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Very pleased to welcome Israeli thriller author Yigal Zur to the Cafe and Bookstore with the books that have been translated into English so far. Beginning with Death in Shangri-La (A Dotan Naor Thriller)

About the Dotan Naor thriller series

DOTAN NAOR is an ex-Mossad agent, bounced out of the agency not just for a fatal miscalculation in Palestinian Jenin but for his inability to live within the bureaucracy and submit to authority. Dotan is now a private detective who uses his immense skills of persuasion and violence to rescue Israelis who are in peril throughout the world. Through his extensive travels in Asia, Dotan has developed a love for Eastern philosophy and lifestyle; his enhanced spiritual existence also happens to be good for business as many Israelis run off to exotic Asian locales to let off steam after their mandatory and often dangerous military service.

In Dotan, author Yigal Zur has uniquely fashioned an amalgam of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon, and Brian Mills, the ex-CIA agent played by Liam Neeson in Taken to create a modern-day international hero, soaked in violence, passion and spiritualism.

About Death in Shangri-La

Ex-Israeli operative turned private investigator, Dotan Naor—to settle a bet—agrees to locate the missing son of former acquaintance, now ruthless Israeli arms merchant, Willy Mizrachi. Willy, who does not hesitate to sell killing machines to the most heinous players in the world, is desperate to find his only son, Itiel, who has headed to an ashram in the Himalayas.

The Himalayas are also host to groups of young Israelis who have completed their mandatory military service—a sort of rite of passage. Now, those innocent kids are being hunted down by violent terrorists.

India and the disputed Kashmir region between India and Pakistan is familiar territory to Dotan, as he searches for Itiel and for the source of these heinous attacks on Israeli youth.

Unwilling to leave this quest in the hands of Dotan, Willy also travels to India, where he is murdered in Delhi, triggering international repercussions capable of ripping the world apart at one of its most dangerous flashpoints.

Nothing is as it seems in this region of the world. Betrayal reigns everywhere.

But love, in its purest form, does manage to shine through in this story of brutal international corruption.

One of the reviews for Death in Shangri La on Goodreads

Jan 03, 2019 Kylie D rated it really liked it

What happens when a spiritual journey turns deadly? Israeli youths, travelling to the Himalayan area of India are being targeted by Muslim terrorists. Israeli PI Dotan Naor travels with beautiful Mossad agent Maya to get to the bottom of terrorist attacks. Dotan’s friend Willy, an unscrupulous arms dealer, has been murdered in Delhi while looking for his son, who has gone to an ashram in the Himalayas. While others have been killed outright in surprise attacks, some taken hostage, Dotan and Maya find their work cut out for them as they chase the culprits down.

An intriguing thriller, set in an amazing part of the world, Death In Shangri-La is part spy novel, part social commentary, with a splash of romance thrown in for good measure. Author Yigul Zur has excelled with this well-researched novel and obviously knows his topic inside out. I enjoyed this book immensely, read it in one sitting, and wouldn’t hesitate to read more work from this author. I recommend this book to all lovers of action and adventure novels.

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Also in English by Yigal Zur – On Pre-Order for November 5th.

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About Yigal Zur

YIGAL ZUR is a noted writer and journalist who has written 13 books till now in Hebrew. His thriller Troubles in Paradise is the first to feature ex-Mossad agent Dotan Naor and takes place in Thailand. His second thriller Death in Shangri-la which was the first to be translated into English (published by Oceanview 2018) continue to feature Dotan Naor and takes place in North India. The third thriller in the same series is Lost in Lotus Land and takes place in Ko-Samui, Thailand and in Cambodia . ZUR wrote as well travel books and guides to India and China, a script for “Menelik – a black jewish prince” which was filmed in 1999. Amongst his published works are the novels Dark Prune, Spring of Almond’s Blossom, and The Monsoon’s End,. He has hosted successful tv travel shows.

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