Smorgasbord Media Training for Authors FREE Pdf

A new series – Media Training for Authors -ways to promote you and your books locally and on a national scale.

Just a quick note to let you know that I have tidied up all the posts and put into one booklet in pdf which I am happy to email out FREE.

It brings all the chapters together and might be handier than accessing each post individually.

There are seven chapters and might be useful for those publishing their first book in coming months to get some platforms in place and put together some ideas for marketing the book.

Also for authors who might think about revisiting Amazon and their social media to update information and put some new promotions in place.

Being an author is not a hobby it is a business. You need to think about it in those terms.

Please just email me on for your copy.

If you want to pop in and check the individual chapters out here are the links.