Privacy Statement – Copyright

Privacy Statement.

If you are online and you visit my blog, or any other website, your information will be collected. Under the new regulations you need to be made aware of what is collected and to consent to your information being captured. collects certain information from you when you visit, like, comment and share. I do not have control over what they collect from you.

As I have Jetpack installed I am including their Policy Statement and also one from Automatic who provide services to  This lays out what information is collected and for what reason.



My personal privacy statement.

  • I do not have a newsletter or an email address list and will not send you any unsolicited mail but will contact you via your own blog or social media.
  • Please do not leave your email address in your comments.
  • Please feel free to email me on in relation to guest posts or book promotions.
  • You can request that I delete your comment, or edit it at any time, by emailing me or asking me to delete in a follow up comment.
  • I will not pass on your email to a third party without asking your permission first. This might apply if I am recommending author services.
  • If you like, comment or share a post on this blog, you are permitting the use of your information by WordPress and their service providers.
  • I will put a reminder at the end of each post that you agree to these terms before commenting.
  • My site is not monetized so I will not be passing any of your information onto a third party.
  • I do not have a form to fill in each time you wish to comment as I want to minimise the information you have to provide.
  • Please read either of the two policy statements that I link to above if you are in any way unsure about what is collected.

This statement will be updated on or shortly after May 25th when the GDPR is activated.


The works on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. © Sally Cronin and from 2012 to 2015 inclusive.

Because one of the reasons that I began writing about health was to share what I hoped was a positive message and approach to lifestyle and diet, I actively encourage people to share my posts on the subject.

For obvious reasons any posts that are exclusive to Smorgasbord including the Sunday Show, William Price King posts or original work is copyrighted.  Delighted if you wish to reblog to share the posts and also to promote on social media that is much appreciated.

This copyright message is solely aimed at those who wish to copy and paste and claim as their own.

If in doubt then please just ask..

Thank you so much.

Sally Cronin