Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Annexe – Collaborative Anthologies

collaborative anthologiesThis is the directory for multi- author anthologies and an opportunity to promote these sometimes overlooked collections of short stories from talented writers.

NOTE:  I want to do these anthologies justice and treat them as I do any book coming through the blog.. This means I do need information, links and details and it would be useful to have one of the stories from the anthology to use as an excerpt. Please do not just send me the link..

Here is what I need to do the anthology justice.

Link to Amazon or other selling site where the anthology is available to buy.

A list of the authors who have contributed to the book.

A main contact for any enquiries about the book including any special pages set up on Facebook or Twitter for the collection. Also the person who might distribute the link for the post to the other authors to be shared on their social media and who can respond to readers comments on the post.

What I will do

I will capture the profile photos of the authors involved if available as well as their Amazon book links.

I will use the blurb and any reviews for content on Amazon or the selling site.

Promote on the blog and social media and then put the link to the post in a special directory in my menu.

Look forward to hearing from you at