Buy a Book Cover for Christmas – Mishi Bellamy – Artist and Illustrator

It is my pleasure to showcase some more examples of the work of Mishi Bellamy who is now offering book covers as part of her impressive portfolio of work.


From the cultural melting pot that was the 1960s Mishi has worked with the best musicians and designers of the day including The Beatles in their Apple boutique. She also designed graphics and interiors for Forbidden Fruit as well as designing album covers for the 60s music scene.

Mishi lives in France and India, working in several mediums. Digital design is one of her obvious passions. By using traditional Indian Miniature drawing, mixed with contemporary backgrounds her clever images have become a great way for some clients to buy her work, either as posters or signed limited-edition Indian Images prints and now as book covers.

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 More from Mishi in coming weeks

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