Smorgasbord Book Reviews 2018 – 2022

Here are my reviews for books that I have read and enjoyed in 2018 to 2022 and I hope you will too.

Oh Baubles: A Christmas Romance Novella by Harmony Kent

#Ireland #Hurling #Thriller – The Hurler by Jack Talbot

#Shortstory – #Supernatural – Breathless by Yvette Calleiro Posted on January 8, 2022 by Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life.

#Children’s – Amazing Matilda: A Monarch’s Tale by Bette A. Stevens

#NorthernIreland #Thriller #Romance – Stones Corner Turmoil by Jane Buckley

#Paranormal, #UrbanFantasy, #Shortstories -Things Old and Forgotten by Mae Clair

Romance – No Such Luck (Keystone Couples) by Staci Troilo

Romance Mountain Laurel Christmas by Jan Sikes

#Contemporary – Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home by Anne Goodwin

#Anthology – Autumn Paths – Seasonal Collective of Nine Authors

Word Weaving #1: A Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse – The Moons of Autumn. – Colleen Chesebro and other Poets

#History – Transylvania’s History A to Z: 100 Word Stories by Patricia Furstenberg

#Poetry – Grief Songs: Poems of Love and Remembrance by Elizabeth Gauffreau

#Children – Brody Cody and the Stepmother from Outer Space by Toni Pike

#Western #Romance – Tumblestar by Sandra Cox.

#Psychological #Mystery- House of Sorrow: Legends of Madeira by Joan Hall

#Children’s #Fairies – The Tree Fairies by D.L. Finn

#Poetry – Behind Closed Doors: A Collection of Unusual Poems by Robbie Cheadle

#Fantasy #Adventure – The Ferryman and the Sea Witch by D.Wallace Peach

Drystan the Dragon and Friends Series, Book 6: Dragana Helps a Fairy by Janice Spina

Shadows we breathe Sarah Brentyn

#Memoir – Flashes of Life: True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary by Pamela S. Wight

#Paranormal #Thriller – Pre-Order Blood Mark by JP Mclean Posted on October 2, 2021 by Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life.

#Family # Murder #Mystery – Going Home by Sharon Marchisello

#Poetry – Son of Booku: More Halloween Haiku by Annette Rochelle Aben

#Teen/YA #Sci-fi #Fantasy – The Syk’m by Richard Dee

Olive, Mabel and Me: Life and Adventures with Two Very Good Dogs by Andrew Cotter

#Children’s and #Parents – Lulubelle Loves to Bake by Dawn Doig.

#Prehistoric #Adventure – Laws of Nature (Dawn of Humanity Book 2) by Jacqui Murray

#Western #Romance – Keeper Tyree by S. Cox

#WW2 – The Home Front: 1939–1945 in 100 Objects by Austin J. Ruddy

#Poetry – Slivers: Chiseled Poetry by Balroop Singh

#Salmon #Scotland – A Speyside Odyssey by Norman Matheson

*#Fantasy – Legacy of Souls (The Shattered Sea Book 2) by D.Wallace Peach

*#Children’s #Adventure – Felix Finds Out by Elizabeth Merry

*#WWI – #Historical – Sheep On The Somme: A World War I Picture and Poetry Book by Frank Prem

*#Dystopian #Scifi – Megacity (Operation Galton Book 3) by Terry Tyler

*#Military #Romance The SEAL’s Temptation: Wounded Hearts- Book 7 by Jacquie Biggar

*Mystery thriller The Vanished Boy by Harmony Kent

*#Fantasy #Supernatural – The Ballad of Mrs. Molony (The Hat Book 3) by C.S. Boyack

*#Scottish #Historical – Fireflies and Chocolate by Ailish Sinclair

robbie a ghost and his gold

*#Paranormal #Historical #BoerWar A Ghost and his Gold by Roberta Eaton Cheadle.

*New Book on the Shelves and #Review – Word Craft: Prose & Poetry: The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry by Colleen M. Chesebro

*#Paranormal – The Emissary Trilogy; A Riverbend Spinoff by Marcia Meara

*#YA – Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady (An Amanda Travels Adventure Book 8) by Darlene foster

*Smorgasbord #Children’s Reading Room – Book #Review – Tina Lost in a Crowd by Miriam H. Hurdle

*#Fantasy #Adventure #Humour – H.M.S Lanternfish (The Lanternfish Series Book 2) by C.S. Boyack 

#Shortstories – Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth: Eva and Other Stories by Mandy Haynes 

*#Covid – Pause, Play, Repeat:The real impact of Covid-19 on musicians by Sammy Stein Reviewed by William price king

*#Poetry Lockdown Innit by M.J. Mallon 

*#Short Stories–Undercover Crime Shorts by Jane Risdon 

*#Fantasy – Soul Swallowers (The Shattered Sea Book 1) by D.Wallace Peach 

*#WWII #VichyFrance- Where Irises Never Grow by Paulette Mahurin 

*#Family – My Baby Wrote Me A Letter: An Inspirational Women’s Fiction Short Story by Jacquie Biggar 

*#Paranormal #Romance – Ghostly Interference: (White Rune Series Book 1) by Jan Sikes.

*#Cancer #Journal – Apple Blossom: my Hope…my Inspiration by Jaye Marie

*#WWI – #Family Saga – The Heart Stone by Judith Barrow

#Children’s – A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book (too) by Frank Prem

*#Poetry – Minus One: With Haikus and Other Poems: The Story of a Life by Elizabeth Merry

*#Teaching #Memoir- They Call Me Mom by Pete Springer 


*#Fantasy #Adventure – Voyage of the Lanternfish by C. S. Boyack

*#Thriller #Sci-fi- The Hitman and the Thief by Richard Dee

*#Western #Romance – Gwen Slade: Bounty Hunter by Sandra Cox

*#History #Reference – A Bit About Britain’s High Days and Holidays by Mike Biles

*#Paranormal #Mystery – This Second Chance by D.L. Finn

*#Family – The Sum of our Sorrows by Lisette Brodey

*#Mystery #Paranormal – The Light (Wake-Robin Ridge Book 4) by Marcia Meara

*#Fantasy – Lords of Chaos (Unraveling the Veil Book 3) by D.Wallace Peach…

*#Memoir #Hitchhiking – A Backpack, A Chair and A Beard by Eamon Wood

#FairyStory – The Godmother by Cathy Cade

*#Romance – Perfectly Imperfect by Jacquie Biggar

*Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery – The Visitor – Terry Tyler

*#Haiti #Thriller – Vanished by Mark Bierman

*#Fantasy – Allies and Spies (Unraveling the Veil Book 2) by D.Wallace Peach…

*#Murder #Mystery – Secrets of the Galapagos by Sharon Marchisello

*#WWII – While the Bombs Fell by Robbie Cheadle and Elsie Hancy Eaton.

Northern Survival by [Diane McGyver]

*#Adventure #Canada- Northern Survival: Surviving the plane crash was the easy part by Diane McGyver

*#Dystopian #Elderly – Acts of Convenience by Alex Craigie

*#History – The Story of the Huguenots: A Unique Legacy by Joyce Hampton

*#Mystery #Paranormal – Harbinger (Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3) by Marcia Meara

*#Western #Horror #Thriller – Guns of Perdition – The Armageddon Showdown Book 1 by Jessica Bakkers

*#Supernatural Adventure Eternal Road: The Final Stop by John W. Howell.

*#Mystery #Humour – In Search of McDoogal by Mae Clair

*#Fantasy – Liars and Thieves (Unraveling the Veil Book 1) by D. Wallace Peach

*#Historical – The Last Pilgrim by Noelle Granger.

*#Historical #Mystery #Chicago – A Child Lost by Michelle Cox

*#Mystery #Paranormal A Boy Named Rabbit (Wake-Robin Ridge Book 2) by Marcia Meara

*#Mystery – Frozen Stiff Drink: A Kellan Ayrwick Cozy Mystery (Braxton Campus Mysteries Book 6) by James J. Cudney

*#1920s #Familysaga – Telling Sonny by Elizabeth Gauffreau

*#Western #Romance – Silverhills by Sandra Cox

*#Prehistoric – Against All Odds (Book 3 of the Crossroads Trilogy) by Jacqui Murray

*Children’s – A Beechworth Bakery Bears (The Beechworth Bakery Bears 1) by Frank Prem

*#Anthology – This is Lockdown – Covid 19 Diaries – Flash Fiction – Poetry M.J. Mallon and Other Authors

*A Year in the Life of Leah Brand: A #Psychological Thriller by Lucinda E. Clarke

*#Poetry – Rescue and Redemption Poetry inspired by the T. S. Eliot poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 3) by Frank Prem

*The Cruel Romance: A Novel of Love and War by Marina Osipova

*Wake-Robin Ridge Book 1 by Marcia Meara

*#Mystery – A Girl Like You (A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel Book 1) by Michelle Cox

*#Fantasy #Paranormal – Viral Blues by C.S. Boyack

*#DystopianSciFi -Wasteland (Operation Galton Book 2) by Terry Tyler

*#Thriller -Deep Cover by John L. DeBoer

*Poetry – Inner Rumblings: Poems to Give My Inner Self a Voice, the Self I Call Joycie Reilly by Joyce Murphy

*#Children’s #GreatDanes Joyful Trouble by Patricia Furstenberg

*My Name is Danny – #Doglovers – Tales from Danny the Dog assisted by Andrew Joyce.

*#Western #Romance – Thundertree by Sandra Cox

*Under a Dark Cloud by Mary Crowley

*a kiss for the worthy: #Poetry inspired by the Walt Whitman poem ‘Leaves of Grass’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 2) by Frank Prem

*The Memory by Judith Barrow

*Romance – Marriage Unarranged by Ritu Bhathal

*Examining Kitchen Cupboards by Stevie Turner

*Poetry and Prose Mr. Sagittarius by M. J. Mallon

*Love Poetry – Walk Away Silver Heart by Frank Prem

*Psychological thriller – Warning Signs by Carol Balawyder

*My advance review for Little Tea by Claire Fullerton

*A Sweet Smell of Strawberries by Mary Crowley

*Fantasy – The Hat by C.S. Boyack

*Family, Mystery, Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney

*Post Apocalyptic – Blackthorn by Terry Tyler

*Doggerel: Life with a Small Dog by Sue Vincent

*Romance by Jacquie Biggar Skating on Thin Ice

*Vikings: Taken (The Great Heathen Army series Book 1 by Ceri Bladen

*Mistaken Identity by James J. Cudney

*Thriller – Passport to Death by Yigal Zur

*Poetry – The New Asylum by Frank Prem

*History: A Bit About Britain by Mike Biles

*Afghanistan: Silent Heroes by Patricia Furstenberg

*Children’s Space Dust by Eloise de Sousa

*Historic Adventure – Quest for Home by Jacqui Murray

*Mystery – Braxton Campus Mysteries 3 – Flower Power Trip by James J. Cudney

*- Contemporary Fiction – The Magic Carpet by Jessica Norrie

Thriller – The Perfect Assassin by Ward Larson

*History: Mahoney by Andrew Joyce

* Thriller: Desolation Bluff by Toni Pike

*Mystery – Braxton Campus Mysteries 2 – Broken Heart Attack by James J. Cudney

*Post Apocalyptic – Hope by Terry Tyler

*Poetry: Devil in the Wind by Frank Prem

*Anthology: Understanding compiled by Stevie Turner

*Historic Adventure – Survival of the Fittest by Jacqui Murray

*-Poetry: Small Town Kid by Frank Prem

*Short Stories More Glimpses by Hugh W. Roberts

*-Mystery – Braxton Campus Mysteries 1 -Academic Curveball by James J. Cudney

* Fantasy; The Beast Within – Mended Souls Book two by Jacquie Biggar

*-Fairies Myths and Magic by Colleen M. Chesebro

*-Historic Adventure – Born in a Treacherous Time by Jacqui Murray

* Fantasy: The Glowing Pigs by Teagan Geneviene

*Paranormal thriller – The Contract by John W. Howell and Gwen Plano

*-Contemporary Fiction – Mourning Dove by Claire Fullerton

*Memoir – Twenty Years After ‘I Do’ by D.G. Kaye

*Post Apocalyptic – Project Renova Book Three UK2 by Terry Tyler

*Post Apocalyptic – Project Renova Book Two Lindisfarne by Terry Tyler

*-Thriller – Circumstances of Childhood by John W. Howell.


*#Memoir – Words We Carry by D.G. Kaye

*Myrtle the Purple Turtle by Cynthia Reyes

*One Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow

*Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Dough Bees Story and Cookbook by Robbie and Michael Cheadle

*Yellow Hair by Andrew Joyce

*No More Mulberries by Mary Smith

*Tipping Point – Project Renova Book One by Terry Tyler

*Past & Present: A Marketville Mystery by Judy Penz Sheluk

Some of the books I reviewed were part of the Cafe and Bookstore updates or were before 2017 but if you go to Goodreads you will find a complete list of books and their reviews… I hope these have given your TBR’s something to think about….thanks Sally.