Book Reviews 2023 – Guidelines

I often receive unsolicited emails from authors that I don’t know, requesting that I review their books, and of course very flattered to be asked. However, it did raise a few issues that I felt needed some clarification.

I have been an avid reader since childhood and it is something that I do for pleasure. This is not a book review site, it is a mix of many things, but primarily these days it is a book promotion platform for authors in various ways.

Currently like most of you I have a TBR as long as both arms, and I try to read in the chronological order that I buy the books. Which is the key here, as I prefer to buy the books that I review, so that there is no pressure to read and review, and I can enjoy at my leisure. It also means that I can review within a reasonable time frame.

At the moment I have some great books waiting for me to read and so would ask that for the meantime at least you don’t send me any copies of your books.

However, I am happy to do a new book promotion for those about to be published on pre-order or available.

Thanks for reading… Sally