Smorgasbord Blogger Spotlight – 26th May 2023 #Laughter Pete Springer, #Poetry Elizabeth Gauffreau, #Texting John W. Howell, #Chess Stevie Turner, #Eurovision Janet Gogerty, #Genres Jacqui Murray, #Florence D.G. Kaye

Delighted to share a small selection of posts I have enjoyed this week and I hope you will head over to enjoy them in full.. thanks Sally.

Peter Springer​ shares his thoughts on Birthday Cards and humour, a much needed ingredient in our modern world.. and there is a dog video.. a much watch..

Head over to read and watch: Pete Springer – Laughter is still the best medicine

Elizabeth Gauffreau reads a beautiful poem “Instructions on Not Giving Up,” by Ada Limón, 24th Poet Laureate of the United States and shares some wonderful photography from her garden.

Enjoy Liz’s reading of this lovely poem: Reading Instructions on Not Giving Up by Ada Limon/

John Howell informs and entertains as always with his Ten Things Not To Do When Texting.. have had my own adventures I appreciated his advice….

Head over to make sure you are not getting yourself into trouble: Top Ten Things not to do when Texting by John Howell.

Stevie Turner has returned to a board game she enjoyed as a child and as an adult but this time online.. Chess a game of strategy and definitely great at keeping the mind firing on all cylinders..

Discover more about online Chess: A New Pastime by Stevie Turner

If you don’t know much about the Eurovision Song Contest and would like a review of this year’s event in Liverpool, head over to Janet Gogerty who shares her round up…

Head over to enjoy Janet’s recap: Eurovision 2023 by Janet Gogerty

Jacqui Murray​ shares how important that writers follow the rules of genre’s (Jacqui links to another post of hers which lists 70 of them and tips on how to write within them effectively) very interesting.

Find out more: Why follow genre rules by Jacqui Murray

Italy has been suffering from torrential rainfall this week with flooding and loss of life, but this is not the first time. Back in 1966 the great flood in Florence devastated the city and its population but also countless priceless pieces of art. Debby Gies​ has written a wonderful post about the incredible response from the world of art and volunteers who have spent years restoring the city’s art and its legacy.

In The Know – When the world answered – 1966 Great Flood in Florence, Italy and Women in the Artworld


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will enjoy reading these posts in full….