Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday February 25th 2020 – #Recycling Carol Taylor, #Chocolate Eat Dessert First, #Poetry Colleen Chesebro

Time for Carol Taylor’s climate change and recycling update for the week with some interesting and innovative ways to use plastics… such as the saffron robes of Buddhist monks… and also a reminder to those protesting about climate change and child labour that the device clamped to their ear or the screen in front of them requires precious metals and often involves slave labour… and something to think about – the cost on the environment of alternatives to milk.

Recycling and Climate Change……Are we doing enough?

I have agonised about this post…I have been banging the same drum for quite a while…It does seem however that the more research I do and the more I discover that you would think that I am enlightened, I have a clear path which I wish to follow and everything is rosy… I am doing the right thing…I AM SAVING THE WORLD…

It certainly doesn’t feel like that…at times…sigh

save the world-4076853_640

Milk or more to the point cows milk…I have never been a great milk drinker even as a child… we had free milk at school and I just didn’t like it…In the end, my mum wrote a note and I was excused from drinking it…I love rice pudding and porridge although I do dilute the milk a little …I just for some reason have never liked drinking just a glass of milk…Yeah, Yeah… a fussy kid I hear you…

Head over to read the rest of Carol’s weekly report: Carol Taylor Climate Change and Recycling Are We Doing Enough?

Enjoy the new series for 2020 : Carol Taylor – A-Z of Food

One of the foods that is rarely wasted is chocolate…. and a new series is starting on Eat Dessert First on this delicious food that very few people dislike…

A sweet trip into the world of chocolate begins…

Our chocolate tart is healthy and therefore we can enjoy a big piece!

We like to approach the subjects we discuss in a methodic way, so we will start with the definition of chocolate. The broad term chocolate refers to preparations that contain seeds from the fruits of the cocoa tree (cacao tree or Theobroma cacao) as a basic ingredient.

The fruit of the cocoa tree.

The route from the plant to the products -which are either consumed directly or used in pastry- is briefly presented by the National Confectioners Association: the farmers open the fruits, take the seeds out and then a process of fermenting and drying follows. Then, the seeds are shipped all over the world, where they get checked and cleaned, baked and ground. The outcome is the chocolate liquor, a dense liquid.

Head over to find out more about the production process that ends up with that sweetness on our well as a stunning recipe for that healthy chocolate cake.. sounds too good to be true, but pass me a plate…: Eat Dessert First – Chocolate – Chocolate Tart

About the Eat Dessert First Team on this Greek/English blog.

We are a team of amateur bakers, children’s educators, writers and sociocultural researchers, based in Athens. What describes us best is that we eat dessert first! But not only… our name symbolises our wish for all the nice and sweet things in life to come first.

Eat Dessert First team doing what they does best… Devouring the sweets they prepared!

Our purpose is to approach aspects of the everyday life that are on our minds, by looking at them in a new perspective and studying them in their historic and cultural evolution… all that through our love for desserts. And of course to discover the history of our favorite sweets! Also, we take a sweet trip every now and then, to meet new places, customs, sights, activities, nature and -what else- little local treats! We don’t forget to exercise too, in order to eat our desserts without remorse…Find out more about the Eat Dessert Team in English

And finally today a reminder of this week’s challenge from Colleen Chesebro… this week it is the ‘theme prompt‘. A weekly treat for me, one of the few that does not require an elastic waist band on my jeans!

Head over to find out what the theme prompt is for February and details of how you can participate: Colleen Chesebro Tanka Tuesday Poetry No 166 – Theme Prompt

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy all the posts in full.. thanks Sally.