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Welcome to the children’s reading room with reviews for books on the shelves.

The first book is Little Miss HISTORY Travels to Hyde Park, Home of FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT: Presidential Library & Museum by Barbara Ann Mojica.

About the book


Step inside the house where FDR made history!
President Roosevelt was the first president to give his papers to the people. Read about the library he designed and the treasure trove of resources within.
You will learn:
· About the Great Depression
· The New Deal Programs
· World War II exhibits
· About the way FDR worked and communicated with the people
· How Eleanor Roosevelt acted on FDR’s behalf
· The role of Eleanor in the United Nations
· The accomplishments of FDR’s four terms

In FDR’s words, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

One of the recent reviews for the book

Dakota D 4.0 out of 5 stars Engaging illustrations and interesting facts Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2021

This would be a great book to give to a child whose family is planning a trip to Hyde Park or who has just been there. It would also be great for kids who have an interest in American history. Photos of the house are interspersed with interesting facts about Roosevelt’s life. I learned some things myself! Parents may want to help younger readers to understand some of the basics and concepts that are not clearly spelled out, such as an introduction to who FDR was and what Hyde Park is, but I think older elementary students will enjoy this book on their own. The photos and illustrations are quite engaging and will be enough to keep browsers turning the pages.

A selection of books by Barbara Ann Mojica

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The next author is Joyce Murphy with a review for Kong and the Magic Jungle.

About the book

After a very bumpy plane crash, Joyce aged 8, Olan aged 7 and Fiona aged 4 are stranded in the jungle with their Dad. And it is a magic jungle where animals can talk and gorillas live in villages and there even a Magic Gorilla living there or so their friend Billy, the parrot says.

Joyce and Olan are so excited that they go off looking for the Magic Gorilla. On the way they have lots of adventures, with a baby gorilla and some missing bananas, a very angry Mama Gorilla and soon they are in trouble with a whole lot of other gorillas as well.

Will their friend Billy, the talking parrot and Fiona save them in time or will the nice gorilla with the red hat help them? Come and enter into the adventure and see what happens to the three madcap children and their best friend, Kong the Magic Gorilla.

A review for the book

Barry m. 5.0 out of 5 stars Very enjoyable read  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 May 2021

I bought this book for my nephew 9 years and my niece 7 years. They both loved it and their mother said they have reread it more than once. I read the story myself, being pulled in by the fun image on the front cover and found it funny, exciting and endearing. It is a fast moving adventure story of three children living in the jungle but the main protagonists are Joyce and Olan aged 7 and 8 and their friend the Magic Gorilla. The children explore the jungle and make friends with the talking animals living there; they get into fun scrapes, learn some lessons and get gifts along the way. It really is a breath of fresh air and a great story for boys and girls alike.

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Also by Joyce Murphy for Children

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