Sally Goes Out and About 2021

Believe it or not I do get out and about and visit other bloggers in our writing community from time to time and enjoy it very much. It is a great way to be noticed by a different audience to your own and I am sharing the links to the guest posts and hope you will head over to enjoy my escapades in full.. Thanks Sally.

I woke up to a lovely surprise on 15th June to find that author Harmony Kent had put together a promotion for my books and the blog..

Hi everyone. Today’s post is long overdue. I’ve been planning to write this for a while, but life got in the way, as it has with writing a few book reviews too. (Oops!) Sally Cronin, whom you’ll find at the Smorgasbord Blog is one of the most supportive authors and bloggers that I’ve met in my writing career. 

Please head over to admire her handiwork and say hello: A Sally feature with Harmony Kent

In early May I was the guest of multi-genre author and poet Roberta (Robbie) Cheadle who is also an advocate for children’s reading and writing… Robbie’s creativity is evident in other areas too including being a wonderful baker of stunning cakes. Find out more about Robbie and her work

In this post I chat about how my own blogging journey began and a few things (useful I hope) that I have picked up on the way.

Smorgasbord Blog MagazineYou have a successful blog, Smorgasbord, with a large following. What gave you the idea of a blogging magazine?

When I began blogging it was to promote a recently released men’s health book, but after a few weeks, I discovered I loved the immediacy of blogging and the response to the posts, and was hooked. It evolved from there as I began to share my other passions.

It was called Consequences for about a year, and then I looked around for a name to identify the varied range of topics I was writing about. I happen to be very fond of buffets that offer so many different food options, and having enjoyed ‘smorgasbords’ when travelling I changed the name to Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and hoped readers would be intrigued enough to pop in to check it out.

I personally think your idea of a blogging magazine is wonderful and very innovative. I enjoy the variety of articles you share on Smorgasbord.

Which of your posts do the best generally?

Just an Odd Job Girl by [Sally Cronin]

I hope you will head over to read the rest of the interview: Sally Cronin Talks Blogging and Books with Robbie Cheadle

In February 2021 I was the guest of Hugh Roberts who shares excellent blogging advice for new and more established bloggers to help them get the most from this amazing experience. Meet Hugh

In this post I share how my desire to become a stage and film actress ended up being a bit of a fiasco… and caused a family ruckus.

Watch Out For The Matador! – A True Story And Guest Post By Sally Cronin

My two sisters who were ten and eleven years older than I was, both trained as secretaries, which led to them having some interesting and high level jobs over the years.

However, I decided at an early age that I wanted to be a singer and actress! The desire to follow this career path was my mother’s fault really. Apart from the fact that she had a bit of a flair for the dramatic, she manipulated me into being her co-conspirator every Saturday afternoon.

My father loved football, and after he had cooked us one of his Spaghetti Bolognese lunches, followed by steamed treacle duff as he called them, we would retire to the lounge where our television took pride of place. I would have been about seven or eight at the time and my mother would coerce me into facilitating her viewing pleasure; the Saturday afternoon musical on BBC2.

Of course this conflicted with the afternoon football offering by Grandstand on BBC1. Fortunately my father had a weakness. Stoked up with carbohydrates and sugars from lunch, within 10 minutes of the match starting, he would be stretched out in his recliner, snoring.

In the good old days it was necessary to get up and down to switch channels, and this is where I came in.

I hope you will head over to Hugh’s to read the rest of the post: Watch out for the Matador – Guest post Hugh Roberts

In February author Amy Reade kindly invited me to be a guest in her Author Spotlight series which is a great way to get noticed. About Amy Reade and her books
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In the interview I talked about my most recent book… some of the inspirations behind my stories and one of my favourite poems.

I’m thrilled to host Sally Cronin this week on Reade and Write. Sally is the author of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, and an incredible wealth of blog posts where you can read about topics ranging from healthy eating to holiday customs to music and travel. She is also a tireless promoter of other authors’ works and is beloved in the blogging and writing communities.

She’s here today to discuss her latest release, Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries: Sometimes Bitter, Sometimes Sweet. If you read my Reading Round-Up two posts ago, you know how much I enjoyed the book. If you didn’t or if you need a refresher, click here to see my review.

Welcome, Sally!

Thanks very much Amy for inviting me over today and appreciate your support in getting my new collection of stories promoted.

The pleasure is mine, Sally.

When I read your books, I always wonder if there’s a lot of you in your stories. Would you say any of them are autobiographical?

There are definitely elements of my life woven into the fabric of several stories in this collection and others that I have written. I don’t want to waste any of my experiences in life or the amazing people I have met, and I hope that it adds a touch of authenticity to the emotional content. Nobody’s life is perfect, however much we wish differently. Whilst there have been times I have wondered ‘Why Me!’ in all honesty in hindsight, there were valuable lessons to be learnt and it usually sent me off in a direction where I was meant to be. Bringing characters I have met in life, many of them now gone, is a great way to keep them alive in my memories.

Please head over to read the rest of the post: Author Spotlight – Amy Reade with Sally Cronin

In January 2021 I was the guest of the lovely Sue Vincent who sadly passed away only a few weeks later. Sue was not just a talented writer and poet but a generous friend to others within out writing community and she will always be missed. About Sue Vincent and her work

Sue Vincent

14th September 1958 – 29th March 2021


In this post I share the love of sewing that was passed on through the generations in various guises, including my own love of tapestry..

The Sewing Gene

My Grandmother – Georgina

They say that certain talents run in families, and whilst perhaps not genetically passed on through the generations, there is certainly reason to believe that skills passed from parent to child across hundreds of years will be carried forward.

In our family there definitely seems to be a tendency towards sewing crafts, in particular dressmaking, and it was this family trait that I used to embroider the story The Wedding Day in my new collection.

The first needlewoman as far as I know from the records, and the oral history passed on by my mother was Georgina Stephens, my grandmother born in 1890 in Alverstoke in Hampshire. She was the daughter of Samuel Stephens and Mary Anne Tanner who sadly died when Georgina was only thirteen years old. However, the family was reasonably well off as Samuel was a housebuilder with tilers and slaters working for him, so as all young ladies of the time, Georgina was likely taught to sew by her mother from an early age.

Georgina does appear to have been in service as a lady’s maid in Middlesex by the 1911 census and I am assuming that having watched Downton Abbey, a fair bit of sewing was involved in maintaining her mistress’s clothes.

I hope you will head over to find out more about the sewing gene in my family :The Sewing Gene – Guest Post with Sue Vincent

I ended the year in style with a Q&A with author, friend and colleague D.G. Kaye.. Find out more about Debby always Debby asks great questions… If you missed I hope you will head over to read.. thanks Sally.

Q & A with D.G. Kaye

Q & A with D.G. Kaye – Featuring Sally Cronin #Booklaunch – Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries

Welcome to the last – but not least, edition of my Q & A for 2020. I’ve been saving this spot for quite some time now for one of our most starred bloggers and author of our community – Sally Cronin. Yes, Sally has worked diligently to get her #NewRelease out – Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries, before this year ended, and this spot was awaiting her visit. So without further ado, I’m beyond thrilled to be featuring one of my dearest friends and author who knows how to touch hearts with her words – Sally Cronin. Today we’re going to learn a little more about Sally in some Q & A, and get a glimpse into her new release, which I will be featuring my review for this Sunday on my Sunday Book Review, so stay tuned!

Find out my views on blogging, social media and changing the world! plus a short excerpt from my new short story collection: Q & A with D.G. Kaye – Featuring Sally Cronin #Booklaunch – Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries