Kindness – A simple word or gesture is all that is needed.

If you have been reading any of the reblogs this morning you will see that apart from double chocolate muffins (well even one of those counts) most have been associated with an act of kindness.


This virtual bouquet was sent to me by Kaur Inderjit who lives in Mumbai, India. We have never met but connected recently on Facebook.  I thanked her wondering why I was so privileged to have received it.  This was her response.

Just a bit from my side to spread smiles we all are so Stressed out
So helping my author friends With Spreading Smiles

Following that a blogger called Dominic Jones also sent me a message. You’ve been featured on TOWWIOW’s blog for Thank You Tuesday  Dominic listed all his wordpress followers to date and also those who have recently followed on Twitter.

My third example is to be found at Kim Gosselin’s blog where Kim is posting about the final days with her mother three years ago.  It is a last and very personal kindness to be with someone as they leave us.  Her post touched me as I was with both my father and my mother at that time.  Kim describes her role as gatekeeper of her mother’s wishes but it is also the bridge between this world and whatever comes after.

Whilst we as family can perform that last act for those we love, thankfully millions of healthcare workers and volunteers around the world are also there in final moments. They are owed a huge thank you, for even if they are strangers, they know the vital importance of that last touch of hand in hand.

Kindness is not about grand gestures, fanfares and headlines.  Philanthropy is to be applauded and it makes a huge difference to many helpless, desperate people and other creatures we share the earth with.  However, it is also the quiet, unheralded, small acts of kindness on a daily basis that can make the most difference to the lives of people we include in our circles of family and friends. Both those we have met in person and those that we have embraced here online.  It is also the few hours a week in a volunteer position in a hospice or in an animal sanctuary, the drop in to an elderly neighbour with some cupcakes, or a simple phone call to a friend who is going through a tough time. There are hundreds of ways that we can make a difference.

Have a wonderful day.  And thank you for being here.

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