Sally’s Odd Jobs and Characters

Behind the scenes of Odd Jobs and Characters

As I promote my latest collection of short stories I will be sharing some of my experiences in the quirky jobs I have undertaken in the last fifty years. Each one has provided both events and characters that have inspired stories.

Each week for the next three months these posts will be appearing as guest post with other writers and I hope that you will be kind enough to head over to their blogs to read of my adventures.

The first three posts of the series appeared on my blog before beginning its tour with Debby Gies (D.G. Kaye).

 Along the Seafront

The Dental Surgery Part One

The Dental Surgery Part Two

The Shoe Department – Hosted by D.G. Kaye.

Debby Gies added a few accessories to the shoe department by including a glowing promotion for the blog and one of the short stories from the new collection.. Xenia is a story very close to my heart and one that was the hardest to write. I also share some of my misadventures in the shoe department with encounters from the twilight zone.

Please head over and check out the whole story:

The Cosmetic Department – hosted by D. Wallace Peach.

My thanks to my host Diana Wallace Peach of Myths of the Mirror for inviting me to share the next episode in my misadventures at work. This week I have moved from the shoe department to the cosmetic department where I was privileged to meet an extraordinary customer who taught me a valuable lesson about tolerance.

Please head over to Diana’s blog to find out who I met who made such a difference to me:

The Steak House Trainee Manager – Hosted by John Howell.

John Howell hosted the next episode of my true encounters in Odd Jobs and Characters that later was fictionalised into my novel Just an Odd Job Girl.  I am a trainee manager in a steak house where there was a little too much interaction with residents in the old building.

Please head over to John’s blog to read the post:

The Steak House Trainee Manager – part two – Hosted by Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent kindly hosted the next episode in this series – On Sunday night I had to complete a total stocktake of all the food on the premises which just rubbed salt into the wound of a resident of the attic.

Please head over to Sue’s blog to read the story:

My next adventure was hosted by Robbie and Michael Cheadle – Housekeeper/caterer of a public school where I would cook over 3000 meals a week and make sure the school and dormitories were kept pristine.

Please head over and read about my culinary challenges: