Welcome to the Party – Meet and Greet New Bloggers Saturday 9th July

meet and greetLynette Davis is passionate about memoirs and her own Even Rain is Just Water will be released later this year.


Meet Xenia Tran.. she and her husband have adopted six dogs and six cats over the last 27 years and it is clear that this has been a wonderful experience on many levels. You will find weekly photo challenges, Haiku and images of very happy whippets.

Light Rain And Layers

Jesse Dwight is a Danish author living in Northern Jutland. She is very interested in the paranormal and loves to explore the twisted minds of serial killers. I thought however, that I would share her latest post .. If I should have a daughter I would want her to know.. head over and check it out.

Off-Topic: If I should have a daughter

I am not sure of the name of this blogger but I was very touched by this recent post.. saying goodbye can be the hardest part of any relationship… I think you will agree this captures that. Fathoming Constellations.


This blog is for cat lovers everywhere Most Adorable Cats… and this photo speaks for itself.


I did not know it was International Kissing Day on July 6th otherwise I might have made more of an effort when out doing the shopping.. Jojo also known as Juani or Joanna captures the moment.


darren Robinson

Darren Robinson moved from the UK to the United States in 2012.. you will find posts on moving forward.. bible teaching and poetry.. Here is an example.. Even Lions Cry.


Steve Tanham is one of three directors of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness; a place of companionship, sharing and the search for the real in life, using the loving techniques and insights of esoteric psychology. He retired from a life as an IT entrepreneur to establish the School in 2012, and, having persuaded Sue Vincent to join him, the two spent the next year laying the groundwork for the three year correspondence course provided as a not-for-profit venture. Stuart France, who had worked alongside Steve for many years, joined them shortly thereafter.

Head over and explore Steve’s archives and as I am in the process of learning the art of Haiku at the moment I chose this…..



Felicity Sidnell Reid is an author who moved to Canada after graduating from London University with a History (Hons) Degree and a Post-graduate Certificate in Education. After her children were at school, Felicity began to teach full-time. She is the author of Alone: A Winter in the Woods which is the featured Summer Reading on Monday.

About Me

Dan Cross is a book reviewer and features articles on a number of author related topics.. for example My 10 favourite fictional characters. Also Fantasy Fridays and Minimalist Mondays where Dan gives a 50 word synopsis of his selected book. Here is the link to his review directory.


Lara Trace Hentz is Former Editor of the Sawyer County Record, Ojibwe Akiing, Pequot Times- Former Radio Show Producer: NightWolf, the most dangerous show on radio (2014) Staffwriter-reporter-book reviewer-photog: News From Indian Country Contributor to many publications and blogs (1996-2015)
The Writer: (author of One Small Sacrifice, the anthologies TWO WORLDS and CALLED HOME: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects, Becoming and Sleeps with Knives (pen-name Laramie Harlow) and frequent contributor to anthologies.


Dque is an African with a tale.. to tell.. Prose and poetry


A pet and children safety blog and I definitely like the idea of this for the car.. nothing more dangerous that a dog loose on the back seat if you have to brake suddenly or they feel the need to jump into the front. Pet Barrier


Meet Storm and her owner on Paws 2 Smile. I think word has got around that I like dogs.. a lot.. and certainly Storm looks like a real character.


On Karen Lee Kleis’s site you will find creative arts both written and visual, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography. I chose this post as it looks at our body image and how it is shaped (pardon the pun) by the constant barrage of media images and sales pitches for one beauty or slimming product aimed at attaining the perfect body….according to whom!!

The Beauty in the Body

Roberta Pimentel

Roberta Pimentel is originally from Brazil but has been living in Norway for the last twelve years. She is relatively new to blogging but has some very interesting articles across the board including this on self-responsibility.

The 6 Laws of self-responsibility

Zoe posts book reviews and also quotes of the day.. She hopes to follow a career in literature, whether it be publishing, journalism or writing. The books that she reviews will be a mixture of children’s, young adults and teen and adult literature.