Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 20th April 2017 – Kim Blades, Anne Stormont with Jan Ruth, Reflections Books and Lisa’s Everyday Life

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Good evening and welcome to today’s selection of blog posts that I have read and enjoyed. Sadly not all of them as you would be here until Christmas reading them.

First an extraordinary animal that is shared by Kim Blades today as part of an A -Z challenge. The Pangolin or Scaly Anteater.

The Pangolin (Manis teminckii), also known as the Scaly Anteater, is one of the less frequently seen mammals in Southern Africa.

It favours habitats where there are plenty of ants and termites, such as savanna and bush country, rocky and hilly terrain and the light sandy soils of flood plains. Pangolins are nocturnal, solitary foragers and feed on ants by digging into anthills with their strong stubby claws and then using their long sticky tongue to extract the ants.

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Learn more about this rare sighted armoured animal:

Now for a review by Anne Stormont for Strawberry Sky by Jan Ruth.

Grown-up, romance-plus, contemporary fiction.

I was looking forward to this – the third book in the Midnight Sky series having read and enjoyed the two earlier ones.

I wasn’t disappointed. The main characters, Laura and James, had been through a lot in the first two novels, but the start of Strawberry Sky sees them married and ready to get on with their lives.

But now there is a set of new challenges for them to overcome. James is still recovering from the serious injuries he received in the second book and Callum Armstrong, the man believed to be responsible for those injuries, is still around and making his presence felt. James and Laura are also trying to establish a new business at their riding stables and then there’s the matter of Laura, desperate to have a baby but failing to conceive.

Read the rest of Anne’s review of Strawberry Sky:

Originally shared by Lynette of Reflections Books.. with a link to How to Ebook blog which shares a success story that will have most of us authors salivating at the mere mention…that link is to Paul Sohn author of Quarter-Life Calling and well worth reading.

The average self-published book sells 250 copies in its first year and maybe 1,000 copies in its lifetime. Most authors are ecstatic if they hit 1,000 copies in the first three months. But what if you sold 1,000 copies of your book on the first day it released?

Now I have your attention.. you better read the rest of the post and follow the link to the original post podcast:

I am going to end on a sweet note and because this caught my eye. The reason being that we have just cleared acres of blackberry bushes that had overgrown in the last 18 months that the house was empty (and to be honest, looking at the state of the garden for the last 10 years) Now of course I shall have to buy my blackberries from the local berry farm up the road but I do like the sound of this cobbler.. mmm. a little custard perhaps to go with it.

Thanks to Lisa’s Everyday Life for the recipe…

Blackberry Picking Time

It’s that time of the Year in Louisiana- Blackberry time. They grow wild here along the road and leave but becauses of clearing and spraying of pesticide there’s lots less. These sweet berries when i was a child was plentiful – but now you might have to hunt around for them. Make sure you dress appropriately -because some times these wild berries are in hard to reach spots. There brambling nature make the job tough but the reward is so sweet. Lisa

Get the recipe:

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