Memoir of a Navy Man – Eric Coleman

My father rarely talked about his time at sea, particularly during the Second World War.. when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his late 70s, I asked him if he could write down something about his life and time in the navy. He set to in his small walk-in closet on an old portable typewriter and then handed me a wad of printed sheets. As a surprise for his Christmas present in 1995 we had it printed up in a small book to be given to family and friends. He died a few months later aged 80.

There were many things that we did not know, and it was wonderful to find out more about his family and early life. He had some adventures and it just shows what a quiet and unassuming man he was that he did not feel the need to tell us of those times.  Living history is very important, as those who pass away without sharing their stories, take them with them forever.

Chapter One – 1916 – Bakelite and Tweeter Speakers.

Chapter Two – Royal Navy Training – Encounters with the King and HMS Nelson

Chapter Three – HMS Emerald – Operation Fish to save National Treasures and a Wedding Day.

Chapter Four – 1942 – HMS Beverley – American Shipmates and Rough Seas.

Chapter Five – 1943-1945 – HMS Forth – Captured U Boats – HMS Woolwich Ceylon and Earl Mountbatten.

 Chapter Six Post -1946 – 1953 – Post War – Malta -Hong Kong, Typhoons, Japan and the Korean War.