Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Weekly Challenge #Choka #Haiku – Primal Fear by Sally Cronin

This week for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Tanka Challenge it is a photoprompt with an image suggested by Cheryl, from last month’s photoprompt challenge.

I have selected a Choka followed by a Haiku for my poem this week.

Primal Fear

There is primal fear
embedded deep within cells
passed on by our ancestors
who have been witness
for many thousands of years
to this spectacle
laid on by the universe
often predicting events
beyond humankind’s control.

Meteors rain down
perhaps a gift from the gods
or their displeasure

©Sally Cronin 2021

There is still time to participate in this week’s challenge: Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Tanka Challenge it is a photoprompt

My latest book is a collection of poetry and was published on July 19th 2021 and here is a recent review.

One of the recent reviews for the collection

Aug 11, 2021 Pamela rated it five stars it was amazing
I’ve read several of Cronin’s books, finding each of them easy to read and relatable. This Life is LIke a Mosaic book of poems, “random fragments in harmony,” is no different and yet I took it in as slowly as possible, because each poem is deep within its simplicity. Many of these short poems took my breath away in their sharp insight. I could list them, but the list would be too long. I will say that I’ll never think of being “washed up” the same way; that the Silver Lining to Isolation encourages us to look at what we’ve gained over the past year and a half; that Cronin knows how to celebrate the seasons in her poetry; and how aging and birthdays are “etched in our skin” to remind us of the beauty in each day. Lastly, the end section on Cronin’s own “Slices of Life” may be my favorite, as we learn about the girl and young woman who became the generous writer and blogger that she is.

You can find all my books and buy links: Sally’s Books and Reviews 2021


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have enjoyed the poem.. thanks Sally.