Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 21st – 27th February 2021 – 1960s Pop Music, Short Stories, Poetry, Blog Stars, Books, Reviews and Funnies

Welcome to the weekly round up with posts that you might have missed during the week.

I don’t have a great deal to report this week which in many respects is a good thing. We are waiting to hear the government decision regarding lock down today or tomorrow but it looks like it has been extended to the end of April with certain services such as hairdressing being one of the last to open.

Just as well my husband has become so deft with the scissors and clippers and as my hair is short anyway it has not been too bad.  I take the clippers to his hair too and after nearly a year we may continue after the restrictions are lifted.

I have been out and about however in the virtual sense which was a lot of fun. This week I was delighted to be the guest of author Hugh Roberts where I shared the story of my acting debut….I hope you will head over to read..

Watch Out For The Matador! – A True Story

As always my thanks to William Price King and delighted that the Breakfast Show is going down well, despite the fact that it is a little early for many of you to remember the songs.. If you do have memories and a favourite track from the 1960s we would love to include you in the Breakfast Show Special at the end of March.. details here The Breakfast Show 2021

Thank you also to you for all the visits, comments and shares again this week.. I do appreciate the support very much.

On with the posts from the week….

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1963 – Part Two

Jane Risdon shares the background to one of her favourite tracks of the 1960s

What’s in a Name? – Prince Charming by Sally Cronin

Return to Tales from the Irish Garden.. Previously

Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge No 213 #Badger Hexastich x two – Beacon and Umbrella by Sally Cronin

#Paranormal #Romance – Ghostly Interference: (White Rune Series Book 1) by Jan Sikes.

#Cancer #Journal – Apple Blossom: my Hope…my Inspiration by Jaye Marie

Past Book Reviews 2020 -#Poetry Inner Rumblings: by Joyce Murphy

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Thriller -Deep Cover by John L. DeBoer

chicken sandwich

Recipes that Pack a Punch – A Chicken Sandwich and how your body extracts the nutrients

Turning Back the Clock 2021 – Part Seven – Anti-Aging and Attitude of Mind

Archives 2021 – #Pot Luck – #AfghanistanAdventures #54 Winter travel by Mary Smith

Archives 2021 – #Pot Luck – #Writing – Author Bio Dos and Don’ts by K.M. Allan

Going West: The Accidental Tourist by Sue Vincent

Monday 22nd February 2021 – #Food Carol Taylor, #Home Chantelle Atkins with Jessica Norrie, #Bookreview Harmony Kent

Wednesday 24th February 2021 – #LakeDistrict Mike Biles, #AlooGobi Sowmya’s Spicy Corner, #Publishing Alison Williams

Smorgasbord Children’s Reading Room – New Book on the Shelves #Ghosts – Brody Cody and the Haunted Vacation House by Toni Pike.

Smorgasbord Children’s Reading Room – Author Update – #Nature Joyce Murphy, #Fantasy Maria Matthews

New Book on the Shelves – #Thriller – Shattered Lives: A Jo Naylor Adventure by Allan Hudson

New Book on the Shelves – #YA #Fantasy – Rites of Passage (The Rites Trilogy Book 1) by Doug Parker

New Author on the Shelves – #Family – Sisters of the Undertow by Johnnie Bernhard

#Reviews #Family Lisette Brodey, #SouthernCulture Claire Fullerton, #Fantasy Tyler Edwards

#Murdermystery Terry Tyler, #Meditation Sue Vincent, #Fantasy D.Wallace Peach

#Lockdown M.J. Mallon, #Poetry Balroop Singh, #Paranormal Marcia Meara

February 23rd 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – After Surgery and Shopping for a Husband

February 25th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Lost Glasses and Best Beer in the World

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines Extra – Host Sally Cronin – We are all going to the dogs!


Thanks very much for visiting today and I hope you will join me again next week.. have a great weekend.. Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Music Column – The Breakfast Show – 1960s Hits Part Two – Special Guests John W. Howell and Jennie Fitzkee

Over the last four weeks we have been featuring the hits in the charts of 1960-1962. We have also included some of the notable events in those years for the up and coming stars who were centre stage at the time. You can find these posts:The Breakfast Show with hosts William Price King and Sally Cronin

We will be sharing the music of the 1960s until the end of May before moving on to the 1970s. Participate in the spin-off shows and share your memories of the music of the 60s. An opportunity to share your work and here are the details: The Breakfast Show 2021

The first guest today is John W. Howell who shares his wonderful memories of the 1960s and his time as a D.J on radio.

John in the 1960s

Thanks, Sally for allowing me to give my impressions of the decade of 60s music.

When I look back on the 60s, my memories always go to the very earliest part of that decade. I had graduated from high school and was off to college. I left a high school sweetheart behind, and of course, time and distance do not make suitable relationship binders. The relationship fell apart, and so there were plenty of songs to help balm the bruised heart. In May of 1960, Roy Orbison released his biggest hit, “Only the Lonely.” This song became my anthem for the rest of the year.

In addition to losing what I thought was the only love of my life, I was also serving as a class officer, so I tended to work hard to avoid thinking of my problems. The term ended, and it was time for the summer break. The biggest song that wouldn’t go away was “Theme from a Summer Place” by Percy Faith. I can still imagine us all at the drive-in restaurant with the radios up loud, trying to convince our dates that we were in love.

School came back into session, and around October 1960, Edith Piaf released her finest song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. Edith and I went way back. When I was ten, my father passed away, and I collected Edith Piaf records. They ended up almost unplayable after I listened to them hundreds of times. For some reason, her story and her songs gave me a lot of comfort. Her release of the record brought back the earlier sadness. More importantly, the song with Edith singing it had the effect of making me realize I had weathered the storm and had nothing to regret. So I offer as my favorite 1960’s song Edith Piaf and “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien.” ondrejtis 

John Howell turned to writing as a full-time occupation after an extensive career in business. John writes thriller fiction novels and short stories. His story Cold Night Out won an honorable mention in Writers Digest Popular Fiction contest this year. He also won first place in the Kurt Vonnegut Kilgore Trout novel contest, celebrating Kurt Vonnegut as an author. His short story Never Give Inn was selected to be published in the Miracle E-zine fifth issue published in April of 2014. Since then John has published three books in the John Cannon thriller series, a novel Circumstances of Childhood, a collaboration with Gwen Plano, The Contract a paranormal thriller, and his latest release Eternal Road an adventure in the afterlife.

John lives in Lakeway Texas with his wife Molly and their spoiled rescue pets.

Books by John Howell

Read the reviews for John’s books: Amazon USand : Amazon UK – Goodreads:John Howell Goodreads Blog: John W. Howell. com – Twitter@HowellWave

The final guest this weekend is Jennie Fitzkee who shares the music that she grew up with and which she now shares with the children in her class every morning.

A new generation discovering the music of the 1960s

My parents had a HiFi that was off limits to me and my sisters. I was fascinated by the record changer and being able to stack multiple records at one time. They loved playing albums, particularly Frank Sinatra albums. His music remains a favorite of mine to this day. Do you know that young children need to hear soft jazz in the background at school? Yup, I play Frank at school every morning.

And then it was 1962.

I discovered American Bandstand on TV. Every rock and roll song was played. Teenagers voted on the songs. And oh, the dancing! I was on my feet for the entire show. That fall I started in a new school, 7th through 12th grade. The lunch cafeteria was in the basement, and there was another room with a juke box. The juniors and seniors always played songs and danced. I walked in on my first day and listened to “Do You Love Me” by the Contours. That was it. I was in rock and roll Seventh Heaven, and still am. R&B was in my blood.

And then it was 1964.

The Beatles had made their first record album, “Meet the Beatles.” I remember going downtown to the department store and buying the album with my babysitting money. I have played it hundreds of times. I still play the album. It was “ I Want To Hold Your Hand” that sent me to the moon. I’ve been there ever since. February 9, 1964, I forced my parents to watch Ed Sullivan and even threatened anyone who dared talk. It was wonderful.

My love of rock and roll and R&B has never waned. As the music grew, I did too. From the Supremes to Janis Joplin, this was a decade of great music. Woodstock is still one of my favorites albums. I bring my 1960’s music into my classroom, playing my albums on a record player. This is fascinating for children. They love the music as much as I do. Most recently a Boston Massachusetts robotics company videoed their robots at Boston Logan Airport dancing to “Do You Love Me”. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw this! I showed this to the children many times, and we have written a letter to the company.
“One of my favorite songs is “Twist and Shout.” The original is by the Isley Brothers, and the redo is by the Beatles. Both are terrific! I danced and did the Twist in stocking feet till I had no stockings left on the bottom of my feet.”

Good music never goes away!

Here is the Beatles version “Twist And Shout” The Beatles

About Jennie Fitzkee

I have been teaching preschool for over thirty years. This is my passion. I believe that children have a voice, and that is the catalyst to enhance or even change the learning experience. Emergent curriculum opens young minds. It’s the little things that happen in the classroom that are most important and exciting. That’s what I write about.

I am highlighted in the the new edition of Jim Trelease’s bestselling book, “The Read-Aloud Handbook” because of my reading to children. My class has designed quilts that hang as permanent displays at both the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, and the Fisher House at the Boston VA Hospital.

Connect to Jennie – Blog: Jennie Fitzkee – Facebook: Jennie Fitzkee – Twitter: @jlfatgcs


Thanks for joining us today and as always we would love your can all the Tuesday Breakfast Shows so far in the directory Here

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – 24th – 30th January 2021 – 1960s music, America, Book Reviews, pH balance, Anti-Aging and funnies

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed on Smorgasbord this week.

A quick intro today as I have very little to report on the home front.. the weather is the same, lockdown extended to March 5th and more travel restrictions in place. On the bright side, we did binge watch the last four James Bond’s to get ourselves ready to watch the new one when it eventually gets released.

We are also enjoying our foreign language series,particularly the Scandinavian shows, and amazing how quickly you forget the subtitles. They are also very well made and thankfully missing so much of the unnecessary chit chat that the English speaking series seem to contain.. in one show we watched last week 20 minutes of a murder mystery was spent with two of the detectives bickering in a car on their way from one scene to another.. I must be getting old…or grumpy… or both.

Anyway.. thankfully there are some great people around to cheer me up including William Price King and the hits of the 60s.. four guests join us this week in the special shows.. the first today and one tomorrow.. Hopefully more of you will join us with your memories of the music of the time as we move through the decades.

Also of course Debby Gies who has been sending funnies my way to share with you.. she does a great job.. And thank you for visiting and sharing the posts, it is very much appreciated.

On with the posts from the week..

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1961 – Part Two

– The Breakfast Show – 1960s Hits Part One – Special Guests Ann Patras, Darlene Foster

– Houston – June 1986 – June 1986 – Kittens, sit ups and water volley ball!

#Rescue Dogs – The Sanctuary

What’s In A Name – Theresa at the Checkout

Some clarification on the book promotion and my own book reviews here on Smorgasbord.

Book Promotion and Book Reviews 2021 Guidelines

#Thriller #Sci-fi- The Hitman and the Thief by Richard Dee

#Western #Romance – Gwen Slade: Bounty Hunter by Sandra Cox

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Mystery – Examining Kitchen Cupboards by Stevie Turner

– Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Romance – Marriage Unarranged by Ritu Bhathal

-Anti-Aging and pH balance Eating Plan


– Main Meal – Brown Rice Pilaf – Multi-Vitamin on a plate

The Children’s Reading Room – New Author – The Runaway Schoolhouse by Maria Matthews

#TeddyBear Sue Wickstead, #Historical Antoinette Truglio Martin, #Traveladventure Darlene Foster

New Author on the Shelves – #Paranormal #Thriller Crescent City Moon: Book 1 in the Crescent City Series by Nola Nash

#Humour Lizzie Chantree, #Design Valentina Cirasola, #Writing Harmony Kent

New Release – #Romance #Saga The Heartstone by Judith Barrow, #Myths Barbara Spencer, #Teaching Pete Springer

Hugh W. Roberts

#Guestpost Hugh Roberts, #Sociamedia Chuck Jackson, #Guestpost Marcia Meara

#WritingPrompts Frank Prem, Q&A D.G. Kaye, #Review by Claire Fullerton

Wednesday 27th January 2021 – #Coconutwater Carol Taylor, #Life Jane Sturgeon, #Release Stuart France and Sue Vincent.,

#FullMoon Joan Hall, #Poetry Robbie Cheadle, #CoAuthorship John W. Howell

January 26th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Roomba and Skipping

January 28th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Spiders and Gravestones

Thanks for dropping in and enjoy the rest of your weekend.. I hope you will join me again next week.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – January 3rd – 9th 2020 – Breakfast Show, 1960s, Poetry, Book Reviews, Health and Funnies

Welcome to the round of posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

A rollercoaster of a week on many fronts and hard to stay hopeful in a time of such unrest and the pandemic. Ireland saw cases rise to around 500 mark in May during the first wave but yesterday recorded over 8000 new cases. With only 5 million population the cases so far have shown that being a small nation makes it just as hard to contain.

This does not of course compare to the over 300,000 new case in the USA and similar horrific figures in Europe and other countries. Vaccines are slowly being rolled out but the logistics of vaccinating whole countries, to ensure that those in most need such as front line health carers, those most at risk. We are down the list without any underlying health issues and being under 70, and also I cannot have the Pfizer vaccine as I have a severe allergy to both Penicillin and Tetanus.

Allergy warnings have been issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) following reports of anaphylaxis among two recipients of the vaccine last week.

The head of the MHRA, Dr June Raine, said: “Any person with a history of anaphylaxis to a vaccine, medicine or food should not receive the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

“A second dose should not be given to anyone who has experienced anaphylaxis following administration of the first dose of this vaccine.”  allergies and Covid vaccine pfizer.

I firmly believe in vaccinations but will wait until the Oxford variant is available.. and if you would like to know more about how the various Covid vaccines work with out bodies to help protect us then these articles are very helpful.

How the Various Vaccines Work – AndHow does the Oxford Vaccine Work

Other news on the personal front.
Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries: Sometimes Bitter, Sometimes Sweet by [Sally Cronin]

One of the bright spots of the week has been the wonderful support of the writing community who have been kind enough to share their thoughts on Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries.. and if you would like to read their reviews you can find some on Goodreads and all of them on my book pageThank you for the motivation.

And I do have more news on the book. We have always printed my books independently and uploaded to Amazon and paid them commission to sell the books. However, despite Ireland not being part of the UK and without VAT on printed books at the time, Amazon said that to continue to sell print books we would need to register for VAT.. so we removed my print books and I have sold them at fairs and via paypal.

So we decided to try out Amazon’s print on demand and so for those who would like the book in print it should be available in the next week. Looking forward to seeing how it works out.

On the blog and book promotion front for you….

Since this series began in January 2018 there have been over 1000 Posts from Your Archives where bloggers have taken the opportunity to share posts to a new audience… mine.

The topics have ranged from travel, childhood, recipes, history, family and the most recent series was #PotLuck where I shared a random selection of different topics.

In this series I will be sharing posts from the last six months of 2020

It is an opportunity to showcase your writing skill to my readers and also to share on my social media. Which combined is around the 46,000 mark. If you are an author your books will be mentioned too, along with their buy links and your other social media contacts.

How to feature in the series?2021 – Pot Luck – Posts from Your Archives

As always my thanks to William Price King, Debby Gies and Daniel Kemp for their contributions this week and so pleased that the new Breakfast Show is going down well.

And of course many thanks to you for visiting and leaving your comments and sharing around the usual haunts.. it is much appreciate..

This week’s posts.

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1960 – Part One.

The Sewing Circle Part Two

The Other Side of Heaven

Chesebro’s Poetry Challenge – Butterfly Cinquain – ‘Hope’ by Sally Cronin

April 1986 – San Diego – Trash Can Punch and Sea World

#Mystery #Paranormal – The Light (Wake-Robin Ridge Book 4) by Marcia Meara

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #SouthernFiction – Little Tea by Claire Fullerton

New Author on the Shelves – D.L. Cross – The Forgotten -Astral Conspiracy: (An Alien Invasion Science

New Release – #Western #Romance Sandra Cox, #Fantasy Vashti Quiroz-Vega, – Review #Poetry Balroop Singh

#YAMystery D.L.Finn, #Memoir Liesbet Collaert, #Family Judith Barrow.

Reviews – #PostApocalyptic Terry Tyler, #Fantasy C.S Boyack, #Memoir D.G. Kaye

#Chocolate Robbie and Michael Cheadle, #Fishing Dawn Doig, #Wolves Elizabeth Jade

Monday 4th January 2020 – Carol Taylor, Jennie Fitzkee, Judith Barrow

Wednesday January 6th 2021 – Stevie Turner, Mary Smith, Jean Lee

Friday 8th January 2021 – Carol Taylor, Joy Lennick, Patricia Furstenberg

Getting the year off to a healthy start – Part One by Sally Cronin

Getting the year off to a healthy start – Part Two

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – January 5th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Pajamas and Word Games

January 7th 2021 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Crafting and Teenage Imaginations!

January 8th 2021 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp – Poachers and Retirement speeches…

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – December 27th 2020- January 2nd 2021 – Happy New Year, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Books and funnies

Welcome to the round up of posts on Smorgasbord that you might have missed this week.

If I have not already wished you Happy New Year, then please accept my wishes for a fantastic 2021.. in the hopes that it will be better behaved than 2020.. I posted a little tribute to the heroes of the year, and to our pets who have been there with us all the way. There were a few funnies and music of course to mark the occasion..

Happy New Year’s Eve – 2020 in the rear view mirror

My thanks as always to you for visiting and sharing the posts.. and this year has been made special by the warmth and kindness of the writing community…something to be treasured.

On with the posts from the week…and I hope you will join William Price King and myself on Tuesday for the new Breakfast Show with music and news from the 1960s.

Get your rock ‘n’ roll boots on with my top five picks by Sally Cronin

March 1986 – Pool Parties, lost puppies, New Furniture

What’s in Name? Ifan and the Black Sheep by Sally Cronin

What’s in Name? – Kenneth – A Love for Life by Sally Cronin

The Sewing Circle Part One.

#Fantasy – Lords of Chaos (Unraveling the Veil Book 3) by D.Wallace Peach

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Family #Mystery – Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney

Past Book Reviews 2020 – #Fantasy – The Hat by C.S. Boyack

29th December 2020 – D.L.Finn, Elizabeth Merry, Jan Sikes

January 1st 2021 – #Books and more Books – Amy M. Reade, Jessica Norrie, Mary Smith

#Suspense Sandra J. Jackson, Reviews – #Supernatural Jessica Bakkers, #WWII Marina Osipova,

New Release – #Fairies Teagan Riordain Geneviene, #Family James J. Cudney, #1960s #Thriller Ted Myers

#Romance Ritu Bhathal, #Paranormal Romance Stevie Turner, #Poetry Denise O’Hagan

#NewAuthor Marketing Tips – Making the most of Twitter

The Children’s Reading Room – New Author – #Emotions – Feel Like Eggs by Jeff Goodman

New Release – #Dragons Janice Spina,- Reviews – #Turtles Cynthia S. Reyes and Lauren Reyes-Grange, #Bears Frank Prem

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – December 29th 2020 – Working out and Animal comedians


Enjoy the weekend and look forward to seeing you next week.. stay safe and thanks … Sally

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – 13th – 19th December – Christmas Party, Aretha, New Music Show 2021,Book Fair,

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed on Smorgasbord this week.

I hope you are all doing well and despite the restrictions looking forward to Christmas next week.. Despite everything that has happened this year with Covid-19, US elections and Brexit, the time has flown which is a good thing as personally I cannot wait to get into 2021.

And on that note…The new Music Column begins on January 5th hosted by William Price King and myself

Each week we will select two top hits from the charts starting with 1960 for two weeks followed by 1961 etc..we will also include some of the notable events in those years for the up and coming stars who were centre stage at the time.

Every four weeks at the weekend there will be a spin-off show where we will feature four guests sharing their memories of the music of a particular decade we are working on.

I appreciate that some of you are not as old as I am …. and therefore have no memories of the 1960s, but your turn will come as we move through the decades. For those of you who can recall those distant years…..we would love to hear from you. It is an opportunity to strut your stuff in more ways than one. I will include your links to blog or books or both and social media and also play your 1960s track of choice.

To give you an idea of how it will look in the post here is my music memories of 1960s, my first record I bought and my links. We are looking for between 200 to 300 words rather than a couple of sentences.. so do give it some thought..Also if you have a photo of you in the 1960s please share too..

Music has always played a major role in my life in one form or another. My parents loved to dance so I grew up with the Big Band Sound and crooners such as Nat King Cole. My mother was a musical fan and every Saturday afternoon we would watch and sing along to the best of the 1940s and 50s showstoppers.

My father did not embrace the music of the 60s as much as my sisters and I did, and we were banished to the basement with our record player to play that awful ‘Pop’ music. The stereo combined cocktail cabinet, was tuned into the world news service and big band shows, and we were forbidden to touch the nobs. Then in the mid-1960s, pirate radio hit the airwaves, and I had a small portable wireless to tune into Radio Caroline. I attended a youth club dance every Saturday night from the age of fifteen and many of the groups such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were well established by then and dominated the playlists.

I played guitar for several years, sang in public on occasion and ended up plugging tracks as a radio presenter on local radio.

The first record I bought with my pocket money was an EP by Richard Chamberlain (Dr. Kildare who was the object of a major crush) in 1964 which included All I Do is Dream of You

A selection of books by Sally Cronin


Read the reviews and buy the books :Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – More reviews : Goodreads – blog: Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Twitter: @sgc58 – Facebook: Sally Cronin – LinkedIn: Sally Cronin

I think that gives you an idea of what your post will look like...

What I need from you

If you have featured here before… I just need your 200 to 300 words and your song choice, or first artist you bought in the 1960s.. A good idea to give me a couple of choices in case of duplication. If you have a photograph of you in the 1960s then that would be great.

Email me on

And don’t forget we will be working through the decades so you if you were not old enough to remember the 1960s (lucky you) you can join in later in the series.

Time now for the posts from the week…

Q & A with D.G. Kaye

First a big thank you to D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies. I have not planned a bit launch for my latest book, but Debby invited me over for a chat about blogging, social media and to share a short excerpt from one of the stories.. I will reblog on Monday but in the meantime if you have time here is the link: Q & A with D.G. Kaye – Featuring Sally Cronin #Booklaunch – Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries

A thank you too to William Price King for another wonderful series, this time about Aretha Franklin. And as an extra treat this week, more international carols to ensure we maintain the festive spirit..

William Price King with Soul singer Aretha Franklin – The Finale

Christmas Music with William Price King – Carols from around the World #Italy, #Nigeria, #Sweden

Geoff Le Pard – Short Story – The Advent Calendar – Part One

Geoff Le Pard – Short Story – The Advent Calendar – Part Two

March 1986– Atlanta – Gone with the Wind

Christmas Party 2020 – Invite a pet with guests Noelle Granger, Victoria Zigler, Teagan Riordain Geneviene, Cathy Cade

Invite a pet with guests Diana Wallace Peach, Patty Fletcher, Mary Anne Edwards and Claire Fullerton.

The First Day of Christmas 2020 – Memories, Mince Pies, Music and Eggnog

The Second Day of Christmas 2020 – St. Stephen’s Day, Carols, Christmas Pudding and Margaritas

The Third Day of Christmas 2020 – Presents, Cranberries, Nat King Cole, Mulled Wine

The Fourth Day of Christmas 2020 – White Christmas, Singing Parrot, Champagne, Cava and Ginger Beer.

The Fifth Day of Christmas 2020 – Austria, Die Hard, Toboggans, Snowballs and Carols

The hills are closed : funny

The Sixth Day of Christmas 2020 – The Sound of Music, William Price King, Six Geese, Vegetarian Christmas

#Astronaut Jude Lennon, #Friendship Donald Lloyd Jnr., #History Barbara Ann Mojic and Jann Weeratunga

#Magic Laura Smith, #Adventure Annika Perry, #Turtles Cynthia S. Reyes and Lauren Reyes-Grange

#Thriller Colin Guest, #Shortstories Jude Lennon, #Vampires Susanne Leist, #Dog Andrew Joyce, #Suspense Sandra J. Jackson

#Dystopian Alex Craigie, #YA Angie Dokos, #Contemporary M.C.V. Egan, #SouthernCulture Claire Fullerton

New Release #History Mike Biles, Reviews -#Family Lisette Brodey, #Paranormal Roberta Eaton Cheadle, #Adventure Audrey Driscoll, #History Joyce Hampton

New Books – #FranceWWII Paulette Mahurin, #Fantasy Heather Kindt, #Reviews – #Pre-Historic Jacqui Murray, #Thriller Daniel Kemp, #Paranormal Cecilia Kennedy

New Release – Jan Sikes – Reviews – Fiona Tarr, Vashti Quiroz-Vega, Adele Marie Park, Deborah Jay

Romance Linda Bradley, #Paranormal Mae Clair, #Western Sandra Cox, #Stories/Poetry M.J. Mallon, #Poetry Miriam Hurdle

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – December 15th 2020 – Reindeer and Wise Words

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – December 17th 2020 – Elves Wanted and Christmas Shopping.

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – December 18th 2020 – Xmas Spirit and Trampoline antics

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – November 28th – December 5th 2020 -Partying, Aretha, Book Reviews, Aromatherapy and Funnies

final weekly round up

Welcome to the weekly round up with posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

As you will see it has been a busy week on the Christmas Book Fair front and it looks like I will have just enough time to include all the authors currently in the Cafe and Bookstore with recent reviews before Christmas. I won’t be taking any new authors until the New Year now and already have some terrific ones lined up.

The Cafe and Bookstore is seven years old now and time for a revamp for 2021. The book fair has been a great opportunity to update the authors on the shelves and I have some more details to add to them to provide more comprehensive information.

Next year I also want to go back to the Blogger Daily at least three times a week as I know I have neglected to get around your blogs as much as I would like. I am going to tie this in to the authors in the Cafe so that I can take another opportunity to promote your books.

Anyway more on that in the New Year..

In the meantime as I have been into author’s Amazon and Goodreads, I have noticed that there are some missed opportunities.  Here is a quick check list.

  1. Make sure that your bio is on both US and UK Amazon author pages. They will put books up, but not your bio from your country of origin.
  2. Some books are missing from author pages and also on Goodreads and need to be claimed through your author central page.
  3. Some authors are not linking their blogs to their twitter so posts about their books or promotions not going there automatically.
  4. I found quite a few Twitter accounts without a pinned tweet, which is very useful to expand your profile, or to promote books or blog.

Just to let you know that the slots for the Christmas Party have all been filled and some wonderful pets have been brought along.. I am sure you will enjoy meeting them..thanks to all those who have participated.

On to the posts from the week and my thanks to William Price King, Debby Gies, Marcia Meara and Joy Lennick for their contributions.. and to you for all your support..

I was delighted to be a guest at Ani’s Advent party along with co-host Sue Vincent and there will be a new guest every day through December, something to watch out for… My post is about the food treats that your pets can enjoy at Christmas and those that might be toxic.. there is a lovely poem introduction from Ani.. and I hope you will head over to read in full: Ani’s Advent Party – Christmas Treats for Pets.

William new music column

William Price King with Soul singer Aretha Franklin – The Rise to Fame.

Life’s Rich Tapestry – #Fantasy- The Enhancement Project by Sally Cronin

smorgasbord book reviews

Past Book Reviews 2019 – #Psychological Thriller- Hope by Terry Tyler

Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Poetry The New Asylum: a memoir of psychiatry by Frank Prem

A year after I reviewed Hope above… this week a review for Terry Tyler’s latest book

Smorgasbord Book Reviews 2020– Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery – The Visitor – Terry Tyler

letters from america

February 1986 – Trip to Dallas, #Southfork Ranch and Tornedoes

Christmas Archives


Christmas at the House of 1,000 Santas by Marcia Meara

#WWII – My Welsh Christmases by Joy Lennick

The 13 Trolls of Christmas! by Carol Taylor


Marjoram Essential Oil – Muscles and Stress

christmas book fair children

New Author – #Historical – Daily Bread (Becoming America’s Stories, #1) by Antoinette Truglio Martin

#Butterflies Bette A. Stevens, #Shyness Janice Spina, #Bees Paul Noel, #Puppies Victoria Zigler

Christmas Book Fair 2020

New Authors on the shelves

New Author in the Cafe – #Historical #Fantasy – The Year the Swans Came by Barbara Spencer

#1960s #Thriller – Paris Escapade by Ted Myers

#Mystery Mary Anne Edwards, #Paranormalthriller D.L. Finn, #Vaudeville Elizabeth Gauffreau

#Romance Olga Nunez Miret, #WWII Marina Osipva, #Psychologicalthriller Toni Pike

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December 1st 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Crunches and More Weird Facts

December 3rd 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Santa and Weird Facts.

Laughter Lines Extra – with host Sally Cronin – December 4th 2020 with guest Ann Patras


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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – November 15th – 21st 2020 – Aretha, Alexander Technique, Christmas Book Fair, Reviews and Funnies

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

Nothing really new to report this week on the home front as we have both been getting on with projects. I have been completing the first few rounds of editing on my new collection due out we hope in December, and also working on a couple of projects next year. It is the 25th anniversary of my weight loss and I will be releasing a new edition of my weight loss book Size Matters, updated and with new material. I also have a novel on the go which has been so long in the writing it will need completely updating to be current.. so plenty to be getting on with.

I did give myself a haircut this morning..I take care of the front and David tidies the back. One of the benefits of having very short hair. Our lockdown ends on December 2nd but we don’t know what restrictions will be in place in the run up to Christmas. My hairdresser is likely to open for extended hours but I am sure will be slammed to get everyone who needs colour and highlights in during that four weeks.

The days of popping in to have a wash and blow dry are gone, at least around here so that they can fit in the cuts and longer appointments. I don’t think my hair looks too bad but there again I had to do it without my glasses on and haven’t dare look in the mirror since!!!

Anyway.. with a mask and a hood because of the weather, only David is seeing my haircut these days and it is something he will just have to live with……

As always my thanks to William Price King for bringing music into our lives and Debby Gies, D.G. Kaye for her wonderful funnies to brighten our days. I am also grateful for all your support and comments during the week. They certainly keep me motivated.

William Price King with Soul singer Aretha Franklin – The Early Years

Life’s Rich Tapestry – #Dogs – An Ugly Mutt by Sally Cronin

Milestones Along the Way – #Ireland #Waterford – The American Connection

January 1986 – New Mexico, Carlsbad Caverns and Halley’s Comet Part One

#Fantasy – Allies and Spies (Unraveling the Veil Book 2) by D.Wallace Peach…

Past Book Reviews 2019- A Bit About Britain’s History by Mike Biles.

Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Romance – Skating on Thin Ice (The Men of Warhawks #1) by Jacquie Biggar

Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Verse – Doggerel: Life with the small dog by Sue Vincent

Guest Interviews – Open House 2018 with Author Sharon Marchisello

#Space Eloise de Sousa, #Fantasy Paul Andruss, #Teddybears Frank Prem

#Paranormal #Romance Mateo’s Law by Sandra Cox

#Release – Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery Terry Tyler, #Reviews – Writers Lizzie Chantree, Memoir D.G. Kaye

New Author in the Cafe – #Family – The Sum of our Sorrows by Lisette Brodey

Christmas Book Fair – #Africa Ann Patras, #Fantasy Lorinda J. Taylor, #Poetry Bette A. Stevens

YAParanormal A.J. Alexander, #FamilyDrama Judith Barrow, #Urbanfantasy Anita Dawes

5 Exercises to Test the Age of Your Body

Alternative Healing Therapies – The Alexander Technique – Part One – #Backpain #Flexibility #Headaches

The Alexander Technique – Part Two – #Posture, #Backpain #Ergonomics

#Aromatherapy -Versatile Lavender – Skin care, headaches, insomnia, first aid and fleas

November 17th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Hibernation and Doctors.

November 19th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Cocktails and Weird Facts..

Guest presenter D.Wallace Peach – The Love of Dogs

with host Sally Cronin – Cats with attitude and notes to the teacher…


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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up -8th -14th November 2020 – 40th Celebrations, Brad Mehldau, Relationships, Vichyssoise, Aromatherapy, Reviews and Funnies

Welcome to the round up of posts that you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

I hope you are staying safe wherever you are. Hurricanes, Covid, Civil Unrest and Political upheavals have been the focus of the headlines this week and in the global scope of events, the celebration of our 40th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow pales into insignificance.

However, for us it is an important milestone, and despite best laid plans of a wonderful villa and pool in Malta with my two sisters, and a weekend away when that was cancelled, we are going to celebrate in style at home with just the two of us.  Which is okay, in fact more than okay.

On our trip to Ireland to meet David’s Family November 1st 1980

A few days before the wedding

Our whirlwind romance

  • September 16th 1980 David arrived as a guest at the hotel I was assistant manager of in Mid-Wales. I did arrange some meeting rooms for him but other than that he was Mr. Cronin until the night of his departure 27th September when he booked himself in for an extra night and asked if I would like to go out to lunch the next day.
  • On September 28th he took me out on my day off and we walked on Harlech Beach and then ate Chinese takeaway on the floor of my small living room as I didn’t have a table.
  • The next day September 29th he was returning to Liverpool and he arrived at my flat at 9.00 to say goodbye, or so I thought, but he proposed instead.
  • On October the 2nd when the hotel shut for the season David came back down from Liverpool and drove me to Portsmouth so he could meet my parents.
  • On October 5th we moved into a holiday flat in Dolgellau.
  • November 1st we caught the ferry from Liverpool to Dublin to meet his family with gale force winds and 12 metre waves.
  • On November 15th we married in Dolgellau registry office with both sets of parents and my best friend Joan Nicholson. With pouring rain and gale force winds.

Here are some of the surviving photographs from the day, most taken by my father-in-law Geoff Cronin which is why he is not in them…

These new fangled cameras…..

The weather here is gale force winds and driving rain, as it was forty years ago which is fitting!. As both our parents and my friend Joan have passed away, it is up to us to celebrate what was an amazing day, just the two of us which is perfect. We have already made a start with cards and roses, and the fridge is stocked, a couple of bottles of Champagne are chilling, and we have created a menu of all our favourite foods, many from the places we have lived and worked around the world.

We are very lucky.

Anyway.. on with the posts from the week and as always a huge thank you to William Price King, D.G. Kaye, Carol Taylor, Silvia Todesco and Robbie Cheadle for their amazing contributions this week.

Next week the Christmas Book Fairs begin for both the main Cafe and Bookstore and the Children’s Cafe. I will be including every author on the shelves so I need to get started to make sure I feature everyone. I hope it will give you some ideas for gifts for all the family.

William Price King with Grammy Award winning jazz pianist Brad Mehldau

November 2020 – People Pleasers. Do you know one? Are you one?

‘V’ for Vacherin, Vanilla, Veal, Vegetable Spaghetti and Vichyssoise


#Italian Cookery with Silvia Todesco – Beef, ham, and lava cheese roll (involtini)

Houston – January 1986 – Birthdays and Plans

Guest Writer – Robbie Cheadle – Inca child sacrifices and the origin of my short story

Milestones Along the Way – #Ireland #Waterford 1950s – Achill Island and Keem Bay Shark by Geoff Cronin

David – In Remembrance by Sally Cronin

Posts from my Archives – Guest Interviews – Open House 2018 with Author Joy Lennick

#Murder #Mystery – Secrets of the Galapagos by Sharon Marchisello

Past Book Reviews 2019 – #Shortstories More Glimpses by Hugh W. Roberts

Past Book Reviews – 2019 – Understanding: An Anthology of True and Significant Life Events-compiled by Stevie Turner

Past Book Reviews -2018 – Devil in the Wind: Voices from the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires by Frank Prem

Share your Children’s book reviews – Jemima Pett reviews Casey Grimes: The Mostly Invisible Boy by AJ Vanderhorst

#Release #Bears Sue Wickstead, #Reviews #Horses Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

New Author on the Shelves – #Contemporary – Sweet Erin by Sian Turner

-New Book – #Meditation Sue Vincent, Reviews – #Poetry Balroop Singh, #Suspense Stevie Turner

#Reviews – #Crime Sue Coletta, #Pilgrims Noelle Granger, #Collie Sally Cronin

#Fantasy Fiona Tarr, New Books #Design Valentina Cirasola, #Shortstories Leon Stevens

#Frankincense – Immune, reproductive systems, Anti-aging, Antiseptic

November 10th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Shopping wear and Butlers

November 12th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Plastic bags and one liners

Image may contain: text that says "Might as well stay and have one more. Wife is going to tobite bite my head off anyway."

November 13th 2020 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp


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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up 25th – 31st October – Inspiration, Legends, Boogie, Ugli Fruit, Books, Reviews, Health and Laughter

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed on Smorgasbord this week.

Happy  Halloween and I hope that despite the restrictions on Trick or Treating in some of our countries, children will still get to dress up and enjoy the night with their families.

The headlines are certainly not festive.. The world experienced a record breaking 573,000 worldwide cases yesterday worldometers info coronavirus

Not sure where some are getting their information from about a slow down when America had over 100,000 new cases and UK and the rest of Europe racked up 100,000s more. And those who feel that wearing a mask is not their responsibility, or that the pandemic is a hoax, should listen to those who have suffered from Covid-19 and are experiencing the long term effects, even if they dismiss the experts.

Here in Ireland there has been a slight dip in cases but we have come to the realisation that even with a vaccine we are likely to be following our current restrictions until at least Spring next year. Along with this realisation comes a decision to make the best use of the time to work on sidelined projects both in our house and personally.

Keeping fit is obviously high on the list and eating well and exercising is a priority. But also that feeling of completing projects with something tangible to show for it. I don’t want to look back on this year with nothing to show for it. Finishing writing projects is one way, but also coming out the other side fitter and more resilient is also a goal we are pursuing. Both of us are heading into our 70s and I am damned if we are going to slide gracefully into ‘vulnerability’, a word that has been attached to this age group by both the medical profession and the media. Since our age will play a factor in our treatment options in very severe cases, it is up to us to ensure we do all we can to reduce our risk factors where we can.

I am not prepared to spend the next twenty or so years, or the time I have left, sitting waiting for the inevitable…I want to go out on my own terms with more adventures, love, laughter and good friends. I also intend to keep on writing books, this blog and in particular promoting health with a focus on resilience as a follow on from the series Smorgasbord Health Column – Project 101 – Resilience – An opportunity to get fighting fit –

On that note, many of you have been following the posts of two amazing women, Mary Smith and Sue Vincent as they take on Cancer with such courage and grace. They are sharing their experiences on their blogs to educate and inspire, something they are certainly achieving.

Here are the links to their latest posts and I am sure they would be delighted to have your positive thoughts added to the many already supporting them.

Sue Vincent – First Catch Your Cancer

Cancer Diary 8 – Scan Results

This community is incredible and there is always someone awake around the world 24/7 ready to chat, share a smile and a word of encouragement..

Whilst I loved the Simon & Garfunkel original version, and Aretha Franklin’s, I was amazed when I heard Elvis sing this song so brilliantly… And I think it sums up the warmth and generosity of spirit I have experienced here in blog world over the last 7 years.

And as I complete the stories for my new collection… trying to maintain a positive and hopeful vibe (for most of the tales anyway), I received a wonderful boost this morning.

Despite a wild night with gale force winds and heavy rain I woke up to a ray of sunshine. I received an amazing review from John Maberry of Eagle Peak Press. To be sandwiched between Stephen King and Blake Crouch is something I never expected to happen, and to be on the same page as Paulo Coelho and Viktor Frankl is surreal. Some great books and (including mine of course lol)  I hope you will head over John Maberry – Five Books we Recommend

Time to get on with this week’s posts.  And as always a huge thank you to William Price King, Carol Taylor and Debby Gies for their contributions.

William Price King with legendary American band Earth, Wind and Fire

U’ for Upside Down Cake, Udon Noodles, Ugli Fruit and Unleavened Bread

Chapter Thirteen – Our new home and friends

Tales from the Irish Garden – All Hallows Eve – Part One

All Hallows Eve – Part Two

My Parent’s visit – Part Four Sam Houston Museum and #Galveston

Guest Interviews 2015 – #Pembrokeshire, #FamilySagas with Judith Barrow

#History – The Story of the Huguenots: A Unique Legacy by Joyce Hampton

Past Book Reviews 2018 – Past and Present: A Marketville Mystery by Judy Penz Sheluk

Past Book Reviews 2019 #Contemporary The Magic Carpet by Jessica Norrie

2019 #Prehistoric Survival of the Fittest (Book 1 of the Crossroads Trilogy) by Jacqui Murray

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon CBE, MC

Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Essential Oils and Aromatherapy – Clary Sage


UnSeasonal Affective Disorder – Keeping your focus – Tryptophan

UnSeasonal Affective Disorder – The Key elements of Activity and People


Share your Children’s book reviews – #PictureBooks with Jennie Fitzkee Part Three – Upper grade books for older children.

#Chocolate Robbie and Michael Cheadle, #Tractor Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, #Lamb Tales Jude Lennon

#Thriller Carol Balawyder, #Thriller Mark Bierman, #Romance Linda Bradley

Fantasy C.S. Boyack, #Reviews – Poetry M.J. Mallon, Shortstories Elizabeth Merry

#Fantasy Fiona Tarr, Reviews -#Adventure Audrey Driscoll, #Fantasy Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Mastiffs and Lightbulbs

October 29th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Halloween Special

October 30th 2020 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp


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