Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 10th February 2021 – #CanvaVideos Harmony Kent, #Bookreviews D.L. Finn, #Icecream Dolly Aizenman

A small selection of the posts that I have enjoyed over the last few days, and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full…

The first post is from Harmony Kent with a very helpful post on Story Empire on how to create a video using Canva.. very helpful step by step guide.

How to Make a Video Using Canva

Hi SErs! Harmony here 😁 Today, I have another Canva tutorial for you. This one is all about using Canva to make a free and easy video, which you can use for all sorts of promotional purposes … including a book promo trailer.

For this tutorial, I’m using Canva online rather than my App on my iPad. So some of the screenshots will look different, depending upon which version and App you’re using. However, the instructions are essentially the same.

**You can make videos in both the free and paid options on Canva** 

Head over to follow this excellent step by step guide: Harmony Kent, How to make a video using Canva

The next post is from Denise Finn and contains the first of her February book reviews and if you are looking for your next read, follow the link..

Mr. Sagittarius by M.J. Mallon

“Mr. Sagittarius” is a wonderful collection of poetry, prose, and pictures weaved into a magical story. The book focuses on three older siblings. The male twins have developed a special relationship, making their sister feeling left out. When one twin passes, that leaves the brother and sister to grieve. The stories have powerful images that move the narrative along and sometimes veer off into the unknown for a quick visit. We are led through picturesque scenery and whimsical moments, which include an unusual bubble bath, a rainbow hat, and an ice cave. The poetry was beautiful and powerful, and the photos captured nature brilliantly. A quick read that I found relaxing and endearing. A perfect escape in unsettled times that I recommend.

Check out D.L.Finn’s reading recommendations for February: Must Read Indie Authors February Reviews Part One

Now time for some indulgence courtesy of Dolly Aizenman who shares an ice-cream that you could eat for breakfast or any time of day it is so delicious. Also Dolly shares a wonderful story to go along with the recipe..

Double Chocolate Banana ice cream

Banana IC 5

Lovely Carol of informed me that today was an Ice Cream for Breakfast day. Here is a repeat of an old post that features an unusual ice cream you can have for breakfast, even though I had it for lunch.

My mother, may she rest in peace, could eat a kilogram of ice cream in record speed. Think inhale! Any flavor – didn’t matter. As long as it was ice cream. She was the easiest date to please, claimed my father, OBM. Just take her to an ice cream parlor and keep ordering. Also, the best date, or so he said, because she never argued with him or demanded anything. Her mouth was otherwise occupied. If it wasn’t ice cream, it was chocolate. In fact, she agreed to be introduced to him for two kilos of chocolates that a girlfriend promised her. The girlfriend’s cousin was my dad’s classmate, who, in turn got the promised two kilos from – you got it! – my dad. Every year at their wedding anniversary, I heard how my dad bought my mom for two kilos of chocolate. She had been sixteen, tiny and slender, and he seventeen, tall and handsome, and the rest was history. 


Head over for the step by step guide to preparing this special love filled treat: Dolly Aizenman Double Chocolate Banana Ice-cream


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