday experiences.”

So, instead of leaving this mortal coil in a coffin, Debbie shaved her head, donned the robes of a novice, and entered a Buddhist temple.

Another irony because she had eschewed all forms of religion years ago. Yes, the universe has a sense of humour!

The days were long, and the life hard, but after 13 years, a beautiful butterfly emerged from its chrysalis and spread its wings. Even as maimed as it was.

Have you ever heard the saying that the universe never gives us more than we can cope with? Sometimes, it seemed like that dear old universe couldn’t possibly pile on more, and then it did. Hah.

Fate pretty much left Debbie alone for the first 6 years of Zen monastic training. It gave her the space to face her demons and yank the skeletons from her closet. And when she’d, finally, found peace and contentment, and existence wasn’t such an all-out struggle all the time, the universe decided to give her ‘more’.

A routine surgery for varicose veins went about as badly wrong as it could without actually killing her—and that point was hit-and-miss for a while. She’d never been so poorly. Ten weeks in the hospital, with about 7 or 8 of those confined to a bed with the cot-sides raised and tubes and wires just about everywhere.

The rehab was horrific. Here’s where Debbie’s years of meditation came in so useful. All she could deal with was to take each minute at a time. And at all costs, avoid thinking back to what was, or attempting to look forward with terrified a ‘what if’?

Three years of physical struggle and turmoil went by, and in the end, Debbie elected to have the severely injured leg amputated. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t provide her with the relief from chronic pain that she’d hoped for. It did, however, give her much greater mobility.

More years passed, and eventually, Debbie felt that the time had come to return to the world. So, aged 40 and disabled and utterly alone, she left her robes behind and grew her hair. Oh, and she also wrote her first book, The Battle for Brisingamen. Something she had never had the confidence to do, despite her ardent desire and love of writing as a young child and adult. Harmony is the translation of the Japanese name she received upon taking Buddhist ordination, and Kent is the area in which she lived at the time of writing Brisingamen. So, in 2013, Harmony Kent was born.

And then she made the decision that would change her life yet again. She moved to Cornwall. It felt like coming home. Breathing out. And being where she belonged. Being a Yorkshire lass at heart, she fit right in with the locals. To her mind, the Cornish are much like the Yorkshires, only in the warm south instead of the cold north, and with a strange accent! (Tongue in cheek.)

Despite making lots of friends and enjoying many successes, she remained alone. Sometimes, she expressed her feelings in poetry:

One friend persuaded Harmony to join an online dating site, and dutifully, she gave it a go for a while. Then she got fed up with the lack of honesty and cavalier attitude of the men she encountered there. One Saturday night, while most everyone in the neighbourhood attended a birthday party for a local whom Harmony hadn’t met, she deleted her online profile, looked upward, and declared, ‘I’m happy to spend the rest of my life alone.’

Once again, the universe displayed its exceptional sense of timing and humour. The very next morning, her friend introduced Harmony to the man who would become her husband.

Both wary, they took things slowly and carefully. But they soon discovered that they were soul mates. It had taken a while … a lifetime … but they had found one another at last.

They married in May 2019 and so far, anyway, are living their happily ever after. They get up to much silliness, and Harmony has discovered that it can be quite a lot of fun of an evening—while in the wheelchair to give her residual limb a rest from the rigours of the prosthetic—to chase her husband around the house!

The groom’s first job: picking out the confetti!

©Harmony Kent 2020

A small selection of books by Harmony Kent

One of the recent reviews for Polish Your Prose

Apr 02, 2020 Pete Springer rated it Five Stars it was amazing

Polish Your Prose was precisely the type of self-help book that I wanted. Harmony Kent has written an excellent guide for editing. Perhaps what I enjoyed the most was her clear examples of the misuse of specific areas in writing and grammar, followed by several better alternatives.

Some of the specific areas she writes about were basic (use of contractions, introductory clauses), but the author does not spend too long on any one topic. As someone who needs brushing up with some areas of grammar, I appreciated her clear and concise examples. One of the common themes is the need for consistency in one’s writing. There was plenty of information that was useful to me

Harmony Kent, Buy: Amazon UK – And : Amazon US –  Follow Harmony:Goodreads – Website:Harmony KentTwitter: @Harmony_Kent


Thank you for joining us today and I know that Harmony would love your feedback.. thanks Sally.

If you would like to participate you can find all the details: Author Spotlight – Life Changing Moments

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up 23rd – 29th August 2020 – Barbra Streisand, Ireland, Houston, Book Reviews, Children’s Books, Health and Laughter

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed during week here on Smorgasbord.

Another week has come and gone with little change to the headlines or the weather. However, as always the warmth of this community, its creativity and its tenacity has shone threw..I hope your week has reflected that.

Tomorrow author Harmony Kent will be the first guest in the new Author Spotlight – Life Changing Moments – and joining her over the next few weeks are D.G.Kaye, Colin Guest, Toni Pike, Sherri Matthews, and Jane Sturgeon.. If you would like to join them then please check out the highlighted link. I am sure many of you have faced life changing moments that have led you to this point in your life.

My thanks again to the regular contributors.. and a welcome back to William Price King on September 1st with a brand new series. Carol Taylor is with us on Wednesday 2nd September with her A-Z of foods and this week it is the turn of the letter ‘Q’… packed with information and recipes. Debby Gies will be joining me as usual for the Laughter Lines on Tuesday and Thursday and as guest of honour on Sunday 6th in the Author Spotlight.

Here are the posts for the week and thanks for all you support in getting them noticed.. it is very much appreciated…

Smorgasbord Summer Music Festival with hosts William Price King and Sally Cronin – Headliners Barbra Streisand and Christina Aquilera

A new series of stories by Geoff Cronin of life in Waterford in the 20s, 30s and 40s…

Short Stories – Milestones Along the Way – #Waterford 1930s – The Banks (of The Suir) by Geoff Cronin

August 1985 – Houston, Hurricane Danny, Trivia Pursuit

Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story – Chapter Four – Henry’s Story and Costa del Sam

#Mystery – Frozen Stiff Drink: A Kellan Ayrwick Cozy Mystery (Braxton Campus Mysteries Book 6) by James J. Cudney

Past Book Reviews -#Poetry #Shortstories Colleen M. Chesebro, #Paranormal #Thriller Jacquie Biggar

Reef, Heart, Shape, Island, Corals, Atoll, Sea, Ocean

Colleen Chesebro Challenge Theme Prompt Butterfly Cinquain – The Maps

Nutrients that work better together – Part One -Vitamin C, D, K , Calcium and Magnesium

The Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Herbal Medicine – Saw Palmetto – #Men’sHealth – Hormone Imbalance

New Author on the Shelves – Age Group 7 – 12 #Huskies #Wolves – Akea – The Power of Destiny (Book 1 in the Akea Series) by Elizabeth Jade

#Friendship Dawn Doig, #Fondant Characters Robbie and Michael Cheadle, #AmericanHistory Barbara Ann Mojica

New #Release and #Reviews -#Bears #Poetry Frank Prem, #Monkey Adventure Donald Lloyd Jr. #Stepmother Toni Pike

#Fantasy #Pre-Order- Liars and Thieves (Unraveling the Veil Book 1) by D.Wallace Peach

#RomanticComedy Linda G. Hill, #PsychologicalThriller Anne Goodwin, #Historical Noelle Granger

#Russia Marina Osipova #Western Jan Sikes, #Poetry Balroop Singh, #Afghanistan Mary Smith

New release #Scifi Richard Dee, #Reviews Paul Edmondson, #Mystery Mary Anne Edwards, #Thriller Mark Bierman

#Connection, What Is It and How Does It Happen? by Patty Fletcher

#WWII – #Wales Evacuation by Joy Lennick


10 Lessons I Learned From Writing My Own Eulogy by Erica/Erika

Vaccination Day Tanka by Elizabeth Gauffreau

-#Covid #Shopping – Our foray to the local market by Pranav Lal

-#Travel -#Yellow – Exploring Sunny California and Arizona by Marsha Ingrao

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines –August 25th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin If it seems to good to be true and last wish

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines –August 27th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin If it seems to good to be true and last wish

August 28th 2020- Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

Before you go some posts from team members D.G. Kaye and Carol Taylor you might like to head over to read.

Debby Gies with this month’s #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest Face Masks Help the Hearing Impaired Community with the inspiring story of a teenager sewing transparent masks so that those with hearing difficulties can lip read..Face Masks for the Hearing Impaired

Carol Taylor with the first part of sugars and their effect on children’s teeth.. the statistics for children’s extraction of baby teeth and then as teenagers with their adult teeth are appalling. Well worth heading over to read. Children’s teeth and obesity due to sugars


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will join us again next week.. have a lovely weekend. thanks Sally

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – 9th – 15th August 2020 – Intuition, Nat King Cole, Apple Roses, Children’s Books, Reviews, Health and Funnies

Welcome to the round up with post you might have missed on Smorgasbord this week.

I hope everybody is doing well.. I am sure that like me you are watching the headlines and keeping up do date with not just your own country’s progress with the pandemic but also on a worldwide basis. At this point all we can do is remain safe and avoid covidiots that seem to think social distancing and masks do not apply to them.

On a positive note...I have made a few tweaks to new book releases from August 26th  that I hope will increase exposure for the authors concerned. If you are already in the Cafe and Bookstore you new book announcement will be added to the Cafe Updates on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I hope that the fact that there are four authors in the post, it will generate more views for your new book. Over a period of a couple of weeks they usually generate an average of 150 views and multiple shares on Twitter and Facebook.

If you are a new author to the Cafe and Bookstore I will post the usual introductory promotion with bio etc.

This is the latest way to share your work and I now have some wonderful stories of defining moments in the lives of authors in the Cafe and Bookstore. It would be wonderful to share your stories too so perhaps you could read the post and read my story so you can see how it will look.  The series begins the last Sunday of August and I am now booking for the second week in October.. Look forward to hearing from you.

Author Spotlight – Life Changing Moments

If you missed them here are some posts from my contributors this week that you might like to head over and read.

Q & A with D.G. Kaye

Debby Gies interviews Adele Marie Park about her childhood on the island of
Rousay part of the Orkney Isles where she encountered tales Finn Folk,
Selkies and mermaids.. Adele has just released her latest book, Sea Dragon – Wisp II and shares what is coming next. As always Debby’s questions are tailored to her guest and the interview makes for interesting reading.D.G Kaye interviews Adele Marie Park

Carol Taylor with her Saturday Snippets with posts ranging from Bees and their importance to our environment, Lemon Meringue Pie, National Afternoon Tea Week, Music from Jimi Hendrix, Rooftop farms, removing hooks from shark’s mouths and respect for those who died during the holocaust.. As you can see a varied and interesting post.. please head over. Saturday Snippets with Carol Taylor

Time to catch up with the posts from the week here on Smorgasbord.. thank you for all your support and also to Debby Gies and Silvia Todesco for their wonderful contributions this week. William Price King is back with a brand new Music Column on September 1st.

August 2020 – #Intuition – Do you trust your gut instincts?

Headliners Nat King Cole and Billy Joel

#Italian Cookery with Silvia Todesco – #Dessert- Puff pastry and apples roses

Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story – Chapter Two – My New Home by Sally Cronin

#Ireland #History – The Colour of Life – #Angling The Haul Of Bass 1955 by Geoff Cronin

Before and After of our home in Wexford and a Haiku

Baby, Mother, Infant, Child, Female, Happy, White, Joy

Butterfly #Cinquain – Embraced by Sally Cronin

#Prehistoric – Against All Odds (Book 3 of the Crossroads Trilogy) by Jacqui Murray

Past book reviews – #Mystery John W. Howell, #DystopianSciFi Terry Tyler,

New Author on the Shelves – #Environment – That’s Our Home by Jude Lennon

7 – 10 years – The Adventures of Monkey and Toad: Two Remarkable Friends by Donald Lloyd Jr.

#Vampire #Thriller The Dead at Heart: Book Three of The Dead Game Series by Susanne Leist

#Prehistoric – Against All Odds (Book 3 of the Crossroads Trilogy) by Jacqui Murray

#Contemporary Ritu Bhathal, #Crime Jane Risdon, #Poetry Leon Stevens

#Anthology M.J. Mallon, #Thriller Carol Balawyder, #Mystery James J. Cudney

Darlene Foster Interviews Author Mary Smith

#WritingHabits by D.G. Kaye

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the First Sale of #Coca-Cola in 1886 by John W. Howell

Happy Birthday Maine! by Bette A. Stevens

The Humor of Life by Pete Springer

Supplements – Absorbing the nutrients, avoiding the additives

The Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Herbal Medicine – Chamomile (Camomile)

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines –August 11th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines –August 13th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

August 14th 2020- Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

Thanks so much for dropping by today and I hope to see you again next week.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – Author Spotlight – Life Changing Moments

Welcome to the new series of the Cafe and Bookstore Author spotlight which begins in September.

In this new series I am inviting authors in the Cafe to share what they consider to be a defining moment in their lives that resulted in a major positive change.

Here are a few examples, and I am sure you will have plenty to add:

  • Meeting a stranger with surprising consequences
  • Accepting an invitation that took you out of your comfort zone
  • Being fired from a job or resigning without another job lined up that turned out to be an opportunity.
  • Taking a wrong turn on a journey and discovering something about yourself.
  • Being in the wrong place at the right time when an opportunity presented itself.
  • Overcoming a challenging situation such as a failed relationship and finding happiness.
  • Taking part in a charity challenge such as a parachute jump and how it conquered a fear.
  • Accidentally walking through the wrong door and finding an uplifting experience
  • Moving to a new country and feeling immediately at home.

You can choose to stick to the facts or can write a fiction story that has ‘A Life Changing Moment’ as its theme.

Here is an example of how your post will look.

Here is something I wrote about how a number of factors came into play following my disastrous first marriage. It was a decision that took me hundreds of miles away from home, to meet someone who would change my views on love and romance, and subsequently my life all in the space of six weeks.

The Rocky Road to True Romance

Have you ever wondered why the classic fairy stories that involve a beautiful farmer’s daughter, scullery maid or even a princess, who are swept off their feet by a handsome and rich stranger on a white horse; end with the words ‘And they lived happily ever after’.

Because most were written by men at a time when a woman was a chattel who cooked, cleaned and bore children. The men however went about their business as usual; of course living happily ever after.

That may sound a bit cynical, but I can remember as a child being fed the propaganda. Most commonly via bedtime stories and the ‘Happy Ever After’ films that we were allowed to watch in our teen years. Disney had the whole thing down to a fine art.

By the time I was sixteen, I was convinced that at some point, a rich and handsome stranger was going to gallop into my life and sweep me off into a fairy tale future in a palace with  a new generation of princes and princesses, and a life of love and contentment.

By the time I was 19 years old I had kissed a few frogs, and thought that Prince Charming had ridden in a few times, but discovered that in reality they just as quickly rode off into the sunset. Still that is all part of growing up, but because of the indoctrination of childhood, I mistook one particular prince for the real thing.

Oh the joy in the royal family that the princess had been chosen by a prince of such standing in the neighbouring country. A large and lavish wedding was orchestrated by the two queens with the kings simply opening the doors to their treasure houses. The invitation lists in both palaces grew by the hour as dignitaries were invited from far and wide. Many of whom the princess and prince had never met. The reception was a masterpiece of just the right location and the food suitably divine. A vaulted arch of the prince’s entourage lined the drive from the grand cathedral; carriages awaited to take the jubilant bridal party to the festivities.

A few glasses of champagne, elegant speeches and a thrown bouquet that was caught by the next lucky bride, and the prince swept the princess off on his charger into the sunset to the awaiting bridal chamber.

They call it a day to remember, and certainly as I thought about the celebrations in the weeks, months and years that followed, I knew it would be etched on my mind forever. Such an auspicious beginning, and at first it seemed that the dream would continue. However, pretty quickly, what I had believed to be the epitome of true romance had vanished. As tragedy, a controlling environment and betrayal came to light, I found myself trapped by the web that had been spun around me; I felt it would be impossible to break free without angering so many.

But one morning I woke up to find the spell had lost its power, and despite the threat of banishment to a far off land where my shame would not be witnessed by family and friends; I packed up a small bundle of clothes and hit the road. I spent the next three years concealing my whereabouts and keeping well away from anyone who knew me. I ended up in the depths of the Welsh mountains where I worked hard to make my own way, and drifted in and out of a few half-hearted relationships. I was not going to be caught up in the fairy tale again. I was very happy to be alone and to spend my life making my own decisions and being loved by cats.

Then, would you believe it… a prince arrived in disguise. Quiet and bespectacled and riding an ancient nag that had seen better days. There were no grand or extravagant gestures, just a gentle wearing down of my defences. But there was magic involved, of that I am certain. I felt myself being drawn in despite the walls I had built around me. A different kind of spell was being woven that enchanted me, and after only one dinner date, I found myself saying yes to spending a lifetime together with this softly spoken handsome suitor..

The Queen and King back at the castle were I was born were aghast on hearing that I was betrothed again. And to a foreign prince from afar with as yet unknown credentials, who had the audacity to propose on our first date; the Queen announced that she was about to faint.

My prince was not about to let the grass grow under his steed however and he approached the King and asked for his daughter’s hand. With the memory of the extravagance of the previous match, the king offered him £5 and a step ladder in the hopes there would be an elopement.

Which there was, and within six weeks, very quietly and without undue ceremony, we were married. This time just both sets of Kings and Queens and one lady in waiting attended! Drenching rain blessed the union in a small registry office in Wales.

After a festive lunch we set off on the prince’s ancient steed to a rather dark castle in the mountains where the bridal suite, decked in red flock wallpaper, vibrated to the noise emanating from the public bar beneath.

Then it was off to the damp and musty rooms that we managed to find whilst we worked and built up enough savings to buy our first modest home. This was followed by 40 years of travelling the world, living in wonderful countries and working together, with the promise we hope of many more years to come. Despite what had gone before; compelling me to seek sanctuary in that isolated spot in the mountains, it was clearly meant to be, and without doubt led to a life changing moment.

©Sally Cronin 2020

So are you up for the challenge?

If so details of how you can participate are at the bottom of the post.

About Sally Cronin

profile twitter, FB and LinkedIn and Bookbub size.

I have enjoyed a nomadic existence living in eight countries including Sri Lanka, Malta, South Africa, USA and Spain, before settling back here in Ireland. My work, and a desire to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world in the last forty years, has taken me to many more incredible destinations around Europe and Canada, and across the oceans to New Zealand and Hawaii. All those experiences and the people that I have met, provide a rich source of inspiration for my stories.

After a career in customer facing roles in the hospitality, retail, advertising and telecommunications industry, I wrote and published my first book in 1999 called Size Matters, about my weight loss journey, losing 150lbs in 18 months. This was followed by 11 further fiction and non-fiction books, including a number of short story collections.

My first book release resulted in a radio interview in Spain that led to four years as a nutritional consultant for an English language station, and this was followed by four years with my own health show and Sunday morning show on local radio station in the UK and then as station director, newsreader and presenter for an online television station.

As a writer I know how important it is to have help in marketing books and from 2002 I have been working with authors on their book launches and publicity. At that time it was very much physical book launches and press coverage locally to stimulate national interest. Today it is very different with a global market via the worldwide web. As important as my own promotion is, I believe it is important to support others within our community and this led to the creation of the Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore

A selection of books by Sally Cronin

One of the recent reviews for Life’s Rich Tapestry

Avid Reader 5.0 out of 5 stars An appreciated work of literary fiction. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 June 2020

Cronin’s “Life’s Rich Tapestry” is like a box of Merci chocolates because her book offers an indulgent collection of short stories, micro fiction and poetry that match so many of life’s moments.

Her book made me smile and dream, it brought chuckles and it even made my eyes wet. Is a book you want to read on, as the author is a gifted writer, each chapter in her book a temptation, and so are the illustrations.

An appreciated work of literary fiction.

Sally Cronin, Buy: :Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Follow Sally:Goodreads – Blog: Smorgasbord Invitation – Twitter: @sgc58

How to participate.

  1. Approximately 1000 words about a Life Changing Moment that ended positively
  2. Include two or three photographs
  3. Send to

As you are in the Cafe and Bookstore I have all your information and will add your bio, books and links to the post.

If you are not already in the Cafe and Bookstore then here is the link to join the other 150 authors receiving FREE book marketing: Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore

Looking forward to hearing from you..thanks Sally.