Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tuesday Tanka Poetry Challenge -#Etheree Thanksgiving by Sally Cronin

Happy Thanksgiving and whilst I won’t be sitting down to Turkey and all the trimmings, amongst my family and friends, I am with you in spirit and any spare pumpkin pie and I will let you have my postal address…. In the meantime, this week for Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 155 Colleen offered us a choice.. Thanksgiving theme or two prompt words… as you can see.. I have gone with the former.

Etheree – Thanksgiving

week has
me thinking
about the things
I am grateful for.
I have many blessings
on the material side,
but they fade away to nothing,
compared to the greatest gifts of all,
our health, and love of people around us.

©Sally Cronin 2019

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