Moyhill Publishing working with Indie Authors – Established 2004


Currently David is unable to accept new books for formatting until October 1st.

How Moyhill began.

Moyhill Publishing evolved from the work that my husband was already doing as my book designer and editor in 1999 when I decided to publish my first book independently. I had been with an agent for two years and although my manuscript had been well received all the seven publishers felt that because I was unknown and a first time author that it would not make them any money. At that time the self-publishing companies were in the US and Canada and my first two books were published by them.

In fact I then went on to work for their Irish office in author acquisition for Spain working with some interesting and talented writers who were frustrated with the response from mainstream publishing.

My husband came out of the telecommunications industry after a long career in 2002 and because he had been involved with computers since the 1970s and had mastered programming early on, he decided to take on book design full time. We found that the authors that we acquired usually had limited computer experience so we ended up formatting for free and submitting books for them. The company were impressed enough to ask David to format their back log of books which he did for six months.

However, as with all large companies there was a great deal of the process that was standard and one size does not fit all.

We both felt that a more personal approach might be attractive to authors who wanted to be published. And Moyhill Publishing was born in late 2003. In 2004 our first book, by a Spanish author, The Red Tailed Hawk won best digital print award and since then we have been quietly working away. We had to take a break over recent years due to family commitments but we continued to work with a few authors during that time who required David’s specialist design skills.


In the last thirteen years we have had worked with some award winning authors who we have set up as their own publishers with ISBNs and anything else necessary to market their books themselves. We work with a number of printers in the UK to ensure a best price and we offer inclusive packages that still allow you to have an original design for your cover and a style that you want for the format. We offer also to format the books for E-versions for all readers and we also will upload those to Amazon and Smashwords to ensure that goes smoothly. This is particularly important when there are photographs or graphs in a book that require more attention to detail when formatting.

Here are a small selection of books that we have published over the last fourteen years.

Not to mention my own books…..

and my latest.

There are very few things standard about us and because there is only the two of us we can keep the costs down for our clients. We work with one author at a time and that is on a one to one basis. A book only goes to print or into E-version when both the author and David are satisfied that it is the very best it can be. The only really important guideline is that the manuscript is edited before submission so that it stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

If you would be interested in finding out more then email David on for an informal discussion – we also work with Skype during the process. This is particularly useful during the final editing stage when corrections can be done together via Skype.

If you feel that you do not want to go through the process yourself then I hope you will offer us a chance to quote to do the job for you.

We don’t charge to take a look at your manuscript – we do ask that you have edited it to your satisfaction and if possible asked one or two independent readers to give you their feedback. We do have fixed inclusive packages that work out very cost effectively compared to the ‘add on’ approach of many publishers and we can also incorporate all your requirements at a reasonable cost.

Ebook Conversions

In the last three years we have converted all my own books into Eversions from their original print formats and we offer that as a service to authors who would like to reach a wider audience. This includes formatting the book for both Kindle and Epub for all other devices.

As we only work on a one to one basis with our authors we do have a short waiting list at times but we will respond to an initial enquiry as soon as possible.

We also work with authors in a foreign language including Spanish and French – and it is however important that these be fully edited and ready to format when submitted.

We have a very flexible approach and are available 7 days a week by email and most times for Skype meetings.

Contact. – Skype – Moyhill 1

Some of the testimonials for Moyhill Publishing

First of all my deepest and warmest thanks to David and Sally Cronin at Moyhill Publishing – without their wonderful work and support I doubt my book would have seen light of day.

David Cronin is a consummate professional and superb editor and formatter. He took superlative care of my book and made sure it was published to an excellent standard. Throughout he worked tirelessly and ensured that we were in constant communication – something which I feel is so important. His speed of work is remarkable and often it felt liked I’d just sent off an email with editing changes when the new document with amendments was pinging back into my inbox!

David’s dedication to my book never wavered and his support to me during the process of bringing my book to publication was fantastic. If I had the slightest query or concern he would reply in detail enlightening me. His knowledge is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from him. Each new element was introduced in a timely manner…if I knew at the start what was required I might have have balked; David helped make it manageable and exciting and above all else possible. Furthermore, when it came to actually publishing my novel he was at the end of a phone call and talked me through some of the more some confusing final decisions.

Moyhill Publishing is an excellent company and I cannot recommend them highly enough. David is not just professional but courteous and friendly at all times. It has been an honour and joy to work with Moyhill Publishing and I look forward to using their impeccable services in the near future with my other books.

If you have a little extra time here is a testimonials from some of our previous authors 

November 30th 2017 from D.G. Kaye

I’m a multibook author and I can say with certainty that working with David Cronin of Moyhill Publishing has been the smoothest and most professional experience I’ve had with creating my books. David is exceptionally knowledgeable with the publishing business and book design. He doesn’t leave out any details, and where we as authors may not be as knowledgeable in the process, there is nothing to have to worry about because David has it all covered. I am so elated to know that all my future books will be made by Moyhill Publishing. Oh, and one more thing – David makes beautiful books!

Available by clicking the image.

October 2017 from Doris- Maria Heilmann

After going through several formatting and print book layout services during the last couple of years – including hair-raising experiences – we are so glad we found

Communicating with this service provider is a pleasure. We get very quick answers from these professionals. The turnaround of e-book formatting and print layout by David Cronin and his crew is always fast and of high-quality. Not to mention their reasonable prices.

I can really recommend Moyhill to publishers, as well as to all self-publishing authors! We are very happy with their service, and it is a pleasure to work with them!

Doris-Maria Heilmann
French-Flair Publishing

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2

One of our recent books is the debut novel of Heather Kindt who won Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaving Contest earlier this year. As Sponsors of the first prize we were delighted to assist in the publication of this delightful book. You can find out more about Dan’s Writing Contest at this link:

A testimonial from Heather Kindt.

Moyhill Publishing was instrumental in the publishing of Ruby Slips and Poker Chips which has been 8 years in the making. David provided me with many resources to both publish and market my book. His patience and understanding in being green to the business was greatly appreciated. Sally has introduced me to an amazing community of writers and readers. I look forward to working with them on future projects.

A Rat in my Tent by Brian Foster 04 November 2015

When I finally completed writing my book, I had little idea about how to publish, or who to approach regarding this next stage.

I also anticipated personal difficulties due to the fact that I lived in Spain, wondering how I could communicate with a publisher in the UK, because my hearing was severely damaged in the Regular Army, and the sound reception on our Spanish Land Line was awful, and had all but destroyed my confidence in using the phone at all.

Fortunately for me, I had an ex RAF friend who had served as a fighter pilot and commercial airlines pilot, living close by. He had written several books on his aviation experiences, and so one day when discussing my new book, he asked me if I had a publisher in mind?

In response to my negative reply, he immediately suggested ‘Moyhill Publishing’, the company he explained who had published his books, and for whom he had a very high regard.

So taking his advice I contacted this company and was put in touch with a David Cronin who was most helpful and informative, and suggested that we talk over my requirements on the phone in a few days time.

Of course I was immediately concerned about this, and quickly explained that this would be hopeless because of my deafness; but was immediately relieved when he suggested we did everything by Skype and email.

And so this was how we communicated on all matters regarding the editing and correcting of the manuscript, not once but on multiple occasions over months, and in fact with every aspect of formatting, layout and printing.

But not only this, I especially liked the close relationship which developed between us as we progressed. Nothing was too much trouble for David, not only the book’s editing and publication, but also his guidance regarding sales techniques and advertising. Never once did I feel anxious about my hearing problem as David was always patient and understanding.

Now that the book is published and selling, I cannot write too highly of Moyhill Publishing in every aspect of my journey. David always made me feel that we were a team devoted to making the enterprise a complete success. My comments speak for themselves in the very attractively designed and printed book, which has already drawn several comments regarding the excellent cover and the book’s layout, type and picture presentation.

Should I ever decide to publish another book, or have the opportunity to recommend a publisher to anyone, I would most certainly not hesitate to recommend ‘Moyhill Publishing’ for a most efficient, helpful and friendly professional service.

Indeed I must say that the service they provided extended way beyond my expectations, and for a very reasonable fee.

Thank you for stopping by and look forward to hearing from you.. thanks Sally