Smorgasbord FREE Author and Blogger Promotion 2017

Welcome to the author and blogger promotions for 2017. I have hopefully simplified the process this year so that it is easy to submit your work to be promoted. My aim is to not only promote authors and their books but to also recognise the work of bloggers who might not be published but have great writing skills.

Take a read through the current promotions and the submission details please so that I can get your book or blog promoted as quickly as possible.

Just a quick note.. Reading is very important to me but I am afraid that with my own writing projects this year I am unable to accept books for reviews.  There are some excellent review sites on wordpress and if you get stuck.. happy to recommend some to you.

There is hopefully something for everyone and here are the promotions so far.


I think most of you are now familiar with the virtual Cafe and Bookstore that has been in place for most of 2016.  There are now over 160 authors in the bookstore with four of their bookcovers with a link to Amazon to buy the books and their websites for contact.

I want to build on this in 2017 and use it as a promotional platform.  A least twice a week I will do a Cafe and Bookstore Update featuring the authors who are in the bookstore with their latest release and a review of their previous books… or the most recent review for their last release.

With three authors per update this also results in extra coverage as I do ask the authors to share on their own networks.. with three authors across social media this drives more traffic to the post benefiting all the authors.

I spend considerable time scouring the internet and Amazon checking on the authors in the bookstore and their latest releases and most recent reviews; because unfortunately my crystal ball only tells me about tall dark strangers and long trips across oceans!

If you are in the bookstore..…  – A – Z list of current authors…. then email me on if you have a new book published or one being published in the next month so that we can schedule you in an update.

I just need the link to Amazon and your website.

Also check your Amazon listing and if your book has received a fabulous review in the last six weeks then email me on with the link to the book so that I can showcase it in one of the updates.

Here is an example of what the update will look like:


Welcome to part two of the Smorgasbord book promotions for 2017 and as I mentioned yesterday, I am going to be using the 2016 Cafe and Bookstore as the platform for both of the promotions.

Just a reminder that if you are already in the bookstore, any new releases, major reviews etc will be included in the three times a week Cafe and Bookstore updates. I usually find these when I am checking all my social media sites but it is very helpful if you let me know when you have a new book coming out or have a rave review you would like to share.

For authors who are not yet in the bookstore I will do a full promotional post which will include their latest book but also a brief review of their other work including reviews.  

For this I will need the following:-

  1. Link to Amazon for the book (preferably your author page even if you only have one book this is an essential marketing tool and makes it a great deal easier for people like myself who are promoting your work) Also if you have a central booklink site on your blog or website that is useful.
  2. If you do not have an Amazon author page yet, then I will need an author profile photo or image and your official author’s bio.  Please send any images attached to the email not inserted into it.
  3. You main social media links including website, blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin, goodreads and google+. Links in full please not short links, as they do not always work when inserted into WordPress..
  4. Please note that my blog has some young followers so I do not accept 18+ books.

What I will do.

  1. I have over 26,000 connections around the various platforms and I will automatically link the post to those sites and also boost again during the day.
  2. The post will be included in the weekly round up on Sundays.
  3. Your books along with your profile photo, book covers, links to Amazon and your main website will then be put into the bookstore where it will stay permanently.
  4. You can then be included in the Cafe and Bookstore updates which will go out three times a week with any new releases and with exceptional reviews (for the reviews would suggest leaving six weeks between being included in an update)

What I would ask you to do.

Book promotions work best if it is a collaboration.. On the day I will send you a link to your post that I suggest you send out to all your email contacts.. I also ask you to share on your own social media sites and I suggest that if you are a blogger too; you reblog a couple of days later.

I have found in the last three years that there is a very strong connection to sharing and commenting on promotional posts if the author engages with those who have taken the time to leave their comments. So I will ask you to pop in over the first few days to respond to them.

Finally, this is your promotion and the post will be live from then on.. It is a useful tool to help market your books if you come back from time to time and reshare the post on social media.

Finally... I will usually find a notification of a new book when I am checking my social media but it is much simpler if you contact me directly once your new book is available to buy on

Here is what the post would look like – if you have more than one book.. they will be featured too:

Sally's Cafe and Bookstore

Book reading and Interview

Author Book Reading and Interview.

Now that I have a few of my own projects done and dusted… I can focus on the next promotion for the bookstore.

If this was a real cafe and bookstore I would set up regular book readings and interviews with the authors on the shelves.. But they is no reason why we cannot do that here.. The only thing missing of course is the customers who would be listening to the reading and asking questions of the author.

But I have that covered.

Here is how it works…

The author will answer four of my questions that I send to them out of twenty… They will also select a short extract from their book to share in the post. They will then also choose their favourite review for the book that we can add.

I will then do the introduction, the book blurb, about the author and the book links.

Then I will ask those who read the interview to add their questions to the comments section of the post for the author to answer.

This way we do manage to get some interaction, a wide range of questions and a chance to meet the author is a slightly different way.

First and foremost — authors who would like to be interviewed have to be already on the shelves of the bookstore (don’t worry if you are not.. there is a way to get there).

Also the authors must be willing and able to be around on the day or next day of the interview (Saturday and Sunday) to answer the questions.

I already have several authors lined up and if you are interested in joining the list then please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you …

creative artists

As with the book reading interview for authors, the creative artist theme is the same and interactive with readers asking their questions in the comments section and the person being interviewed answering them there too.

I would like to welcome anyone who is a blogger, musician, artist, poet, photographer, illustrator, book reviewer, book designer or any other creative artist to feel that they are welcome here too.

It is very straightforward.

I just need you to send me your website or blog link by email to

  • I will check out your blog or website and come back to you some set questions to choose from and an additional three personalised questions.
  • You will return these with an example of your work – an extract from your most compelling blog post or short story, an example of your poetry, artwork, photography or a book review. With the reason why you have chosen this piece.
  • I will need your social media links.. in full please.. a bio and bio photograph (if you have one) if they are not on your site.

Once I have received your answers to my questions and the rest of the information I will schedule your post.

I only ask that on the day that it is scheduled that you are available to pop in over the day and the next to answer any questions in the comments.

My first guest in this series is William Price King as it is a while since I caught up with him in an interview and he has done some wonderful gigs and mentored some talented young singers in the last year.. You can find out more about him in his latest series on Classical singers..

Looking forward to adding you to the interview list.  Remember to email me on so that I can send you your five questions.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

I have taken on board the fact that I not only post frequently,but also reblog a great deal. It is tough not to share the great posts written by the bloggers I follow, and I want to continue doing that without spamming mailboxes or WordPress readers.

I have come up with a solution I hope you will enjoy.. Each day I will open my Blogger Daily Post and throughout the day add posts that I have enjoyed with an intro and a link for you to find out more. I will then post every evening before I shut up shop for the night.

I will still be reblogging certain posts such as those that contain images and photography especially from my regular haunts.

I usually have no problem finding plenty of great posts but if I miss your post, you can add your link into the comments section.. I will make sure I come over and share on my social media sites.

Here is an example of what the post will look like.

collaborative anthologies

One of the areas that I am aware I have not given as much promotional focus to in the last three years, is the collaborative anthologies of short stories that many of us as writers have contributed to. What I would like to do in 2017 is give these short story collections more of a showcase.

Individual authors who write short story collections will be on the shelves of the Cafe and Bookstore, but I am going to add an annexe to the building where you can go and browse these multi-author collections.

So, if you are an author who has participated in an anthology in the last six months or so, please get in touch at

What would be useful is the following:

Link to Amazon or other selling site where the anthology is available to buy.

A list of the authors who have contributed to the book.

A main contact for any enquiries about the book including any special pages set up on Facebook or Twitter for the collection. Also the person who might distribute the link for the post to the other authors to be shared on their social media and who can respond to readers comments on the post.

What I will do

I will capture the profile photos of the authors involved if available as well as their Amazon book links.

I will use the blurb and any reviews for content on Amazon or the selling site.

Promote on the blog and social media and then put the link to the post in a special directory in my menu.

Look forward to hearing from you at

New in March 2017

A place to share your latest reviews and open to all authors, not just those in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore. The reviews can be on a blog, Amazon, Goodreads etc.  It is also open to book reviewers who might like to give their reviews another boost. The post is linked to my social media reaching over 26,000 followers, mostly writers and readers.

Email on and let me have your website and the link to your Amazon account or other selling platform.  If a book reviewer then the link to your blog.