Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #YA novel – One is Not a Lonely Number by Evelyn Krieger

Another author joining the Cafe and Bookstore this week is Evelyn Krieger with her debut YA novel One is Not a Lonely Number. The book was a 2011 Sydney Taylor Honor Book from the Association of Jewish Libraries, a 2011 Next Generation Indie Finalist, and a 2014 PJ Library Our Way pick.

About the book

Thirteen-year-old Talia Shumacher is the only child of a wealthy orthodox couple, known for their hospitality. As Talia becomes a teenager, her parents’ open-door policy begins to irritate her. When Gabrielle Markus, an eccentric twenty-three-year old ballet dancer shows up one day, Talia’s life is turned upside down. Convinced that Gabrielle is harboring a secret, Talia and her friends set out to uncover it. Along the way, Talia must deal with the loneliness she feels as an only child living in a religious community that celebrates large families. In discovering Gabrielle’s secret, Talia discovers secrets about herself and her parents. Talia’s gift for math and her unusual way of thinking about numbers is woven into the story along with themes of friendship, individuality, and acceptance.

An extract from one of the reviews for the paperback bookOriginal! 

The book ‘one is not a lonely number’ is a novel aimed at Jewish tweens/teens, and succeeds brilliantly at that. My daughter is ten years old and relatively sheltered. She loves to read and has access to secular books through our local library, but as she gets older, I worry about the inappropriate content that seems to be the norm in books aimed at tweenage girls. Being able to buy a book from a trusted publisher like Yaldah Media is a breath of fresh air.

My daughter, an only child herself, relates to the main character in ‘one is not a lonely number’, and enjoys getting a peak into the lives of Talia and her friends. The girls are friendly, authentic, (I know, I’m a high school teacher!) and normal, dealing with a wide array of issues in their daily lives.

I love the way this book is not afraid to deal with issues like loss, mental disability, adoption, being and feeling different in a community that values sameness – not to mention synesthesia! The unusual and original characters – an only child, a Jewish girl adopted from China, a ballerina, an art teacher – are a welcome relief from the cookie cutter, goody-goody characters too often presented in mainstream Jewish literature. The story has an interesting mix of characters and situations that make for a great story.

‘one is not a lonely number’ is an original debut from Evelyn Krieger and Yaldah Media, and I am looking forward to more books from both the author and the publisher.

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About Evelyn Krieger

Evelyn Krieger, the oldest of six children, grew up in Detroit, Michigan. As a child, she entertained her friends with imaginative stories and dance performances. The inspiration for her first poem came in the middle of the night when she was just eight years old. Evelyn has been writing ever since, and her essays and stories have won numerous awards. After years of serious ballet study, and later earning her master’s degree from Harvard, Evelyn worked as a reading teacher, private tutor, and dance teacher. Today, she is a writer, learning specialist, and a homeschooling mom. Evelyn lives with her family in the Boston area.

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