Buy Music for Christmas – Egokillers – 52 singles in a year for charity.

I have family and friends who give to charity in my name each year. I really do not need anything else to wear, dust or any more handbags (so my husband tells me!). I love books especially now that E-books can stock my virtual bookcase for the whole year on one device and they are always welcome.  But, to think that someone has thought enough about me to give to a worthwhile cause is twice the gift.


The subject of today’s Buy Music for Christmas are a band who have put their music on the line to increase awareness of the growing homelessness on our streets in addition to many of the social issues that impact many of us at some point in our lives.

Some people mutter about charity overwhelm and complain about big charities who are run more as businesses with high salaries and reduced commitment to those they were set up to help. There is still some great work being done every day on our streets and behind the scenes. There are also hundreds of thousands of caring individuals who do what they can to help people, animals, environmental causes and equally importantly their own families who might be struggling.


These guys hold down full time jobs, are carers within their own families and also spend many, many hours recording and travelling to gigs to promote their cause.  They have received some terrific press but the message can still get lost as all charities vie for whatever contributions we can make.

Buying Egokiller’s charity CD for a £5 goes into the pockets of the charities they support not their own… you can also donate any amount you wish and you will find the links below. Here is the week one single of the 52 singles that they produced over the year. Harms Sway

Any individual or group, who off their own back, decide they will undertake a challenge that others think is impossible or downright crazy, will get it. Those of us who normally stand by and feel helpless at the enormity of the social issues facing us will find it awesome. Those who are supposed to be handling and resolving those social issues need to be inspired.

Here is their Christmas single preview from last year.

Further listening and reading and to donate and subscribe to the charity singles see –
Buy the Egokiller Charity CD for just £5

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