Smorgasbord Laughter lines – Something to go with the leftovers….Funnies and a Poem…

For those of you who don’t celebrate Boxing Day, St. Stephen’s day, you may still be on a festive break, stuffed with food and chocolate and ready to get some exercise to work it all off. Laughter uses all the muscles in the face and if you get your upper body shaking with laughter, and the feel good chemicals being released in your brain, you are in good shape…. to eat more leftovers later.


Now for ditty from me in celebration of the food unconsumed yesterday…..

The Leftovers by Sally Cronin

I opened the fridge this morning
To check on the state of the world,
I hoped to see that the turkey,
Was not all shrivelled and curled.

It peaked from its packet of foil,
Still juicy and raring to go
I shredded it into some sauce
With some shrooms and onions for show.

I took the spuds, carrots and peas
And slathered with butter and oil.
The brandy was down to the dregs,
I added and brought to the boil.

But what to do with the trifle
Still lush with custard and berry
Guess I shall just have to eat it
Topped with a schooner of sherry.

So if I sound a bit pickled
The leftovers carry the blame.
Since to throw good food in the bin
Would be a dire waste and a shame.

My waist has expanded to fit
All the goodies that have been served
But thankfully my beloved,
Likes his women rounded and curved!

Thanks for dropping in today and enjoy the rest of the holidays…..Sally