Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday February 10th 2020 – #Interview Jill Weatherholt with John W. Howell, #DeltaPearl Teagan Geneviene, #Roti – Kool Kosher Kitchen

The first post is by Jill Weatherholt and features author John W. Howell, in the fascinating Would You Rather…some great options which of course John Howell answers with his usual aplomb…

Today I’m excited to welcome friend, writer and blogger, John Howell. I would venture to guess most of you already know him, but if he’s a new blogger to you, you’re in for a treat. John has a great sense of humor, which is evident in both his posts and comments. He’s a blogger I met early on and one who is diligent about posting every day @ 5:00 a.m. EST. Even when he and his family were forced to evacuate during Hurricane Harvey, and their home was severely damaged, he was still blogging. Because of that, if there’s a morning where I don’t see his post, I begin to worry and start sending emails. Is John okay? Now, if he has a scheduling blip, he’ll email me in advance. Thanks for playing along, John!

Would you rather be able to freeze time or travel in time?

To discover John’s preference to this question and several more head over: Would you Rather – Jill Weatherholt asks John Howell.

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The next post is the Saturday episode of the Delta Pearl should you have missed. Teagan Geneviene has created a captivating world aboard this steam boat and a delightful crew.

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 23 — Bruise

Robert Redford Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid 1969

Garnet Redford, the Chief Porter was preparing a task list for his staff. He put a check mark beside something, then aggressively crossed it out and wrote something instead. I had never seen Garnet get the morbs, so I had to wonder what could be bothering him.

“Good morning Chief Porter,” I said in a cheery voice, but he only muttered in return. “Is there anything I could help you with? I realize we have a rather difficult group of passengers this voyage.”

I plopped down in the chair that was next to him. Or at least, I plopped as much as my bustle would allow. I propped my chin on my fist and tried to casually get a look at what he was writing.

He grumbled something that included the words “No, thank you.” Garnet acted as if he didn’t want to make eye contact with me. I found that terribly strange, so of course that made me determined to further the exchange.

Head over to read out why Garnet is acting so strangely and the rest of episode 23: Teagan’s Books The Delta Pearl Episode 23

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Time for today’s recipe and it comes with love and hug from Dolly Aizenman as she makes Roti…in honour of her father. Especially as 9th of February is Dentist Day.. all will be revealed when you head over to read.

I Give You Roti And a Big Hug


Today is the International Dentist Day. I am sure that many of you, Beautiful People, do not count your visits to a dentist among your most pleasant memories. I, on the other hand, vividly remember lines of patients by my father’s door who had preferred to wait (and suffer!) for hours in order to be seen by “the painless doctor.” With this post, I am honoring the kindest and most wonderful dentist in the world, my father, may he rest in peace. He did not have sophisticated technology – it hadn’t existed in those times – or an array of painkillers to numb your mouth (those did exist but were scarcely distributed to local clinics). His gentle, but deft touch, his radiant smile, and soft, caring voice worked better than drugs. Not only little kids and pretty ladies were called “sweethearts” and “darlings;” old drunks and smelly street denizens got the same treatment.

Dad 5.jpg

Head over to discover more about Dolly’s father and to make a note of the recipe for this Roti..: Kool Kosher Kitchen I Give you Roti and a Big Hug

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday January 30th 2020 – #DeltaPearl Teagan Geneviene, #VirusOutbreak Janet Gogerty, #1917Movie Geoff Le Pard

The first post is for all Delta Pearl fans with the post from Saturday by Teagan Geneviene. We left the ship in a cloud of noxious smoke and fumes and the Captain severely compromised… we pick up the story as the smog clears and the casualties are attended to by the crew members and a very helpful passenger.

Photo by Dan Antion

Photo by Dan Antion

The #steampunk riverboat is back, my chuckaboos!

My Writing Process

From the beginning, back in the original version of The Delta Pearl, I wanted to give the story two unique characteristics (along with the magical riverboat setting). One was the gemstone names for the crew. The other was having the crew be from many different places.

Agate, the Cook, is from Scotland. I had been wanting to give her more dialogue. When Carol left bloomers as a “random reader thing” I knew how I wanted to use it.

When we were discussing gemstone names, Dan Antion, who also lets me use a lot of his photographs, mentioned Malachite. Since I was already aware of the hazards of working with the gem, I knew it was perfect. I should have listed it as a thing last time, but the simple truth is, I forgot. This chapter’s other random thing is crochet hook from Resa.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my “call for things” last weekend. I’ve added them to my story matrix. Everyone is still welcome to leave a random thing — that existed in the Victorian or Steam Era, please do so in a comment. I love to give shout-outs for the things.

Are you ready?

All aboard! The Delta Pearl Chapter 21 — Poison

Bloomer-Club-cigars-satire Wikipedia

Bloomer Club Cigar 1890, Wikipedia. Cigar box illustration meant as satire of “athletic bloomers” for women

Head over to read this entertaining episode of The Delta Pearl: The Delta Pearl – 21 – Poison by Teagan Geneviene

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It would be difficult not to miss the headlines on the latest virus to catch planes and spread like wildfire. Janet Gogerty shares her concerns, which I am sure are ones that are in all our minds. Especially if you have plans for several flights in the coming few months. Janet shares her experiences working at Heathrow during the SARS outbreaks in 2002 and 2004.

Worrying on Wednesday

The coronavirus has brought back memories of SARS and other health scares:
SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is caused by the SARS coronavirus, known as SARS CoV. Coronaviruses commonly cause infections in both humans and animals.
There have been 2 self-limiting SARS outbreaks, which resulted in a highly contagious and potentially life-threatening form of pneumonia. Both happened between 2002 and 2004.

Hmm, it looks like coronavirus is SARS replayed. For those of us who are not scientists what the initials stand for is the scary part – you can breathe it in, it floats in the air.

Thinking of SARS reminded me of a visit to my doctors at that time, as an afterthought I asked him about TB. A while before, I had a medical for a job application for a council run playgroup ( for my sake or the children’s I’m not sure ) and passed, but was told I had no immunity to TB. I don’t think we were immunised when I was a teenager in Australia, TB was a thing of the past? Up until then it had not occurred to me to be worried about TB, now I asked what I should do.

You can read the rest of Janet’s post on TB and SARS: Worrying on Wednesday by Janet Gogerty

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Now a review for a movie we have been talking about going to see. After reading Geoff Le Pard’s review for 1917, we will stop talking about it and go and see.

Mud And Cherry Blossom #filmreview #1917

I suppose there have been one million films about the First World War, covering the battles, the human cost, the losses, the stupidity, the heroism and everything in between.

So why would Sam Mendes, brilliant director as he is, think he had a unique take on the subject? Why would we?

As usual partly it’s the story, this one set over a few hours in April 1917; partly its the acting. But mostly I think it’s the cinematography.

It’s filmed as if in real time. We meet the two heroes resting in a field. Their Sergeant calls them to come with him, to see the General, to receive orders. One has a Brother in a regiment, far ahead of the British lines. Received wisdom has it the Germans are retreating and this regiment is after them, intent on undertaking a devastating attack. But it’s a trick. Aerial evidence shows how well dug in the Germans are. If the orders to attack at dawn aren’t rescinded the whole regiment might be lost. 1600 men including the brother.

Head over to read Geoff’s compelling review of 1917: Mud and Cherries – Review 1917 by Geoff Le Pard

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71oYPlm6ZdL._UX250_My father and other liars v 4

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