Short Stories – Odd Jobs and Characters 2018

So far I have published over 60 short stories in collections and the one drawback to this is the amount of diverse characters required to star in a wide variety of situations.

Luckily, I have a retentive memory stretching back to around the age of three, of the people, places and events in my life. Thankfully the majority of those memories are happy, but there have also been one or two life threatening occasions as well as times when the world seemed very dark. Although over time they were resolved, they too have become very useful for creating plots in stories and providing emotional context.

I was always imaginative as a child… my mother I seem to remember, called it ‘telling fibs’. For me as we travelled around to various countries, my imaginary friends were a comfort and helped me gain confidence as I made real friends. They were eventually replaced with the real life counterparts and very precious they are too.

Fifty-one years ago I started work on a part-time basis as soon as it was legally possible. I was fourteen years old, and even though I have had periods when not officially employed, I have been working ever since. My intention is to be dragged kicking and screaming into the next world with my keyboard in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

This series shares some of the jobs I have turned my hand to over that fifty years, and some were very odd. Not many have sat at a table between two teams of champion dairy cows, selling bull semen!  Over the years I have accumulated a massive dossier of characters and events that now take centre stage in my short stories. If you have read my novel Just an Odd Job Girl you will have met some of them but over the next twelve weeks I hope to bring you some of the others that inspired and stimulated my imagination.

Not all these posts appeared on Smorgasbord as some fantastic blogging friends allowed me to guest post. Where this is the case I will of course provide you with the links to their post…

Souvenir and Ice-cream seller 1967

The Dental Surgery Part One

Dental Surgery Part Two

The Shoe Department.

The Cosmetic Department

The Steak House – The night of the mouse and the aftermath.

The Steak House – Counting Peas and a ghost story.

Pub Landlady, Skinheads and Saturday night shenanigans.

Boarding School housekeeper and Caterer.

Hotel Receptionist, Ghostly arrival and quick promotion

Hotel Assistant Manager, Swashbuckle and Romance.

Sheep farming and indignant rams.

Department manager for a store leads to crime solving!

Sales and Marketing Manager Crystal Glass, Car Crash and Meeting Sherlock Holmes

Advertising Sales and artificial insemination

Funeral Director’s receptionist