The Afternoon Video – This dog is so bright he could earn an ology!

Jumpy is very, very smart and I am sure could study for an ology of some sort… perhaps a Phd in Doggere



The Afternoon Video – The little footballer who scores a goal with me.

If you had told me that a tortoise could understand the concept of playing with a ball and that it was more fun if you got the family dog involved, I would have said you were hallucinating.  My respect for these strange creatures has gone up leaps and bounds and who knew they could run and dribble so fast.

The Afternoon Video – You may not forgive me for this one – Kleenex at the ready!

This was shared by a friend on Facebook and I went in search of the original.  I share it because if I am going to be in floods of tears then everyone can be!!

I appreciate that not everyone feels the same about animals.  Certainly there are some  religions who teach that animals have no souls..This was highlighted a few years ago when I was commuting back and forth to Madrid every six weeks and left Sam with his foster mum at her house.  I arrived back from the airport one day to find a 90 year old nun in her habit sitting in my friend’s kitchen in floods of tears as she stroked my dog’s head gently.

Sam was doing his usual ‘there, there it will all be alright’ gentle whine and little licks of her hand.  I asked my friend why her aunt, on a short break from the convent, was so upset.

Her aunt answered for herself. “I have been in the convent since I was 15 years old and in the last 75 years I have been taught repeatedly that animals do not have souls.  I looked into this boy’s eyes and I know that he has one.  They are wrong and all that I have been taught is a lie!”

This very short video will have an even greater impact.  There has never been any doubt in my mind that animals share the most profound of all emotions with us including undying love and the dreadful pain of loss.  I am sure that when those looking after this dog took him to the grave of his owner they had no idea he would react this way.

So as I said – you may not forgive me for this one but I hope you understand why I shared it.