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Mary Adler, Buy:
Website: – Goodreads: Mary Adler on Goodreads


One of the  reviews for Shadowed by Death

Shadowed by Death by Mary Adler is an unique historical mystery that weaves the horrific incidents caused by the Nazis in World War II into a fascinating suspenseful mystery.

Oliver and his dog Harley work to find who is trying to kill Sophia a Polish resistant fighter who is stirring things up in California by telling about what she know and saw in Poland. Oliver finds that danger follows Sophia and soon it puts him in danger also. Can Oliver keep Sophia safe while trying to figure out who is after her and not become a victim too?

This book is so intriguing you just can’t put it down. I really like the time period and the setting for this book. It brings in a different kind of mystery by making the main characters being an integral part of the fighters that were brave enough to fight the Nazis against all odds. I liked the reckless, brave Sophia who was tough and throws caution to the wind to accomplish her mission to expose what had happened. Oliver is smart, kind, resilient and overcomes his disability from his leg injury to protect and investigate. It just all works to make for a good, page turning book. If I had anything I didn’t like it would be how it jumped around some and in a few places moved slow. All in all it was a good book and I would like to read more of Oliver and Harvey’s adventures.

If you like history, strong, interesting characters, with a puzzling mystery then you will want to read this book.

*A.J. Alexander, Buy:

An early review for Soul Taker


Kate’s job as a Soul-Taker has been weighing heavily on her especially when there are children involved. Now she is given a new job as a Guardian Angel and her teacher is none other than Archangel Raphael (Rafe). Rafe and Kate will be working together for at least three or four years while she learns everything she needs to know.

A fight between demons finds her in Hell in the hands of Abbraxxas whose nickname is “The Butcher” because of his love for torture. When the Archangels finally rescue her she is near death and Rafe is always by her side. When she is well enough she is put through weeks of vigorous training to get her back in shape and during this time Kate and Rafe’s feelings for each other grow.

Kate appears to be a constant target for evil and the reason is finally revealed by Kate herself when she remembers something from her childhood. Of course there is no way I will reveal this important piece of information. The very next time she is caught off guard she finds herself face to face with Lucifer himself and he knows what she is capable of and wants her. Archangels to the rescue once again but there is much more to this story that I can reveal without giving too much away. There is no fun in reading a book when you know all the answers in advance.

I loved this book, a book about good vs. evil and a book filled with wonderful characters and a beautiful romance. I look forward to more in this series and truly highly recommend it. I actually read this book in a few hours that was how interesting it was.

*Paul Andruss, Buy:


An extract from the most recent review for the book.

I stumbled across this book one day while reading a historical piece written by the author. He had included an image of this book cover at the bottom of his article which immediately drew my attention. This author often writes long historical dissertations so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I took a chance and purchased the Kindle edition. What a delightful surprise! I couldn’t put the book down!

What I found was a fantastic story about one of my favorite subjects, faeries! Not only was it geared to the YA genre, but it also included a fair amount of historical fact to make the story shine.

When Jack’s older brother Dan is abducted before his very eyes, he is stunned by the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance. The fact that Jack witnessed the strange abduction and doesn’t tell his parents only adds to his troubles. Jack’s mother is suffering from a chronic illness and his greatest hope is that the situation will rectify itself, and Dan will come home on his own.

*D. Avery, Buy:

One of the early reviews for After Ever.

An interesting and eclectic collection of short stories and even shorter flash stories, this collection has something for everyone. Whether the situation be mundane or mystical, tragic or cheerful, D. Avery records events matter-of-factly, telling how it is or was, and leaves it to the reader to choose how to respond. After Ever is great for reading in bites or as an entire feast. Norah Colvin

*Laura M. Baird, Buy:

An extract from an early review for In His Sights

LAS Reviewer Good Reading January 31, 2019

Charity’s life had undergone a complete change when her brother died unexpectedly in a car crash, leaving Charity with guardianship of her six year old neice. Moving from DC to a small town in Arizona Charity is determined to give everything – including all her time – to Leah and make the small girls life as normal as possible. Mason loved the freedom being a hawk-shifter gave him. After noticing Charity, Mason had been learning everything he could about her. He was surprised to discover she was the sister of a man Mason and his team had been working with. With more questions than answers, both Charity and Mason discover they need to work together to try and uncover the truth.

I found this to be an interesting and well plotted story. There was quite a bit of information in the first part of the book, which I honestly thought was handled in a good way. While the author came close to some info-dumping I genuinely couldn’t see where it could have been pared back to keep the pace of the story moving faster. I personally felt that the background on Charity and how she found herself in the middle of Arizona with a new life and her young niece was important for the context of the story. Also – the history behind Mason – both his gifts, the shifter world he lived in and the unusual circumstances surrounding the work he was a part of – all was central to the main plot and the reader had quite a bit of background/information to catch up on. Thankfully, for my tastes, the author kept my interest with this transfer of information and helped me understand the situation – not just wanting to skim past it and get into the real meat of the story. I’m uncertain if other readers will feel the same with this, but I personally thought it was handled well

*Rachele Baker, DVM, Buy: Rachele on Goodreads

One of the recent reviews for Keep Your Dog Healthy

Veterinarian Rachele Baker provides some excellent idea, some of which I wish I had had with my first dog. I have made some of the mistakes that this book addresses and it was my furbabies who suffered for them.

Judith Barrow Buy:
Blog: Judith on Goodreads

Please visit Amazon or Judith Barrow’s blog to view all her books.

A recent review for A Hundred Tiny Threads

I expected this novel to be a typical historical romance but it was much more than that. It was gritty, it pulled no punches and this made the characterisation and events more real. The author enables you to connect with the story through knowledge of historical events and just the way life was…and still is in many ways. I also found it educational as it broadened my understanding of the suffragette movement and also the troubles in Ireland and the black and tans. Her description of place enables the reader to visualise the settings easily and the relationships between her characters are believable…no typical happy ending which I liked.

Karina Bartow: Buy,

One of the recent reviews for Forgetting My Way Back to You

Forgetting my way back to you is a wonderful story of young love lost, found, and lost again. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with many twists and turns and takes your emotions on a rollercoaster ride. It is well written and is laced with humor and quick wit that keeps you guessing what will happen until the end. I wish I could give it 10 stars!!! I can’t wait to read more of Miss Bartow’s work!

*Julia Benally, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for Pariahs

Welcome to the world of monsters and soulless creatures. It’s a unique fantasy world with cool races and interesting characters. If you’re looking for an awesome fantasy novel that’s different from the usual fair, I highly recommend reading Pariahs. You will not be disappointed.

Vijeren is a kid just trying to live his life. Unfortunately, he lives in this compound with the Grand Apwor, a villain you just love to hate. He’s a cruel and evil guy, and when Zhin who is a law enforcement officer appears, things start to get interesting.

I’ve honestly not read a fantasy novel quite like Pariahs. The characters are not human, eleven, or the usual. Instead, they are this interesting mash-up with cool fangs. These guys come in different forms and races and have their own cultural aspects. Plus, there are tons of monsters and creatures added for suspense.

Pariahs is beautifully written. It has good story pacing with just action to keep the story moving but enough detail to set a rich world and flesh out the characters. The story has an amazing setting that goes in-depth into a fun new world.

If you have some time for a brilliant and unique fantasy novel, Pariahs should be on your list. I blasted through it, and I’m sure you will too. It’s an amazing book!

*Linda Bethea, Buy:

Linda bethea two51qb8fm4dqL._AC_US240_QL65_

One of the many excellent reviews for the book.

Entertaining  on November 5, 2018

Linda Bethea is a truly gifted story teller! I genuinely enjoyed reading the stories of her mother, Kathleen, growing up. My grandparents never told me stories of the Great Depression, so these stories provided me with much needed insight. The stories are told in a colorful, humorous tone that was a joy to read.

Ritu Bhathal, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for Poetic Rituals –

Lucy Mitchell 5.0 out of 5 stars Love these poems! 5 April 2019

This a wonderful collection of poems. They will make you smile, chuckle, sigh, coo, squeal and squeak! My overall favourite is ‘Whispers’ – very clever! I hope there will be more from this talented lady!

*Jacquie Biggar, Buy:
Website: – Goodreads: Jacquie Biggar at Goodreads

Please visit Jacquie’s Amazon page of website to view all her books.

71syyp5gqyl-_ux250_ 51rezzjnual-_uy250_  

One of the early reviews for Skating on Thin Ice

Jacquie Biggar has done it again. I have yet another new book boyfriend—Mac Wanowski, captain of the Victoria WarHawks hockey team.

Mac is the perfect guy—a body that won’t quit, a quick wit to match, intelligent, chivalrous, and just damaged enough to tug your heartstrings without wanting to bash him over the head for his stupidity. (Well, not too often, anyway.)

Sam is his perfect match—strong, smart, quick-tempered, sassy, big-hearted. And she has a past with true heartache and a present with secrets that make her just a little mysterious.

I read this story in one afternoon, quickly turning pages to see what would happen next. It’s not enough that they’re trapped together in an isolated cabin, both trying to ignore burgeoning feelings and protect their fragile hearts. That alone would be a story worth reading. But Mac is injured, and someone is trying to kill him. The situation was dicey from the first word to the mind-blowing climax.

The characters are people I’d love to meet in real life. The plot moves along at a blistering pace. And the settings are beautifully depicted—I could almost smell the cedar and wood smoke as I shivered from the cold.

If they gave a Stanley Cup to authors, Biggar would deserve one for this story.

An extract from the most recent review for Versions of the Self

Versions of the self is quite an extraordinary book of poetry. The poet, Christy Birmingham, has a very unique style of writing which I found very intriguing. I also thought this style worked exceptionally well for the content of this book which is all about different versions of self. It imitates the flow of thought but in an easy to read and fascinating way.

I felt I would like to get to know the poet as I read her poems. While she does write about a mixture of various emotions, there is a thread of sadness or melancholy that runs through many of them and I felt that the writer had suffered pain in her past relationships. The poems become lighter and happier as you move through the book and I found myself hoping that this is a reflection of Christy’s life.

Sacha Black, Buy: – Goodreads: Sacha on Goodreads

An early review for 10 Steps to Hero

I’m really not one for reading texts for how to improve your writing.

It’s not that I don’t think I need them, but I often feel that if someone is telling me how to write, then what I churn out is not really my voice, but that of another…

Having said that, I have read a few recently, by trusted authors, some who I feel I know, some whose name I have grown up with… Stephen King, Karen McQuestion, Bryan Cohen, Nicola Morgan, Sacha Black…

And they haven’t been telling me what to write, rather how to go about the process, sometimes how they started off, in order to reach the heights they have climbed.

Sacha Black is definitely one of those authors. Hers was actually the first ever writing craft book I read actually. When she released her guide to creating villains, I had to get it. Partly because I had been with her step by step, via the blog, as she wrote it, and partly because she always sounds like she knows what she’s talking about!

And I wasn’t disappointed!  So… Did it help me? I gotta say YES!

For the first time, since reading these kinds of books, I was inspired to get a pen and paper, any paper, and jot down ideas to hopefully improve my characters, and their reasoning behind doing some of the things they do in my own book!

I’m weaving my own web of connectivity, creating character arcs, looking through my hero lens… (you’ll need to read it to get what all those are!) And all with the help of this rather cool guide that is rather funny too. Sacha is like me, she tends to create her own words, to describe things. She’s not afraid to say it like it is either. And would I recommend it to other aspiring writers? Absolutely!!!

*Kim Blades, Buy:

Deborah A. Bowman, Buy:

Please visit Deborah’s Amazon page or her blog to view all her books.

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One of the recent reviews for Deliah, Astral Investigator

Delilah, Astral Investigator: Infinity Series revolves around a young woman named Deliah who is afflicted with asthma, her angora cat named Molly, and a young man, Bartholomew, who steps from the pages of America history. The three combine their efforts and end up changing history.

The story revolves around a shopkeeper and a boy and an event that profoundly affects Delilah. Each night, when she falls asleep, she dreams of this fateful event, reliving the incident in excruciating detail.

However, One night Delilah’s dream changes, and she witnesses a different dream/occurrence where Bartholomew is about to be murdered. She reaches through time to pull him into her dream where she saves him. Once Bartholomew adjusts to this time continuum, the unusual man from the past becomes her friend.

I enjoyed the story and how this author’s interpretation of time travel allowed a ripple effect to change past events. The storyline delves into the topics of lucid dreaming and astral projection, which really add a paranormal glint to solving the mystery.

The characters were engaging and relatable. I found Bartholomew’s dilemmas in coping with the modern world to be well thought out and at times humorous. This author has a penchant for realism, so some of the dialogue is written in an English dialect which I thought added to the story.

I do hope the author continues the series because the time travel cornerstone of the story is intriguing. There are so many possibilities!

MY RATING: Character Believability: 5 Flow and Pace: 5 Reader Engagement: 5 Reader Enrichment: 5 Reader Enjoyment: 5 Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 Stars

**C. S. Boyack, Buy: C.S. Boyack Goodreads

Please visit Amazon to view all of Craig’s books.

One of the recent reviews for Voyage of the Lanternfish

I really enjoyed this book. It is a wonderful adventure of pirates on the high seas, along the lines of the famous Treasure Island, but filled with marvelous creatures and unusual beings and people, in the manner of The Hobbit, and incorporating a splash of the science fiction innovation found in the Harry Potter series of books (which I loved). I enjoyed Voyage of the Laternfish more than either Treasure Island or The Hobbit because it also contained some humour and there is nothing like a bit of well written humour for great reading pleasure.

My favourite character was … the root monsters. They were the most fascinating creatures ever reduced to the written word by an amazing imagination. Of them all, Trubba (Trouble) was my favourite and I enjoyed reading about their antics and the theatrical performances they put on to entertain the crew.

When Dan and James are kidnapped, along with Dan’s sister and James’ fiance, Bonnie, this tale of adventure begins. The kidnapper incarcerates Bonnie in his castle to ensure that Dan and James fulfill their promises to help him invoke a war with a rival country. The kidnapper, however, vastly underestimates the determination and abilities of the pair and they escape, hell bent on starting the war on their own terms in order to rescue Bonnie.

*Linda Bradley, Buy:

9147fxuyjJL._UX250_maggies wayLB_MaggiesForkInTheRoad_400x60051pzpzjto6l-_uy250_

A recent review for Pedal

Pedal is a delightful story of second chances and rekindled flames. The author also does a wonderful job of shedding light on the grief process and showing how each of us can handle a loss of a loved one in very different ways. While Paula is coming to terms with her adult son’s death, her daughter-in-law, Tilly, has found peace in the knowledge that he is watching over them.

The story is set in Northern Michigan, and I love the touches of small-town character that flavor the scenes. Makes me want to get in my car and take a drive! This book is a wonderful length to read in one sitting, and I would love to find out more about where Paula and Jack will be pedaling off to!

*Sarah Brentyn, Buy:

sarahbrentyn-profile-pic hinting-at-shadows_ebook-cover_sarah-brentyn-resized

A recent review for Hinting at Shadows

A real treat!  on October 31, 2018
An explanation on good micro-fiction written by Stephen Hastings-King, begins as follows (this is only a section of the quote): “There is a flat white fog. It is everywhere. There are birds. You can hear them. There are binoculars. You pick them up. You cannot see what you are looking at. You look at another thing to see what you are looking at…” Many of the pieces in Ms. Brentyn’s collection echo the above words. A real treat!
One of the recent reviews for Fascinating New Yorkers

This book is my bed-time Bible, which is to say, I’m never without something fascinating to read, even when I’m between books. It’s studded with details. On every street-corner in NYC, at every intersection, numerous people lived, died, fired a gun, made love, led a march or quelled an angry mob. The buildings that do survive are silent witness. Clifford Browder brings it all home.

Christine Campbell, Buy:


One of the early editiorial reviews for the book

This is an absolute MUST read! I was utterly captivated from the very beginning. This is the 12th book I have read this year and is by far my favourite. A Mountain of Memories is completely immersive, strikingly intelligent and enticingly interesting with a twist you will not see coming. This book explores something all of us can relate to, written with a depth of feeling, warmth and understanding using words and language with such care and attention and characters so full of depth that they are left in your heart well after turning the last page! Find a cosy chair, get a cup of something hot, put your phone on silent, curl up and enjoy!”

HL Carpenter, Buy:

To discover all the books please go to Amazon or the website.

An extract from a recent review for Murder by the Books

The mother-daughter duo known as HL Carpenter created a character in Fae Childers who can go the distance. Murder by the Books is well-paced and will hold your interest to the end.

I have a long-standing background in researching financial scams and con-artists, so the topic was a perfect one to entertain me on a cold and dreary Saturday.

Fae Childers is so horrified by the suggestion that she has embezzled from the accounting firm she leaves without defending her decades-long career with the firm.

The fact that her boyfriend has sided with the owners causes her to stay in seclusion in her apartment in Tampa. Wallowing in self-pity, she’s intrigued when a letter arrives informing her of an inheritance from a grandmother she had no idea existed.

The lawyer she encounters in Seafoam appears to be thoughtful, compassionate and handsome. Why is Fae drawn in so by his passionate green eyes? Could Ret Karaffa be at the center of the murders and break-ins that suddenly seem to happen with an unnerving regularity around all the people her grandmother came in contact with while living along the coast in Seafoam?

You’ll learn to love to hate the annoying local reporter, Pat Jablonski. Will she show up dead in the surf too? The real mystery is whether or not the killer believes that Fae has inherited her grandmother’s abilities to see things most of us will never experience. Will he or she recognize the piercing headaches as the same ones Fae’s grandmother had before she solved the mysterious puzzles the inhabitants of Seafoam had with unnerving regularity?

Lizzie Chantree, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for If You Love Me I’m Yours

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. There are many story lines to this book – it is as much a “chick lit” book as it is a romance. As a romance, it brings together two people, Maud and Nate, over their love of art. But it is also a book about friendship, across several relationships in the book but largely Maud and Dot. And it is a book about learning to be ok with who you are, whether others, especially family members, accept it or not. Maud and Dot both struggle to fit in with their family members and truly be who they want to be. The romantic part is almost downplayed in that respect. This is a sweet romance, no explicit sex scenes, for those who are looking for that type of book.

***Robbie and Michael Cheadle, Buy:
Blog: Robbie Goodreads


One of the recent reviews for Sir Chocolate and the Fondant Five

Jacqui Murray VINE VOICE 5.0 out of 5 stars Cute story poem that includes original recipes–great way to spend time with kids April 3, 2019

Robbie Cheadle’s Sir Chocolate and the Fondant Five story and cookbook (2019) is the next in the author’s delightful series of books that blend children’s stories with themed original recipes. This one is a clever story poem about the disappearance of zoo animals and how Sir Chocolate must figure out what happened.

“One day Sir Chocolate arrived, and not a sound could hear, he called long and loud, but no animals did appear. The animals had vanished, the zoo was empty and still,”

“The monkey is naughty, he likes to have fun, he plays tricks on the others, then away he does run.”

The story is written in the format of a poem and includes great photographs that help readers visualize the action. At the completion of the story, there is a cute poem to introduce an original collection of animal-themed recipes children can complete with their parents. Some of the recipes are:

* Sir Chocolate peppermint caramel pudding
* Cheetah Cheese scones
* Rino Soetkoekies

I have bought several of these books because I love the idea of blending a story with cooking and inspiring kids and parents to spend time together. I also love that Robbie writes these books with her son, Michael, each doing their part in writing, cooking, and photographing. Overall, this is another excellent book in a clever collection that not only entertains but brings parents and kids together.

Colleen Chesebro, Buy: – Goodreads: Colleen at Goodreads

A recent review for The Heartstone Chronicles

Mar 11, 2019 K.D. Dowdall rated it Five Stars

This mystical story is bound to capture your heart. Abigale Forester is only fourteen years old, recently orphaned, and has been sent to live with her Aunt Magnolia Forester, a woman she has never met, and is now her legal Guardian. Abigale was born with mystical gifts, inherited from her mother, along with a few hundred acres of swamp land that has been handed down for generations in her family.

This is no ordinary swamp. It is a place where mystical things happens, another realm, that is critical for the safety of mankind. Abigale has no idea what this has to do with her, but she will soon find out. In the meantime, a corrupt, greedy, and wealthy man as plans of his own to destroy the swamp and possibly Abigale and her aunt, as a form of revenge.

Danger is everywhere for Abigale as she tries to adjust to her new life. When the truth about the swamp legacy is revealed to her, Abigale is forced to make a decision about the swamp legacy and her choice is a dangerous one.

I highly recommend this mystical mystery that is so well written, by author Colleen M. Chesebro, that the story itself almost leaps off of the pages, right into your reality. It is that good. FIVE STARS

Ann Chiappetta, Buy:

One of the early reviews from Abbie Johnson Taylor

From the author of Upwelling and Follow Your Dog comes a short collection of poetry and prose on family vacations, vision loss, animals, and other topics. It also includes a work of flash fiction. An introduction by the author explains what inspired this compilation.

I met Ann Chiappetta through Behind Our Eyes, an organization of writers with disabilities. I like how she writes about the lighter and darker sides of life. My favorite piece is one in which she describes how she rescued two baby sparrows, only one of whom survived, and the hard lesson her eight-year-old son learned from this experience. I recommend this book, which not only provides insight on vision loss but on other negative and positive aspects of life.


Visit Amazon or Billy Ray’s blog to view all his books.


John W. Howell 5.0 out of 5 starsAn Engaging Mystery March 15, 2019

Billy Ray Chitwood is an author who has a discernable style that you could love, or if insecure you could hate. You see it takes a degree of self-confidence to appreciate Billy Ray’s engaging brand of prose fully. He serves up a cast of characters who resemble folks you know. He then tells a whole bunch about how they feel and what makes them tick. On top of that, he places the characters into a plausible situation that is akin to mayhem and dares them to solve their problems.

While the reader is working through all this complexity, Billy Ray serves up some drinks at a plush country club or restaurant and seems to enjoy the company of those around him. Now I’m not saying Billy Ray does this, but his characters give the reader the impression that Billy Ray is right there with them having the time of his life.

If you want a mystery that will keep you engaged, entertained, and near the edge of your seat at times, pick up The Pickett Factor and have a good time.

*Mae Clair, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Mae’s website to view all her books.

A recent review for End of Day

Mae Clair has returned to the weird little town of Hode’s Hill, where things aren’t always as they seem, and where the terrible sins of the past continue to impact the present, often in undesirable ways. Once again, Clair has used her excellent writing skills to pull readers into this mystery within a mystery. She layers chills upon heartbreak upon budding romance, and the result is a seamless story that works beautifully, and reminds us that what we think we know of our own history just might not be the entire truth.

If you love eerie, paranormal tales filled with well-developed characters and a touch of romance, I highly recommend this book. It’s every bit as good as, if not better than, Book 1, Cusp of Night. I can’t wait for the next one!

*Lucinda E. Clarke, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Lucinda’s website to view all her books.


One of the recent reviews for Amie: Savage Safari

Apr 13, 2019 Kim McDougall rated it Five Stars

Not having read the other books in this series, I went into this story blind. But the author backtracked just enough to get me up to speed without dragging the story down. I was quickly drawn into Amie’s story. She’s a strong willed and passionate character. And the exotic settings were really interesting. Most of the story is set in a small African country, and the culture was vividly drawn. Then came the drama, ramping up page after page as Amie faces obstacles that most of us could never imagine. Highly recommend this one and I’ll be looking for others in the series now!

*Sue Coletta, Buy:

A recent review for review for Silent Mayhem

Apr 15, 2019 Mae Clair rated it it was amazing

In the third and latest book in the Mayhem series, author Sue Coletta pushes the action to a fever pitch. Someone is leaving a bloody trail of murder behind by beheading victims and leaving cryptic clues. Former cat burglar and legit hacker, Shawnee Daniels, who works for the police department, follows the clues while being caught up in her own twisted web of problems. Notorious serial killer “Mr. Mayhem” has been leaving her messages, delivered by his ominous murder of crows, or posted a secret website.

All three books in this series are exceptional but this one is elevated to a new level of intrigue by the relationship Coletta weaves between Mayhem and Shawnee, threads that hint of joint family history. Brilliant! Mayhem is cultured, precise, and meticulous. Shawnee is a whirlwind of in-your-face action, tough as nails on the outside, with a vulnerable underbelly. The contrast makes for mesmerizing encounters with an odd give-and-take between these two dynamic personalities.

As someone who has read a great deal of books on Native American history and folklore, I found those tie-ins especially riveting. Skinwalkers, serial killers, vendettas—it’s all here. Mayhem’s relationship with his wife is tenderly portrayed. Crows, Poe, Edgar and Allan are given multiple spotlights to shine, and the ending leaves a deadly open thread for the next book in this fantastic series.

Sally Cronin, Buy:

Please visit Amazon or the blog to view reviews and all the books.


A recent review What’s in a Name Volume One

James‘s review Five Stars Mar 15, 2019 Goodreads

There are many topics that will draw my attention to a book. In Sally Cronin’s collection ‘What’s in a name?’ I found a whole bunch that piqued my curiosity: short stories, genealogy, and how first names are chosen. On top of that, it’s the first volume in this series, which means I have another to read soon. Now this made my weekend!

Cronin shares ~20 short stories covering the letters A through J in volume one. She lists a male and a female name for each letter, then contributes a story ranging from five to ten pages each. Short, but not simple, and I mean that in a good way. Cronin packs an immense amount into each brief tale… whether it’s personality traits, complex plots, or comparisons between two people over different periods of time, I found everything from nuggets of glory to hilarious banter.

One of my favorite aspects of this work was the varying time frames, locations, and genres of each short story. Cronin deals with normal life events, everything from death to pregnancy, marriage to sickness. How she manages to pack such a punch with so many characters in so few pages is astonishing! I kinda want a sequel to cover what ends up happening to many of the people we’ve met.

If you’re looking for something fun, clever, and easy-to-digest in short samples, this is definitely for you. I recommend it for those interested in learning about how personalities sometime echo the name chosen for an individual… and perhaps vice versa. Kudos to the author for finding a new fan… and I’ll be reading volume two next month, so be prepared!


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Apr 09, 2019 Dee Dee rated it five stars

Kellan Ayrwick and his quirky family are all back for this third installment in the Braxton Campus Mystery Series. Kellan, now professor Ayrwick, is assisting the Braxton College President, Ursula Power, who is receiving threatening messages. Ursula is worried that her dark family secret will be revealed, when a visiting professor is found stabbed to death during a college fundraising event. Kellan stumbles across the murder scene just as a family friend is discovered standing over the dead body. Unwilling to believe that this friend is a murderer, he now takes on the challenge of solving the crime, all the while continuing to assist Ursula to uncover her tormentor. Are the two incidents linked somehow?

Balancing his penchant for stumbling into crime scenes, along with teaching duties and single parenting his young daughter, is all the more difficult with his continuing battle with his former in-laws, the Castiglianos. How will he resolve his own marital problems, while helping his cantankerous Nana D win the mayoral election and keep her, and her friends out of trouble!

I am really enjoying this cozy mystery series as each story is entertaining, light-hearted (if you can label murder light 😉) and full of humorous personalities. I truly don’t know where the next twist will come from or how the resolution will play out. As any good series, each book could be read as a stand alone, but I strongly recommend starting from the beginning, as the characters become more vibrant, endearing and relatable as they navigate new challenges. I will be pre ordering Jay’s next book in this series, Mistaken Identity Crisis, ASAP!

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A recent review for Lazy Days.

This truly was a getaway holiday. The family left a busy part of London for the peace and slow pace of life on the Norfolk Broads. It was also an adventure as they had not handled a boat before. Two sisters, four children and two dogs had to adapt to life in the confines of a boat. Fortunately the weather was good and the sun and fresh air come across in this warm story. There were plenty of places to visit along the way and the family enjoyed everything from the beach at Great Yarmouth to the castle at Norwich. If you have been on boating holidays or are contemplating one do read this book. Lots of us will know the experience of planning a holiday, then worrying if everyone will enjoy it, trying to please all ages etc. The two sisters were’t sure if all the children had enjoyed themselves, but it turned out that they talked about it for weeks after and years later enjoyed reading this book and recapturing memories.

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One of the recent reviews for Life and Other Dreams.

I received an advance copy of this book from the author and this is my honest opinion. This tale doesn’t simply belong in a book, it would be perfect as a movie. The mundane matter-of-fact snippets of two daily lives seem simple at first glance. But, if you pay attention to the fantastic fauna and flora (and technology) of Ecias – I feel that this new world is something I’d love to explore. Preferably on the big screen. The psychological twists and turns are also fascinating; I could not stop reading until the very last page. Definitely a keeper in my collection. 

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A recent review for Mackenzie’s Distraction

Caroline 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent plot and engaging writing! January 25, 2019

I was super excited to read Angie Dokos’ debut novel, and it did not disappoint. There was a genuine authenticity in the characters’ dialogue and individual personalities. In the wake of tragedy and exposed secrets, Mackenzie finds love and personal growth while maintaining a close relationship with her family. I found Mackenzie herself to be incredibly down to earth and therefore, relatable. She maintained her sense of independence while opening herself up to love. I found the supporting characters to also be well-developed. There were many, which brought a community to life. I was sad when I approached the end of the book as I felt like I was losing some of my friends. The ending was very satisfying. The conclusion to Trevor and Mackenzie’s romance was exactly what I was hoping for. A truly sentimental, heart-warming, and exciting tale. Great job Angie, I cannot wait to read more from you!

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One of the recent reviews for She Who Comes Forth

I absolutely loved the Herbert West series, and ‘She Who Comes Forth’ kind of picks up where the 4th book ends.

The protagonist is related to Herbert West and shares some of his occult ability. It is this ability, and a mysterious ring, that cause young France Leighton to become involved in a supernatural tussle of wills…in Egypt.

Along the way she meets an intriguing stranger who is not at all what he seems.

But before you think this will be a standard romance set in an exotic location, think again. There’s that twist, right?

I found She Who Comes Forth to be a very enjoyable read and I highly recommend it.

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One of the recent reviews for The Heart’s Lullaby

M. Smith  5.0 out of 5 stars Heartfelt Emotion February 1, 2019

This is the second book of this author’s that I have read. Just like with the first book, I fell in love with the poetry. She has such a beautiful way of writing. There’s so much emotion that goes into her words. Your heart will be touched as you explore the pages of love and pain. Tears will fall. Your own memories may even fade in. Even better, this is a book you can read again and again. It’s that good.

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One of the recent reviews for Night Owl Poetry

Night Owl Poetry by Dorinda Duclos is an anthology of poems that begins with an intense symbol of Cocoon, which sheathes the internal beauty, yearning to break free. Slowly it wades into deeper waters of life, trying to figure out its real meaning and exhorting you to believe in yourself to understand the ‘jigsaw of life.’ The paradox of fleeting moments yet time standing still, past that lingers around us despite the beckoning light, A broken heart and yearning for brighter paths – all comes alive in these pages that glow with signature style of a brilliant poet.

Symbolism is the forte of Dorinda, as the night owl is an image for the poet who can’t sleep without completing her rendezvous with the wonderful words she pours into her musings. Whether she pays homage to soldiers or empathizes with ‘The Bag Lady,’ Duclos handles each theme perceptively. Once again love for nature shines through her poetry despite various issues that inspire her. This is a perfect book for poetry lovers. 


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One of the recent reviews for Race Against Time

Beetleypete VINE VOICE 5.0 out of 5 stars Old school adventure, brought bang up to date. 15 April 2019

Combining archaeology with adventure, then adding a touch of science fiction, this enjoyable roller-coaster of a story packs in a host of fascinating characters too. From eminent academics, to the Russian Mafia, Vatican cardinals, and even a beautiful female alien, everyone in this book is wonderfully described, until you can picture them all on their hazardous quest.

Using a theory of how Earth was once populated, and protected from natural disaster, we are taken on a world tour of interesting ancient archaeological sites. Each one holds part of the key that will save mankind from destruction, and our heroes must combat not only a secret organisation, but also the ancient demon it serves. This is not ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’, but it has equally exciting elements, and a tension that endures right to the last of its 158 pages.

The author undoubtedly knows his stuff, and compliments that knowledge with detailed research, convincing geographical detail, and a wide understanding of travel by sea and by road. And he also knows when to insert the required action, so that no chapter is ever dry, or feels dull to read.
I finished it in just two sessions, keen to discover the fate of the characters that I had readily invested in.

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A recent review for Flirting with Time.

Great read  on September 24, 2018

Fantastic book, this series just keeps getting better and better (if that is possible). Again I could not work out the end and boy what an end!!!! Full of thrill and suspense. Can’t wait for next book.

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Jan 07, 2019 J.J. Hughes rated it Five Stars

The Skeletons of Birkbury is the story of a twenty-year-old mystery in the English countryside. During a storm, a tree blows over on a horse farm, revealing the hidden body, of a young woman, buried there. The subsequent police investigation takes the reader to the inside of an English country village. The characters are many and varied, from the; toffee-nosed land-owners to the hard-working labourers. All the characters have a special fell that is both fascinating and quirky. I think the author’s characterisation is what makes this story stand out. Despite the odd-ball set it is easy to empathise and find common ground with each of her characters.

This is a murder/police mystery that hooked me from the beginning and I think I was as keen to get to the bottom of it as were the main characters. Peter and Fiona. It’s perhaps a bit of a cliché but this was one mystery I couldn’t put down until I’d solved it and was sure I’d solved it correctly. If you like quintessentially English detective novels, you’ll love this one. A great read, for sure.

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A recent review for Over my Dead Body

I really enjoyed the first Bebe Bollinger mystery and was excited to see that Christoph Fischer had a second one penned.

Bollinger is an old school singing star who has experienced a new flash of popularity, and is trying to find her way to a new Big Comeback.

She ends up at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmao, Sweden, after a few suspect events, and ends up singing, solving mysteries and getting involved in all sorts of craziness!

A great light hearted read and if you are a Eurovision fan, I am sure you will love it even more!

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Victoria Zigler on Dec. 31, 2018 : Five Stars

What a beautiful story! It’s well told, and is a fun way to teach children – and adults too – about guide dogs, and the wonderful work they do.

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A recent review for the book

Amazing Read on 17 October 2018

I have always found dating sites and apps daunting and hard to use, after reading this book I’m going to take all the advice it offers on board and put it into action. I found the book well written and easy to understand I even found myself nodding in agreement with everything it said. I highly recommend this book it’s really made me look at online dating in a different way as a single mum I’ve found it hard and often felt pressured to meet up with people who clearly wasn’t right for me but after reading this I feel more confident in the road ahead and the minefeild of online dating. Amazing book 5 stars all the way!!

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One of the recent reviews for Amanda in New Mexico

Amanda and her sixth-grade class are on an educational field trip from their hometown of Calgary, Canada to visit, explore and document their experiences in New Mexico, USA. As the class tours Taos, New Mexico and the surrounding area, their trip is interrupted by ghosts present and past. In “Amanda in New Mexico—Ghost in the Wind,” Foster has written a contemporary fiction story through which middle grade students will not only learn about the region’s geography, architecture, and artifacts—they’ll learn invaluable life lessons along the way. Students and teachers are sure to want to follow Amanda through further adventures in this well-written series.

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One of the recent reviews for Mourning Dove

Jan 18, 2019 Jaymi Couch rated it it was amazing

This book took my breath away with its beautiful and emotional story of a family living in Memphis, TN in the early 70s. Millie and her older brother Finley are inseparable and she adores him. 
On the second page we’re told something about the ending, so right away there’s tension as we watch the story unfold.

Millie has a kind of hero worship for her brother. He explains things to her, includes her, protects her and they have a close bond.

”In the dense woods surrounding our house, we built tree houses and horse corrals, just like the Cartwrights in Bonanza. We cleared the earthen floor with brooms made from twigs, and lined the boundaries with rocks we rolled heavily in to set the stage for cowboys and Indians because Finley liked creating imaginary worlds, and I never cared what we did as long as I was with him. “

The Crossan family matriarch is Posey and she is a southern girl through and through. She brings the children from Minnesota to her hometown Memphis after their dad’s drinking goes too far.

There’s no way to summarize succinctly everything that happens. We are observers as Millie and Finley grow up in the 70s in a town where image and reputation are everything. Alcoholism, mental health and religion also play a part.

The time period was captured perfectly, in all its hippie glory from the bell bottoms and drugs to the music scene. It’s southern fiction at its best – the genteel manners, the societal expectations of which schools to attend, the five o’clock mandatory cocktail hour, the “right” families, the “outsiders”, the polite denial in the face of something unpleasant – author Claire Fullerton brings the south to life in a way that reminds me of the late Pat Conroy. I was completely transported and engrossed and captivated.

”Your heart breaks only once in a lifetime. Every offense in its wake is only a variation of the original laceration.” 
This is my first 5 star book of 2019!

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One of the recent reviews for the book

It’s very rare nowadays that I can pick up a book and I know without doubt that I’m going to enjoy reading before the end of the first page. I really enjoyed this book, it had everything that I enjoy reading about. Positivity, spirituality, hope and common sense.

Following Bridget’s inspiring life, written with frankness and honesty. I just wanted to curl up and read it in one go but time restraints did not permit. However it is a book that can be picked up and put down and by doing that I prolonged the pleasure of reading it.

It follows the life of Bridget and the triumphs and obstacles placed on her journey and how she pushed through the challenges of ill health with determination. I felt like I had been alongside side her when she described her travels enjoying each experience that came with each holiday. I felt the heat, I could smell the smells, I was there.!

I read this book whilst going through a difficult time myself and it really did help me. So thank you Bridget, I’m no gardener but I can appreciate yours and I can’t wait for your next book.

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A review for Dancing with the Sandman

The story starts and ends in west Texas as Billie Jo revisits the small town she grew up in, a town left behind years ago when progress, in the form of a new highway, raced ahead. It’s a place that holds memories so tangible they feel like ghosts rising out of the sand, and they create the substance of the story.

Garvin calls the book a fictional journey, but it reads like a memoir. If you were a kid in the 60’s, this book will feel something like a trip into childhood, a time before helicopter parents and iphones, a time when kids had to create their own fun while learning the painful lessons of life.

Though the book takes place in Texas, there is so much about Billie Jo’s experiences that felt familiar to me, a child of rural Connecticut. In a way, the qualities that make up a childhood – the way adults are perceived, the family quirks, sibling teasing, unexpected kindnesses and losses, how kids think and fill their leisure time – seemed universal. This is a thoroughly relatable book.

And told as a “look back at the ghosts of the past,” the book has a nostalgic aura that lingered beyond the last page, calling forth my own ghosts and eliciting memories that I’d forgotten. Dancing with the Sandman is a lovely, poignant, rich read for all ages, but especially for those who enjoy memoirs and those who were children in the 60’s.

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A recent review for Atonement in Bloom

“Atonement in Bloom” is the second book in the Atonement series and begins where “Atonement, Tennessee” left off. Ralda Lawton is settling into her new home, has friends and found supernatural beings, too. I loved the narrative going between Ralda and Lilith her cat. I appreciated seeing Atonement through the cat’s eyes. I’d like to think my cats are as observant as this calico. With Faes, glowing pigs, and failed magic mixed with mystery, a small town, a sudden appearing house, and a kidnapping–it was a hard story to put down. The relationship between Ralda and Bethany is endearing. They retained their memories from the first book, while others didn’t. Then help came from an unexpected ally, which added a new dynamic to their relationship. I loved the Tea Romm where Ralda and her friends met. I could picture myself having a cup of tea there easily. This is an imaginative, fun read that I highly recommend, but I’d start with “Atonement, Tennessee” first if you haven’t read it, so you don’t miss anything.

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One of the reviews for The Alchemist’s Wife

Marilyn J. Collier5.0 out of 5 starsTime Travel February 2, 2019

You start in the 14th century, then pop to the 21st century with Roland and Liz. Their romance is on hold while Roland tries to get his studies in order. Liz has the high powered job and an attentive married boss. Then you’re back in the 14th century with witchcraft and miracles and, of course, the bad apples in the Catholic church hunting for the witches, a tad futile with the first group miraculously rescued by the wood from an old apple orchard. The wood is as much a part of the unfolding drama as the characters involved for it becomes the Alchemists chest that transcends time. Roland stumbles onto the chest and looks in one of the drawers. There is a folded paper with his name and several thousand dollars. This gives him the wherewithal to purchase said chest. His romance with Liz seems nowhere and he examines the chest in his rented, dingy rooms. Something explodes and he winds up in the 14th century almost in the arms of Sofia, the daughter of the cabinet maker. She has been raised by the man known to have dabbled in the art of alchemy while at this studies. He is now mostly bedridden. Roland is not able to remember his past life and develops a strong attachment to the two. The countryside is besieged by the Protestant forces from the North. The local duke is allied with the Catholics and he too has an adopted daughter. His abuse of her has stirred her into a plot or revenge. A chance meeting of Roland while the Duke’s soldiers make off with a number of orphans to sell to a slave market, causes her and Roland to strike a deal for gold through the process of alchemy. Will the scheme work? How will Roland, Sofia, and Liz all resolve the missing parts of their lives will be found within the tale.

An recent review for Becoming Someone

Rachel Poli 4.0 out of 5 stars A Great Collection December 28, 2018

I absolutely love the cover. The colors are so pretty together, the font of the title is simple but makes itself known, and the birds have a sense of symbolism to them. This cover was well done.

First Thoughts:  I enjoy short story collections. I love seeing different perspectives from different characters and this was no different. I’ve enjoyed Anne Goodwin’s work in the past and didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to read her latest.

Plot: The plots vary from story to story and they’re very different from one another. There are a few that have similar themes, but each story is unique from the one before it and they were all interesting backgrounds.

Characters: As the title and summary suggests, each of these stories showcase the characters “becoming someone.” Everyone goes through their own struggles and battles and we all have good times and bad times. The characters in these stories had their own troubles to deal with and life kept moving on for them. Some were easier to get through than others, but the characters were becoming their own within their short tales.

Writing Style: This is a collection of 42 short stories and no two are the same. The writing style for each differed as well, depending on the character. The POV varied and there was even one story where the narrator spoke in first person and wouldn’t give their name. It kept the book interesting and made me wonder what sort of story and character would await me on the next page. Overall, they were all well written.

Overall: This book is well written and is a good length at nearly 300 pages. There are definitely some stories that I enjoyed more than others, but they were all an experience nonetheless.

Favorite Quote: “Loitering with a raspberry milk-shake in yet another coffee-bar, she was afforded multiple glimpses of men with flowing golden curls, but none adorning the head of her prince charming.” -Anne Goodwin, Becoming Someone;

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One of the recent reviews for Death In A Mudflat – Krazy4Katz 5.0 out of 5 stars Each book gets better and better! August 6, 2018

Another great mystery by N.A. Granger! The plot is intriguing, as mystery after mystery piles up and one senses a connection between seemingly unrelated murders. The small college of Pequod is also visited by drug traffickers and leads to several tragedies. Through all of this, Rhe Brewster is on the trail with her sidekick, Paulette, taking a larger role than in the previous books. Of course the Chief of Police, Sam Brewster, is still there trying to do two jobs at once: his own and attempting to keep Rhe from endangering herself — a job too big for just one man. Altogether another fantastic mystery read!

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One of the early reviews for The Fallen Sun

D. S. White5.0 out of 5 stars Layers and LayersOctober 8, 2018

This story is written in layers that unfold with every page turn. There is the social conflict going on between the clans. There is the internal conflict within the central characters. But what keeps you reading is the overriding question of what is really going on in this world of constant sunlight? How did they get there? There are early hints (no spoilers here) that it happens in the future. And early hints that things are happening in the dark. If you want to know more than that, you’ll have to read it yourself! It’s brilliant storytelling and I can’t wait to see the sequel.

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An extract from one of the recent reviews for The Lucy Wilson Mysteries

AlaranTop Contributor: Doctor Who TOP 1000 REVIEWER 4.0 out of 5 stars Lethbridge-Stewart: The Next Generation 12 June 2018

With the ongoing publication of Lethbridge-Stewart novels as well as the Brigadier’s daughter, Kate, now a recurring character in onscreen Doctor Who and his genetic grandfather, Archie, making an appearance in ‘Twice Upon a Time’, the Lethbridge-Stewart extended family has been quite prominent in the last few years. Now his granddaughter receives her own spinoff series of novels.

Clearly this is intended to be a children’s or young adult novel. However, it seems more likely that its primary market will be adults who have been following the Lethbridge-Stewart series of novels. It is independent enough from those, though, that it will hopefully attract a young fan base new, perhaps, to the Brigadier and maybe even Doctor Who.

Linda G. Hill, Buy

A recent review for The Magician’s Blood

Linda Hill has a way with words! I was consumed by the plot and the story-telling, and enjoyed its pace so much that I had trouble putting it down when it was time to sleep. Linda Hill has set very high standards for herself, and I look forward to reading more from this author! Highly entertaining!!

Donna W. Hill, Buy:

One of the reviews for the book

This is a book about a blind girl without being a book about a blind girl….which is exactly the point. The main character, Abby, doesn’t trumpet her disability around the world as if it were her defining characteristic. She doesn’t have a sense of entitlement. The reader is never tempted to pity her, even for a moment. She is a driven, bright, gregarious yet measured girl who just happens to be blind.

Through her experiences we are exposed to a world that depends on the other senses, we find new ways to connect to the world around us. Mrs. Hill paints Abby’s thrill ride with her companion dog (Curly Connor) and best friend (Baggy Brichaz) in such a manner that the reader leaves the book better equipped to understand visual impairments without hitting them over the head with it. It took me a while to realize this because at first I was just writing this review on the merits of good vs. bad Young Adult fiction (and it is good, trust me). The feather in the cap of this book is that it stands as a great story that actually teaches you something, leaves you pondering your own disabilities vs. those of others.

I am a middle school reading teacher and I review and teach a lot of YA fiction. What separates the wheat from the chaff for me is well-developed characters that show humanness and overcome in spite of failures. You get the feeling that each of the characters in this book could very well survive on their own but the adventure is exponentially heightened because of the relationships they garner with each other. Mrs. Hill does a brilliant job of showing weaknesses, strengths and diversity as just a starting point to the basics of character interaction. By the end of this book, I felt like Abby, Baggy and Curly were my next-door neighbors and I still find myself looking out my window, waiting for the Cloud Scooper to swing by….

Lyn Horner, Buy:

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A recent review for The Mighty Chiefton

The Hellhounds have located the Guardians’ in Canyon de Chelly. It’s just a matter of time before they find their sanctuary. They do their best to defend Leon Tseda’s home when Balor arrives with his Hellhound minions. Despite their guardian powers the small tribe end up on a run for their lives to protect their individual prophetic Druid scrolls, which have been guarded by their ancestors for centuries. They run farther into the Navajo land where their survival skills are tested.

This is an exciting adventure where prayers to The Great Mother Goddess, Danu, may be their only hope. As they head deeper into the canyon complex named Canyon del Muerto, Canyon of the Dead, Lara Spenser is faced with coming to terms with some hard truths and some unexpected twists in the story line.

I have to admit this book left me with a few questions. However, it is a unique and entertaining read with an interesting ending. I also love the striking book cover.

John Howell, Buy: John Howell Goodreads

One of the recent reviews for The Contract

The Contract is a perfect example of everything I love about Indie books. Mainstream publishers tend to ignore books that are unique, challenging, and cross-genre. Indie authors now have a way to write their passions and be courageous enough to not follow “mainstream’ rules – they publish independently! That said, The Contract is everything you love in a bestseller: suspense, mystery, romance, intriguing concepts. I love the blend of spiritualism/military ops/romance. A winning combination! I found the dialogue a bit stilted at times, which is the only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5. Bravo to Howell and Plano!

Allan Hudson, Buy:

One of the reviews for Dark Side of a Promise

This is a complicated and complex novel. The prologue sets the scene and conflict initially, but there’s a lot of back story that has to be told to connect all the players. And there are many! The author shows good insight into the main characters psyche, motivations, description of inner thinking, etc. The action scenes are well done.
Most of the story is written in present tense, not necessarily a favorite for me, but it does bring the reader a more immediate connection with the story. After the first few chapters, I was fine with it. There’s tons of intrigue, clandestine meetings, death, murder, exotic and unusual settings. All the qualities that come with a well crafted novel. And a unique writing style. Well done, and well worth the read.

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, Buy :

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A recent review for My Life at Sweetbriar

shimsl 5.0 out of 5 stars A positive true story January 20, 2019

This is a positive story about a girl born with cerebral palsy, who despite a diagnosis she will never walk, let alone ride a horse, proves the doctors wrong. A true story, the author describes her own youth in detail through her special love of horses, and one horse in particular named Peach. They go on to win many championships together, but winning does not come without struggle and setbacks. The author learned from her many mistakes as she was gently guided down a challenging path by two very supportive parents. A take-away for young readers will be that perseverence (not ever giving up) is key to success, that learning from your mistakes is a good thing, and that an understanding and supportive family is truly a blessing.

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A recent review for the collection

D.L. Finn 5.0 out of 5 stars All the poems were heartfelt and lyrical March 21, 2019

This is a collection of poems, photographs, and drawings that tell stories from Ms. Hurdle’s life. They include sitting in nature, giving birth, death, illness, and loss. Faith and being a survivor are strong themes throughout “Songs of Heartstring.” My favorite part was when the poetry connected to nature, but all the poems were heartfelt and lyrical. The tribute to the author’s parents was touching, along with the loss of a friend. The glimpse into dealing with cancer was inspiring. Although this was a quick read, it’s full of depth and can be enjoyed more than once. This is a book that poetry lovers will enjoy.

*Ian Hutson, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for Cheerio and thanks for the apocalypse

Bazza, Gazza, Shazza, Tom, Dick and Harry – The end of civilisation, the nobility, and most of London at any rate, takes a direct hit from Europe’s nuclear temper and the 4 minute warning sees the dithery PM saved in the nick of time by the proximity of No 10’s very own nuclear bunker. Her only companions other than Boris Da Silva Spoone and Right Honourable Tony Lyrelyre-PantsonFyre (ex-Prime Minister) and a handful of other Honourables, is the common people serving her at the time, notably Bazza (of the Police Special Protection Unit), Gazza (a plumber), Shazza (the tea-lady), Tom (the Government Duty Nutritionists), Dick (an aide-de-camp) and Harry (the Prime Minister’s hairdresser). In this not too complimentary look at British Politics (or what’s left of it after a severely hissed off Europe lets rip) leaves the PM worrying about her majority in a post-Apocalyptic England; can she rebuild a stable government with a mismatched bunch of disparate people? With the door to No 10 still standing and the downstairs toilet intact, but still blocked, it looks promising at least; only time will tell as they set out into the radioactive wasteland of England as described excellently as usual with a lack of finesse and in a total irreverent fashion by the author. It’s not so much an adaptation of ‘Ten Little Indians’, as a medley of pork recipes for healthy eating – naughty but nice!

*Karen Ingalls, Buy:

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One of the recent reviews for Outshine

As a 2x cancer survivor myself, I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this book. The author provides an honest, personal, and inspiring account of her battle with ovarian cancer that includes heartfelt insights into the emotional side of dealing with a potentially deadly disease. From diagnosis through surgery and chemotherapy to recovery and remission, Mrs. Ingalls’ journey can bring hope and inspiration to anyone who is battling the disease or knows someone who is. The feelings experienced by cancer patients tend to be unique and it’s important for caregivers, family, and friends to understand this emotional rollercoaster so they can provide the love and support the patient needs.

Mrs. Ingalls’ positive attitude, spiritual development and quest along the way, as well as her employment of general health measures, undoubtedly had a bearing on her successful recovery. She sets a beautiful example of a survivor, someone with much to live for and the benefits of a proactive approach to conquering what can be a deadly affliction. I suspect that her attitude was paramount to her recovery and can provide an inspiring example to others.

She ends each chapter with an uplifting thought and also includes a wealth of information in the appendix of cancer symptoms to watch for and various resources. Highly recommended for cancer patients and their loved ones.

*Chuck Jackson, Buy:
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A recent review for What Did I Do?

Jackson takes us back in time into his childhood where he was adopted by his parents at 14 months old. Where one would think adoptive parents would feel so blessed to have a child, this story isn’t one of them. The author opens his heart in his telling without whining or complaining of what he endured, but instead questions – What Did I Do? As we learn about the emotional neglect he suffered along with the physical attacks from his father, the author steals our heart and has us wanting to reach out and just hug the boy.

We get a good look at emotionally bankrupt parents who carry their own demons, which gives us a hint at how they project their own unhappiness in their lives on to poor Bobby (author’ name in the book). This void of love Bobby exists in doesn’t sour his desire to want his parents to love and appreciate him, but rather, disturbs him through life as to why they couldn’t give him any affection. Eventually, Bobby runs away from home with fears that the beatings won’t stop despite the apologies that sometimes come after a consequent attack.

The story gives us insight into not only what the child had to live with growing up and into adulthood, but has us shaking our heads at what on earth went wrong in his parents’ life to make them so self-absorbed and uncaring.

I would highly recommend this book to parents to have a look at what abuse can do to a child through Jackson’s eyes and words, as well as for anyone who has been abused to be inspired by how Jackson handled his life and still came out as a compassionate good person without falling victim to his upbringing and continuing the trend of abuse. #Recommended

*Sandra J. Jackson, Buy:

A recent review for Promised Soul

The book for review is “Promised Soul” by Sandra J. Jackson. This novel falls in the genre of romance fantasy and fiction.

Meet our main character Krista who has decided to take a chance and made summer plans to go away on a vacation on her own. Something her mother most definitely doesn’t approve of.

While she is entertaining her friends prior to leaving she starts getting strange dreams that feel so very real to her. Not knowing what to make out of them she visits someone a friend knows to help dive into the mystery of what is going on.

It however does not stop her from traveling or interrupting her summer plans to England. There the travel agent Aaron, who has arranged every detail, Krista is ready to embark on her adventure.

Between Aaron and his friend who has been very helpful Krista learns and loves the surrounding area as the landscape and people make her feel so welcomed.

But the dreams won’t stop. In fact they are getting stronger as the days go by. The couple in her dreams are vivid and won’t stop until Krista figures out what they mean and how it will impact her immediate future.

Will she figure it out before she loses her mind?

I enjoyed this book. The pace and characters were really nice. It’s a good romance novel that doesn’t get all gooey eye which is how I like it. A good pickup and a quick read. 

**Deborah Jay, Buy

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A recent review for The Prince’ Protege

In Deborah Jay’s third in the Five Kingdoms series, The Prince’s Protege (2019), the kingdom has barely recovered from a failed coup two years ago. Much has been fixed but attitudes and a sense of security are not among them. When the young King Martin’s trusted advisor, his Uncle Hal, must take time away from royal duties to tend to a new son, Martin is left alone to make decisions. He feels ready, assured, and of course, that is when much goes wrong. His spiritual advisor is poisoned. Then his Uncle Hal is killed and his new son kidnapped. Marten himself is almost killed–twice–and he begins to feel the pressure of so many challenges on his one set of shoulders. When he struggles to set up his own intelligence network, he finds there are devious undercurrents that threaten to bring down his monarchy and destroy his kingdom. With the help of a beautiful spy, Betha, a woman Marten wants to love–except for her closet-full of difficult issues such as her dabbling in the outlawed magic–he begins to unearth the roots of the problems and how to solve them.

Marten is an interesting character, one I found myself wanting more time with no matter how intriguing the other parts of the plot. We are privy to his internal whines and complaints–about responsibilities, demands on his time, lack of confidantes, and so much more–but he performs his duties admirably, as though born to the position. At the heart of this story is his growth as both a man and a ruler. Jay does an enviable job of paying vigilant attention to all details in this fantasy world, allowing us to feel comfortable drawing our own conclusions in what is a complicated political mystery. As with the previous books in the series, the characters are deftly drawn, the world building exceptional, and the plot intricate. This is a satisfying conclusion to the Five Kingdoms story.


A recent review for Oak & Mist

Darque Dreamer 4.0 out of 5 stars Rich and Magical. August 14, 2018

Oak and Mist was full of beauty and mystery. I loved how vivid and vivacious it was! It drew me in from the beginning and kept me turning pages until the end!

I loved how unique the world felt. It had a lot of details and was very nicely developed. I really loved the idea of entering this world of Light and Dark by accidentally finding a gate in the human world and entering it. It had a faerie tale/faerie world feel, as the story told that sometimes humans happened upon these gates, entered the world, and when they returned to the human world, decades had passed during their absence. It was all kind of centered around mysticism and lore, and was quite beautiful.

I enjoyed the dynamic characters. Though, I do wish they had had a little more time to develop, they felt realistic and fascinating. I enjoyed Alma’s curiosity and boldness. I loved Caleb’s kindness. I fell in love with King Thorian and his emotions, and I was dangerously drawn to Deryck and his dark seduction.

The story was quite fast paced. I do wish it had been slowed down a little bit to really allow some more development and details to be added, but it definitely did not drag anywhere. It felt like a typical YA plot, but it did have a few unpredictable moments that shocked and surprised me, and it still had enough originality to keep me reading.

What I found the most interesting about the story was the fact that it wasn’t just another battle between Light and Dark. It was also about the gray area, about choices, and about emotions and impulses. There was a richness to it, and it was quite magical. I’d rate it 3.5 stars and I would definitely want to read the next one!

*Andrew Joyce, Buy

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One of the recent reviews for Yellow Hair

Kindle Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars No Matter How Often February 19, 2019

We are horrified by accounts of the holocaust but a hundred years before we perpetrated the same against the natives in this country. Almost wiping them and their culture from existence. This books tells a very realistic account of that travesty.

D. G. Kaye – Buy:
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One of the recent reviews for P.S. I Forgive You on Goodreads

Another wonderful read from author D.G. Kaye. I admire Kaye’s courage in sharing her story of a strained, abusive and then estranged relationship with her mother. How she overcame her guilt for letting go and saving herself from further damage from her own mother was rewarding to read.

As well, the very thought of ‘leaving a parent’ goes against all that we learn and what societal norms tell us is right. Therefore, we must be horrible people to cut off a parent, right? Wrong. Sometimes there is no other option if you want to live a fulfilled and happy life. Especially when said parent is a text book narcissist. Kudos to Kaye for making the break and following through with tough decisions regarding her toxic mother.

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

An extract from one of the recent reviews for The Labyrinth

Fallen Princeborn: Stolen, Jean Lee’s breakout YA novel, was eight years in the writing, eight years in the creating, eight years in the honing; and eight years in the suffering — through her postpartum depression; through past breaches of trust rearing themselves in the present; through invalidation of the self that can only be understood by others similarly situated — and in the end, Jean Lee would probably say it was worth it, for every drop of her experience, sweat and tears made it onto the pages of Fallen Princeborn: Stolen, showcasing her raw talent, and the strength of will and character it took not just to survive, but thrive. 

First, the backstory. Jean Lee wrote a series of standalone shorts encapsulated under the common banner of Tales of the River Vine, the precursors to Fallen Princeborn: Stolen, and an exposé of the characters we’ll meet there. The stories are like bursts of mouth-watering flavor, a small, delicious taste of what is to come. Tales of the River Vine introduces us to: The Boy Who Kept a Forest in His Pocket, where we first see The Wall, a malevolent force all its own; The Stray, and the strange cat known as Captain Whiskers; Dandelion of Defiance, and the beautiful Ember, a hunter from the fairy world who pays a large price for her insubordination; No More Pretty Rooms, and the cruel and insouciant prince who once ruled indiscriminately over River Vine; The Preservation Jar, about the same prince, now repentant, and his wise teacher who hope to change the course of the evil forces plotting to overtake River Vine; and Tattered Rhapsody, and the feisty Miss Charlotte, the indomitable heroine who would give up all, even her beloved music, to keep her sister, Anna safe. By the time you’ve finished Tattered Rhapsody, you’re primed to dive into Fallen. Oh, and the shorts are all free on Amazon Kindle so no excuse not to read, eh?

Iain Kelly, Buy:

A recent review for A Justified State

I liked this inventive political/crime thriller for its pacey narrative. The story is set in a futuristic era, where the State provides prolonged youthfulness, lack of disease, self-driving cars, plenty of synthetic food. Too good to be true ? Through the eyes of the fair, compassionate detective Danny, we experience a gradual reveal of the systemic State insiders’ corruption and cruelty. Beneath the bland, sterile futuristic city -scapes,lies an underbelly of the old city structure, where subversion is alive. Definitely a good read.

Daniel Kemp, Buy:

One of the early reviews for the book

Brian Kitchen 5.0 out of 5 stars Engrossing spy thriller 30 December 2018

I’ve always enjoyed a good spy thriller and over the years have enjoyed reading John le Carré, Len Deighton and Graham Greene. Most spy thrillers focus on the work done by the agent in the field and few are centred around those who supervise and direct those agents. Daniel Kemp’s protagonist, however, is the new chairman of the British Joint Intelligence Committee responsible for directing intelligence operations, which made for a fascinating read. Given a seeming impossible task and not knowing who he can trust, time is running out for the action is set in 2002 not long before the Second Gulf War. I won’t spoil the plot for readers, but I was engrossed by the story and really enjoyed it. 

Linda Lambert, Buy:
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A review for Walking by Inner Vision.

Lynda fills this book with encouraging stories about things she loves including art, her beloved family, knitting, and poetry. Knowing she’s legally blind and accomplishing so much makes me really respect her as an author. She is living her life to the fullest no matter what! My favorite chapter is “The Living Room”, which focuses upon her sweet mother holding tightly onto family, memories, and Christmas traditions.

*Jean Lee, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for Stolen

I’ve been around a while and read my fair share of Fantasies, but it’s rare to find an artist who so capably commands her medium as does Jean Lee.

Her evil characters transcend malevolence, while her good characters are flawed enough to be their worthy opponents. I’ve never witnessed such a clash of forces and such mayhem as battled in the climax. I was literally exhausted when I finished it.

It’s good to know there are many books remaining in Jean Lee’s arsenal. We’ll be enjoying her brilliance for years to come.

Joy Lennick, Buy:

One of the reviews for The Moon is Wearing a Tutu

This book comprises of a number of unusual poems that certainly force you to think deeply by Joy Lennick and a few poems, limericks and humorous one-liner jokes by Eric Lennick. There are also two, clever 50-word short stories by Jean Wilson.While the entire book was entertaining to read, I really enjoyed some of Joy’s wickedly humorous poems. She uses her words like little knives to cut into the body of a matter and expose its beating heart in a manner that is humorous but sharply to the point. The one that I related to the most was Think Outside the Box:

“I think out of the box
and why not?
(Are you wary your copybook you’ll blot?!)
I’m fed up with sheep
who seem half asleep
individuals they certainly are not.
To say “aab” not “baa”
is OK.
For a change why not try it today!
The fox you could fox –
confusing his “box,”
just say “aab” and get clean away.”

Geoff Le Pard, Buy:
Website: : Geoff on Goodreads

71oYPlm6ZdL._UX250_My father and other liars v 4

One of the recent reviews for Apprenticed to my Mother

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, an open and honest memoir, written by a son about his mother’s life. But it is not just about his mother. The story is as much about his father, his brother, and most of all, himself. Although we grew up half a world apart, the times and attitudes were similar. Although our families were very dissimilar, there are things that are truths for all. The book flows with good humour and love and it is easy to feel how much this family cared for each other. The love between the author’s parents was tangible and beautifully expressed in poetry. That the love was handed down through the generations to their sons and then grandchildren is obvious. A most enjoyable and uplifting read.

*Paulette Mahurin, Buy:

Profits from her books go to help rescue dogs from kill shelters.


A recent review for A  Different Kind of Angel – 

A Different Kind of Angel by Paulette Mahurin is the incredible story of Klara Gelfman, a Russian Jew fleeing to America after her family life is destroyed in 1881 by soldiers massacring Jews. Klara flees to America with her father for safety. Her father dies on the way over. Alone and speaking no English, she gets mugged and everything she had was stolen. From here, her story takes a drastic turn for the worse. Well written and well researched, at times this story is very hard to read. It speaks to the courage and spirit of an individual to survive horrific conditions.

*M.J.Mallon, Buy:

One of the recent reviews on Goodreads.

R J DOCKETT 5.0 out of 5 stars Very enjoyable, recommended reading! 4 March 2019

Forget your vampires and the dystopian future worlds, where you have to do some strange stuff for an undisclosed reason, I prefer a story that starts from a known place. You can get as weird as you like but please, make it a logical progression, not just the lazy ‘we’re in the future; civilisation as we know it is dead, this (insert some random game or test) is what happens these days, for no apparent reason’, sort of premise.

So, we meet Amelina, she’s just your standard teenage girl, I had three daughters; I get the comparison. And she’s a very well written character, as they all are. A little family weirdness, parents who have changed, from her perspective at the start it’s hard to see why. There’s a black cat who appears and a girl trapped in the mirrors in the house. And the obligatory interesting relative.

Then we come to her peers, a wannabee rock band and the strange guy called Ryder, who saves her from a couple of potentially dangerous boys. As the story develops, we see him in different shades, is he a good guy or not?

It turns out that Amelina may have the solution to all the problems that seem to beset her family. It’s all to do with crystals and gaining the knowledge to use them.

The story never falters, set around Cambridge and its landmarks, we follow Amelina’s journey as she seeks to uncover the reason for her father’s disappearance, why is he so different now that he’s back? Surely, this must also hold the key to her mother’s behaviour, explain why she’s so uptight and unwilling to talk about anything.

She must learn to use the power that she discovers she has; while dealing with all the other things that your average teenager has going on. The narrative is well thought out and we can see the development of Amelina as we are pulled by the strength of the writing towards the final pages.

All the characters are all well drawn and fit together perfectly. The things that Amelina finds and uses, from her paints to her drums are well thought out and well described. There’s a bit of fantasy, as well as some beautifully written dream sequences.

The overall world-building creates a wonderful, spiritual atmosphere. There’s a bit of poetry at the start of every chapter, a nice touch which leads us into the action. The story bravely tackles issues of mental health and self-harm, but in such a sensitive way that it can only help improve understanding.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, it resonated on so many levels, I understand a sequel is in progress, that will be on my list.

Sharon Marchisello, Buy:
Blog :

One of the reviews for Live Well, Grow Wealth

Katherine Kinlin  5.0 out of 5 stars Easy Read December 18, 2018

Sometimes it can be hard for me to read books due too much going on with content, but Marchisello’s book was a really easy read for me. I can’t do complicated when it comes to books. She was really relate-able, because I didn’t grow up as a math centric person, and I also came from what would be considered a middle-class family. As a 27-year-old, her advice made me think about my life, and what I could be doing differently (therefore better!) with my money. She also changed the way I think about money. I don’t think a lot of people grow up to consider things like a big picture, or what’s going in and out. It kind of gave made better sense of what’s going on around me. A good perspective shift.

Jaye Marie, Buy:


A recent review for Lazy Days.

This truly was a getaway holiday. The family left a busy part of London for the peace and slow pace of life on the Norfolk Broads. It was also an adventure as they had not handled a boat before. Two sisters, four children and two dogs had to adapt to life in the confines of a boat. Fortunately the weather was good and the sun and fresh air come across in this warm story. There were plenty of places to visit along the way and the family enjoyed everything from the beach at Great Yarmouth to the castle at Norwich. If you have been on boating holidays or are contemplating one do read this book. Lots of us will know the experience of planning a holiday, then worrying if everyone will enjoy it, trying to please all ages etc. The two sisters were’t sure if all the children had enjoyed themselves, but it turned out that they talked about it for weeks after and years later enjoyed reading this book and recapturing memories.

Don Massenzio, Buy:

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A recent review for Extra Innings.

Captivating Time Travel  on November 24, 2018

When I first saw the cover for this book, not being a sports fan, I nearly passed on it. But when I read the blurb and saw it was about time travel, it became a must-read for me. I immediately wanted to root for Joe. With a failed marriage, a thankless, dead-end job, and not much to go home to at night, the guy deserves some happiness. Upon realizing the seat he purchased from a baseball stadium that held wonderful memories for him is a time machine, endless possibilities are at his fingertips. If you could travel back in time, what would you change about your life? Anything? Would those changes have unexpected ripple effects? Joe encounters several surprises along the way, and I laughed out loud at some situations he found himself in. Extra Innings is a fabulous, enjoyable story with several layers to include family drama, organized crime, and corporate mergers, and I was captivated throughout. The ending isn’t something I expected, but will leave you thinking about it for days after.

J.P. McClean, Buy:
Website :

One of the reviews for Wings of Prey

I was reading Wings of Prey, the last book in The Gift Legacy, with enjoyment mixed with that specific sadness we sometimes feel when the time comes to say goodbye to our fictional friends. Since Book 1, Secret Sky, I’ve been so absorbed with the story and its characters that, at one moment, they had stopped being fiction and moved into the place of my intimate reality.

Writing the last book in a series can be tricky, but J.P. McLean did it with the ease, elegance and skills of a gifted, genuine storyteller. Sometimes authors struggle to maintain the same quality level of the individual books within a series, but she avoided every trap and maintained the high standards she’d set with the first book. All the key elements in each of the installments, including Wings of Prey, are consistently up to the mark: the plot, the characters’ development, the settings, the dialogue, the tone, the voice… It’s a marvelous achievement, even more so since The Gift Legacy series is, in fact, one story, focused on the same characters and a singular, although multifaceted, main conflict.

The Gift Legacy is one of my favorite urban fantasy series; I’ve said this more than once. It stands shoulder-to-shoulder with some pretty big names. Not only that, but I can list, off the top of my head, quite a few well-known authors of well-known fantasy series who, unlike J.P. McLean, have dropped the ball at some point. The Gift Legacy as a series, as well as each of its six parts, possesses a fine balance and inner harmony that keeps all its pieces seamlessly together. The lines between the magical and the real are melted in the best posible way – the magic is so conceivable that it feels real, and the reality is often beautifully magical.

In the end, it was one particular aspect of that inner equilibrium in Wings of Prey that makes my departure from J.P. McLean’s words easier. The inevitable end was counterbalanced with a great, satisfactory closure.

The six books of The Gift Legacy are definitively keepers. I will read them again. I highly recommend this series to everyone who loves (urban and other) fantasies, but not only to them. The reluctant and unsure fantasy readers (adult, I must add; these books are too sexy for YA readership) may easily change their mind about this genre after reading J.P. McLean’s books.

Marcia Meara, Buy:
Bookin’ it blog:

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One of the recent reviews for The Emissary 2

Love and Angels  on December 22, 2018

I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed Book 1 where we were introduced to Jake who is chosen by the Archangel Azreal to become an emissary to go back to earth and help people in need as well as help to steer them in the right direction. We also met Dodger, a younger man who was also taken under the angel’s wings to be groomed as Jake’s assistant emissary.

This story follows the relationship that blooms between Jake and Dodger as they continue doing their good deeds while still in training by Azrael on how to become fully experienced new angel assistants. It’s a beautiful story about goodness, and heartwarming to read as Jake becomes father-like to Dodger as time passes, filling the void for both with love and compassion for one another, especially Dodger who never knew love from his own father when he was alive.
Meara does a wonderful job with all three of these characters, engaging us into the story and filling our hearts with compassion for these same characters. Even as emissaries, Jake and Dodger live as humans and can still feel pain, despite the fact they can’t die again. This is a novella so I recommend reading Book 1 to familiarize you with the characters, you won’t be disappointed.
Please visit Barbara Ann’s Amazon author page to view all her books.

One of the early reviews for The Adventures of Little Miss HISTORY volume 1

History can be dusty and boring. Not in this book, though. Writer Barbara Ann Mojica and illustrator Victor Ramon Mojica and have created a book that is interesting and accessible for readers. The storytelling is clear, the illustrations are attractive and appealing, and the approach of having Little Miss History as both tour guide and (sometimes humorous) participant helps make the story accessible.


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A recent review for Splendor

The London Jewel Thieves series from Shehanne Moore features a collection of some of the feistiest and outrageous Regency women you are ever likely to encounter and Splendor is one of them. Lady Splendor to give her the title she adopted – along with her name. She is out to win ten thousand pounds in a chess tournament. The only problem is, only men are allowed to compete in it. So, what is she going to do? Obvious. She will disguise herself as a man and take on chess champion, Kendall Winterborne, the Earl of Stillmore – a man she despises.

Needless to say, it all goes horribly wrong and, from then on, Splendor and her friend – the consumptive Topaz – embark on a series of increasingly risky plots to get her money and be able to live in the style to which they want to be accustomed. In the background, a supporting cast of characters provide help, hindrance and incompetent bungling, while the bad tempered Earl of Stillmore tries not to develop feelings for the woman who torments his every waking hour – and some of his sleeping ones too.

Shehanne Moore writes historical fiction like no other. Her heroines are more likely to punch their way out of difficulties rather than suffer an attack of the vapours. As a reader, you find yourself cheering them on from the sidelines, wincing as they make a decision you know is going to end in disaster and all the while thoroughly enjoying the rollercoaster ride the author takes you on. A worthy companion to ‘Loving Lady Lazuli’, this book can also be read as a standalone and, even if historical fiction isn’t usually your preferred genre, give this one a go. It’s a great fun adventure that will have you smiling.

Jacqui Murray, Buy:

One of the early reviews for Survival of the Fittest

Balroop Singh  5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant imaginative saga of early humans  March 22, 2019

Survival of the Fittest by Jacqui Murray records the imaginative history of tribes of those times, (850,000 years ago) about which there is no conclusive evidence. So the arena is open for writers to explore and Jacqui has made a brilliant effort. While Born in Treacherous Times by her was my introduction to pre-historic times, this story is more intense, as it brings out the conflict between tribes trying to establish their supremacy.

Xhosa and her people seem no different than human beings of today. They were competitive, observant, strong and ferocious. They were eager to learn from each other, from friendly tribes, even from the strategies of an opponent. It is interesting to note that basic emotions of responsibility, co-operation, loyalty and jealousy stand out amongst all tribes. Though Jacqui has given them words but I wonder what was their language and how much of it they knew!

Murray’s characters are crafted so well that a reader could predict their behavior. Xhosa and Pan-do shine while Nightshade possesses some streaks of wickedness and jealousy. Lyta is sensitive, appreciated the sounds of nature, walking in rhythm with sounds soothed her and seems to possess a divine power, as she had the ability to smell evil and dishonesty, a subtle hint that human instincts were well-developed even in early man. Do they find a homeland? When did they find peace, which remains elusive even to modern man.

If you are fond of challenging adventures, this is the book for you.

Jessica Norrie, Buy:


A recent review for the book

Nice holiday read  on 29 September 2018

I enjoyed reading this book during my summer holidays. It gets you thinking about the way we interact with local communities and the environment during our few weeks away in the sun. The book is a nice mix of crime, romance, philosophy, and social constructs.

*Olga Nunez Miret – Buy:
Blog: – Goodreads: Olga on Goodreads

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One of the recent reviews for 20 Things I’ve learned from my patients on Goodreads

Mar 05, 2019 D.G. Kaye rated it it was amazing

A wonderful little book filled with inspiration with quotes to live by on laughter, self-love and so much more. Olga Nunez Miret has compiled a beautiful summation on some of life’s situations taken from the wisdom she accrued from her patients as a practicing psychiatrist. The author shares nuggets of wisdom in short poignant messages with lovely illustrations, sharing reflections on life. A handy little guide for life we can pick up and read again whenever we could use a dose of inspiration.This book is bilingual – written in both English and Spanish – a clever idea, giving us a nice little Spanish lesson if we’d like to learn a few words in a different language. #Recommended!

*Denise O’Hagan, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for the Mini Style Guide

This is a great resource for fiction, non fiction, professional and academic writers. Parts of this book, such as the section on Plain English, can be read with interest in one hit, while other parts dealing with punctuation, formatting, referencing etc will be used on a needs basis utilising the excellent contents and index sections. The explanations all include very clear examples. Sections on publishing, print and e-book and self publishing provide excellent advice for writers new to the game. Perhaps the most important aspect of this book is that it educates by example. The advice it gives it also models. This is a highly informative, professionally written and presented reference book for writers, educators and libraries. 

**Marina Osipova, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for How Dare the Birds Sing

Induna 5.0 out of 5 stars Love does not always prevail, the perils of war often destroys it. March 27, 2019

Lyuba Zaleskaya was a seventeen year old from Lipetsk, a provincial Russian town south of Moscow. The author Marina Osipova with her descriptive dialog and elegant prose, places us the reader, as a passenger alongside Lyuba as she makes the harrowing and heartfelt journey of her life through the maelstrom of bitter conflict between Russia and Germany.
We are with her as she falls in love, only for that love to be thwarted by circumstance, and she is forced into a loveless marriage with a Hero of the Soviet Union. Separated from her husband Stepan by military battles over the homeland Lyuba finds herself part of the partisan movement in an effort to beat back the German invaders.

On one covert mission, she is captured by the Germans and ends up in a concentration camp. Her pain and suffering from this internship is our pain too, as we subconsciously urge her to endure and not give up. We the reader are breaking under the strain of ungodly atrocities and cruelty inflicted on this and other women in the camp.

A reprieve for both her and us the reader comes when Lyuba is selected to work at a local farmer’s house. It is here she is required to bear the baby of the master of the house as his wife was barren. But even this joy is taken from her as the Russians sweep in to take over the area and the Germans flee together with the child that Lyuba has borne. Here she has to explain to her own countrymen that she had not been a whore of the Germans and a collaborator.

Released from this hell she finds solace in adopting the daughter of her deceased friend Natasha, and where we the reader, are able to place our metaphorical arms around Lyuba to comfort her as she becomes a loving mother of Natashen’ka.

*Adele Park, Buy:

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A review for Wisp

Very imaginative, witty, great dialogue and characters.  on 7 July 2018

This was one of the most unusual and imaginative YA fantasy stories I have read for a long time. I really loved it. I particularly enjoyed the wonderful range of characters in the novel, which Ms. Park brought to life via her engaging writing style. I especially loved Wisp, a marsh fairy law enforcer. The dialogue flowed effortlessly and the narrative kept me engaged throughout with some really exciting passages and witty repartee. I am so looking forward to reading the second book in this series. Adele Marie Park shows great promise. This is her debut novel and I will definitely be following this author’s progress with great interest and much excitement. Ms. Park has also written stories for several anthologies including The Box Under The Bed, edited by Dan Alatorre, Plaisted Publishing Ghostly Writes Anthology, The Darkest Midnight in December: Ghost Stories for the Winter Season Anthology, and Betrayals of Another Kind: 2016 Fantasy Writers Anthology.

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An extract from a recent review for Strongbow’s Wife

Dec 22, 2018 Jaromy Henry rated it really liked it

Strongbow’s Wife by Frank Park was an enjoyable read. The story was interesting and I was curious to see what was going to happen to Aoife, the main character. The author didn’t over-describe landscapes or people, which I found to be annoying in another book I recently finished, so this was a welcome change. I was most interested in the details of how arranged marriages work to bring peace and how families send children off to become priests to unify their kingdoms. That could have been complete fiction, I didn’t check, but none-the-less, the author’s writing made it seem real. The only problem I had was that there were a lot of characters and when one was re-introduced there was no real reminder of who or how this person was connected. And on a few occasions, I had to back-read to see who was talking or who they were talking about. Overall, a well-written story.

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An extract from a  recent review for The Hanged Man’s Noose

Emily Garland is a freelance reporter with a much coveted contract to write monthly articles about condo developments for a popular lifestyle magazine in Toronto. One of her best sources of quotes and information is well known developer Garrett Stonehaven. Emily has recently become single and, due to personal reasons, has developed an intense dislike for Garrett Stonehaven. As a result, when her boss offers her an assignment in Lount’s Landing, a small village outside of Toronto, she decides to accept. The assignment is lucrative and also involves keeping a watchful eye on, and reporting, any irregularities by Garret Stonehaven, who has recently acquired a moth-balled old school in the village for developmental purposes. Emily moves to Lount’s Landing under the guise of turning around a local monthly magazine that her company has recently acquired.

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Sharon L. Pratt 5.0 out of 5 stars This Storyteller Purrs February 28, 2019

This is not about the war between lovers of dogs or cats. It’s about Annika Perry, a talented writer who works like a cat.

A dog is all blubbery love smeared across your cheeks, a loyal paladin stationed stalwart by your side. Tongue lollygagging out of its jaw, tail flailing around like a pig in a muddy pit – you’re gonna be drowning in slobbery canine love in about five seconds. Or maybe a fangy foreign agent hired to attack: a German shepherd or English pit bull. Teeth bared and muzzle lowered –you better run. You always know where you stand with Rover.

But a cat – you can’t tell anything by looking at a cat. There it sits on the windowsill, licking its paw, indifferent to all things human – the tasty treats, the dangling mouse toy, the arms ready to cuddle it. Suddenly it pounces, its claws deep in your bicep leaving parallel bloody tracks or a snip of your skin flapping loosely as it samples your nose. And then sashays back to the windowsill to await its next victim.

At first glance, The Storyteller Speaks appears to be gentle family fare, tales written by a sweet faced, blue eyed lady who spends her time between Great Britain and Sweden, bearing candles and roses, taking photos, penning notes. It’s how she entices you to her book. I’ve read The Storyteller Speaks twice, the first time in order of presentation, the second in a meandering stroll through her poems and short stories.

If I attempt to review each of the twenty-one entries, I’ll over-report and do the book no justice. So I’m going to focus on a few tales that blew me away, as if driven by a sirocco out of the Sahara. This is important to remember, because like a cat, Perry sneaks up on you to lunge for your emotional jugular while you’re unaware she’s even in the room. She’s a keen observer of people, absorbing cultural details and body language.

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A recent review for The Princelings of the North on Goodreads

Apr 18, 2018 Ahdev rated it it was amazing  ·

A very nice read. Adventurous ride which adults can enjoy as well!

This is the book 8 in the series but one can even read it as a standalone, as the author has given character introductions in the beginning itself. It’s very easy to grasp the story and get engrossed with the Princelings Dylan & Dougall and exiled Prince Kevin’s journey!

The writing is simple and neat, engaging throughout. The chapter drawings and its one-two line details are great ideas! I loved the story and all the characters, a nice travel with fantasy and kingdoms and power games! And happy with the good ending too!! Recommended for all :

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A recent review for Dead Dry Heart on Goodreads

Nov 16, 2018 Debbie Harris rated it really liked it

I really enjoyed this story and was kept enthralled throughout. I read it quickly as I found I couldn’t put it down, wondering where the many twists were taking me. Toni has written a gripping tale that is believable and unbelievable all at once. An Australian story full of strong characters. 

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An extract from a recent review for the book

I cannot say enough about this book. It has changed this middle aged person’s view on reading for recreation and the power and excitement reading can bring to a person. I am a person who has struggled her whole life with ADD and reading skills, making picking up a book to just read a pretty disheartening experience most of the time. For the last 25 plus years, I have limited reading to work required materials only (or maybe something to help my daughter in school). When a very special person in my life suggested I pick up this book, I was very hesitant…another “have to” reading project.

I cannot believe how this book changed my opinion of the power of reading and the incredible picture of life the words could paint . I found myself looking forward to reading, thinking about the characters, being upset when I did not have time to read it and yearning to know how it ended and what would ultimately be the fate of the characters who had become my first literary friends.

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One of the recent reviews for The Contract

The Contract is a perfect example of everything I love about Indie books. Mainstream publishers tend to ignore books that are unique, challenging, and cross-genre. Indie authors now have a way to write their passions and be courageous enough to not follow “mainstream’ rules – they publish independently! That said, The Contract is everything you love in a bestseller: suspense, mystery, romance, intriguing concepts. I love the blend of spiritualism/military ops/romance. A winning combination! I found the dialogue a bit stilted at times, which is the only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5. Bravo to Howell and Plano!

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A recent review for The Gemini Connection

I was up almost all night finishing this one, which really had me spellbound with the intensity, action, and compelling storyline as well as characters that were so believable. There was a lot here that I didn’t expect, which really kept me on the edge of my seat as this science fiction thriller unfolded.

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One of the recent reviews for Small Town Kid on Goodreads

This delightful book of poems by Frank Prem is packed with interesting poems about his childhood, growing up in a small town in Australia. I love history and also enjoy learning about people and how they live so this book appealed to both of these interests of mine.

There are poems about a small child being cared for by both of his grandparents while his own parents work and the little pleasures such as eating home made poppy cakes, and peeks into the lives of close relatives such as an aunt who had a very lively spirit that showed through at certain times in her live belying the prim and proper exterior she was expected to display as a married matron.

The author clearly grew up in an old fashioned society where people were careful with things and tried to stretch a penny:

for a couple of pounds of paper
and the news
becomes the wrapping
for another feed
of tender young chops.”

My favourite of all Frank’s poems, a tricky place (the annual fete) was a superb insight into small town life at the time. I am not going to give you a peep into that poem, you will have to purchase the book and read it for yourself.