Smorgasbord Sunday Interview – The Ultimate Bucket List – Something close to my Heart by Paul Andruss

Welcome to the Sunday Interview and the theme is The Ultimate Bucket List.

In this interview series I would love to know what your top TWO items are on your bucket list and if you have not written one yet, then perhaps it is time to get your thinking caps on.

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Today my guest is our own Writer in Residence, Paul Andruss with his two top bucket list items. And whilst you might think that Paul might like to travel back in time and resolve the mystery of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table once and for all…… he actually wishes for something much closer to his heart.

Something Close to my Heart.. by Paul Andruss

I don’t have a bucket list. I guess I am quite accepting of what life throws at me. Perhaps I’m a reincarnation of some old Buddhist or something.

So let me see…


I’ve had a few.

But then again too few to mention!

Oh Lord! Not the Frank Sinatra song!

Sorry… Zilch! Nada! Diddly squat!

Mind you that’s not to say if someone offered me a free trip to Machu Picchu or Mars or somewhere I wouldn’t bite their hand off. It’s simply that if I don’t, then I don’t feel my whole life has been a wasteland.

When I was younger there were lots of people I wanted to meet. But as the decades passed and the great and good took the one way trip through the protecting veil in ever increasing numbers, my old bucket list became a post-bucket list.

To be frank, I’m not terribly sure what lies beyond kicking the bucket, or shuffling off this mortal coil, or any one of the numerous euphemisms we use to face the unfaceable. But I know this. Eternity or oblivion, it’s a win-win situation.

If it’s welcome to eternity, I shall be one busy little bee catching up with my heroes. I certainly believe any afterlife is better than this world. No loving creatrix, no Great Mother, would be so pretty to her children as to punish us for our failings. After all if she does not make mistakes, she knew exactly what she was doing when she gave us our flaws and foibles.

On the other hand, if I’m destined to be extinguished like a candle-flame then I cannot find much wrong with that either. Remind me to ask an ex-candle-flame what the afterlife feels like next time I meet one.

So where does that leave my pre-bucket (as opposed to my post-bucket) list?

Well, given death is a part of life…

(Look on it as God’s final surprise.)

After careful consideration, my top two are:

One. Dying at the same time as my partner.

We’re best friends, pretty inseparable for decades and have had lots of adventures together. So to be blunt, why should this one be any different?

Two. Choosing the time I go and making it as quick and painless as possible.

I realise that might shock you. We tend to look on suicide as a big old mortal sin. But, do you know the story of Pandora’s Box? I mean, do you really know it?

In the Greek myths, Pandora (All Gifts) was given a chest by the gods and told not to open it, which of course… she did!

Wouldn’t you?

Out came all the evils the gods had thoughtfully locked up away from man. The last out of the box was hope.

According to the Christian version, the gods put in hope as a remedy so mankind would not give in to despair.

In the original Greek version, hope was out last because it was the most despicable evil of all. When all is lost, hope stops you walking away from the inevitable.

In my defence, all I can add is this…

Hey, you read my stuff. You should have known I’d be controversial.

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About Paul Andruss

Paul Andruss is a writer whose primary focus is to take a subject, research every element thoroughly and then bring the pieces back together in a unique and thought provoking way. His desire to understand the origins of man, history, religion, politics and the minds of legends who rocked the world is inspiring. He does not hesitate to question, refute or make you rethink your own belief system and his work is always interesting and entertaining. Whilst is reluctant to talk about his own achievements he offers a warm and generous support and friendship to those he comes into contact with.

Paul lives in Wales with his partner and they are avid gardeners. As you can see from some of the photographs I have shared of their garden in this post.

Paul is a modest but very talented author and he has two books currently available. Thomas the Rhymer – a magical fantasy for ages 11 to adult about a boy attempting to save fairy Thomas the Rhymer, while trying to rescue his brother from a selfish fairy queen.

Here is the most recent review for Thomas the Rhymer

Jack Hughes witnesses the abduction of his brother Dan by the wicked fairy Sylvie. Nightmares and visions of a mysterious tramp take over his reality and he becomes torn about sharing the truth behind his brothers disappearance. Catherine, Ken and Ken’s mystical mother Rosie become his confidants and join Jack in searching for clues on breaking the wicked fairies hold over his brother .

The tramp’s true identity soon unfolds when the team offer him food and shelter; he is Thomas the Rhymer, Prince of Elphane, who speaks in Rhyme:

“Yesterday upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. I wish that man would GO AWAY!”

The author takes the reader on a series of adventures through ancient ley lines, bathed in milky blue light that cross a fairy hill, churches and open countryside.
We meet the mysterious Horatio Grin and Agnes Day, whose sister Poppy was also abducted by the faeries. But can they be trusted? And can Jack and his friends find his brother and bring him safely back home?

I read this book slowly as there were so many mystical layers to Jack’s adventures. It is well written and will appeal to both young and old.

Thomas the Rhymer Paul AndrussPaul also has a pdf file available and you can read for FREE by obtaining a copy from Barnes & Noble for Nook readers and also from Kobo.

You can find out how to download from Paul’s site and also links to the other options at this link.

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Finn Mac Cool

Paul’s second books is Finn Mac Cool – rude, crude and funny, explicitly sexual and disturbingly violent, Finn Mac Cool is strictly for adults only.

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