Buy A Book Cover for Christmas – Chris,The Story Reading Ape.

I know that when you reach the final edit of your book you have a vision in your mind for the book cover.  Not all of us are gifted in the graphics department and so finding someone who will take that vision or adapt one of theirs to showcase your book is very important. So a book cover is a terrific Christmas gift and as you will see from the post, the prices of these pre-made covers are extremely good value.


Chris the Story Reading Ape is a friend to Indie Authors across all genres and abilities. Apart from opening up his blog up to writers to promote themselves and their books, he also provides some excellent posts in the form of tutorials that are very valuable for both experienced and novice writers.

His versatility is boundless and today I am featuring his book covers which he has designed to complement all the many genres that are published today. The examples have dummy text so that you can see what it might look like and of course you would liaise with Chris on those final details.

These examples are all Low Resolution and the High Resolution versions are available on request direct from Chris.

Abbey LR Sample

The prices are extremely good value as you will see and in addition Chris has an even better offer on them until 31st December. So great for a gift for writers in your family or circle of friends but also for yourself for one of your upcoming releases.

 New Worlds LR Sample

Normally the pre-made covers are $25 / £15 without Text, but the special offer means that you will only pay $15 / £10 without Text until 31st December 2014(on 1st January 2015, they will revert to their normal prices).

If Text is required, it would be an additional $10 / £6.

 ELE LR Sample

You can see more examples of pre-made covers at

And to discuss your requirements and find out about the Paypal payment details Contact Chris at

The Forgotten LR Sample

 Here are the other links to Chris’s blog and social media sites.


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