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Time to welcome another regular contributor to the Archive series John Rieber.. this time I am going to be selecting the posts from his extensive archive.. and I am sure you will enjoy. This post is from 2016 and features a hotel I have seen in a documentary and would love to visit.

An Amazing Giraffe Hotel! Africa’s Most Incredible Safari Adventures! by John Rieber


I need to pass along some important information from a friend of mine:


Don’t Bogart That Giraffes’ Meatloaf!

That’s right, here’s an amazing place to stay – as long as you don’t mind sharing your food with the locals!

Giraffe Manor safari

Welcome to iconic Giraffe Manor, located in Nairobi, Kenya – one of the most unique adventures you could ever experience!

amazing safaris

There is an incredible company called “The Safari Collection”, and they run
Giraffe Manor, one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings – here is how they describe it: “set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi and with verdant green gardens, sunny terraces and delightful courtyards, it harks back to the 1930s when European visitors first flocked to East Africa to enjoy safaris.”

unique giraffe hotel

The most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is not its beautiful façade or elegant interiors: it’s the herd of resident Rothschild giraffe. These beautiful creatures often visit morning and evening, poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of a treat, before retreating to their forest sanctuary.

Check out the video!


Thanks to “The Safari Collection” for posting this on youtube – what an amazing video! I have a lifelong goal of going on safari, and if I do, this will be on my itinerary!

Giraffe Hotel

And of course, if you go on safari, remember one very important rule:

Don’t Run! Food Runs!

dangerous safari animals

Here is a link to my story about some of the most entertaining stories told by a seasoned safari guide – including the most important rule ever: “don’t run! FOOD runs!”:

You can find many more adventures on this amazing continent: John Rieber/Africa

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