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Dolly Aizenman, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for the book

The recipes in this collection are as delicious as they are nutritious, and easy to follow. They are very creative and have an artistic presentation. Most of the ingredients are in my cupboard, and there are variations, so they’re practical as well. The anecdotal introduction to each recipe makes the book a pleasure to read, and is an education in world history! Although there is a table of contents which lists the category of recipes, there is no recipe index, so that would be my suggestion.

Dan Alatorre, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Dan’s website to view all his books.


An Extract from one of the most recent reviews for An Angel on her shoulder

I really enjoyed the audio book version of this story and thought the narrator had a very good voice and reading style.

The style of this book reminded me a bit of Stephen King’s book It where he goes back in time to the children’s childhoods for pieces of the story which help to explain how the events in the book all fit together in the end.

Alatorre’s main character, Doug, is an ordinary man with a good job and a lovely family. He adores his wife and small daughter and enjoys spending time with them and going on family holidays.

The story starts with an unexpected and nearly tragic incident in the parking lot at a wine farm which appears initially to be frightening, but not completely out of the ordinary; accidents and tragedies do happen in life. When Doug starts to realise that this latest incident is another in a seeming series of similar events, he starts to wonder what is happening to his family. Is this normal or is there more to these near tragedies than meets the eye?

Paul Andruss, Buy:


The most recent review for the book.

Magic and mayhem… on February 2, 2018

A child is missing under very peculiar circumstances, there is nothing worse that can befall a family.The tale of magic and mayhem soon unfolds. There is not much time to find Dan or he will be gone forever. I was drawn into the story which soon progressed at some speed at times which left me quite breathless and wanting to read more. Would they find Dan in time? So many dark forces were working against Jack and Co as they raced against time to find Dan. I thought fairies were pretty little creatures who sparkled in the dark and did good deeds …was I wrong.

Author Paul Andruss has a very impressive knowledge of fairies and mythical creature as well as knowing his geography and history I was impressed.

The ending was as it should have been after all the adventures and magic … Dan was home!

Richard Ankers, Buy:


The most recent review for the third book in the trilogy Into Eternity.

The final book of Anker’s The Eternals series doesn’t disappoint. Gradually, the trilogy has shifted from a story about a vampire to a story about a man seeking the truth of his life and discovering what it is to be human. This is a trilogy that must be read in sequence as the action continues without backstory through the strange and epic landscapes of a dying world.

The search for Linka leads Jean, Merriweather, and Aurora from the Arctic ice to the Baltic sea. Secrets of the past are revealed and reconciled, and at the final confrontation with his enemies, Jean endures betrayal but also learns the truth of his destiny.

Anker’s writing is stylistically poetic, the pace of the book steady, and dialog natural as well as imbued with personality. The verbal repartee between Jean and Merriweather is characteristic of their relationship and a pleasure to read. Walter Merriweather takes on a greater role in this book. Reveals about his history, personality, and motives is perhaps the most interesting and startling part of the story. The ending is an emotional and exquisite read.

If you enjoy vampires, epic vistas, tales of redemption, and stylistic writing, this series is well worth picking up. 

Carol Balawyder, Buy:

A recent review for The Longest Nine Months

on March 7, 2018

Pregnancy can seem interminable for many woman. In this instance, there’s an added reason that Campbell’s pregnancy seems long, convoluted, and stressful. Author Balawyder uses excellent description and dialogue to allow her readers to feel great empathy and fear and joy along with Campbell. The themes of love, marriage, getting through a relationship through good and bad, abortion, and disabilities intertwine throughout this well-written contemporary women’s fiction. I wasn’t sure if the ending would be sad or happy, but I did know that whether the relationship grew or dissolved, the main character’s strength would shine through her challenges.

Andrea Balsara, Buy:  and


A recent review for The Great & The Small

on April 29, 2018

The Great & the Small is a wonderfully imaginative fantasy adventure written and illustrated by A. T. Balsara. A riveting story about courage, love, compassion, and loyalty—reminiscent of Watership Down (and perhaps just as dark)—we meet a community of anthropomorphized rats who, although they live in their natural environment, possess their own language, laws and hierarchy.

Touching on themes of survival, heroism, leadership, political responsibility, alienation, community—and love—the story follows a colony of rats living deep below a market in dark tunnels no human knows exist. A war has begun, led by the beloved Chairman, to exterminate the ugly two-legs who have tortured them in labs, crushed them with boots, and looked at them with disgust for as long as anyone can remember.

When the Chairman’s nephew, Fin, is injured and a young two-leg nurses him back to health, doubt about the war creeps in. Now the colony is split—obey the Chairman and infest the two-legs with the ancient sickness passed down from the Old Ones, or do the unthinkable. Rebel.

A small group of valiant, freedom-fighting rats, led by Fin, will have you rooting for their success—to end the war and save the ugly two-legs from further death. This enthralling story is told with pulse-pounding suspense as Fin and his Resistance buddies are under constant threat of the ARM, protectors of the tunnels. Do they survive to save the day? You’ll have to read the book to find out—and I highly recommend you do.

Judith Barrow – Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Judith Barrow’s blog to view all her books.

A recent review of A Hundred Tiny Threads

As a big fan of the Howarth family series, I was delighted to read ‘A Hundred Tiny Threads’. It’s the fourth book and a prequel set the early 1900s. As always, Barrow paints a big picture and juxtaposes it with clever detail to create a work of intimacy. This book involves suffragettes, the 1919 influenza epidemic and the horror of WW1. Throughout though, the dark family secrets of the Howarth clan are liberally sprinkled and keep the page turning tempo to the max. This is no pretty sanitised version of the times. Expect violence and cruelty and a realistic depiction of the harshness of the era. But there’s love too, and unexpected kindness from the always engaging characters. A great and satisfying read.

Linda Bethea, Buy:

Linda bethea two51qb8fm4dqL._AC_US240_QL65_

A recent review for Just Women Getting By

Linda is a great storyteller and I will recommend this book, if you also like to read about strong women’s stories through centuries. I felt it difficult to lay down this book, I just wanted to read and read. I learned a lot of history by this book and while I compared these women’s life with our times, I got lots of respect for such strong women.

Ritu Bhathal, Buy:

Extract from the most recent review for Poetic Rituals

The first thing that attracted me to this book of poetry was the clever play-on-words with the title, Poetic RITUals, and the author’s name. They always say to not judge a book by its cover, but in this case, you should. As clever and heartwarming as the title suggests, so is the poetry inside.

The book was filled with a delightful and eclectic mix of metered poems filled with patterned beats and rhymes, Haiku, and freestyle poetry. Another charming addition was the way the book was divided into four different sections of “RITUals,” family, life, of the heart, and to make you smile. I found the categorization to be a peek into the ingenious mind of the poet.

The themes of motherhood and family, her work as a teacher, and that of being a wife are shared with love and laughter. Many of the poems shared a realistic look at the author’s life that I found endearing. I remembered feeling much the same way when my kids were young.

One of my favorites in this collection was a piece called, “Poetic Confusion,” which I found in the last section of the book. The author laments the writing of poetry in its many forms; finally coming to the conclusion that she would rhyme and vent to her heart’s content, and write poetry in her own way. I love her poetic spirit and spunk.

Poetic RITUals is a must read for wives and mothers of all ages who also wear many hats just to get through a normal day. This sweet book will make you smile. Enjoy it over a cup of tea, or two… I did

Jacquie Biggar, Buy:

Please visit Jacquie’s Amazon page of website to view all her books.

71syyp5gqyl-_ux250_ 51rezzjnual-_uy250_  

A recent review for Hold ‘Em

Apr 15, 2018 Darlene rated it Five Stars.

At the beginning of the book I was a little turned off by the fact that Matt would force someone into such an immoral deal. But it didn’t take long before his motives made me view him in a different light. I soon came to love him and his family, and rooted for them all the way through the book!

An extract from the most recent review for Versions of the Self

All my life I thought that my emotional reliance on someone was a foregone conclusion, and that my self had to connect with another’s to inject coherence into my life’s abstract manuscript. In several unique ways in Versions of the Self, Christy Birmingham informs that the self can last ‘brutally independent’ longer without such reliance or even when it’s relying on someone. In “Gliding Under Water,” she writes, “I am gliding under the waters and my vision is remarkably clear while my body washes with liquids that contain no mixture of you.”

Christy has succinctly touched on several emotions; that we don’t pause and ponder enough to rationalize. We sense myriad versions of several people, and the only way we could connect with their selves is if it’s a soul-led journey from us, without a destination in mind, in which case, no car had driven my expectations to them. Shake hands, therefore, seeking nothing but simplicity.

Sacha Black, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for Keepers. Eden East Novels book 1

Sacha Black has been able to deliver her readers a book that not only has an amazing plot but also awesome characters and a great world building! The plot and the world is so different and refreshing from other fantasy books!!!!!

This book fills the readers with emotions…… I was in awe with the way Sacha has written this story!

Sacha has built a world that is easy to imagine, yet, unique!!!! I immediately fell in love with the protagonist, Eden East, to whom everyone will be able to connect to! She is pictured as a strong and independent woman who faces challenges with confidence and attitude!!!!! The love between Trey and Eden is so deep and passionate that the reader itself will fall in love with both of them…… This book is probably one of my most favourite read of this year! Sacha Black has created a magical mythology of balance and imbalance peopled with compelling characters in her first Eden East novel, Keepers. Young Eden faces life changes without realising her essential place in a prophesy, political intrigue, and an unspoken war. Instead of becoming a pawn, she seizes her own fate and fights for her rights, her choices, and a life she loves.

This book has just the right amount of love, passion, fantasy, magic and action!
I recommend this book to every fiction and fantasy lover!

Elle Boca: Buy:

To discover all of Elle Boca’s books please visit her Amazon page or website.

Steve Boseley, Buy:

A recent review for Serial

Isabella Fulton 5.0 out of 5 stars Creepy Surprise 9 December 2017

I enjoyed this book a lot, wasn’t sure what to expect because of the serial killer title, it’s creepy and a good read for a short story with a twist.

Deborah A. Bowman, Buy:

Please visit Deborah’s Amazon page or her blog to view all her books.

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One of the recent reviews for Quill and Ink

Balroop Singh 5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliant anthology of poems; short stories and inspiring articles May 9, 2018

Quill and Ink…Inspirational, Motivational and Creative Writings by Deborah Bowman is an anthology of poems; short stories and inspiring articles that evince author’s understanding of emotional aspect of life. A profound thought that holds your interest right in the beginning is ‘the quill and the ink, the rose and the thorn, teach us patience and reticence.’ The poems exude the philosophy of life…”you’ll have to dig a bit to find your true purpose…Destiny and infinity are never-ending goals!”

Section – 2 of the book is dedicated to writing process that inspires the writers and reassures them how their imagination cannot be hijacked by computers. Only a human mind can keep track of a fictional plot, its consistency and clarity. Bowman wears the hat of a writer and an editor alternately while sharing her experiences in this part of the book.

Deborah’s short stories are gripping as they slowly drift into past and present, with surprising details. Her style is crisp and intuitive, quite different from a storyteller as she writes in various genres. This book clearly reflects her penchant for diverse interests.

C. S. Boyack, Buy:

Please visit Amazon to view all of Craig’s books.

One of the recent reviews of The Hat.

The Hat by C.S. Boyack is such a great read. The main characters are a young girl, Lizzie St Laurent, a twenty-one-year-old college dropout whose grandmother has died and who has been left to fend for herself in a city far from home and the Hat. Lizzie is working a couple of jobs to pay the bills and keep a roof over her head. She also has a deal with the landlord whereby she keeps the garden tidy and trim in return for free utilities. Lizzie is struggling and when her uncle doesn’t want to give her a keepsake from her grandmother’s estate, she helps herself to one from the back of the removal van. Boy, does she make a good choice. She ends up acquiring a hat that can communicate with her, transform its shape, transfer her to a “safe house’ built by her grandfather and teach her how to play a musical instrument. What is even better is that the Hat is magically bound to Lizzie’s family and is there to assist her out of tight spots in life. When the baby of a friend of Lizzie’s is stolen, the Hat is right there by her side to help her rescue the babies form a band of ruthless kidnappers.

Along the way, Lizzie will have some fun experimenting with great fashion items and meeting some interesting musicians. The Hat is a fast-paced novella which will keep you turning the pages, giving you lots of laughs along the way. I rated this book five stars out of five.

Linda Bradley, Buy:

9147fxuyjJL._UX250_maggies wayLB_MaggiesForkInTheRoad_400x60051pzpzjto6l-_uy250_

A recent review for A Montana Bound Christmas.

Uncaged Review: When we last left John, Maggie and Chloe in the Montana Bound three book series, we had our happy ending, and it ended in a good place, I was happy with the series. Imagine my excitement when Ms. Bradley sent me this fourth installment – and a Christmas one at that!

I’m not going to give a lot away, but I think I see even better closure for a couple more characters. This book alternates point-of-views each chapter – and I liked seeing in the thoughts of the other characters like John’s father and his ex-wife. If you’ve read the Montana Bound series, this is a welcome addition, and if you haven’t – you can read it as a standalone, but to get the full impact of what these characters have been through, start at the beginning, Maggie’s Way.

Sarah Brentyn, Buy:

sarahbrentyn-profile-pic hinting-at-shadows_ebook-cover_sarah-brentyn-resized

An extract from a recent review for Hinting at Shadows

Hinting at Shadows by Sarah Brentyn is sheer poetry in the garb of flash fiction. The emotions flow spontaneously and so succinctly convey the hurt, the guilt, the fear, the regret and a myriad other emotions that each story leaves a room for imagination, yearning for more. Coruscating poetic expressions like ‘where sunlight pools just a few feet away from the shadows,’ ‘Home was a minefield,’ ‘Drifting laughter caresses me,’ ‘Until fingernails become half moons of filth,’ ‘Cold seeped into my heart and even in summer, I could never stay warm’ would leave you spellbound!

Sarah’s characters are stoic, resilient and powerful. Whether it is the grief of losing a child, shattered dreams, a simple regret or serious mental health issue, she writes with the brilliance of an accomplished writer, handling emotions with acumen and touching your heart with just few words.

Christine Campbell, Buy:


A recent review For What It’s Worth.

Yvonne works as a receptionist in a doctor’s surgery, and also has an evening cleaning job. Desperate for a baby, and worried and stressed through constant lack of money, she begins to feel rather irritated at her husband Hugh’s preference for watching TV and sitting around their flat all day waiting for the right job to fall into his lap. Hugh’s reluctance to augment their income causes much friction between the couple.

Yvonne finds Hugh a job, which he hates. Feeling depressed and worthless, Hugh then takes matters into his own hands, the aftermath of which causes Yvonne to take stock of her situation and realise just what she has been doing wrong and which things in life are the most important to her. It’s also a lesson to us all that you cannot try and control another person’s life without that person eventually rebelling in some form or another.

Well written and edited, I enjoyed reading this contemporary women’s fiction novel although I did find the character of Hugh and his way of speaking quite irritating. The author obviously knows Edinburgh very well, and it was nice to be reminded of some of the places I visited when I was last there for the Millennium celebrations.

Anne Casey, Buy:

A recent review for the poetry collection

This is just absolutely gorgeous poetry; really touches your heart, touches your soul. Loved it. Julia

Luanne Castle, Buy:

A recent review for Kin Types

With the prose and poetry found within Kin Types, Castle enters the lives of her ancestors with prose by exploring their pasts through genealogy and the family stories, photographs, and ephemera that reveal that genealogy. However, because the past is often defined by what little we know of our ancestors, that knowledge can be scanty. That’s my situation.

So I ordered Luanne’s book to gather ideas for my own family history writing project. All I have left of the tragedy are photographs, letters of sympathy, yellowed newspaper clippings, locks of hair. How can I ever understand this history fully? Perhaps by doing what Luanne did, that is, entering the lives of her ancestors via genealogy, photographs and ephemera.

Kin Types will inspire you if you wish to research your own family history or simply desire to connect with your ancestors through the power of writing.

Robbie Cheadle, Buy:


A recent review for Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Crystal Caves

Jun 07, 2018 Natasha rated it Five Stars

This is yet another amazing book in the series of Sir Choc! I do not know whether my kids or I like it more. It is a very easy read, fun, creative and both the kids and parents will enjoy it tremendously! The fondant figures are so uniquely done and fit in with the book so well. My kids and I especially love the recipes included in the book and the treats are so easy to make. What a great book if you want to bond with your kids and also just have fun!

Robbie, your Sir Choc books are just amazing! Love it

Colleen Chesebro, Buy:


One of the most recent reviews for The Swamp Fairy

A beautifully told tale about an orphaned teen, Abigale Forester, who is uprooted from her home in Illinois after her mother’s death and her father’s disappearance. She is sent to live with her Aunt Magnolia in Florida where she is given a plot of land owned by her mother. This land is more than just a swamp.

Abigale realizes the value of this plot of land when she experiences its magic. It is inhabited by fairies and plants that have magical healing properties. She soon realizes through some ethereal visits from some of these fairies on the land that her role is to protect the swamp and all its creatures and plants from harm.

When Abigale and her aunt receive threats to their lives if they do not sell the land, Abby turns to friends for support. Abby’s mother gifted to her a magical necklace made from the calcite stone in the swamp to give her strength to do what she needs to do in her role as protector.

The author has created a lovely tale of the magic and mystery of fairies. This is an enjoyable read not only for middle-graders, preteens and young adult girls but also for adults like me. I thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating tale and look forward to more in this series. This talented author enables the reader to see the fairies as real creatures who are benevolent and only want to help mankind.


Visit Amazon or Billy Ray’s blog to view all his books.

A recent review for stranger abduction

“Stranger Abduction” is a well-written novel based on an actual event. A mother and daughter walk from their home to a store in Arizona and never make it back. Mr. Chitwood gives a very viable and chilling account as to what might have happened next. Doris and Deena find themselves thrown into the human trafficking trade, while the Deputy Jack Kiefer never gives up on finding them. The details and characters kept this a page turning book as well as the side story with the Deputy. This is a glimpse into an evil that is going on around us as “products” (a label used for Doris and Deena) are being drugged and used for other’s gratification or service. I highly recommend this book, because even with a dark subject matter there are always heroes.

Mae Clair, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Mae’s website to view all her books.

A recent review for A Desolate Hour

Fantastic ending to a fantastic series! I love Mae Clair’s writing and she did not disappoint with this third and final book in the Point Pleasant Series.

The author’s research, along with folklore and legend surrounding the Mothman made this an intriguing series. You’ll see familiar characters along with one or two new ones. Caden Flynn is one of my favorite characters and I’m so glad he played an important role in this last installment. (And what I had hoped for him came to pass, but I’ll not tell!)

If you like folklore, myth, legends, suspense, and a bit of romance, I highly recommend this book and the entire series.

Lucinda E. Clarke, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Lucinda’s website to view all her books.


An extract from one of the recent reviews for Amie: Cut for Life

Young girls are being sent to Africa to undergo FGM. But what else is happening to them? Our intrepid heroine also discovers that some of her fellow aid workers are not all they appear to be. She has to rescue some of these children and lead them to safety putting herself in mortal danger. I love the way the character of Amie has developed and become someone we really care about. She’s totally believable as she questions herself and makes mistakes. Amy is tested to the limit but eventually succeeds with her mission.

It’s a fast paced thriller and the tension never lets up from start to finish. As well as that there are some wonderful descriptive passages which help readers visualise certain areas of Africa. Just superb writing! The author tackles the subject of FGM and child trafficking and opens reader’s eyes to these horrific practices that are sadly all top prevalent even today. I can only pray that eventually this mutilation of young women and girls will be stopped. It’s to the author’s credit that she chose to highlight this abhorrent practice. I can’t wait to see what Amy gets up to next.

Sue Coletta, Buy:

An extract for one of the recent reviews for Hacked

I am starting to really love the novella length stories. I started Hacked in the Boise airport, and finished it before we landed in Denver. Hacked is a rollercoaster ride with no time for extraneous side stories. Coletta did a masterful job as always. She is one of my favorite authors, and Shawnee is her best character. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

Kim Cox, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Kim’s website to view all her books.

An early review for Haunting Lana

Stella Davis February 3, 2018
These are really some great reads. Just the kind of books I love. Can’t wait to read more to see what comes up. Love Aunt Lucy too. Well worth looking into reading. You won’t be disappointed.

Sally Cronin, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or the blog to view reviews and all the books.


The most recent review for What’s in a Name Volume 1

What a delightful read! Despite reading good reviews, I really didn’t know what to expect when I began the first (name) short story in this collection. I was enthralled immediately. Sally Cronin has a way of writing that invites you in with a cozy cup of tea and a biscuit, and then she weaves her tales about each person so succinctly, yet so elaborately at the same time, that by the end of the story, you don’t want to let go of that name. Of that character. Clever idea – to write a story for a person with a name. Think about it – what’s in YOUR name? .


An extract from a recent review for A Threat from the Past

A 5* review for Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past by Paul Cude. I was lucky enough to be sent a signed copy in a Goodreads Giveaway and I was very pleased I was, because although not a genre i usually read, i actually really enjoyed it.

The author has reinvented our world where humans exist on the surface, but beneath us live dragons in vast caverns connected by tunnels that lead to the surface. They are highly developed and can travel at incredible speeds, can alter their shape and become humanoid in appearance and by doing so look after us, nurturing us in ways we would never fathom.

In an action packed adventure that features both human and dragon team sports, you’ll learn the true story of George and the Dragon, get a dragon-like perspective on human social issues and insight into what to do if you meet a giant spider grinning at you when you’re wearing nothing but your smile!

Anita Dawes, buy

One of the reviews for Lazy Days co-written with Jaye Marie

What a wonderful family tale. This book was a real adventure. The authors share their stories about cramming two adults, lots of children and dogs into a car on the way to a longboat holiday when they haven’t ever having done this before. Not only did the dogs have to stay on leads, with one taking a dive into the river after a duck and almost garrotting itself, but there was lots of other mishaps along the way. The authors really capture the memories from their holiday and make you feel like you were almost there with them.

Eloise de Sousa, Buy :

Please visit Eloise’s Amazon page to view all her books.


One of the recent reviews for The Iron Pendulum

Stella F 5.0 out of 5 stars A Chilling Read December 17, 2017

High paced crime thriller? or rather slow and going nowhere in the case of detectives Perkins and Jones. But what makes their job so addictive? There are plenty of descriptive elements in here; a mix of first person, Julia Webster, and third person, narrative. Whilst the majority of us would consider ourselves normal, we continue to read what unveils to be far from the ordinary. This is a thriller that shines its light into the dark recess of a mental institution. Eloise rations the laughs, but there are still one liners beautifully woven between the suspense, intrigue and horror. Skilful plotting and insidious build-up of tension, makes for an unexpected outcome.

Angie Dokos, Buy:

A recent review for Mackenzie’s Distraction

Apr 02, 2018 Ann Jones rated it Five Stars

Mackenzie’s Distraction a romance by Angie Dokos. Follow the family as they deal with tragedy and a secret past that comes back to haunt. Can Mackenzie let go of the past to have a future with the engaging Trevor she meets while dealing with her family tragedy? Will the family secrets tear them apart or can they rise above what has been to make room for the future

K.D. Dowdall, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for Garrett’s Bones

robin vigil 5.0 out of 5 stars Garrett’s Bones March 31, 2018

As an aspiring author, this book came recommended by a mentor who felt I would benefit from reading the story and paying attention to the writing style.

I enjoyed the descriptive atmosphere of the setting and the way the story moved. The characters felt genuine and the heroes were likable.

The end had a satisfying sense of closure missing in so many books nowadays.

I very little to say about it in a negative way. I thought Sally’s ghost was s little random, but it did move the plot to where it became necessary.

I would recommend this book to all of my friends who read and it so satisfying to see women taking ownership of the literary world.


To view all of Audrey’s books please visit her Amazon page.


One of the recent reviews for The Friendship of Mortals

I read a review of this book on a blog and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. It is an excellent story, exceptionally well-written and well-told. I put Audrey in this category of writers who write in a more old-fashioned style. There is a poetry to her style, a rhythm and movement that is … well, it’s like baseball. There is no clock, and there are moments when nothing much is happening. But a good storyteller and a patient reader can recognize that even in those quiet moments something is happening. And a lot happens in this story. I highly recommend it.

Matthew Drzymala, Buy:

A recent review for Gregory Shortbread

Mar 25, 2018 Suzie rated it it was amazing  ·  Brilliant

Like the Bumpkinton Tales before, this is another comical story surrounding the lives of the residents of Bumpkinton. Unique character s that bring a smile to my face every time I read. Can’t wait for the next one

Natalie Ducey, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for The Heart’s Lullaby

Reviewed by Robin Goodfellow for Readers’ Favorite The Heart’s Lu …
14 days ago –

The Heart’s Lullaby by Natalie Ducey is a beautiful book of poetry that describes the fragility as well as the strength of the human heart. The book is separated into four parts. Embers of Love focuses on the bittersweet aspect of heartbreak, the pain of saying goodbye to someone you care about. Eternal Love illustrates the beauty of love lasting forever, even after death. The Agony of Holding On & The Angst of Letting Go is about falling out of love, and that despite everything you do to hold onto that person, sometimes it’s better to let go. Finally, The Journey of Becoming is about being comfortable with yourself, and knowing that both the heart and the mind need to work together to bring peace and comfort. Whether it be through pain, loss, or peace, Ducey shows us that love can comfort us in our time of need, and show us how human we really are.

Cage Dunn, Buy

An extract from a review for Agoness.

iArtichokeu 4.0 out of 5 stars Huge battle! November 17, 2017

Agoness is a story following a military leader named Landis, who is tasked with protecting a religions daughter, named Agoness. Even with the religion now forbidden within the kingdom, Agoness must stay alive, and fend off the loud mouthed evil Queen and her snotty, arrogant son. There are some pretty big battle scenes, lots of strange magic, and chaotic surprises.

This was a read that didn’t shine for me until about half way through. I had quite a difficult time understanding the beginning of the book. I was actually pretty confused. I’m glad I made it to the end though, because it gets exciting. After a few chapters I started to understand a tiny bit more about what was going on, but still lacked understanding when it came to the story. I would say it wasn’t until after chapter seven that I grasped the situation and enjoyed the story more. Speaking of chapters, there are many chapters within this book. I found it interesting seeing each chapter being so short, but the authors made it work somehow.

The battles are what caught my eye, as well as the unexpected baddies. Though I wondered how enemies obtained such chaotic magics, and how magic even came to be in this world. This book showed an exciting display of how battles can keep us entertained. The battles beyond half way through the book were pretty exciting. I felt a sense of chaos and disorder in this Kingdom, and I loved it. I do hope the authors continue on with their fighting scenes in future books, because they sure hit the spot.

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A recent review for Death of a Sculptor.

I’ll start by saying that this author – M.C.V. Egan – is a new author for me to read and I was definitely NOT disappointed with the story!!!

The story is about a rich and famous artist who is known for his sculptures. Bruce Jones, age 62, dies unexpectedly. Bruce was loved by all of his exes’ and his current wife (5 in all), his mistress and his seven children. Through his art, he has given each wife a different color of his choosing that best describes each women in his mind. Each chapter of the book tells part of the story through the eyes of one of the characters that he so loved. It wasn’t until the funeral that all the exes’ came together and ended up being friends. Especially when a new color was show during the slide show of his life.

The one question that was brought up after the funeral was – Was this a heart attack or was this murder??? I won’t tell you the answer because you really need to read the book and discover his life for yourself!!!

This was an amazing book and I love love loved it!!!

Jack Eason, Buy:

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One of the recent reviews for Autumn 1066

Apr 16, 2018 M.J. J Mallon rated it Four Stars.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. This is not my usual genre that I read but nevertheless I enjoyed this short novella and would recommend it to readers who enjoy historical fact/fiction and people like myself who appreciate a well written and researched story. I would say that its strengths lie in the accuracy of the historical terms used, the sense of brutality of the time period coupled with the human interest aspect of the story – an uncle, Aldred wishing to protect his young archer nephew Cynric from harm and possible death during battle. There is also a breathe of humour in the novella which gives a wonderful sense of the jibes of men, the tenderness and greenness of a young man going to battle and how the very young can surprise us too. On reflection Jack Eason has packed a heck of a lot into a very short novella and this demonstrates his ability to write a thoroughly engaging narrative. Highly recommended

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A review for Flirting with Time

My husband and I were married on Valentine’s Day and I get a few hearts around that time. Marian is getting more than a few and not around Valentine’s Day either. Charlie must try to solve one conundrum at a time. He must also try to do this quickly because someone seems to be after Marian. This was a very fast moving book with quite a few conundrums popping up. It turned into a game similar to Who Do You Trust. I enjoyed it and recommend it to those who like to try to solve the story before the end of the book. Bet you can’t do it!!!

John Fioravanti, Buy:
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A recent review for Passion & Struggle

Gifted story-teller on January 29, 2018

This science-fiction and political thriller exemplify the skills of this creative story-teller.

It’s a big adventure with a complicated story-line. With the large cast of characters to keep track of and various plots to comprehend; it was somewhat cumbersome to read.

But overall, it was intriguing, thought-provoking and well-written.

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A recent review for Over my Dead Body

Great to see Bebe Bollinger back! Love this character with her quirky ways. While still working on her comeback Bebe is asked by her friend Tom if she would help him with a problem at the Eurovision song contest. Bebe agrees and enlists the help of Beth (a former policewoman). Beth and Bebe teamed up once to solve a murder in Wales and work well together.

There is much to enjoy in this book thanks to excellent writing by Mr Fischer. A fascinating insight into Eurovision. I could feel the atmosphere and excitement of this song contest.

I love how Bebe deals with various unusual situations, in fact let’s just say I really enjoyed the whole experience of Bebe’s latest adventure and hope there is many more to come.

Darlene Foster, Buy:

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One of the recent reviews for Amanda on the Danube

Michael and I read this book together and we both enjoyed it immensely. It is my favourite of the three Amanda books we have read to date and we will definitely be reading more.

Amanda and her good friend, Leah, are on a boat cruise along the Danube and very much enjoying the good food and fascinating villages and towns that they stop at when they become embroiled in a new mystery. A young boy who plays the violin most beautifully asks Amanda to please take his violin on the boat with her and meet him in Vienna. Amanda agrees to the request and quickly comes to realise that the talented boy is not the only one who wants the violin. There are a few people, both on the cruise and elsewhere, that are determined to lay their hands on this instrument.

I really like Darlene Foster’s books as they have an interesting and face paced story but they also include a huge amount of fascinating information about the specific country in which each specific novel is set. We both learned a lot about the towns and villages in Germany, Austria and Hungary and the traditional foods, entertainment and some famous places of interest. There is a lot of research that goes into each of these books. We rated this book five out of five stars.

Tina Frisco, Buy;


A recent review for Vampyrie

A very different storyline in the vampire genre.Different, in a densely populated genre, is a good thing. But that’s not the main draw of this telling. It’s well-written and keeps you turning virtual pages. The characters are well-developed and believable. I knew I’d like it after the first few paragraphs. If you like a combination of horror, suspense and thriller, you’ll like this one. It even has a surprise twist that I didn’t see coming. I’m big on twists myself.

Claire Fullerton, Buy:

current-photo-l1004368-1DancingtoanIrishReel2 200x300[1]APortalinTime 314x235

One of the recent reviews for Dancing to an Irish Reel

Beautiful on March 26, 2018

This book has been on my TBR for a long time and I was happy to finally be able to read it. And all I can say is that I wish I had read it sooner. The book is almost lyrical in its language as the author discusses everything from fate to music to travel in Ireland. All of this is wrapped in a tentative romance between an American woman and an Irish man, and I don’t know when I last read a book that so perfectly captures the uncertainty of new romance. I highly recommend the book.

that afternoon…and wishing the journey was not over. A definite MUST READ!!

Brigid P. Gallagher, BUY:

An extract from one of the recent reviews for the book.

Watching the Daisies is a very personal account of how the author, Brigid Gallagher, brings herself, her work and all the rest of her busy life under control to the point where she is able to more fully appreciate the day and the hour – the ‘now’ of her existence.

Her elegant, straight-forward prose carries the reader through a mostly happy existence from her early life in rural Scotland to her varied professional work in Edinburgh and eventually to her more restful and more centred life in the Ireland that her mother and father left seeking opportunities in Scotland.

Readers who are unfamiliar, as I was, with the less traditional (at least for the British Isles and Ireland) approaches to spiritual and physical well-being will find much to gain from Watching the Daisies. Brigid not only explores many of them but becomes a practising professional with a flair for leadership, innovation and success.

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A recent review for Three Things Serial

The Three Things Serial Story: A little 1920’s story has a little bit of everything in it – a touch of a romance or two, stolen goods, a kidnapping, a gang of ruthless men and a satisfactory ending. Teagan manages to achieve all of this in a well written and interesting way based on three word prompts provided by readers of her blog each week. I am frankly quite incredulous that a writer can weave three prompts into each episode and still come out with a story that makes perfect sense, entertains and flows. This approach has the added appeal of resulting in quite a unique story line.

The book is set in the 1920’s which I enjoyed as I don’t know that much about life in the US during that time period and it has been fun to find out more about it. The main character, Pip, is a flapper with a great sense of adventure. I didn’t know what a flapper was so I looked it up and it means a fashionable woman during the 1920’s who was intent on enjoying herself and flouting the behavior conventions of the time. Pip definitely fits this definition as an independent young woman with a mind of her own. I liked that Teagan describes Pip as a wholesome girl with a good appetite for food and fun. I thought the fact that Pip was ready to dive into the ice cream during the book was a good thing and it makes her a suitable role model or female readers in our modern world of obsessions with food and extreme thinness.

The story is fast paced and a jolly good read.

Agnes Mae Graham  Buy:


A recent review for the collection

These are stories or narrative poetry centered in Ireland written metrically with rhyme. The language flows well. Even when the stories seem dark the author’s heart shines through to light the way. For example, in “Ulter’s Shame”, a dark narrative with “blood stained footpaths and bullet spattered walls” we are not left with “screams” and “terror” but a resolution: “What matters is the depth of God’s sighs.”

She describes the people around her with kind brevity. The ending of “The Brownie Pack” states her love and humbly leaves it to God whether it is returned.

She describes the joyful and sorrowful mysteries of life. In “Tender to Touch” an old man buys a medicine from her. In his confusion he rubs it on his pained stomach rather than drinking it. Nonetheless, he’s cured and returns to thank her. In sadness, such as “Life!!”, she prays to God not to let the Devil win.

In the “The Lover” and “Kitty and Joe” we see death and love tied closely together and even though death wins in its ever objective way, I sense love redeeming each such victory as its own. This is a beautiful collection of very short stories or narrative poems that, perhaps because of their brevity, will linger in my mind enriching it.

Noelle Granger, Buy:


A recent review for Death in a Mudflat

“Murder by Mudflat” is a hugely enjoyable, fast-paced mystery with excellent attention to forensic and scientific detail. I can promise you this book will keep you at the edge of your seat. Funny and cozy scenes alternate with high-octane, breath-taking action sequences. Rhe is a wonderful character: a mother and vulnerable lover one minute and a thug-chasing and quick-witted heroine the next. Her romance with Sam and the way that Rhe’s son Jack responds to it is beautifully done and adds just the right counter-weight to the fist-punching and at times tough and explosive plot. While generally cozy in style, there are some not so cozy scenes as well.

Grainger serves us some serious issues amongst some very light-hearted and entertaining sections: drug use, murder and some other, deeply personal issues, such as forgiveness and moving on.

Her characters are very real with problems of their own and an ability to reflect that surpasses the often one-dimensional place-holders in the genre. The combination of two separate investigations which may or may not be linked makes this a particularly rich and rewarding read, with plenty of possibilities for the plot and its denouement. This is a well written, breath-taking ride through two cases that show a crime writer at her best.

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One of the recent reviews for Letters from an American Soldier

A very sweet story. on October 22, 2017

A real life love story through the eyes of a soldier during the Korean war. Letter by letter, the reader can imagine what life must have been like for those stationed far away from loved ones in a time when communication took days or weeks. Bill’s love and desire to be with his darling Nita is so sweetly and authentically expressed. It makes you want to read “just one more letter,” and before you know it, the book is as hard to put down as any fictional romance novel.

Sue Hampton, Buy:

An extract from one of the recent reviews for The Lucy Wilson Mysteries

AlaranTop Contributor: Doctor Who TOP 1000 REVIEWER 4.0 out of 5 stars Lethbridge-Stewart: The Next Generation 12 June 2018

With the ongoing publication of Lethbridge-Stewart novels as well as the Brigadier’s daughter, Kate, now a recurring character in onscreen Doctor Who and his genetic grandfather, Archie, making an appearance in ‘Twice Upon a Time’, the Lethbridge-Stewart extended family has been quite prominent in the last few years. Now his granddaughter receives her own spinoff series of novels.

Clearly this is intended to be a children’s or young adult novel. However, it seems more likely that its primary market will be adults who have been following the Lethbridge-Stewart series of novels. It is independent enough from those, though, that it will hopefully attract a young fan base new, perhaps, to the Brigadier and maybe even Doctor Who.

Jena C. Henry, Buy:

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An extract from the most recent review for The Golden Age of Charli RSVP

While reading The Golden Age of Charli: RSVP, I moved from wanting Charli to be my aunt, to wanting Charli to be my best friend, and finally to wanting to BE Charli when I retire someday. I found the main character to be delightful, warm, honest and fun; and I appreciated her life’s motto – “press on” – and admired her determination to deepen her relationships with her husband (the newly-retired and golf-loving Pud) and with her many nieces and nephews. I also found myself drooling over the author’s abundant descriptions of food, wine, and cocktails – an unexpected and delicious part of this book! One month from now, my youngest will be heading off to college, so I ended up relating more than I expected I would to Charli’s empty-nest pursuits. Although my husband and I are far from retirement, I still felt a kinship with Charli, and I look forward to reading the next books in Jena Henry’s charming series!

Linda G. Hill, Buy


A recent review for The Magician’s Curse.

Well-paced and engaging  on April 13, 2018

A magician with special powers struggles with a curse that’s been in his family for generations. The main character, an almost 18-year-old girl who falls in love with him, has her own life turned upside down as she navigates his strange world.

It’s more romance-heavy than I typically read, but the unveiling of the mysterious magician’s story kept me turning the pages. The plot is well-paced and the characters are engaging. The book comes to a satisfying conclusion but also sets up the stage for book two. All in all an enjoyable read. 

Amy Hoff, Buy:
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A recent review for The Connoisseur 

A unique book with an original story (finally!). The characters develop in depth in a great way and the plot thickens and gives you some “aha” points!

Adventure and fantasy elements are strong to the point that they make you want to visit these places (even though they are not real locations, unfortunately).

Another great thing is that it also includes LGBT characters so anyone can identify with at least one of the characters’ stories.

J. Hope Suis, Buy:

A recent review for Mid-Life Joyride

I went to a public reading and book signing and bought an autographed copy of this book. I love the humor the author weaves throughout her book, the travel/joyride theme, and her transparency as she shares personal experiences. Lots of good tips in here. It’s important to live your life to its fullest ,no matter what your marital status is!

Lyn Horner, Buy:

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A recent review for Rescuing Lara

Living under an alias in Ireland to escape the Hell-hounds and their evil master who conspired the car crash that killed her uncle and scarred her physically and emotionally, Lara Stevens has been given the responsibility of following in her uncle’s footsteps in this amazing supernatural story by the fabulous Lyn Horner, that starts the Romancing the Guardians series that’s sure to be a winner!

As she guards the ancient family heirloom with only an old housekeeper/carer, Una, for company, Lara must seek out someone who can be a bodyguard and driver, until she recovers enough to fulfill the mission entrusted to her by the family, by the centuries-old Conhairle or Council of Elders, of which her Uncle Malcolm was the High Guardian of the Scrolls of Danu.

Who does she hire for the new position? How else does he help her? Why is he in Ireland and for how long? Where does he live when not working on the oil-rigs? What did he do in the US Army? What is special about his mother Josefina? What is found in the burned-out ruins of Uncle Malcolm’s property? Why is it important to Lara? Who is Dev? How does he help his old friend/now enemy – and why? Where is Lara pursued by the Hell-hounds? Who is Milo? When Lara finally reveals the truth of who she is and what her secret mission involves you’ll be thrilled and as excited as Lara’s lover and protector, to whom she is bound by love forever!

John Howell, Buy:


An extract from one of the early reviews for The Contract

I was both excited and curious to read a book co-authored by two authors who have earned my admiration for each of their books. Authors John W. Howell and Gwen Plano both have resoundingly earned five-star reviews from me for their individual works.

Their total diversity of writing styles and genres would have presented them with a challenge when undertaking to co-author this work. I’m delighted with the outcome. They’ve met and exceeded my expectations.

This book goes beyond man’s earthly desires to dominate and control his environment. It takes you to the dark places fueled by man’s thirst for absolute power. It shows you the joy of the heavenly plane, and the release from pain that it offers.

Brad Channing, a Navy SEAL, and Sarah O’Brien a nurse are chosen by the divine council of heavenly elders to become their representations on earth.

The reader is taken on a thrill ride as the story develops, each of the characters are beautifully crafted and intensely visual, with wonderful dialogue moving the book along at a great pace. The character development is outstanding.

An extract from a recent review for Wall of War

The introductory chapter of Wall of War, “1953” had me so captivated from the beginning that I don’t think I exhaled until the last full stop. Mr. Hudson has done an admirable job of tightening up the script, omitting a lot of needless details about various types of boats, planes, communication systems and weapons that the casual reader might find bothersome. (However, if you are a globetrotting mercenary or imagine being one, then you’ll appreciate the details he does provide!)

That’s all I can tell you without getting into “spoilers”! What I can tell you that with Wall of War, you have an excellent story that doesn’t get bogged down at any point and keeps the reader turning page after page. The action takes place almost exclusively in Peru, so there’s no continent-jumping and forgetting who is where and so on. Wall of War is a taut, intriguing, action-filled adventure novel perfect for long winter nights (or summer beach reading). Mr. Hudson has set the bar high for himself if a third installment in the Drake Alexander series is planned. Four stars at Goodreads.

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, Buy :

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A recent review for My Life at Sweetbriar 

My Life at Sweetbrier, is author, Deanie Dunne’s recounting of life at her childhood home–a horse farm in Connecticut. Deanie was born with cerebral palsy. For most people, that would be enough to deter them from ever riding a horse. But not for Deanie. Thanks to her father’s “can do” philosophy, Deanie became a skilled rider, winning many riding competitions. It wasn’t without challenges, though. Deanie shares the adversities she had to overcome and offers encouragement for others to do the same.

Written in a conversational style, readers can feel that Deanie is talking directly to them. Sprinkled throughout the book are photographs of Deanie as a young child andteenager with her horses. Young readers, ages 8-12, especially those who love horses, will enjoy this book. The message of perseverance even in the face of obstacles is an important one for everyone to learn. An inspiring book, highly recommended.

Karen Ingalls, Buy:
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photo on 2-14-16 at 139 pm-crop-u613351GERUMF7FL._UY250_51q05nsoi7L._UY250_51wBeydFoBL._UY250_

One of the recent reviews for Outshine

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your story! It was educational and uplifting. When I say educational, I found that things that weren’t written opened my mind to maybe just as many truths and questions as what was written. You survived a challenging ordeal and you had a wonderful, talented, supportive and knowledgeable healthcare team. I couldn’t help but feel for those facing the same challenges who are in areas that don’t have access to healthcare. You mentioned the cost of one particular medication (that was – thankfully – covered by your insurance), which led me to wonder about the plight of those with less-than-adequate health insurance (or no insurance at all). It was clear and obvious these were stressful times for you; it’s hard to imagine facing all you did AND piling medical bills or the understanding that you simply can’t afford treatment that is available [to others]. It’s always good to be enlightened to or reminded of the realities of some of life’s biggest challenges. I hadn’t thought about, for instance, of the significance of fear in relation to cancer. It seems you were fighting your fears almost as much as the disease (not just about your prognosis, but also other aspects of life that one might think of as “less significant”, like body image – nope…not insignificant at all when you’re the one facing the fears). Thanks again for sharing; I appreciate what you’ve given me the opportunity to learn and think about!

Chuck Jackson, Buy:
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A recent review for Guilt My Companion

I happen to know Chuck Jackson, and I consider him a fine man and a wonderful friend. How he has turned out so well with the traumas and betrayals he has endured is a miracle. How he could even write this book is amazing. It is a page turner and reminds me of the book, UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand. It is difficult to imagine that a boy, growing into manhood could even survive what Chuck endured. Given the times we live in with abuse and harassment so pervasive, Guilt–My Companion, is a book of encouragement for those who are going through terrible times with a dysfunctional family, workplace abuse or especially for those who have been told they were worthless and won’t ever amount to anything. It is an account of suffering, struggle, hopelessness that turns out to be a story of a tough life with a beautiful outcome. Inspirational!

Sandra J. Jackson, Buy:

A recent review for Playing in the Rain.

Playing In The Rain: When All That Matters Is Freedom (Escape Series Book 1) by Sandra J Jackson although classed as a Sci-fi I feel has the elements of a thriller as well. It’s written for the young adult audience in mind, however anyone of any age would enjoy this. I was hooked and can’t wait to see where this series leads.

The reader meets A1 (April) she finds herself in the facility called C.E.C.E.I.L Contagion Eradication Centre For Intelligent Life. The facility is named after the guy running it. April just a teenager has hardly any memory and lost many years of her life. In between sleeping a lot due to the drugs she’s given April tried to piece together the small snippets of memory she has. The facility moves in another girl known as B2 into Aprils room. She learns that she is in fact her sister, or so she’s told. After a fire at the facility the girls wake up to find themselves in a dingy windowless room. The only object in the room is a cabinet that contains clothes and objects that hold clues to the girls past.

This is a wonderful book that takes the reader on the girls journey of discovery, that leads us ready for the next instalment. A really great read, recommended to all.

Deborah Jay, Buy

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One of the recent reviews for The Prince’s Man

Captivating story. on May 19, 2018

Surprising bits of magic popping up when needed, most of the time, caught my imagination. The world we live in has the same cruel, kind, selfish, generous, self-centered and loving people as those in this book of Jay’s, but we have to manage without magic. Considering some people, I am thankful we do not have magic. But I really enjoyed the escape into Book 1 of The Five Kingdoms.

Helen Jones, Buy:

An Extract from a recent review for Under Stone

The fourth book in Helen Jones’s Ambeth Chronicles, Under Stone picks up right where Hills and Valleys left off. While all of the Ambeth books have shown various characters’ perspectives, Under Stone spends the most time away from Alma. While I missed Alma and would have liked to see more of her journey, I did appreciate getting an inside look at Lord Denoris’s schemes, as well as the other happenings around Ambeth. With the search for the Cup coming to a head, there are so many compelling storylines to follow. The courtly drama drove the plot and kept me guessing about each character’s true motives and plans, as well as the location and fate of the ever-important Cup.

Another aspect I liked about Under Stone was the emotional payoff. Many of the characters finally dealt with issues (positive and negative) that they’d been grappling with throughout the series. It was really satisfying to watch them grow and see the impact on their various relationships. I also appreciated how Jones wove in scenes from the past, which provided necessary background for the Cup search, as well as added emotional weight to the current events. As for the ending… let’s just say it introduced a rather exciting complication and left me super anxious for the next book!

Andrew Joyce, Buy

Andrew51jymDwgCkL._UY250_ Resolution-800 Cover reveal and Promotional51zhg2sqivl-_uy250_

An extract from one of the recent reviews for Ellis

Andrew Joyce is an American historical fiction author who creates tales as large as the characters in his books, and Ellis Hodgkins is definitely one of those characters.

At fourteen, Ellis caught his first bluefin tuna by hand, which was no easy task considering the fish weighed over 750 pounds. That single feat of strength initiates the teen on a path to fame and fortune.

“Ellis,” is the character study of a man motivated by an inner determination to succeed which follows him throughout all the stages of his life. Descended from tough Gloucester fishermen, Ellis is constantly evolving and changing which I found to be part of his allure. This young man embraces change. He has the foresight to recognize the big picture in many of his adventures resulting in even more opportunities. Nobody could ever say Ellis was a slacker.

MY RATING: Character Believability: 5  Flow and Pace: 5  Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 5 Reader Enjoyment: 5 Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 STARS

Deanna Kahler, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for Part of Me.

Seventeen year old Chase has had nightmares for years. Every nightmare involves a plane crashing and a beautiful woman. Psychologists determined that his nightmares were due to PSTD since his father died in a plane crash when Chase was six years old but that doesn’t account for the fact that he still has them and that they involve a beautiful woman.

Chase is going on spring break with his friends and girlfriend Kaitlyn a girl who was his best friend until they decided to become a couple. Kaitlyn loves Chase but Chase loves the woman in his visions and nightmares and eventually feels he has to be honest with Kaitlyn. While in Panama City he breaks the news to her that he loves a woman he sees in his dreams and is determined to find her. He has always felt that something was missing in his life and he always did whatever others thought he should do. If he ever hopes to find happiness and love he must find out if the woman is from his past or is in his future.

D. G. Kaye – Buy:

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A recent review for P.S. I Forgive You

Heartfelt on May 13, 2018

The author’s honest account of her relationship with her mother is a deeply emotional read. The unresolved longing of being loved by the person who, by nature, is the most capable of it.

A thought itself of such a mother D.G. Kaye was unfortunate to have is disturbing. Yet I can’t help but express my sadness about her mother’s plight while she, herself, was a victim of the unloving family.

The scene where the mother wanted to console her daughter at the news of her (daughter’s) upcoming heart surgery and was denied by her broke my heart.
I think the book will appeal to the broad readership – who suffered in a dysfunctional family may find inspiration in the D.G. Kaye’s story, who grew up in a loving family may appreciate it even deeper.

A recent review for the book

An absolutely compelling memoir about family, what is the “truth”, and finding your footing in both love and family. It was a hypnotic read; I couldn’t put this book down. Truly recommend it.

Heather Kindt, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for the book.

on May 11, 2018

Ruby Slips and Poker Chips is a clever modernization of the Wizard of Oz. I enjoyed discovering throwbacks to the original story tucked into the tale.

The protagonist, Dottie, is trying to figure out where she belongs. Should she stay safe in the town and relationship she knows, or strike out, embracing life as a ‘free spirit.’ While some of Dottie’s choices along the road made me want to sit her down and give her a talking to, the struggle of the mid-twenties ‘where is my life going?’ school teacher rang true. The author did a great job of guiding us through Dottie’s inner journey, as well along the interesting scenes of her road trip.

The story is a bit more ‘romancy’ than I generally read (and Dottie definitely has some more ‘adult’ experiences on her journey than Dorothy did- drug dealers and bars and boyfriends, oh my! 🙂 ) but overall I enjoyed the journey, and I had to stay up late to see how it ended!

Joelle LeGendre, Buy:

A review for Atto Run – The First Level of Hell

As a scifi fan, I found the novel, “Atto Run, The First Level of Hell,” an intriguing and fun read. If, like me, you enjoy tales of space travel, advanced technology, exotic other-world settings, and whole planets that just might not make it, you’ll likely enjoy this book too. But author, Joelle LeGendre, goes way beyond a traditional space-opera, and delivers what is ultimately a fine novel of ideas. Most good speculative fiction (or any good fiction) does transcend category, but Atto Run somehow personalizes its theme in ways I’ve not seen before. The universe-threatening concerns of the intergalactic goddesses get squeezed down to the very small, human concerns of a central character who’s not so much an anti-hero as a non-hero. It’s through her “every-woman” eyes, we earthlings meet our first alien. And it’s not like anything you’d expect. It’s at the heart of the delightful comic sense running through this book and what makes it so much fun. I highly recommend it. You’ll expand your mind and laugh while doing it.

Joy Lennick, Buy:

An early review for The Moon is Wearing a Tutu

on December 19, 2017 Five Stars

A light-hearted look at life and the characters we all know! It certainly made me smile.A little book to treasure and dip into when you just need to relax a while – there is something for everyone in this book and hopefully we can look forward to lots more “little gems” in the near future from Joy and Eric

Geoff Le Pard, Buy:

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One of the recent reviews for Life in a Flash

Life in a Flash is just that – a collection of flash fiction stories written in 500 words or less which transport the reader through a fun array of genres. Believe me, there is something here for everyone.

Le Pard is a British author who weaves delightfully descriptive details into his stories that I believe set him apart from other flash fiction authors. His humor is contagious. I often found myself chuckling at his cleverness and creativity.

I enjoyed each story in the collection but two shining stars stood out from the rest. The first story is called, “Time Out.” This was the comical story of a man who after retiring, becomes an extra on a movie set. The story played out in my mind just like a weekly sitcom. The ending left me convulsing with laughter.

The second tale is called, “Fog.” This was the story of a house recently purchased by a young couple. The melancholy essence of the original owner, ninety-five-year-old Adele Johnson still lingers. There is an eerie mystery wrapped up in this story that finishes with a haunting ending.

From humor to mystery, comic silliness to serious irony, Le Pard zigzags the reader through an abyss of absorbing stories. If you love short stories filled with twists and turns you won’t want to miss this collection. It’s a fabulous read!

My Rating: Character Believability: 5 Flow and Pace: 5  Reader Engagement: 5 Reader Enrichment: 5 Reader Enjoyment: 5 Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 Stars

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A recent review for Welcome to Saint Angel

Arbor Books Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars Hilarious Comedy of Deniers, Developers, and Defenders May 1, 2018

I’ve known Bill personally for almost a decade and love his novels and short stories. “Welcome to Saint Angel” is his latest work and it’s made for Hollywood: a blistering, dark comedy with villains (evil developers, drought deniers) and heroes (madcap activists, loony Luddites), which perfectly captures our current zeitgeist. When an aggressive real estate developer sets out desecrate the pristine Saint Angel Valley with a sprawl of houses and appropriate the ever-dwindling water supply to fill swimming pools during California’s worst drought, Al Sharpe and his somewhat unhinged band of buddies decide to form the resistance–with a little help from local Indians and even an ancient demon.

Hilariously unsparing, with just the right amount of satiric skewering, Bill once again puts his stamp on vital issues of our time with his spot-on, inventive plot and zany cast of characters. And the questions Bill sets out to answer are right out of today’s headlines: Who decides what is the appropriate balance between preservation and progress? Who decides (and gets to bequeath) our nation’s natural inheritance? Who decides when enough is enough — on either side of an issue? A terrific book by one of America’s top writers.

John Maberry, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for Waiting for Westmoreland

One man’s journey from chaos to inner peace. on November 4, 2017

Here we have a book that is much more than memoir, and more life journey told (and written) exceedingly well and with great courage. If the writer’s mandate is to ‘open a vein’, Maberry has opened that vein and allowed whatever flowed to fill this work. From his background in hardscrabble Minnesota, enduring the loss of a parent, then for all intents and purposes the loss of the other, the author describes his various efforts to carve a niche for himself. Just as his efforts appear to be paying off, he’s found a companion, started school, navigated his way through the shoals of early adulthood, when the Selective Service System came calling and he was drafted.

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One of the recent reviews for Identity Crisis

This is the first book I have read by this author and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it !

The story starts off with Sam McRae, a small independent lawyer, being notified that the client she had gotten a restraining order for, against her abusive boyfriend, was now being saught for his murder.

Mix in a sudden identity theft issue for our main character, Sam, and things start to heat up. She starts to try and find her client who has gone missing and also has to contend with the Mob and a large contingent of various law enforcement agencies – so not just a simple murder case.

Sam is of the mind that since her case was never closed then she is still working for her client and should try to sort things out herself. We get lots of other twists and turns added into the mix and some may be obvious but others are nice surprises. I shall look forward to reading some more books, by the author, with the Sam McRae character.

Will Macmillan Jones, Buy:

An extract from one of the early reviews for the book from Jim Webster on his blog.

The books follow the career (in this case, career as in ‘When the brakes failed, the wagon careered downhill’) of Captain Frank Eric Russell, who becomes a Scout pilot of the Free Union. The stories are told by the good Captain in the first person.

This means that we whilst we see events through the eyes of our hero, we also begin to realise that he is in some things an unreliable observer. It begins to dawn upon the reader that Russell is a far better pilot and far more generally competent than he admits.

The universe is divided between three main powers. The first two that we meet are the Free Union, which our hero serves, and the Imperium, who are the enemy in waiting. There is no war between the two but there is a constant bickering at the outposts and attempts to destabilise the other. Finally there are the Merchant Princes, who happily trade with anybody.

In the first book, ‘Scout Pilot of the Free Union’, each chapter seems to be a separate mission and a separate story. But eventually you start to realise that there is a common thread starting to pull them together, until by the time you get into the second book, ‘Infinity is for losers’, we see that our hero is caught up in something far more complicated and dangerous than he first thought. I have no intention of saying more and spoiling the plot for anybody.

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Profits from her books go to help rescue dogs from kill shelters.


An extract from one of the recent reviews for The Day I Saw The Hummingbird

Lynda Dickson – Books Direct 4.0 out of 5 stars This story will haunt you March 29, 2018

The book begins and ends in 1914, when Oscar Mercer attends a talk given by Booker T. Washington honoring Harriet Tubman, the woman responsible for coordinating the Underground Railway and, therefore, securing Oscar’s freedom.

Oscar reminisces about his life, from his birth in 1852 into a life of slavery until the time he gains his freedom, aged ten. As a child, he stands by helplessly as friends and family members suffer the cruelty inflicted by the plantation’s foreman. When he is five, the slaves start hearing tales of “a Negro woman who was working with a group to help free slaves.” That woman is Harriet Tubman. We never meet her, but her presence runs through the narrative. Another milestone in Oscar’s life is when he gets the opportunity to learn how to read and write. He is drawn to comment, “Why do learning things feel so good?” Then, on the day he sees the hummingbird in the field, a chain of events is set into motion that ends in tragic consequences but eventually leads to his freedom. Armed with a Bible, a dictionary, and the skills taught to him by “conductors” with the Underground Railway, Oscar finally makes it to freedom. It is a gruelling journey from Louisiana to New York City, during which his faith is tested and he learns the true meaning of freedom.

Throughout, Oscar maintains his spirit and resolve by recalling his mother’s words of wisdom: “My mama’s womb had given me life, but it was her wisdom implanted in my brain that kept me alive.” She imbues in him the belief that “Skin color don’t make us no less a person.” This belief is reinforced when he meets the many (white) people who are willing to help him on his trip along the Underground Railway: “I was overwhelmed with relief when I realized that people are people. Simple as that. And the color of my skin doesn’t make me less of a person. It doesn’t separate or define my humanness. No, what makes some less human is hatred and hateful actions.”

In the Foreword, the author gives us some background into how she came to write this story: “In many southern states, educating slaves to read or write was illegal. […] I incorporated the element of educating slaves into this story and, in particular, with the protagonist and narrator of the story. […] Many of the scenes depicted were adapted from historical notes, letters, and other documentation from slaves who lived to tell their stories.” She succeeds admirably in giving us a look into the psyche of the young slave Oscar and rendering a heartbreaking account of the atrocities committed in the name of greed and prejudice.

Oscar’s story will haunt you for a long time after you have finished reading.

M.J.Mallon, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for The Curse of Time

This reviews is adapted from a post which originally appeared on my blog, This Northern Gal. I was sent a copy of the text in exchange for an honest review.

The Curse of Time is all about Amelina, a teenage girl who receives a mysterious invitation. Her already crazy life takes a turn for the weird and unusual. She becomes fixated with the idea that there is a curse on her family and that she has to find a way to break it. Along the way she finds herself in a world that revels in the strange and mysterious. This world building was where M.J Mallon excelled. It allowed her to be wonderfully creative, which in turn meant that I was sucked into the world of The Curse of Time. I particularly enjoyed the way the writer seemed to be inspired by fairy-tales, though in quite a twisted way. From strange reflections in the mirror to vanishing black cats, there was a familiarity in the characters that was really we

Sharon Marchisello, Buy:
Blog :

One of the recent reviews for the book

Very Good By Don S and TeamGolfwell on December 4, 2017

I really liked “Going Home” by Sharon Marchisello, and found it to be an excellent and exciting mystery. I am familiar with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and the author wrote an excellent mystery with many interesting characters. Ms. Marchisello has a lot of talent as a writer and I enjoyed it very much.

Jaye Marie, Buy:


And extract from a recent review for The Ninth Life

Sep 06, 2017 Rosie Amber rated it Four Stars.

The Ninth Life is a psychological thriller set mainly in Guildford, Surrey. Kate is a fifty-nine year old artist. She has an unusual voice in her head that provides commentary on her life; however, she has always tried to ignore what it says. Kate is currently working on a series of seascape pieces for Sam, a gallery owner and best friend, who is opening a new gallery in London.

We learn about Kate’s earlier life in a series of memories; her hardships, relationships and her current desire for solitude are all fed to us in easy-to-absorb chunks. Early on we are introduced to a sinister character who is besotted with her. As the story develops there is a slow build-up of tension, with a net of mishaps and murder that draw closer.

Judy Martin, Buy:

judy in the garden tworott-ebook-cover-jpg

One of the recent reviews for the collection

A most amusing read on October 14, 2017

I love Judy E Martin’s poetry. It is so enjoyable and humorous. Judy has a delightful way of turning everyday situations into a real laugh. Her book of poetry is divided into ten chapters, as follows: Family, Festive, Seasons, Women, Ages, Music, Food, Creativity, Miscellaneous and Sex. This book fairly pulses with vitality and enthusiasm for life and I really look forward to reading a few of her uplifting verses at the end of a hard working day.

One of my absolute favourite poems is Ode to Cadbury’s and my favourite verse is as follows:

“They have moved across the water
To give their sales a Boost
But the chocolate’s taste is different
And the bar size is reduced.”

What absolute fun!

Don Massenzio, Buy:

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A recent review for Frank Incensed

The stakes are high as Private Detective Frank Rozzani races against time to save the love of his life. Will Frank rescue her from the terrible man in the trench coat or will this man end the life of yet another person that Frank is close to? Find out who survives in the new Frank Rozzani Detective Mystery (from Amazon)
Frank Incensed is book three in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series by Don Massenzo. It is a perfect continuation of the story. What made it special for me there were new facts about Frank’s personality that came to light. I can’t go into too much detail here but take my word this story will have you on the edge of your seat as Frank tries to work his way through a sinister situation in an attempt save the life of the one he loves.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes detective stories that have exciting plots and well-developed characters.

Melissa Maygrove, Buy:

A recent review for Come Back

I didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of it, it had taken me on a full adventure. There was a perfect amount of everything: Description. Dialogue. Memory stories. Adventure. Romance(both hot and both emotional). Drama. Sadness. Shock. I really liked it.

I kept looking at the percentage expecting to be further into the book, but the author gave us a full story where you were excited to see where she takes you.

V.L. McBeath, Buy:

 A recent review for Only One Winner

Part 4 of the Wetherby-Jackson saga, which spans several generations. William-Wetherby, William’s eldest son, was very close to his parents and worked well with William when William was a partner in Mr Wetherby’s business. Now that William has finally moved on to having his own business, he relied on William-Wetherby to provide the stable income, while he builds his business up, and it would have worked very well if it were not for Lydia, the fragile young beauty who reminds William so much of his dead Harriet that he falls in love with her. Lydia the fun, mischievous girl who is only a few years older than William-Wetherby and has so much in common with the young man that he is also smitten by her. But when William marries Lydia, the relationship between father and son could not take it any more.

The whole series was a well written, well researched piece of work and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The characters are well developed and the storyline is gripping and absorbing. It has been very difficult to step back into 2018 once the book is closed, I could not help but feel so connected and so much part of the story that McBeath has written. Totally 5 stars!

Marcia Meara, Buy:
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A  recent review for A Boy Named Rabbit

Rabbit Stole My Heart on May 15, 2018

Every now and then, an author manages to write a character so distinctive and impactful, he becomes difficult to forget. Sometimes it’s someone inherently evil; other times the character is a beacon of good. But seldom does such a character elevate himself past memorable — to do so is to vault over a rather high bar.

Marcia Meara’s Rabbit is one such character.

I can tell you she’s written another lovely book with a solid plot. I can tell you her settings are vivid and her villain chilling. All of that is true. Yet none of it matters.

I recommend this story because of a little boy named Rabbit who climbed down off a mountain and strode right into my heart.

This is a heart-warming tale of love and family, one that’s sure to tug at any reader’s heartstrings. It’s also a story you don’t want to miss. It’s a must-read.


31hzuzubvgl-_ux250_ 51hcyukkqjl-_uy250_  lady-lazuli

A recent review for The Writer and The Rake

Ms Moore has done it again. A true time travailing adventure for those of us stuck in this century. I adored Brittany and wished i was more like her. She is wild and fun and damaged. Her adorable love (?) interest keeps tight reins on his heart refusing to even ponder that he has feelings for Brittany. The two have word battles yet no one seems to come out the winner. I did wonder till the very end how this book would end and that made the story more intense and thrilling. I will not spoil the end but i do wonder if i would have made the same decision as our heroine.


A review for The House on Tenafly Road

Compelling! on March 18, 2018

The storyline was incredibly interesting, happy, sad and complex. It was well written and the history was so entertaining. I loved this book.

Jacqui Murray, Buy:

One of the reviews for To Hunt a Sub

To hunt a sub by J. Murray mixes military intrigue, the world of academia and a burgeoning romance between an ex-SEAL come professor and an upcoming academic who developed an AI to track the evolution of humans. Oh, and there is a terrorist plot as well.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book. From the cover of the book one would expect it would be solely based on the navy, but on reading the blurb, there was much more to this story. For me, I particularly enjoyed the scenes where the AI—Otto, a software program that was developed to locate and identify the evolution and migration of humans from Africa—I found interesting and captivating. The author has clearly done a lot of research into palaeoanthropology, which is evident in the story, as well as into the machinery and workings of US Defence.

The main plot was about a jihadi terrorist intent on destroying US submarines and in turn, the US Defence force. The intertwining sub-plots helped move the story at a brisk pace, there was always something happening, and I learnt a lot about submarines!

Overall, I really enjoyed this story and am about to start book 2 of the Rowe and Delamagente series. Readers who have taste for intrigue and military style stories, will be sweetly surprised by this book.

Jessica Norrie, Buy:


An extract from a recent review for the book

Well-written and acutely observed on 14 December 2017

Jessica Norrie’s novel, set on a sun-drenched island somewhere in the Mediterranean, examines the personalities and pitfalls encountered on the sort of package holiday that offers holistic life-skills and self-improvement courses. While practising yoga and suchlike activities, guests at the Serendipity resort, together with staff and, from time to time, local villagers, confront social, personal and philosophical challenges.Norrie has a confident narrative voice and a shrewd and sympathetic view of human nature, which makes her account of the goings-on at Serendipity entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

The central character is absent for much of the book: this means that the reader builds up a picture of him through the thoughts and observations of other characters, like a photographic negative – he is defined by his impact on others. When he re-emerges in his own right, his condition is so altered that we learn about other people from their decidedly contrasting (and sometimes unattractive) reactions.

Olga Nunez Miret – Buy:

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An extract from a recent review for I Love Your Cupcakes

Robbie Cheadle 5.0 out of 5 stars A delightful read May 5, 2018

I listened to the audio book of I love your cupcakes. I enjoyed the reader, Gwen Olson’s, voice and thought it suited the book well. The pacing of the telling of the story was also good. I don’t always feel like that and have listened to some audio books where the reader’s voice has annoyed me to a point where I can’t listen to the book.

This is such a lovely and entertaining light read. A story of entrepreneurial, friendship and community life with a touch of romance thrown in for good measure. It was quite delightful.

When half siblings Dulce, Adelfa and Storm decide to go into business making interesting cakes and cupcakes in a community based setting that provided promotional opportunities for artists, singers and entertainment for families, little did they know how enthusiastically their project would be received by the community or how successful their business would become. One success leads to another and the trio are selected to compete in a popular baking competition on television. The only point on which the trio cannot agree is the name of the business. Dulce wants Literary Cupcakes to promote the literature and books side of the business and Adelfa things Literately Cupcakes works much better.

Joan O’Hagan, Buy:

A recent review for A Roman Death

Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars A different perspective February 19, 2018

I chose the book because I’m a whodunnit fan. But the author has obviously researched ancient Rome thoroughly, and I came to trust what she was saying. So, although it’s a good whodunnit, that became secondary to the interesting way the Romans operated. It’s a pleasure to recommend.

Marina Osipova, Buy:

An extract from one of the most recent reviews for the book

A Cruel Romance Indeed  on May 27, 2018

A cruel romance indeed. And as we all know, nothing is fair in love or war.

A fast paced, unputdownable engaging read from Osipova where she takes us into the troubled, and life of hardship of Serafima, a poor Russian girl, barely yet 18 years old. Serafima is caught in the midst of WWII and a sorrowful parting with her newly flourishing love with Victor who is heading off to the Russian front to join the war. Serafima vows to wait for him, both in virtue and in her heart. The author paints vivid imagery with poignant settings and well fleshed out complicated characters in a complicated time.

Already living in a tiny village in the forest, well outside of Moscow, Serafima knows poverty and hunger well, yet never complains. Living with her emotionless mother in a tiny hut, she learns that her hardships are about to get a lot worse after two German soldiers invade and take over her tiny home, complete with her and her mother as their private slaves, where Serafima endures the brunt of mental and physical abuse.

Lynn Otty, Buy:

A recent review for the collection 

Margaret Newlands  5.0 out of 5 stars A wee treat 4 January 2018

A book for dipping into, allowing time to reflect on each thought-provoking story. Touching and sensitive in the telling, the author takes the reader through nostalgic memories, inspiring a range of emotions. A lovely read.

J.A. Owenby, Buy:


A recent review Echoes Beneath

Echoes Beneath was a startling portrayal of love, violence, abuse and entrapment. Lacey comes from a dysfunctional family. Her mother is mentally disturbed and has abused her and her sister for years. She finally escapes her mother’s clutches and moves away to Oregon to attend college and begin anew.

What Lacey doesn’t realize is that victim is stamped all over her. Another abusive relationship is about to begin when she meets the handsome and popular football star. Lacey once again is trapped like an animal.

This story gripped my heart and wouldn’t let go. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. The only problem was that it ended abruptly and promised to continue in book 3. Well, I guess I will be buying it just to find out what happened to poor Lacey. I’d prefer if the author didn’t do it that way but at least provide an ending that wasn’t so abrupt and left the reader hanging.

The author did a believable job of portraying an abusive relationship. It was a frightening thing to read about. I pray that others who are in such a relationship will seek help and get away before they lose their lives. No one deserves to be treated that way.

Adele Park, Buy:

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An extract from a recent review for Wisp

Colleen M. Chesebro rated it 5 Stars

Meet Wisp, a law enforcer in the land of Edra, where magic is encouraged to flourish and is often needed for sheer survival. A mages council rules Edra compared to the neighboring area of Finah, who prefers humans to control their resources. After a bloody civil war, many years ago, the two lands exist beside each other in a fragile peace.

Wisp is a marsh fairy (YES! Can you believe it?) with raven hair and pointy ears pierced with silver earrings. Marsh fairies are rare and possess special powers. Wisp keeps his real identity under wraps, known only to his superiors. Abandoned as a child, the “Senior” Law enforcement officer raised him ensuring his survival.

In a desolate area filled with putrefying rubbish, Wisp comes across the body of a High Elf, a member of the Thorns, who was a high-ranking council member found murdered in the circle. The elf’s throat had been brutally cut. Wisp sets out to solve the murder not realizing he is to play an integral part in solving the mystery.

Frank Parker, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for Strongbow’s Wife

Strongbow’s Wife by Frank Parker is a sprawling saga of 12th century Irish history as told through the eyes of Aoife MacMurrough, daughter of Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster. Though a work of fiction, it is evident that Parker used extensive research to bring to life the challenges of ancient feudal clans fighting for cultural preservation.

Parker’s story begins in 1152, when Aoife is a child watching her father struggle to maintain his kingdom. She travels for several years with her father and mother in search of the King of England who might be able to provide support for Leinster. The plan fails, and Dermot MacMurrough plots another strategy, offering Aoife in marriage to Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke. In return, de Clare would lead the Norman invasion to fend off feuding usurpers of Leinster. Aoife MacMurrough marries Richard de Clare, also known as Strongbow, in 1170. The union assures the sovereignty of Leinster and leads to greater stabilization of peace. The story ends in 1187, the year before Aoife, princess of Leinster and countess of Pembroke, died.

Yvonne Payne, Buy:

A review for the book

on 13 October 2017

Exciting story that has wonderful historical facts while continuing to give you the flavour of true Cretan life that is still in evidence in villages today.
A story of courage and true conviction that reminds you of the important things in life such as love, friendship and honour.
I really enjoyed this book and I am sure anyone would enjoy it who is interested in Crete or is looking for a beach read.
Hope there is more to come from this author.

Micki Peluso, Buy:

An extract from one of the recent reviews for The Whippoorwill Sang

on March 2, 2018

“Memories” I looked forward to reading this book, because my sister and my brother-in-law had lost four friends in one night to the acts of a drunken driver. This accident left six orphans behind, and my sister and my brother-in-law would forever remember their anniversary, the 20th of September, as the day two sets of good parents lost their lives to a drunken driver.

This is a book which needs to be read by anyone who ever had the audacity to get in behind a wheel and drive under the influence of alcohol. There is just no excuse and hopefully more and more countries will enforce legislation to impose maximum sentence on those who think it’s okay to destroy others’ lives in such a callous manner.

I loved that the author had the courage to write her story. She has a wonderful engaging style of writing, clear crisp dialogues and writes with brutal honesty when describing her feelings throughout the book.

If you have not had a chance to read this memoir, I encourage you to do so. Especially the second half of this account will stay with you for a long time!

Judy Penz Sheluk, Buy:

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An extract from a recent review for A Hole in One..

Emily Garland has landed on her feet after her previous bouts with murder and mayhem, and in the process, she has gained a new friend and partnership in Lount’s Landing’s delightful antique shop. Arabella Carpenter, eager to move on from her life’s left turns, opened up The Glass Dolphin antique shop, and with her new friend and partner taking on the advertising and promotions, success might be more than just a pipe dream. The ladies are sponsoring the Hole in One prize at the charity golf tournament, but instead they get involved in another murder mystery. The victim is Arabella’s ex-husband’s estranged father, having been out of the picture for twenty-five years, and when motive, means, and opportunity seem established, he becomes a serious “person of interest.” From there I couldn’t put the book down…

Judy Penz Sheluk has penned an excellent follow up to her first Glass Dolphin Mystery, and although you can start here, I highly recommend you not forget book one, “The Hanged Man’s Noose.” As a beginning or as a prequel, it is excellent, too.

Annika Perry, Buy:

An extract from one of the recent reviews for the collection

Writers may exaggerate the negative and write dystopian fiction. They may exaggerate the positive and write utopian fiction. In this fascinating collection of short stories, the positive being brought into greater relief is our ability to choose integrity and kindness rather than degenerative and uncaring mindsets and actions. Each story is a core sample of a human moral issue, a history of resiliency and loss, exposed to the light.

In most of the stories the characters are challenged by a tragic or potentially damaging event outside their control; in a moment, their lives are changed drastically, forever. Some of the characters have caused their own dilemma. They go on in a fog or struggle with painful memories and swings of emotion before they reach the tipping point: how will they respond? And it is to their credit they reach this tipping point, because it is done through conscious moral effort. But whether tragedy has come to them or they have made their own mistakes, they eventually recognize the situation through a severe exercise in honesty. This honesty springs from valuing the best sense of who they can be and become. They often draw on enriching relationships with other people and humanizing traditions. Then they go beyond: they make amends. By taking this action, they rise to a new level of moral and ethical consciousness. This is portrayed in clear-eyed fashion, showing how difficult it is to do, and yet liberating.

Jemima Pett, Buy:

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