Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Mary Smith, Steve Boseley and D. Wallace Peach

Welcome to the Cafe and Bookstore update and hot off the press we have a new book by Mary Smith written with Allan Devlin. Castle Douglas Through Time records the town’s history in a series of old and new photographs. The gathering place for tourists exploring this beautiful part of Scotland.

NEWSFLASH – Mary was my guest on Saturday in the interactive interview series Book Reading at the Cafe.  After reading this I am sure that you will have even more questions for Mary and she would love to receive them.

About the book

The market town of Castle Douglas, beside Carlingwark Loch in the southern Scottish region of Dumfries and Galloway, is relatively new, though the area has been inhabited from prehistoric times and the Romans had a military base close by. In the fourteenth century, Archibald the Grim, the 3rd Earl of Douglas, built Threave Castle nearby.

The town came into being thanks to fertiliser found in the loch and wealthy merchant William Douglas, who laid out the present town in 1792. Though his dream of creating a cotton industry failed, Castle Douglas became a flourishing market town. The opening of the rail line to Dumfries in 1859 improved the town’s connections.

Though the railway closed in 1965, the A75 trunk road ensured the town’s survival as a major stopping point for travellers. Today, it is a major tourist destination, with many visitors using it as a base for exploring this beautiful part of Scotland. All these changes are recorded in this unique and fascinating series of new and old photographs, making this book essential reading for anyone interested in the history of Castle Douglas.

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Also in the local history series

One of the reviews for the book

This is a lovely and very absorbing book and one that I’ll keep going back to. Mary Smith does a superb job with her succinct commentaries on the photos, written with a deft and light touch, while Allan Devlin’s present day shots are vivid and arresting, contrasting with the sepia tones of the older photographs, many of which were taken in Victorian and Edwardian times. I feel I have learned a lot more about Dumfries and its surrounding areas from reading the book and it has whetted my appetite to explore the town more than I already have. You don’t have to live in Dumfries and Galloway or know the town of Dumfries to enjoy this book. It is fascinating in itself and hopefully will prove an enticement for people who have never visited Dumfries to do so.

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Also by Mary Smith


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Steve Boseley has re-issued his mystery thriller, Die, Blossom, Bloom with a brand new cover.

 A pensioner with a newfound love of gardening, TED HARRIS is haunted by the memories of his wife’s death. A regular competitor in the village ‘In Bloom’ competition, GERALDINE BUTLER-THOMPSON is keen to put Ted down at any opportunity, and is more than happy to share her thoughts on his garden. As Ted’s life with his wife is revealed, we get a glimpse into the love that they shared, before things started to go wrong.

The choices that he made haunt him still, and Butler-Thompson pushes him to reveal more than he is willing to, leading to a showdown with JORDAN, Butler-Thompson’s grandson. This confrontation pushes Ted towards what he sees as an inevitable conclusion, and a final showdown with Butler-Thompson. The annual ‘Haverly in Bloom’ competition is the backdrop for this thrilling tale of love, murder and suspicion that is sure to leave you horrified.

The latest review for the book

A gripping look at the flowery passions and life in an idyllic English village that seems like it’s straight out of Midsomer Murders. When I read the first few chapters, I had to look up Boseley – and specifically his age, as his portrayal of the elderly hero’s daily struggles were so convincing that I felt certain Boseley himself would be in his 70s, or even older.

Even though the story starts with a killing, its true meaning only gradually appears in a masterful narration that soon turns surprisingly dark. Too dark, perhaps, for some readers, as this is not a novella for the squeamish. The pace picks up and soon readers find themselves in the uncomfortable position of rooting not for the “good” guys but for the murderer. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say I wish it were different.

Based on Die Blossom Bloom, I’ll be reading Boseley’s second book soon.

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 Also by Steve Boseley


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Then next featured author is D. Wallace Peach with her latest release which is Catling’s Bane Book 1 of the Rose Shield Tetralogy… a blend of science fiction and fantasy.

About the Rose Shield Tetralogy

Welcome to a world of three moons, a sentient landscape, rivers of light, and tier cities that rise from the swamps like otherworld flowers. A planet of waterdragons, where humans are the aliens living among three-fingered natives with spotted skin. Where a half-blood converses with the fog and the goddess plans her final reckoning.

Follow Catling’s journey as she grows from childhood into the deadly force that shapes the future. She is the realm’s shield, an influencer, assassin, healer, mother, and avenger. And all she wants is to go home.

The books of The Rose Shield Tetralogy – Catling’s Bane – Oathbreakers’ Guild –
Farlanders’ Law – Kari’s Reckoning –

Books 2,3 and 4 are available on Pre- Order and you can read more about the series and follow the links to Amazon from here:

About Book 1 – Catling’s Bane

In the tiers of Ellegeance, the elite Influencers’ Guild holds the power to manipulate emotions. Love and fear, pain and pleasure, healing and death mark the extremes of their sway, but it’s the subtle blends that hook their victims’ hearts. They hide behind oaths of loyalty and rule the world.

A child born in the grim warrens beneath the city, Catling rues the rose birthmark encircling her eye. Yet, it grants her the ability to disrupt the influencers’ sway. Established methods of civil control disintegrate before her. She’s a weapon desired by those who reign and those who rebel.

To the Influencer’s Guild, she’s an aberration, a threat. They order her death and thus the betrayals begin. One woman protects and trains her, plotting to use her shield to further imperial goals. No longer a helpless child, Catling has other plans. As chaos shakes the foundations of order and rule, will she become the realm’s savior? Or its executioner?

One of the early reviews

D. Wallace Peach creates an utterly original, lush and cohesive world inhabited by well-developed and multi-dimensional characters we instantly care about (even the minor ones), all the more so as the plot unfolds. And what a plot it is — no copycat fiction or cliche devices here. The concept of “influence” as an accepted part of life is not only entertaining but thought provoking; and the author’s attention to detail on how influence works grabs hold and will thrill true high fantasy readers who value intelligent rationale for magic. All I can say is … prepare to lose some sleep over this one. And the final chapter leads to a cliffhanger that will leave readers desperate for Book II.

I am a lifelong reader of fantasy, and out of what I’d guess to be nearly 1,000 books read to date, this book series is in my top five. Catling’s Bane is easily on par with the likes of Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicle series), Karen Miller (the “Mage” series) and Glenda Larke (Stormlord series). I’m confident that many readers will, like me, add this one to their top shelf.

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Also by D. Wallace Peach

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 14th February 2017 – Upcoming Release, Daisies, Love Poetry, Free Books, Frank Immersed and Sir Chocolate

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the Blogger Daily and a quick look at some of the posts I have read in the last couple of days. It is Valentine’s Day and have tried to find a flavour of that amongst the selection… but all the posts are from talented writers.  There are also some FREE books on offer to take advantage of.  Don’t forget to leave the link to your latest post in the comments section so that I can share.


First is author D. Wallace Peach who is looking forward to her latest release in March.. Diana has shared some of the characters in recent weeks but today introduces us to The Goddess.. The Rose Shield is a four book fantasy series and the first book is Catling’s Bane. Here is an excerpt from Diana’s post where she introduces us to The Goddess.

 Meet the Goddess
(Raker’s voice in the fog is no longer simply a voice)

Raker poled the raft through the narrow channels, wandering his way toward the floating village deeper in the swamp. Morning mists hovered as a forbidding sky scudded eastward, promising sheets of rain. The goddess caressed him, twirled in languid circles, veils of dew flowing from her arms like wings.

She stroked his back with a fingertip. “Your indifference is as disputable as your madness.”

Read the rest of the post:

51p3tby-elBrigid Gallagher is celebrating International Book Giving Day and a year of blogging with a great offer…

Today is International Book Giving Day, thus I am making “Watching the Daisies” FREE on Amazon Kindle for two days – 14/15 February. This is my way of thanking you all for your support through my first year of blogging – I started this blog on 19th February last year.

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Now for more than a touch of romance.. a poem and a tribute to love from N.N. Light on her blog Princess of the Light.  And her book  Poetry of Love: The Engagement Year is FREE today.

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time to talk about romantic love and I dedicate this day and inspirational thought to the man who taught me the real meaning of love, Mr. N.

From the time I was three, I dreamt of my Prince Charming, the handsome man who would love me and make all my dreams come true. I know it sounds like the total cliche but that is exactly what Mr. N did. 

Read the rest of this loving post:


Next Aurora Alexander interviews Don Massenzio in her Author Spotlight post.


  1. Are you still writing in the same genre as you did before, and if not, why did you switch – or would you ever think to change genres?

Interestingly enough, a couple of months before last year’s interview, I had released a terrorist thriller Blood Orange which, after writing three detective mystery novels, was a change in genre. I have since released another two detective mysteries, but I am writing a follow-up to that thriller as readers seemed to like the main character and his team. It will, however, crossover into the universe of my detective novels.

Read the rest of the interview:


Last but not least Vicki (Author Sojourner McConnell) hosts from Robbie Cheadle and her son Michael who are the authors of the Sir Chocolate series of books.


Robbie and Michael are the co-authors of the Sir Chocolate series of books which are all about a little man, Sir Chocolate, who lives in a land where you can eat everything, even the flowers and the trees. Sir Chocolate and his lady love, Lady Sweet, have a number of little adventures, sourcing ingredients for their fabulous chocolate creations and helping their friends in Chocolateville out of various scrapes and problems. Each book contains illustrations made from fondant, biscuits, and cake and also includes five simple recipes that children can do under parental supervision. Each book also features a poem about life with children by Robbie and a fondant creation by Michael, aged ten years.

Read the rest of the guest post:

I hope you have enjoyed the selection today.. please don’t forget to leave the link to your latest post in the comments section.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday 6th January – Final Festivities and Royal Honey Cake

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

The first post this morning is very topical on this official last day of the Christmas celebrations. Madelyn Griffith-Haynie –  ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder has raised the concept of stretching the celebrations a little further… as she points out the Three Wise Men did not arrive to the celebrations until January 6th. Madelyn strengthens her case very persuasively in the rest of the article.

“Are Merry Christmas & Happy New Year behind you now?

If so, I hope your Christmas festivities were everything you wanted them to be, and that all of your gifts were happily received in more than the spirit of that thought-that-counts manner.

I also hope that you are so happy with the gifts you received that you spend not a nano-second in a returns line.

HOWEVER, as many of you are focused on recovering from celebrating the arrival of the New Year, a scant few of us are still anticipating Christmas celebrations ourselves – after a fashion.

We who NEED a Little Christmas . . . TIME!”

Read on...



Whilst many of us are contemplating our excesses over Christmas it is important to remember that not all cakes are created equal… Certainly not “tzarskaya kovrizhka” – a royal honey cake the subject of this post by Dolly of Kool Kosher Kitchen. Dolly gives us the legend of Prince Igor.. who by all accounts spurned the enticements of his captors to return home to his wife and Kovrizhki…

Prince Igor says…”Not for any Kovrizhki”

“You are a prince. Not just any old prince among a bunch of other princes, but The Grand Prince of Kiev Rus, the very first one holding this title. Don’t worry, ladies, there is a princess in this story, too, Princess Olga, a formidable ruler and warrior in her own right. But let’s return to the beginning – the beginning of tenth century, when Rus is terrorized by the nomad raids. Prince Igor, like every self-respecting prince, mounts a campaign to protect his lands and his subjects from the savage Polovtsians, the khans.”

Read on.…..


Now you get a really big bang for your buck.. Stevie Turner does a Friday blog round up and she has 13 bloggers in this week’s post so 14 for the price of one.. A great variety and all worth following.

510glyvrrdl-_uy250_The 6th of January allegedly heralds the return to the normal pattern of our lives. For the last two weeks we have got away with a lot of things that we would not dream of doing the other 50 weeks or the year.. such as drinking a Buck’s Fizz at breakfast time and polishing off that tin of Quality Street.

In her weekly look at life on and offline and the world of books, author Jessica Norrie reviews her festive fortnight and her vain attempts to remain entirely offline.. However sounds as though it was a lively enough time in the writer groups she visited! That’s when the fight started!

Prose and Prosecco

Sadly, “Prose and Prosecco” isn’t a newly unearthed Jane Austen novel whose intelligent heroine triumphs over a bubbly rival. The juxtaposition describes a more mundane dilemma: how to take up the pen (well, mouse) again after Christmas and New Year?

Rich food has clogged my plot, chocolate stuffed my characters, and I certainly wasn’t inside the head of my Muslim heroine while glugging snazzy cocktails. This year there was an unexpected and beautiful present on Christmas Eve: a jar of hibiscus flowers and a bottle of Crémant de Loire to start us off in style. I thought I deserved it – I’d posted a seasonal article that very day on the BritFic Authors website, and another the day before on this blog.

Read on.


To finish off today’s selection of blogs and in line with the theme that has pervaded blogworld today.. the lament at the passing of the festive holiday… here is Diana Wallace Peach who now has the sniffles with A Holidays Limerick...

A cold has me stuffed in the sack
How I sniffle, I sneeze and I hack
The laptop is dusty
Inspiration is fusty
Yet, it feels mighty grand to be back
Read on……


Thanks for dropping by and I am sure you will not regret heading over to these bloggers to read their posts..

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Sally’s Cafe & Bookstore Christmas Update – New covers and reviews

My thanks to those of you in the bookstore who have let me know your updates and news. I will feature your updates as they come in and also work my way through the bookstore finding new reviews and sharing them.  Contact me on if your book in the store has a great new review we can showcase.


The first update is from D.Wallace Peach who has brand new covers for her Dragon Soul Quartet having moved to self-publishing.


You can buy the complete series at a special price of £7.28 but here is Book 1 in the series.

61abvx-feql-_uy250_About Myths of the Mirror

In the distant mountains of the Mirror, exiled skyriders fly dragons in the old Way, merged in flesh, blood, and bone. Twenty years past, they fought for the freedom of the valley’s dragons … and lost.

Imprisoned in the stone lair, the captive dragons beat their webbed wings and thrash serpentine tails. They tear their flesh and batter their bodies against the black bars of their cells, iron grating against iron. The once peaceful creatures howl, tormented by spine and spur, their fury matched only by their despair.

Treasa, the daughter of exiles, seeks the secrets of a hidden past and a father she never knew. Gifted with visions, she glimpses pieces of years long lost and a veiled future that only raises more questions. The dragons visit her dreams, laden with contradictions that tear at her heart—for one day she sails in unfettered flight, her arms thrown wide, and the next she writhes in tortured darkness, desperate to be free.

The lair’s black-garbed riders sense the dragons’ growing savagery. Yet Conall longs to grasp their power, to subdue them and soar. He will endure the reek, filth, and terror of the lair to earn his right to fly. With a heart encased in steel, he masters the weapons of compliance to see his will done. At the cost of the woman he loves.

Then, a curved talon rends flesh and dragon scale, rattling against white ribs. Blood falls like rain and the world shifts. Treasa and Conall must decide who they are and what they stand for. Thus the battle for the dragon soul begins again. Alliances form, old myths are revealed, and new myths are born.

Buy book one of the Series:

Also by D. Wallace Peach


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My next update is for Annabelle Franklin whose children’s books would make the perfect gift for the younger members of the family.

61rpmg12skl-_ux250_Here is Annabelle’s first book – Gateway to Magic.


One of the latest reviews for the book

A great adventure By Angelbear on June 7, 2016

Main characters – Steven the human, Nigel the shapeshifter, The fairy Queen and Mr Fildew the Queens Dungeon master.  Places – Earth and Fairyland

What story is about – Steven get mad tricked into pushing back the button that will send him to fairyland by his cousin Tracy.

After spending some time there and getting tricked by nasty goblins and a mischievous shape shifter, Steven just wants to go home but can’t find anyone to help him. After Steven steals cakes from the fairy market he ends up in the Forrest of pointy fingers to be punished.
He eventually gets out of it and becomes the fairy queens consultant hoping that she will send him home.

My Review Even though this is a children’s book I did enjoy reading it to my daughter.
The author has a really good imagination and I think a younger person would have been totally engrossed in the magical world of fairies and goblins.

My daughter loved the Sock worms and Fairy queen.

The characters and places are fun and certainly magical and even though Steven faces real danger he manages to get out of it.

It gives the advice through way of punishment that if you do something wrong you should work out why it is wrong, learn form it and change yourself so you don’t do it again.

Also by Annabelle Franklin.

51c02pcwfl-_uy250_Buy the books:
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Now for an update on a colouring book that was published mid-year by artist Tracy Campbell that has received rave reviews.

31mghvhea4l-_ux250_Calm Coloring – Faith, Hope & Love


A selection of the reviews

Yummy Goodness By Skye Goddess on June 7, 2016

Tracy Campbell’s book, Calm Coloring has gorgeous drawings just aching to be filled with color! I absolutely love the author’s whimsical style, and positive spirituality. Every page is filled with yummy drawings and optimistic spiritual affirmations. I can’t see how you could not feel good after coloring a page from this book. My personal favorites are the Heaven mushroom, the Kindness fish, and the Thank You Bonus cupcake at the end (you really want the bonus cupcake, it’s good enough to eat).

I love coloring as a form of relaxation. Calm Coloring: Faith, Hope & Love is a perfect way to add an element of fun to your stress reduction. What better way to prepare your mind and body for deep prayer and reflection than by stepping away from your busy life for 15 minutes and diving into this coloring book for all ages.The best part is the artwork is whimsical and fun and can actually be completed in one sitting.

Read the reviews and buy the
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New Book Fanfare Revisited- The Sorcerer’s Garden by D. Wallace Peach

New book fanfare

Welcome to New Book Fanfare revisited and today I am delighted to feature the eighth novel from D. Wallace Peach – The Sourcerer’s Garden.  Since its release last year it has received some great reviews.

Sorcerer's Garden Final ebook

About the Book:

D. Wallace Peach’s eighth novel is a collision of medieval and urban fantasy centered in the Northwest Hills of Portland, Oregon.

Recently fired and residing with her sweetly overbearing mother, Madlyn needs a job—bad. In a moment of desperation, she accepts a part-time position reading at the bedside of adventurer and amateur writer Cody Lofton. A near-drowning accident left the young man in a vegetative state, and his chances of recovery wane with each passing day.

Cody’s older brother, Dustin, and eccentric grandmother aren’t prepared to give up on the youngest son of Portland, Oregon’s royalty.

Dustin’s a personable guy, bordering on naïve, and overwhelmed by familial corporate duties and cutthroat partners. Grandmother Lillian’s a meddler with an eye for the esoteric, dabbling in Dustin’s life and dealing out wisdom like a card shark. One innocent conversation at a time, she sucks Madlyn into the Lofton story, dubbing her the princess and bestowing on her the responsibility of both grandsons’ destinies.

And all Madlyn wanted was a simple reading job.

Uninspired by her self-imposed stack of literary selections, Madlyn opts for Cody’s work-in-progress. Fantasy isn’t her favorite, but with only four chapters completed, reading The Sorcerer’s Garden should be no sweat, right?

Little does she realize, the story will begin writing itself and, by the hand of destiny, become her own.

Don’t look for a run-of-the-mill fantasy here. This is one tangled tale crafted especially for readers who enjoy plot twists that keep everyone, including the characters, guessing.

About  Madlyn

Madlyn is quirky, blessed with a sarcastic sense of humor, and a tendency to say exactly what’s on her mind. At 28, she’s also abandoned her dreams of a fairytale life. A satisfying career and happily-ever-after romance simply aren’t turning up in her cards, and in fact, her junky car is careening downhill fast. A strong female protagonist with a reluctant streak, she finds herself trapped in a heroic adventure through overlapping worlds, unsure whether one or both are real.

Some of the reviews for The Sorcerer’s Garden.

Who knew I like fantasy? Until I read Peach’s The Sorcerer’s Garden, I never read this genre. Well, kudos to this author, who kept me enthralled each and every page of this fun-to-read, beautifully written, suspenseful and romantic novel. The main character, Madlyn, is flawed yet perfect in her personality as she loses her job but gains so much more as she begins her adventure in a new job that takes her to places she never imagined. This book freed my imagination as I quickly turned each page to follow the action.
The Sorcerer’s Garden is my favorite of Peach’s books so far, though I really enjoyed The Melding or Aeris. This one I read in 4 days, which is a feat when you have a small child. I love reading books that take place in Portland, because who doesn’t like reading something that takes place where you live, recognizing places. It helps with imagining the scenes unfolding. It is easy to imagine The Sorcerer’s Garden being a movie with its vivid descriptions, and the intensity and brutality of the battles. I also enjoyed reimagining Portland in medieval times, the landscape I know with an entirely different feel. I loved feeling transported and feeling the connections between people and their struggles in a way that is timeless.
Fantasy combined with real life By Southern on September 16, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
“The Sorcerer’s Garden” by author D. Wallace Peach, is a book with an interesting plot, and steeped in both fantasy and reality. The story opens with the main character, Madlyn, losing her job at a large company named Global Recapture. Being that employment is a must-have for her, she takes a job that involves, among other things, reading to a young man named Cody, who is in a vegetative state after nearly drowning. She ends up reading the first portion of a book that Cody had been writing, a fantasy novel of which only four chapters have been completed, and which does not seem like too difficult of a read. Much to her surprise, she finds that she has become a character in that story, namely, the Princess, with the enemies being the executives at her former employer, which had recently terminated her. I think the way this book combined fantasy and reality was really masterful, and the character and story development were especially good. I hope to read more such novels from this author in the future. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Buy The Sorcerer’s Garden:

A small selection of other books by D. Wallace Peach.

Sunwielder coverMyths of the Mirror Cover Final


Buy all of D.Wallace Peach’s Books: Amazon author page

About the author

book photo

D. Wallace Peach was a kid with books in her blood, though she didn’t know it until the day she opened a book titled The Hobbit. Tolkien … literally changed her life.

Diana loves writing and has the privilege to pursue her passion full time. She’s still exploring the fantasy genre, trying out new points of view, playing with tense, creating optimistic works with light-hearted endings, and delving into the grim and gritty what-ifs of a post-apocalyptic world. She wonders if one day she’ll settle into something more predictable. Probably not. It’s simply an uncharted journey, and she hopes you’ll enjoy the adventure as much as she.

In addition to writing books, Diana’s a volunteer, activist, gardener, animal lover, and grandmother to the Overlord. She lives with her husband, two mutts, and Pinky the cat in a log cabin among the giant firs of Oregon’s Coastal Mountains. She loves to laugh and enjoys the worldwide connections fostered by writing and blogging. There’s never a dull moment in the pursuit of peace.

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Mention in Dispatches – Shopping with Mother, Disappearing Eagles and Tibetan Rites

mention in dispatchesWelcome to this week’s look at the creative posts written by bloggers here on WordPress this week. I am only one woman (I say this modestly) so unfortunately it is beyond me to read every wonderful post written this week on WP.  However, you will find if you head over to read these particular articles; that one thing leads to another.

It is a little bit like going to the local library or a bookshop and browsing the shelves. You are looking for one book in particular but then your eye catches a title on the shelf below and – hang on a minute – what is that on the shelf above?

Most bloggers display their most recent posts on their blogs and before you know it you are down the rabbit hole with Alice and it is mid-morning and time for coffee.

I am sure that you will enjoy these posts and also any adventures they may lead you to. Do support those bloggers by passing their gifts along.  Thanks Sally

Linda bethea two

Another fabulous and nostalgic look back at her early childhood and Linda Bethea never fails to entertain and make me smile.. so lucky to still have her mother to go shopping with and joke with.. great post so do head over…

sue vincentSue Vincent with a very poignant post about the last of species that are disappearing from our world far too rapidly because of our actions. This includes the last Golden Eagle to leave our English skies..


Christine Keleny with a review for the audio book The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken.  Audio books are certainly part of the publishing evolution as far as I am concerned and whilst it is more common to find audio for the classics and highly popular authors it is becoming increasingly viable for Indie authors too.


Jean M Cogdell with a post on overnight success.. it can happen – but it helps if you believe in fairies and pigs that fly which are more likely as success usually comes with years of hard work.

Olga Núñez Miret 02

Olga Nunez Miret asks how you start your day.. great video on the Five Tibetan rites of rejuvenation.. head over and let her know…

Author, Poet, Writer & Blogger, Judy MartinJudy Martin with a lovely tribute to the comedic genius of Victoria Wood who died suddenly this week after a short battle with cancer.


There are still wonderful children’s games that do not require technological intervention.. Who has not played hide ‘n’ seek?  Lovely post from Kim Gosselin.


Angie Quantrell with a love story that runs hot and cold and across rivers and lakes… it did not end well with both parties moving on.. One to a lonely and end amongst others of the same temperament and the other to a newer and more reciprocal relationship!!!


Geoff Le Pard with a look at the skyscrapers of London from the 1980s onwards.. Amazing structures that change a skyline forever.

D.G. Kaye Author

Debby Gies continues the saga of obtaining the right care at the right time when ill. It is universal and despite being the ‘technilogical age’ that technology is only as good as the human operating it.. one small mistake and like a pack of dominoes…things fall into a chasm..

Diana Peach

Diana Peach with a look into her fantasy world of Crofter’s Moon (Dragon Soul Trilogy) along with an excerpt for your reading pleasure.. The Crofter’s Moon heralds all that is new and fresh about spring….

Thanks for dropping by and hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I will be back later with the Saturday Round up and anything else that catches my eye.. Sally

The Saturday Round Up – Poetry, Music, outstanding talent and a sprig of mint..

The end of another week and one that has been very enjoyable for me. Whilst it may still be early to celebrate Christmas there is a definite sparkle in the air… perhaps it is the talent that has passed through the blog in the last seven days. Also I know that I am already thinking of what I am going to buy for Christmas and since most people do not really need more ornaments to dust… books are the perfect answer.. and perhaps a little jewellery. The Grotto is updated and there is something for everyone whatever their age.

We have had torrential rain and grey skies all week but the sun came out yesterday and is going to be here for the next ten days. Despite being November I have just sat outside for two hours and topped up my Vitamin D whilst reading. It does not get much better than that.

While I am writing this I am listening to David Garrett the violinist who has to be one of the most stunning artists on the worldwide stage today.. Here is Vivaldi – Four Seasons – Winter.

He plays some wonderful crossover pieces on his albums and I can recommend his latest. Explosive.


Time to catch up on the week and meet some of my lovely guests.. 

Saturday Morning Coffee with Linda Bethea, Christoph Fischer and Diana Wallace Peach.



William Price King with the finale of the Quincy Jones Story

William will be back in the New Year with a new series but we have his new album to look forward to and on Wednesdays up to Christmas; he will be selecting his favourite seasonal music to share with us.


 New Series – The War Poets

For the next week I will be posting a series on some of the exceptional young men and women who not only experienced the horrors of war but who recorded it in their poetry.

Christmas Grotto 2015.

There are just 20 official slots left so if you would like to showcase your books, design or music then please get in touch.

This weeks entries. - BoxCover & E-Book - Francis Guenette



Cover Final Babies of Two




The Last Life(promo)

What’s in a name short stories – D for David – Beloved

This week David attends the 50th anniversary of the end of World War I. He and his comrades are there to honour their lost friends but for David it will be a very special year.


Memories are made of this….

My divorce is finalised and I pass my driving test… and I get swept off my feet by a good looking Irishman in 1980

sally wedding day 1980



Size Matters Serialisation.


Part Fourteen of my book on my weight loss journey nearly twenty years ago when I lost 150lbs.

 The Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest.


Please join me tomorrow for lunch with D.G. Kaye (Debby) and Nicholas Rossis.. the food is going to be amazing as is the company.

Thanks for joining me this week and enjoy the rest of the weekend…

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Saturday Morning Coffee – With Linda Bethea, Christoph Fischer and D. Wallace Peach


I love variety in my life. Food, music, books, locations etc (not husbands, one is great!).

My three guests today certainly provide a wonderful variety of experiences that they share through their writing on their blogs or books. They have travelled far to join us this morning, from Louisiana, Oregon and Wales via England and Germany. I hope you enjoy your visit and pour yourself a cup of coffee and help yourself to some of the pastries on offer.  Meet my first guest……..


Linda Bethea – New York Cheesecake and the real Chicory Coffee!

My first guest this morning is Linda Bethea of where you will find a wonderfully varied mix of humour, commonsense and history. Linda and I connected through our blogs and I was delighted when she offered to contribute a post earlier this year for the Women’s Health Week. Linda had a long career as nurse and this included working with patients and their families who were undergoing dialysis. She wrote a very compelling article for the series on the importance of family and the support they provide during this very challenging experience.

new york cheesecake

Linda mentioned that she was very partial to New York Cheesecake and I decided to find a beverage to represent Louisiana and came across this description of Chicory Coffee.. I had always assumed that it was only drunk as an alternative when coffee was in short supply but it would seem that it is a delicious drink in its own right.

When mixed with fresh ground coffee, the chicory adds that same dried-fruit sweet-sourness to the cup up front, and lightens the body with a kind of oily film that clings to the teeth. While it’s often advertised as having a “mellowing” effect on your morning brew, it actually imparts a bit of an acrid flavor of its own, reminiscent of the skin around a fresh-roasted nut. The finish, however, has a really lovely aromatic-wood quality to it, like warm cedar. Mixed with milk, the cup tastes much like hazelnut-flavored coffee smells, which is also actually—dare I say it—kind of nice in its own way.

Now that Linda is retired she is free to follow her other path which is to pursue her passion of capturing the stories she has loved all my life.

‘The ones you’ll read on my blog all have a kernel of truth, perhaps mixed in with a healthy serving of imagination, embroidery, and if necessary to make a point, outright confabulation. I’ve preyed shamelessly on my family, living and dead, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, often changing the names to protect the innocent and not so innocent. My mother illustrates my blog. I come from a rollicking family of nuts, hence the name of the blog Nutsrok’

I love humour in most forms and Linda is a source of some wonderful funnies and you will do well to bookmark her blog for days when you are feeling a bit down.


Linda’s mother Kathleen Swain, is also part of the blog and there are some wonderful stories that recapture the days of the 30s and 40s and it is clear where the humour in the family emanates from. You will find some delightful illustrations that should be on book covers.


And if all of this was not enough Linda also has a wonderful advice column called Ask Auntie Linda which dispenses commonsense and down to earth wisdom for all age groups. Certainly in times of trouble I can imagine sitting down with Linda sharing a cup of coffee or tea and putting the woes of the world to rights.

How to connect with Linda



Christoph Fischer – Welsh Cakes and a pot of Darjeeling Tea.

I have placed my next guest between my two lady guests so that he can charm them both equally. Christoph Fischer is the best-selling author of many books that have received outstanding reviews. These include The Luck of the Weissensteiners, The Healer, and his latest, Conditioned, which is the sequel to us very popular book Conditions.

Christoph relocated to Wales this year and has taken to the culture and his new surroundings like a duck to water.. Well it is Wales and if I remember rightly from my years there… It has quite a bit of rain. I hope that he has also taken a liking to the delicious Welsh Cakes since I was up all night baking them!

welsh cakes

Christoph was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he now lives with his partner and beloved labradoodles, in a small town in West Wales.

He enjoyed a fascinating career which involved working for the British Film Institute, in Libraries, Museums and for an airline. Christoph is now firmly established as an author with books such as ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ which was published in November 2012; ‘Sebastian’ in May 2013 and ‘The Black Eagle Inn’ in October 2013 – which completes his ‘Three Nations Trilogy’. “Time to Let Go”, his first contemporary work was published in May 2014, and “Conditions”, another contemporary novel, in October 2014. His medical thriller “The Healer” was released in January 2015, his latest historical novel “In Search of a Revolution” in March 2015 and the thriller “The Gamblers” in June 2015 and his latest book Conditioned has just been released.


About the book.

Conditioned dives back into the world of gardener Charles, his friends and the state of his mental health – one year on. We meet loner Simon and his battle with the outside world, co-dependent Martha and her abusive husband Clive, neurotic poet Catherine on the verge of getting married, Tony, who finds his strange brother Charles a challenge, psychic Elaine looking for a new direction in life and quirky widow Sarah Roseberg who has a go at sorting out all of their problems. CONDITIONS aimed to sensitise readers and make them think about tolerance and acceptance. CONDITIONED wants readers to look beyond their attitude towards Conditions and examine what we all do and what we can do to overcome our challenges. The sequel is another snapshot of this circle of friends. Some will have improved their lives, others will not.

A small selection of other books by Christoph Fischer.


I recommend that you pop into Christoph’s blog on a regular basis and you will find a great deal of support for authors. Reviews and interviews and here are some examples for you.

With the move to Wales comes the opportunity to celebrate the amazing scenery and the literary talent that has always been a part of this countries proud heritage.

This is Christoph’s latest Welsh author interviews.

Links to connect with Christoph and buy his books.

Google +:


Sitting next to Christoph is the lovely Diana Wallace Peach and I have chosen Marionberry Pie (similar to the Blackberry) with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream and a Latte.


Diana and I connected first on Twitter I think and that led to meeting up on the other usual haunts as well. I am delighted that over the last year we have enjoyed sharing this particular hangout and if you do not already follow this generous and lovely person then please do so now.

Diana came to writing after a long career which she describes; ‘where amassing coin was the all-consuming objective. It required huge amounts of time and mental energy. And for me personally, it was soul-slaying’. The 9/11 devastating tragedy was the catalyst to a major change in her life and with the encouragement and support of her husband, Diana is now firmly in the grip of the fever that keeps us all enthralled; writing.

As Diana says…

Tolkien … literally changed my life. I didn’t care for reading as a child – I preferred Bonanza and Beverly Hillbillies reruns, Saturday morning cartoons and the Ed Sullivan show. Then one day, I opened a book titled The Hobbit. Magic happened.

I love writing, and have the privilege to pursue my passion full time. I’m still exploring the fantasy genre, trying out new points of view, playing with tense, creating optimistic works with light-hearted endings, and delving into the grim and gritty what-ifs of a post-apocalyptic world. Forgive me if I seem unfocused in my offering of reads. Perhaps one day, I’ll settle into something more reliable. For now, it’s simply an uncharted journey, and I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I.

Diana and her husband live in the lush wilderness or Oregon in a wonderful community about half an hour away from the nearest town. As someone who enjoys my own mountain retreat I can understand how that environment away from civilized clutter can free your mind’s creativity.

Here is a small selection of Diana’s books including the hugely popular Myths of the Mirror.


Diana is taking part in NaNoWriMo this month but to prevent us from suffering from withdrawal symptoms she is spreading a four part SciFi story across the month.. Here is part one….

You can also browse Diana’s blog archives and find some wonderful posts on family such as this on Mothers and Daughters

Diana is also a wonderful resource for writers and this post is an example of how to pass on your experience to others. Creating rich characters.

Buy all of Diana’s books
Amazon Author page:

Connect with Diana on her blogs and social media
Book Blog:
Diana’s books are on the shelves of the Christmas Grotto and there are now only 20 slots available. Please get in touch if you would like to showcase your book, art, music etc.

Three wonderfully honest, supportive and talented guests who are an essential part of my community here on line.. I hope you will embrace then into yours if they are not already there.

The Christmas Grotto.

Do not be shy and if you would like your book, designs, crafts, music and art showcased in the Christmas Grotto please contact me after looking at the format below. The shelves are filling up fast and there are only as many spaces as days to Christmas.

For details about how to submit your book, gifts and music please take a look at both the format of the post today and also in the link below.

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Thank you for popping in for coffee this morning and please leave your feedback and hit a few share buttons while you are here.

Enjoy the weekend.. Thanks Sally

Saturday Round Up – Coffee, Lunch, Music and Christmas Gift Ideas.

Hi everyone and hope your weekend is going well so far. We have been enjoying autumnal weather this week which means that one day I am reaching for my jeans and boots and the next I am sitting in the sun for an hour or wearing my bathers.. Not complaining I can strip off as quick as a flash if the sun pokes its head out for more than five minutes!

David is busy formatting and preparing Tales From the Garden for Ebook and print versions ready for Christmas. What began as a weekly challenge to myself has turned out to be a surprise extra book. Fairy tales for all ages.  Looking forward to ending the year with it.

The blog has been rollicking along with the edition of the Christmas Grotto and as you will see later the shelves are filling up. I am booked through to about 20th of November with a couple of spaces in the interim. So follow the link and let me have your books, gifts, music etc as soon as you can.

Finally, at the end of the post you will find a link to our house website. Our aim is to sell here and move back to Ireland. We are with two local agents and on Spanish websites but if you feel that you might have some contacts that could be interested then would be very grateful if you would share the link for the site which is in English.

Over to the week’s posts and as usual my deepest thanks to all of you who have contributed directly or by commenting and sharing.

The Weekend Cafe


61k71c0ibpl-_ux250_Saturday Morning Coffee with Sarah Vernon, Mary Smith and Nicholas Rossis. There was as usual an assortment of beverages and sweet and sticky cakes, but also some wonderfully talented guests who you will enjoy getting to know better.


Last Sunday Lunch took a while to recover from as the guests surpassed themselves with the courses that they brought with them. I can only thank the patron saint of sugarholics that this only virtual! Head over if you missed to meet Helen Jones and Charles Yallowitz.

William Price King and other music posts.

Price King Eric Sempe

William Price King picks up the story. We are now in the late 60s and 70s and Quincy Jones has already made a name for himself whilst still in his 30s. Then near disaster as Quincy suffers a near fatal brain bleed.

blog three

Last year I interviewed the amazing Garry George Wilkes about his music. Despite the challenges of mental illness, Garry’s latest project, a modern classical ballet, is ready for a preview. Links in the post.

Wednesday Music Spot.

One of Tina Turner’s rock inspirational anthems.. Simply the Best.



It is a jungle out there and as with any newish trend there are plenty of people who will offer you advice. As a self-publisher for the last 12 years I only recommend people who I believe will offer you the best advice and information. Although a dear friend, Jo Robinson is also someone that offers just that. If you are going to publish on Kindle or CreateSpace then buy her book..

The Christmas Grotto.

Delighted to say that the grotto is filling up with books and gifts. Now looking to schedule posts at the end of November so you need to get your submissions in fast. The details can be found here but suggest that you take a look at the format too.

Here are this week’s ideal Christmas gifts.


Secrets Of Hallstead House (eBook)

Treasure 2015 revert front only

Demon Within A

sunwielder cover lower resolution

Size Matters serialisation.


If we hit a wall in our efforts to lose weight it is not necessarily down to what you are eating. Others can sabotage our efforts, often unwittingly and you need to learn how to manage their expectations of you.

Memories are made of This… 1979…..Crazy Little thing called Love…

I leave the school in East Sussex and head to Wales. I arrive at a gothic manor in the dead of night and wait as dragging footsteps head towards the door and open it…………

I chose Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen as my song for this particular time but out of the others that I listened to a great deal was this by Dr. Hook and a song for the boys.

What’s in a Name ‘C’ for Clive, is set in Ceylon in 1956 when the natural dangers that were ever present nearly cause a tragedy.

In Sri Lankan tradition, Frangipani is associated with worship

In Sri Lankan tradition, Frangipani is associated with worship

Jane Dougherty with a poetry challenge.. This week’s them Swans.


Just time for one Laughter the Best Medicine this week.

john deere

Our view is for sale.

Panorama 03 March 2015 (187 189 190)

Our house here in the mountains close to Madrid is for sale and as well as being with two local agents, we are also selling ourselves. Here is our website and if you know of anyone who might be interested in a family home, or a holiday home for summer and ski seasons particularly, then please pass this along.

The market is pretty flat here in Spain and we are patient but also keen to try anything we can. Your help in sharing would be amazing. Thank you.

Tomorrow on the Sunday Show..

Kim Gosselin is here talking about her children’s book (and any age reader will fall in love with it) in many years. A stunningly illustrated story about twins. Alisa Belzil is the talented illustrator of the book and both of them will be talking about the project.

I have also invited along Claire Fullerton and her virtual guest so there will be plenty of food, discussion and no doubt a drink or two to be hand.. Hope to see you there.

Next week.

A lot going on in the house next weekend and also visitors on Sunday. I am taking the weekend off from the Coffee Morning and Sunday Lunch but will still have some Christmas Grotto posts and of course the round up.

Your presence this week has made it all the more enjoyable. Thank you and please leave your comments and hit some share buttons if you have time.





Christmas Grotto 2015 – Books – Sunwielder by D. Wallace Peach.

Christmas GrottoToday’s book is an epic fantasy, Sunwielder by D. Wallace Peach and also a look at some of her other books that would make great gifts.

sunwielder cover lower resolution

About the Book

In a land on the brink of war, Gryff Worden finds his family slaughtered in his farmyard. Mortally wounded, he stumbles upon a timekeeper, an old woman of a foreign land who tracks the infinite paths of each life. She offers him a sunwield, a medallion that returns him to the critical choices that altered his life’s journey. Now his story remakes itself through the sunwield, returning him repeatedly to moments of decision and death, his old life gone, the purpose of the medallion burning his chest forgotten. As he uncovers the power of the sunwield, new choices lead him on an epic journey through war, death, friendship, life, and love.

One of the great reviews for Sunwielder

A powerful story of living multiple paths, learning from each one. By Grant Handgis on April 14, 2014 Format: Paperback

Diana Peach’s third novel, “Sunwielder” brings the reader yet another story spun from gold. The hero begins of humble conditions in life as a horse trainer in a small village outside Casbonny, in the land of Aldykar, a place where war is soon to come and Gryff Worden will be put to many tests, with life changing results. The Sunwielder disk holds the key to Gryff’s path, after he strikes an accord with an old priestess, and accepts the potential paths of his destiny etched in lines emanating from the web of possibilities, held by the copper disk being offered.
Sunwielder brings the same lush depth to the story and wonderful use of metaphor as her first two books. Diana Peach keeps the story moving effortlessly, giving the reader just enough information to compliment the scene, leaving the reader wanting more, for resolution of the ever increasing moments of tension. Diana’s keen research for authenticity has paid off with believable characters in historically accurate activities and battles. A book not to be missed by fantasy aficionados.

Buy the book. Here are the Amazon links:

A small selection of other books by D. Wallace Peach


About the author


Tolkien … literally changed my life. I didn’t care for reading as a child – I preferred Bonanza and Beverly Hillbillies reruns, Saturday morning cartoons and the Ed Sullivan show. Then one day, I opened a book titled The Hobbit. Magic happened.

I love writing, and have the privilege to pursue my passion full time. I’m still exploring the fantasy genre, trying out new points of view, playing with tense, creating optimistic works with light-hearted endings, and delving into the grim and gritty what-ifs of a post-apocalyptic world. Forgive me if I seem unfocused in my offering of reads. Perhaps one day, I’ll settle into something more reliable. For now, it’s simply an uncharted journey, and I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I.

Buy all of Diana’s books


Connect with Diana on her blogs and social media

Book Blog:

Do not be shy and if you would like your book, designs, crafts, music and art showcased in the Christmas Grotto please contact me after looking at the format below. The shelves are filling up fast and there are only as many spaces as days to Christmas.

For details about how to submit your book, gifts and music please take a look at both the format of the post today and also in the link below.

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