Guest Writer Julie Lawford – Health and Weight Loss

I am delighted to welcome author Julie Lawford as a guest writer this summer sharing her weight loss journey and her articles on living a healthier lifestyle.

Here are the posts so far.

The health benefits of walking and putting one foot in front of another.

How big is your plate and how much are you putting on it?

We tend to relate to weight loss in terms of pounds or kilos but as Julie shares, there are so many positive side effects to losing weight healthily, and she lists 50 of them.

Top ten tips from Julie that are backed by her own experience with weight loss

We all develop bad habits over time and this includes with our diet. Julie Lawford takes us through some strategies to make changes that benefit us.

Julie shares how positive affirmations can bring huge benefits physically and mentally.

Julie is left-handed and this resulted in challenges at school and also when living in a right-handed biased world.

We live in a sugary world of addictive foods. The amount of food in our modern diet is already resulting in serious lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes. We do not know and only guess the impact on future generations.

As we head into middle-age and beyond there are certain health problems we can run into but our lifestyle has an impact on how severely we will be impacted.

About Julie Lawford

Always engaged with the written word, Julie Lawford came to fiction late in the day. Following a career in technology marketing she has been freelance since 2002 and has written copy for just about every kind of business collateral you can imagine. By 2010, she was on the hunt for a new writing challenge and Singled Out – her debut psychological suspense novel – is the result.

Julie is based in London in the UK. Whilst penning her second novel, she still writes – and blogs – for marketing clients.

Singled Out by Julie Lawford

About the book

‘There’s something delicious about not being known, don’t you think?’

Brenda Bouverie has come on a singles holiday to Turkey to escape. Intent on indulgence, she’s looking for sun, sea and … distraction from a past she would give anything to change.

But on this singles holiday no one is quite who they seem. First impressions are unreliable and when the sun goes down, danger lies in wait. As someone targets the unwary group of strangers, one guest is alone in sensing the threat.

But who would get involved, when getting involved only ever leads to trouble?

Singled Out subverts the sunshine holiday romance, taking readers to a darker place where horrific exploits come to light, past mistakes must be accounted for and there are few happily-ever-afters.

A simmering psychological suspense laced with moral ambiguities, for fans of Louise Doughty, Sabine Durrant, Gillian Flynn, Elizabeth Haynes, S.J. Watson and Lucie Whitehouse.

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