Sally in the hot seat! 2017

As well as interviewing authors I also get a great buzz from being interviewed and this year I am so pleased to have been the guest of some of the sparkling and generous fellow authors and bloggers.  Here is me in the hot seat 2017.

In February the lovely Tina Frisco invited me as a guest on her wonderful blog to talk about my books and various aspects of my writing.

You have written in several different genres. What motivates you to write?  I believe that I have always been a good communicator. My mother tells me I was talking out of turn at a very early age! Most of my jobs relied on good communication, both oral and written, especially when managing large teams. I was writing songs and poems from the age of ten or eleven, which coincided with my thirst for reading; not just fiction but also non-fiction books, particularly about animals and adventure. That balance of the two crept into my writing and motivates me to share subjects of interest to me, as well as ones that are a product of my imagination.

How do you write – outline or free flow?  Both I would think. For my novels, I would outline the chapters and what I am planning to cover in each of them, and then flesh out the characters and the major events and locations etc. For my short stories, I tend to write them in my head first; and when I have them more or less complete, I sit down and put them on paper. I may make a change as it flows, but invariably it stays true to the image in my head.

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Late last year I was delighted to be invited onto the post of D.G. Kaye.. Debby Gies, friend and very supportive member of my blogging family. It gave me an opportunity to talk about the R’s of Life which will be out in the autumn 2017.

I was actually browsing an online thesaurus looking for some alternatives to describe respect.  While I was in the R section I noticed that a great many words applied to life’s experiences and I jotted down a few. Just for the fun of it I then expanded the list and found around 35 possible chapter headings.  I had no intention of writing another book but I became intrigued about where it might lead me.

 Chapter Two – Respect – For ourselves and others.

It is always so easy to criticise and I don’t want these observations on the aspects of life that I have experienced to be completely negative. However, there are some human traits that seem to be devolving rather than evolving and I don’t believe it is a trend we want to continue.

In this chapter I am going to explore the very thorny subject of respect. This is a topic that needs to be divided into two areas to do it justice. It is one of the fundamental survival tools we have at our disposal and sadly does not receive the prominence it deserves in the headlines.

Self-respect has to come first, as without that basic component, we are unlikely to succeed in life in a way that is acceptable to those close to us, and those we meet along the way.

It should not be confused with self-esteem. This is a value that we adopt and then present to the world in varying degrees. It is interesting that you hear the expression ‘low self-esteem‘ frequently and there are many specialists who are happy to  help you raise that to an approved level. It is quite strange to me that anyone considered to have overstepped that approval level is treated quite harshly and labelled arrogant or full of themselves!.


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Debby also very kindly interviewed me again in April this year to talk about What’s in a Name.

I was fascinated with the origins of my name when I was young, and I asked my mother why she had called me Sally Georgina. Apparently she just liked the name Sally, but Georgina was after her mother. My grandmother was a very petite woman with small hands and feet and very ladylike.  As I grew, and grew to nearly six feet tall, with very large feet and hands I felt increasingly embarrassed by my middle name.

However, as soon as I read Enid Blyton’s Famous Five with my namesake known as George, I immediately felt much better.  Since then I have enjoyed a fascination with the origins of people’s names and this book is the outcome.

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I was very honoured to be Book of the Month on Hugh Robert’s blog in May and this involved an opportunity to talk about my most recent book What’s in a Name…..

What Inspired you to write it?

Over the years, I have met so many people after I have heard their names and I admit to very often having preconceived ideas about what they might be like. We get our names usually from our parents, and we are expected to like them and in some cases live up to them. For example, my mother was named Molly but little madam that she was at age five, she told everyone that she was to be called Mollie. And she was for the rest of her life. She also, for some reason, took against the name Frank. So, when one of my brother-in-laws arrived on the scene with that name she immediately asked if he had a middle moniker, which was David, so my sister’s husband has been David to everyone who knows him for the last 49 years.

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to work through the alphabet exploring this further with short stories.

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On the 16th May I was the guest of author Amy M. Reade and apart from talking about my latest release we also discussed my writing process and my other books.

Do you write in a solitary environment or do you like to be around other people, noise, etc. when you write? I suppose what I’m asking is, do you write at home or in a coffee shop or another location?

I share an office with my husband who is a book designer and we tend to get on with our own work and confer from time to time on specific projects. I cannot write if there are distractions or lots of noise. I love music but keep that for the treadmill or when we are out walking.

Do you write every day? What does a typical day look like for you?

I do write every day in one format or another. The blog is important to me and so is maintaining my social media platforms that I use for the promotions that I do for other authors. I spend an hour or so going through the overnight traffic and also boosting the posts that have been scheduled from midnight. I may then do one of the daily blog posts before getting on with a chapter of my latest book or a short story to post during the week. I do take breaks for shopping, cooking and exercise, but it is fair to say that when it comes to writing… I need to get a life!

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I was interviewed by the stunning Lisa Burton who was created by author C.S. Boyack to tackle author interviews on her radio programme. Here was my interview on the 18th of May for my character Imogen from Just an Odd Job Girl.

Welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl. What if you had to completely reboot your life? Maybe it’s not so bad in your twenties, it might even seem common. But what about someone in their fifties? In the studio with me today is Imogen Smythe, and she’s had to do exactly that. “Welcome to the show, Imogen.”

“Thank you very much for having me on the show today Lisa it is great to be here.”

“My bio says you were happily married, but apparently that happiness was one sided.”

“I did consider myself happily married Lisa, and thought that my husband Peter was too. Unfortunately I discovered that for the last two years he has been living a double life. We have three amazing children, two daughters and a son and during the last twenty-five years we have faced challenges but also had some good years. In fact we were planning a special trip to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary when Peter came home and broke the news that he was leaving me.”

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Lucinda E. Clarke very kindly did a guest post where I was able to wax lyrical about two of my books. What’s in a Name and Size Matters.

I’m really thrilled to have Sally as my guest this week. She is a tireless supporter of us Indie authors with lots of exposure (of the polite kind). She’s set up an online book store where she features authors and their books so it’s the very least I can do to return the favour. Do look out for her blogs, Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life they are always fun to read. How Sally finds the time to write books with all the time she spends helping other writers I’ve not the faintest idea, and moving from Spain to Ireland – I hope I’ve got that right Sally?

But that’s quite enough from me over to Sally, and we are all about to learn something very, very important.

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Dan Alatorre who writes across genres and publishes in several languages was kind enough to invite me across to confess various vices that I had planned on not revealing in public. It would seem the love of Crispy Duck and pancakes is a common vice after all so feel quite relaxed about that one!

Occasionally on the blog we will talk with one of our author friends, gaining valuable insights into their behind-the-scenes world.

Today we meet with Sally Cronin, a brilliant writer and friend of the blog.
Be ready for a few surprises!

After working in a number of industries for over 25 years, Sally decided that she wanted to pursue a completely different career, one that she had always been fascinated with. “I began studying Nutrition and the human body twenty years ago and I opened my first diet advisory centre in Ireland in 1998. Over the last 18 years I have practiced in Ireland and the UK as well as written columns, articles and radio programmes on health and nutrition. I published my first book with a Canadian self-publisher in the late 90s and since then have republished that book and released nine others as part of our own self-publishing company. Apart from health I also enjoy writing fiction in the form of novels and short stories and you can find me daily on my blog Smorgasbord Invitation.”
See? I told you there’d be surprises. And there are more.

Here’s Sally :

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