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Delighted to welcome poet Dorinda Duclos to the series with the first of her archive posts. And I have selected a poem from 2014 that caught my attention.. and mirrors my sentiments exactly.

Camping by Dorinda Duclos

They pitch their tents
And gather sticks
They tell me I should try it
It’s fun they say
Come on and play
Sorry, I just don’t buy it
The forest folk hide nearby
They never make a sound
But I know they’re there
And try not to care
However, it’s much too quiet
A pat on the back
As they finish their tasks
The campsite looks quite inviting
But I’m still not staying
With bugs I’m not laying
Just drop me off at the Hyatt.

©2014 Dorinda Duclos

About Dorinda Duclos

Dorinda Duclos is a writer of poetry, sharing her life experiences in verse. She is also the author of the blog, Night Owl Poetry, and has amassed a following of fellow poets, writers and artists, and is highly recognized in social media. She is a member of the Poetry Society of America and the Academy of American Poets, as well as a guest writer on

She was also involved in “Poets for Peace”, a collaboration of poems from poets around the world. This collaboration is now archived in the ‘Stanford University Archive’ of the ‘100,000 Poets for Change’ collection!

A wife and mother of two, Dorinda makes her home in northern New Jersey, surrounded by wildlife, and nature’s beauty, all inspiration for her poetry.

A selection of  books by Dorinda Duclos

One of the recent reviews for Night Owl Poetry

Night Owl Poetry by Dorinda Duclos is an anthology of poems that begins with an intense symbol of Cocoon, which sheathes the internal beauty, yearning to break free. Slowly it wades into deeper waters of life, trying to figure out its real meaning and exhorting you to believe in yourself to understand the ‘jigsaw of life.’ The paradox of fleeting moments yet time standing still, past that lingers around us despite the beckoning light, A broken heart and yearning for brighter paths – all comes alive in these pages that glow with signature style of a brilliant poet.

Symbolism is the forte of Dorinda, as the night owl is an image for the poet who can’t sleep without completing her rendezvous with the wonderful words she pours into her musings. Whether she pays homage to soldiers or empathizes with ‘The Bag Lady,’ Duclos handles each theme perceptively. Once again love for nature shines through her poetry despite various issues that inspire her. This is a perfect book for poetry lovers. 

All the books including signed copies can be purchased through Dorinda’s website: Book Page

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My thanks to Dorinda for allowing me to browse her archives and share this post with you… and it would be great if you would head over and explore her archives for yourself.. thanks Sally.